Tuesday 29 July 2008


The following article appeared in The Star on Tuesday 29 July, 2008.
Read the article and tell me what you think.
( I've stated my take)

Respect Najib’s decision not to rock the boat

DATUK Seri Najib Tun Razak’s decision to remain a loyal deputy to Umno president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should be respected by party members and the public.

Though Najib, who is also Deputy Prime Minister, has said many times that he would not challenge Pak Lah for the top party position, some people would not let this matter rest.

It looks like he would have to keep repeating this same message and hope that divisions would only nominate him for deputy president.

There is no reason for him to be in a hurry. He has a pact with Pak Lah, who will quit as Umno president and hence Prime Minister in June 2010.

Being the person that he is, it is not his style to break this sacred agreement no matter what pressures others are likely to be put on him. He has been a good deputy and intends to continue to support Pak Lah in running the Government.

Those who know him will understand his position and only those who are unhappy with the present leadership would like to have a change before the party's election in December.

Since the succession has already been announced, it is better that the party should accept this and not do anything that would upset the situation.

In any case, any challenge will further split the party and those who love Umno would not like this to happen; and this is also not the Malay way. Since it is also the dominant party in Barisan Nasional, any weakening of Umno will only benefit the opposition.

It is possible that there may be other leaders who wish to challenge Pak Lah in December but Najib is definitely not going to be that candidate.

If this should happen, he would be giving his support to Pak Lah so that the PM could remain to complete his job of strengthening the Government, Umno and Barisan before departing.

The worst that can happen is that Najib would be challenged, but he should be able to defend his post without too much difficulty.

Najib’s behaviour is governed by the way he was brought up, which is respect for his seniors either in the party or Government. He will not do anything that would upset the status quo. He would contest only if there was a vacancy. That has been his style throughout his political career.

Some people tend to forget that despite his age, he has already spent more than 32 years in government, having taken over his father Tun Razak’s Pekan seat on his death in 1976. He was Pahang Mentri Besar for several terms before joining the Cabinet.

He has always based his decisions on the best interest of the nation. A good example was in the 1987 Umno leadership contest when Dr Mahathir Mohamad was challenged by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

Dr Mahathir was able to retain the post by 40-odd votes because Pahang Umno, headed by Najib, threw its support behind him. Without Pahang’s backing, Dr Mahathir would have lost and Malaysia’s political history could have been dramatically changed.

Like his father under Tunku Abdul Rahman, Najib has been a hard-working DPM, carrying out all the assignments given to him diligently. <<< I almost puked reading the above article in the Star, knowing too well that V.K.Chin is prostituting himself and his organization while cheating himself.

I think its suckers like V.K.Chin, Wong CWai, Joceline Tan, Kalimullah and some similar whores in Media Prima who give journalism a BAD NAME in this country.

These are also the same culprits who, through their prostitute-like comments/analysis/reviews/opinions, are slaughtering the mainstream media while polishing Khairy and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s testicles.

p/s Perhaps V.K.Chin should start analyzing MIC as he seems to know next to nothing about Umno … or is he pretending like a stupid stray waiting for a T-bone to be tossed his way ?

You got to jump higher V.K., the other strays are also aiming for the same bone.

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Wednesday 23 July 2008


If both the Prime Minister and his deputy are indeed using the national car as their official car, then which Prime Minister's baby is this Bullet-proof 7Series BMW which was captured by Sheih (http://www.kickdefella.wordpress.com/) during the launch of the East Coast Economic Region -ECER in Oct, 2007 ?
From what I gather, including from sources in BMW Malaysia, the 'fit-for-the-king' BMW is the PM's official car.
They say it costs about RM 1 million.
BMW even formed a fresh service crew (led by an engineer) exclusively to service and pamper this mother of all BMWs.
p/s what could the Cabinet possibly do to the Terengganu MB ... he just bought the ordinary Mercedes Benz Compressor.

Saturday 19 July 2008


UPDATED - 23rd July, 2008.

Why I believe Anwar is guilty

By Takeda Shingen in http://www.malaysiakini.com/

I refer to the letter Why I believe Anwar is not guilty.
This is just a reply to the writer’s assertions on why he believes Anwar to be innocent. After all, one can see two sides to a coin:

1. The writer 'assumes' bisexuality is 'very rare' and because he's married (Anwar) he does not fit the mould.
Elton John was married to a woman once and actor/comedian Andy Dick (bisexual) was married and fathered three children.
The women who had relationships with both men love them to this day and speak fondly of them.

