Thursday 12 September 2013

... and they KILLED Saddam Hussien

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  1. Defending Saddam are we? There's a reson why no one takes you umno bloggers seriously.....

  2. These Kafirs come up with the flimsiest of Excuse, In the sham case of Saddam Hussein, we now know there was no WMD just to get rid of anti - Israel figure who can point the scuds in that dastardly nation! Malaysian TV showing of the Attack by SH on Kuwait and the American allies killing of over 100,000 Iraqis soldiers, civilians and crippling the entire Iraqi economy and infrastrutures were clear testimonies of NOT saving Kuwait but decimation of Sunni Muslim `unfriendly to Israel and Kafirs nations'.Now they got IRaq where they wanted it - OIL for redevelopment and lots of Bs***
    Not surprising, in Iraq they were purportedly saving the Kurds and Shites.
    In Afghanistan, it was vs the Talibans and `finding-for ObL @ all costs! Even dead ObL could not be allowed a land burial for fear more Osamas will fly n bomb more US cities.
    It is true what Nabi said about Murtad. Obama is worst than the Kafirs!In Eggypt the US single-handedly brought the democratically elected Morsi Government. So much for US hypocrisy!
    Now, its ablut chemical warfare this time in Syria minority Shias (anti-American and Zionists)vs Amercan ass-kissing, as usual Sunnis!
    So they killed Saddam (and these murderers) think the world was saved from a despotic tyrant. Now its Basshar! What of Morsi?
    If we all unite, our enemies are not Talibans, Shias or Muslim Brotherhood. Actually these murdering Kafirs and Zionists - led by US (for now) Obama, the apostate are the real menace and threat to all Muslims, as Allah `firman' in the Quran. They are bent on sowing the seeds of discord and disunity among Muslims!
    Even china and Russia are now hardly dependable!

  3. Becos he gassed and killed too many of his own people before the Americans even came.

    Justice served on evil doers.

  4. Anon 8.26pm - I believe the video is not about glorifying Saddam Hussien but rather the message about what American are capable of doing in destroying a nation.

  5. Anon 11.26 pm.
    'Becos he gassed and killed too many of his own people before the Americans even came.' watch a lot of Western Media aka 'Propaganda Machine". I bet you belived that the Iraqis killed the incubators babies .

  6. Just becos he is a Sunni Moslem, he is regarded as a Saint by Malaysians.

    He gassed thousands of Kurds who are also Moslems.

    Buta Dan pekak ke?

  7. There is no solid proof that the Syrian army gassed its own people. The CIA has been found capable of instructing the rebels in gassing the people.
    Remember President Kennedy was killed by the CIA?