Wednesday 31 December 2008

TURKEYs of 2008

And the undisputed Turkey of the Year Award 2008  
goes to....

Joint Champions


for their bid to takeover IJN and trying to make healthcare unaffordable to the poor.

p/s Keep up the good work and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi might reward you TURKEYS with greater awards ... maybe Zubir would be made a Tun before March 09. All the best bro, just continue to sell your soul ... and that of poor Malaysians. Happy New Year!

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Statement on the Israeli Invasion of Gaza


The Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War is shocked and angered over the Israeli invasion of Gaza since Saturday 27 December 2008. Our hearts go to the people of Gaza in this time of great distress.

We call upon the international community to immediately act in concert to call upon Israel to stop the bombing of Gaza and the slaughter of innocent lives forthwith. We support the call by the United Nations for an immediate ceasefire and an end to all military operations to facilitate relief work and delivery of humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.

The Foundation also calls upon the governments of the United States, Britain and other major powers to put necessary pressure on Tel Aviv to stop the inhuman slaughter of Palestinian men, women and children in Gaza with bombs and other weapons.



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Sunday 28 December 2008

YES or NO ?

I think it's time for Pakatan Rakyat (PR) to stop their political drama and tell Malaysians, once and for all, their (PKR, PAS and DAP) collective stand on the implementation of Hudud in this country.

Pakatan Rakyat supremo Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim should not be hiding behind his wife cum Keadilan president Datin Seri Wan Azizah when issues that really matter are being hotly debated.

Come on Saudaraaaaaa Anwar Ibrahiiiiim!!! Just tell us YES or NO? 

We the loyal Malaysians who uphold the Constitution are keen to know what you’re really made of.

Some say you (Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) are a chameleon that changes ‘color’ according to the audience.

So, come on Datuk Seri … prove your critics wrong and state your ONE & ONLY stance on HUDUD.

Will Pakatan Rakyat implement Hudud, if/when it comes to power … when you’re THE Prime Minister flanked by deputy PMs from both the DAP and PAS?

p/s By the way, where is Saudaraaaaaaaa Lim Kit Siang and the ‘toothless’ Lion of Jelutong ?

Game Over brothers?

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Friday 26 December 2008

STATESMAN says ...

Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad has been repeating these FACTS again and again but the world seems to be deaf!

It's about the ROOT CAUSES of TERRORISM !

"Everywhere I went I found among the ordinary people anger and hatred directed at the Jews, the Americans and the British. Their Governments are terrified by the British and the Americans. But their people are more and more bitter. There will be many who would be willing to blow themselves up even if they will not succeed in liberating their countries".

"Terror attacks will not diminish for as long as the Palestinians are forced to remain as refugees, are denied the right of return".

"America will have a new President soon. If the membership of his Cabinet and his staff are anything to go by, there is little that Obama can do, even if he wants to solve the Palestinian problem. All American Presidents and legislators are hostages of Israel. Fail to side with Israel and they will be defeated at the next elections.

"Terrorism" is going to be a part of the world scene for a very, very long time".

STATESMAN's wisdom here & HERE.

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Monday 22 December 2008


Malaysiakini reported this - A new RM1.6 bil 'budget' airport

Malaysia has approved plans by budget carrier Air Asia and conglomerate Sime Darby to build a new low cost terminal within reach of the capital, according to media reports. -

Read all the SPIN HERE and HERE.

Since when are we supposed to build airports to spur economic growth during economic uncertainties? Some new 'economic stimulus' strategy I guess!

Blogger Anil says the Government owes us an explanation ... HERE.

NOW! Why are these two controversial corporate players inviting greater controversy by indulging in such 'mind boggling' dubious deals ... just three months before Abdullah Ahmad Badawi goes away for good?

We know who is hiding behind both Air Asia and Sime Darby, but WHY are these super-supporters of the Badawi regime behaving like a bunch of desperate robbers?

I thought the take-over bid of IJN was the height of their arrogance but it seems we are yet to witness their end game.

These corporate players lust for wealth and greed for billion ringgit projects defies logic, especially during the current political and economic circumstances, but they do not seem to bother about anything at all.

DO WE REALLY NEED A RM 1.6 BILLION low-cost AIRPORT when the Kuala Lumpur International Airport is yet to hit the roof in terms of passenger capacity?

WHY is it that we, the rakyat, seem to be the last to know about such earth-shattering deals?

All such shady and totally unwarranted deals should be STOPPED IMMEDIATELY and should only be reviewed after we are out of the current global financial crisis.

If Air Asia (read Tony Fernandez) is so arrogant and finds it too difficult to work with MAHB then maybe it would be worthwhile for MAS to acquire Air Asia and enhance our airline industry's efficiency by operating from KLIA.

The existing low-cost terminal could be turned into an exhibition centre (like Subang Airport) while the RM1.6 billion for 'another Tony Fernandes airport' could be put for better use.

p/s By the way ... I was told that both the Transport Ministry and its Minister were not in the know of the details of this RM1.6 billion airport robbery ... oooops, airport deal until a couple of days before the cabinet meeting. Is this true?

Pak Lah, do you know anything about this?

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Thursday 18 December 2008

Heartless IJN ?

Someone is apparently planning to take the ‘heart’ away from the National Heart Institute (Institut Jantung NegaraIJN) and the Government, it seems, have agreed in principal for the ‘heartless’ corporate idea.

IJN’s background and details of the ‘heartless’ deal are spelled out here and here.

If these reports are indeed true and the Ministry of Finance has in fact agreed for a corporate entity to take away ‘the rakyat’s heart’ purely due to economic considerations, then what could come next?

Would the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi led administration also ‘give away’ all the Government-run hospitals nationwide?

I’m sure none of our Government hospitals are minting money at the expense of the rakyat but THAT could also be a valid reason to ‘give away’ our hospitals.

Would all our hospitals be privatised, the Ministry of Health reduced to just a Department of Health and each and every Malaysian be forced to dig their pockets for Health Insurance fees?

Would YOU be surprised if such 'heartless' corporate deals are inked before the end of March 2009 ... I'm sure I won't!

To Whom It May Concern … make sure your heart is in the right place before you remove the rakyat’s HEART for mere dollars and cents.

I wonder what our CABINET MEMBERS , and other WAKIL RAKYAT will have to say about such a ‘heartless’ deal that is rumored to have the blessing of our Islam Hadhari Prime Minister!

Betui kah ni Pak Lah?

Kalau tak betui ... STOP IT lah!

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Sunday 7 December 2008

Najib's Fight!

Let our next Prime Minister fight it out.

Barisan Nasional has a better chance of retaining the Kuala Terengganu parliamentary seat if both Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin could shut-up and stay out of Terengganu.

BN deputy chairman and soon-to-be Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak should be allowed to lead BN’s election machinery without the detrimental hands (and mouth) of Abdullah and KJ.

Such are the views of BN component party leaders and several Umno supreme council members who are still looking for the acceptable method to convey the message to the out-going Prime Minister.

The maverick Terengganu Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said and probable candidate Wan Farid, it seems, are among the long list of BN/Umno leaders who feel that Abdullah and his SIL are actually a BIG liability to the coalition.

We can’t blame them for their stance, for it was Khairy Jamaludin’s BIG MOUTH that ruined the little left chances for BN during the Permatang Pauh by-election.

His ‘we are here to bury Anwar Ibrahim’ not only buried BN, but also his big mouth and his father-in-law’s face.

So Pak Lah! Please stay out of Kuala Terengganu (keep your SIL with you) and let Datuk Najib handle this by-election.

Don’t sabotage Datuk Najib and the Barisan Nasional, again!

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