2. The highly controversial sodomy conviction of 1998 was thrown out because two of the ten judges involved in the case did not believe so.
The eight other judges believed 'some' homosexual acts had taken place.

3. ‘A person on the cusp of attaining political power would not be so stupid as to risk everything.’ Uh...Bill Clinton with Lewinsky, John F Kennedy with Marilyn Monroe, not to forget the recent call girl scandal with former New York governor Eliot Spitzer. ...

continue reading here http://www.malaysiakini.com/letters/86558

Think we should also ponder ... why he is behaving the way he has been since the 'backroom' expose more than a decade ago.

Some say it is DESPERATION.

What do you think?

Original posting.

Conspiracy of the BackRoomBoys !

Back in 1998 he claimed, yelled and screamed that the SODOMY charges against him were the result of a high-level POLITICAL CONSPIRACY.

He blamed almost everybody for his sudden fall from grace.

Tun Dr.Mahathir’s former political secretary Datuk Seri Abdul Aziz Samsudin was high on his hit-list as the ‘chief conspirator’.

Others he accused of plotting his humiliating downfall included Tun Daim Zainuddin, the then IGP Tan Sri Rahim Noor and all the men in blue (or a majority of them), all the witnesses who appeared during his trial, doctors, prosecutors and judges.

The LIST was too long but he specifically trained his gun on Aziz Samsudin because he knew from day one of him stepping into the Prime Minister’s Department that the veteran politician could not be deceived.

Aziz Samsudin cultivated and enjoyed a good network of ‘grass root’ intelligence and he was also one of the MOST trusted aides of the BOSS.

Tun Hanif Omar, the former IGP, is another person who knew the monster’s backroom tendencies almost a decade before sodomy-victim Azizan lodged the police report.

Similar to thousands of Malaysians and foreigners who didn’t and still do not believe that their admired leader could actually engage in homosexual activities, Dr Mahathir too didn’t take it seriously when Tun Hanif passed him a dossier about the ‘back-room invasions’.

But when fresh evidence surfaced as a result of a conspiracy to prevent a HOMOSEXUAL from taking control of the respected nation at that time, police dusted the old files while investigating the fresh ‘invasion’ reports.

That was 10 long years ago when the entire nation witnessed the TRUE SELF of a politician who transformed into a dangerous MONSTER the moment he was REMOVED from the seat which gave him POWER.

A monster that didn’t give a damn what happened to the entire nation and its people, as long as he achieved what he had carefully planned for many years.

The game he played in 1998 and the one he is playing now has many similarities, particularly the many ‘out of this world’ conspiracy theories.

Casting doubts against those pursuing him is one of the ancient tactics which still seems to working well.


The similarity doesn’t stop there. If you notice carefully, Sukma Darmawan (remember the soft spoken adopted brother who used to share his room) and Saiful (who claims to be the latest invasion victim) have similarities when they walk and talk. – I let you be the judge but I wonder why the monster is often associated with such ‘niceeeee’ guys?

While the hundreds of wire agencies, foreign publications and blogs which idolise him often repeat the fact that the courts have overturned sodomy charges against him, they conveniently omit the Bigger and more pertinent Fact that their idol had indeed engaged in Homosexual Activities.

Simply put, it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that he had buggered another man’s anus but the judges had to overturn the conviction due to technical inconsistencies.

The judges were convinced about this when they read their judgment but many legal eagles that surround the monster like hungry vultures, the many more learned foreign journalists and most significantly his beloved wife … are playing dumb.

I wonder why? Power can’t be that addictive, could it?

Even new media like Malaysiakini.com is trapped in Anwar's quicksand that the newsportal operates like his propaganda outfit now.

For almost 30 years now, he has been singing and preaching the same magic tunes of democracy, transparency, human rights, freedom of speech. Without visible flaws, he appears to be fighting for a just cause.

It’s a pity that individuals, NGOs, journalists and politicians who don’t favor the Government or are genuinely championing the said causes have been trapped by his excellent oratory skills ands exceptional skills in the art of deception.

They are just following him like sacrificial lambs … waiting to be slaughtered. I’m sure former lambs like Nallakarupan and Ezam could shed more light on this.

I wonder about the thinking faculty of the thousands of our fellow Malaysians who still hero worship the fake guy, thinking he is their savior.

Someday in the near future those of you, who are fighting for Anwar Abrahim without really knowing the Evil in Him, would listen to your heart and repent. I pray for it to be sooner than later.

The United States of America and all their strategic allies know too well WHO and WHAT this fake guy is all about, and they won’t spill the beans just yet.

It’s in their best interest to throw all the support BEHIND this guy as they hold many of his dark secrets.

He also owes them a great deal. That would be re-paid when he becomes the King of Malaysia.

Anwar doesn’t really criticize Abdullah Ahmad Badawi even though a big majority of Malaysians think he is the root cause of all evil that surrounds us now. Even though the rakyat are practically SUFFERING under the lame-dick’s dictatorship.

His clear target is Mr&Mrs Najib.

Even at a press conference called to publicize that he had shown his ‘dick’ to one too many staff of HKL, he didn’t forget to spare a few barbs for Najib and Rosmah.

As the latest drama unfolds by the day, we can’t help but notice the glaring CONSPIRACY which Anwar has successfully hatched while licking his 10-year old wound.

Anwar is convinced that the ‘Passport Boy’ and the ‘Big Bike Minister’ are niceeeeee guys too. One used to hang on his front-gate trying to lure his daughter while another is the champion of the epic War of Cronyism and Nepotism.

Are they the leaders of his BackRoomBoys Brigade ?


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Friday 11 July 2008


Sorry friends, I'll be away for a couple of days on a hunting expedition to Sarawak. Taking-off from Sepang early tomorrow for an annual 'hunting' pilgrimage to the renowned Rainforest World Music Festival ... where free souls gather to sooth their soul with the 'musics of life' ... in search of mental and emotional freedom.

p/s This time around I heard that apart from international gathering of the free-souls, theeeeeeeee! one and only, Flipping and Flopping sole nominee and winner... no other than ourrrr , ooops I forgot!
Aaaaaaah! Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is expected to be there too ... SEARCHING FOR HIS LOST SOUL! at the foot of Mt.Santubong.

Also featured, I was told, is Second Lady Jeanne Abdullah and her two princesses.

That's the way Mr. Prime Minister, have some fun. Forget about all the looming external and internal threats that are scratching on our door ... like hungry wolves hunting for a prey.

Have fun Mr.Prime Minister, and please PRAY.

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Thursday 10 July 2008


A SINCERE BIRTHDAY WISH for Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad.

(delivered to Malaysia - 10 July, 1925)

May you, Sir, continue to be showered with good health and undivided love from Tun Dr.Siti Hasmah & family members.

Sir, apart from your respected family members, please remember and take note that there are MILLIONS of other Malaysians who pray for your continued good health.

We, the loyal and grateful Malaysians, frequently Thank God for having given YOU to Malaysia.

We are sure that HISTORY will judge you for WHO and WHAT you are and HOW you have managed to transform a laid-back nation into a thriving economy. Of how a determined soul fought against all odds to instill a sense of PRIDE in his fellow Malaysian's Heart and Mind.

Yes, you also did fight to inculcate good moral values and hard work, as part of our culture.

Tun, we are sorry that there are still 'pockets' of ignorant Malaysians who are yet to understand Dr.Mahathir the Statesman.

Most of them who criticise you have never spoken a single word to you in person ... what they often say is based on tainted perceptions.

Some are truly jealous of your achievements that they are trying hard to wipe out your legacy.

Tun, the whole world could turn against you and try to deny your achievements but they cannot possibly take away your honesty, integrity, discipline, hard work, truthfulness, mental strength and last but not least your bravery in standing up for what you feel is RIGHT.

May God continue his blessings for our nation thru You, Sir!

To those ignorant Malaysians who think Dr.Mahathir should just Shut Up ... Think again! Maybe you guys are right, but the again why is he still speaking out aloud ?

By right, he could just ignore whatever that is happening to the nation today and enjoy his retirement riding horses in Argentina, sailing in the Caribbeans or just speak for a hefty fee at the various international conferences.

WHY bother about the Flip-Flop lunatic, the looming economic disaster or the sky-rocketing fuel price hike and its poor management which is threatening to pull us all down ?

Is Dr.Mahathir a sour-grape who is criticising the Flipping-Flopper because the latter defeated him in a contest and assumed the Prime Ministership?

He retired on his own will and picked Abdullah, so there is no question of him wanting to be the PM again.



Dr.Mahathir just wants to save the nation and her future generation from a holy cow which has transformed into a tyrant after being allowed to sit on the throne.

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Wednesday 9 July 2008



Despite either sleeping or day-dreaming most of the time Abdullah Ahmad Badawi found time to hurl serious accusations against Bloggers two days ago.

The half-past-six Prime Minister, re-acting to half-boiled advisors, said Bloggers were spreading malicious rumours which could de-stabilise HIS government and create a state of uncertainty.

Trying to paste the 'traitor' label on Bloggers is by itself a futile attempt which borders around desperation but the Imam Hadhari's notion that HIS government could be de-stabilised is a clear cut fallacy.

How could anyone de-stabilise HIS government now when it has already surrendered its stability after the March 8 general elections.

Losing the two-third majority in Parliament is one thing but LOSING Credibility and the Trust of the Rakyat is another thing - Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has lost BOTH.

How could the Bloggers destabilise a government which is led by a SLEEPING DICTATOR who only wakes up to the chants of support from his fierce running dogs ? The breed of running dogs that would do anything to ensure the SLEEPING DICTATOR doesn't get out of his slumber while they terrorise the nation.

So, who is the Traitor and the Dictator now ... is it not YOU, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi ?

Read Dr.Mahathir's The Apologists http://test.chedet.com/che_det/2008/07/the-apologists.html#more here, and then THINK for yourself.

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Friday 4 July 2008


We don't serve SODOMY here ... we just talk about it. Ok what.

THE contains of the highlighted paragraphs below is a fact which has been conveniently swept under the carpet by all concerned, including those who facilitated the 'RELEASE' of the Drama-King and ensured his safe travel for treatment in Germany.

"Even though reading the appeal record, we find EVIDENCE TO CONFIRM that the appellants (Anwar dan Sukma) were involved in homosexual activities and we are more inclined to believe that the alleged incident at Tivoli Villa did happen sometime, this court, as a court of law, may only convict the appellants if the prosecution has successfully proved that the alleged offences as stated in the charge, beyond reasonable doubt" the Malaysian APPEALS COURT verdict on Anwar Ibrahim's 1st Sodomy Case. - read ANWAR in http://www.chedet.com/

Now, let's enjoy the antics of the Drama-King again, and learn more about the art of WRIGGLING OUT thru deception, lies, conspiracy teories, paint-ball assasinations, arsenic poisoning and ..... finally A PAIN IN THE NECK.

p/s passport-boy!! get ready to move your butt ... got job coming your way. Ooooops! I didn't mean that (butT then again they said it was an art of possibilities).

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Wednesday 2 July 2008


UPDATE : go here http://www.chedet.com/ and read Tun Dr.Mahathir's indepth analysis ' Malaysia and World In Turmoil'.
Such an analysis could only come from a true leader, Che Det.

p/s SODOMEE not served here. For latest flavours of SODOMEE please hit http://www.rockybru.blogspot.com/ and http://www.malaysiakini.com/ - (they are surely on the ball).


What happened to all the hue and cry about the sky-rocketing cost of living in this country today?

What happened to the VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE on Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as Prime Minister?

What happened to the overwhelming ANGER and FRUSTRATION from Sabah ???

What happened to the few senior Umno leaders who had called for the President to make way for his deputy before the December party polls?

The debate about quota system, what happened?

Why did the Government release B.S.A Tahir (Kamaluddin's buddy) from Kamunting despite him still being regarded as a THREAT by every other nation ?

Why no action against a High Court judge who is a compulsive liar and who have been found to have ABUSED his position by none other than the FEDERAL Court itself?

The Prime Minister is killing the hotel-industry by having cancelled all scheduled Government functions and is further paralysing MAS by taking away HALF of the Government budget for air-travel and conveniently passing the LOOT to AirAsia. WHY?

MAS and AirAsia, which one is a GLC now ?

Why the Prime Minister wants to remain as Finance Minister when he knows nothing but how to sleep, eat and tell lies ?

Why is the Prime Minister still flying around in the brand new private jet, spending MILLIONS in a month, when you could fly MAS .. or AIRASIA. Why not change your flamboyant lifestyle?

Is the PM's wife an elected representative ? If you are not, please don't BURN the rakyat's money flying here and there for your 'feel good' handicraft, vegetables, batik and songket do. Don't dig our pocket for your drama!

If you want to know more about how cunning the seemingly sleeping Mr. Badawi is, go here :


p/s How could we kick this '3rdbus' out without any form of violence ?
He's stuck like a leech to the Prime Minister / Umno president seat and is looking forward towards continously SUCKING our blood.

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