Tuesday 23 August 2011

Sentinel summing it up.

Did Malaysia's Anwar Say too

Written by John Berthelsen   

He says accuser acknowledged readying himself for sex
Deep into Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s hour-long attack Monday on the Malaysian court that is trying him for sodomy, a sentence appeared that seems extremely awkward for both prosecution and defense. 

Anwar said in his prepared statement that after Saiful went to Anwar’s condo in an exclusive area of Kuala Lumpur, he admitted that “he had brought along lubricant and had himself voluntarily and without hesitation applied it” to get ready to go ahead with the sexual act.

A US diplomatic cable on the WikiLeaks website that was published in Asia Sentinel on Jan. 20, 2011, related that “Singapore's intelligence services and Lee Kuan Yew have told the Australian Office of National Assessments (ONA) that opposition leader Anwar ‘did indeed commit the acts for which he is currently indicted, citing unshared technical intelligence. ONA assessed, and their Singapore counterparts concurred, ‘it was a set up job -- and he probably knew that, but walked into it anyway.’" 

It is hard not to come to the same conclusion. - 

Asia Sentinel's FULL REPORT.

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Sworn Truth, Unsworn ... ?

Apa yang susah sangat ni?

"(5) This case will fall in history. It will be chronicled as the only known case in our country or for that matter within the Commonwealth enclave where the appellant as an accused person persistently and consistently filed one application after another in an attempt to recuse the learned trial judge from hearing and continuing to hear the sodomy trial which is ongoing. 

[6] It seems that the appellant here is trying his level best to scuttle his sodomy trial for reasons best known to him, much to the chagrin of the prosecution and the exasperation of the members of the public at large."

The above quote was attributed to Appeals Court judge 
Y.A. Datuk Haji Abdul Malik Bin Haji Ishak in Anwar Ibrahim's statement which the Opposition leader read out from the accused' dock in the High Court of Kuala Lumpur on Monday.

Why Anwar Ibrahim chose to merely read out a prepared statement from the dock and NOT TESTIFY UNDER OATH is anybody's guess. 

No doubt that his statement appeared very much vexatious and attacked just about anybody, including allegations of an illicit scandal between his accuser Saiful and a lady who was assisting the DPP. (Wonder what this has to do with the sodomy trial)

That he was not willing to be questioned or cross-examined over Saiful's complaints of sodomy is certainly more glaring now despite the carefully crafted 8,825 word statement which attacked almost every pillar plus the presiding judge. 

Even a certain Appeals Court judge was not spared in his tirade. 

Parti Keadilan Rakyat vice-president N.Surendran issued a pretty confusing statement 'Why Anwar Ibrahim Made an Unsworn Statement From The Dock - (an afterthought in the wee hours of Tuesday?).

In trying to justify why Anwar Ibrahim (who is accused of sodomising his personal assistant cum tea boy Saiful) refused to testify UNDER OATH, Surendran is even prepared to sully the good name of South Africa's Statesman Nelson Mandela.

Bro, Anwar Ibrahim is no Nelson Mandela and Nurul Izzah is not Aung San Suu Kyi. Generally anyone with a fair bit of functioning grey-matter could see through your drama.

Why don't you guys just tell the TRUTH. Keep the conspiracy theories for your memoirs and just show proof that you're innocent and did not sodomise Saiful. 

Why is it so difficult? This is the same judiciary which set you free a couple of years ago, remember? 

You must certainly remember what the judges said about you, your sodo-mee and why the court (2-1) decided to overturn your earlier conviction?

We are just simply tired of your antics la, Anwar Ibrahim! Could you behave like just any other citizen (equal before the law)? 

I really don't think that you're some God-sent being that should be accorded special privileges. Malaysia doesn't owe you anything, you owe her many explanations. 

Lastly Anwar Ibrahim, you rightly quoted justice Datuk Haji Abdul Malik Haji Ishak in your UNSWORN statement in court, particularly the paragraphs highlighted at the beginning of this jotting.

The learned judge has rightly highlighted the fact that people are not dumb and you could no longer pull the wool over their eyes. 

Just tell the truth! 

p/s If this frank observation is considered subjudice or in contempt of court, then Surendran's statement and Anwar Ibrahim's 32-page tirade plus all his public statements against the judiciary and judges must be nothing but MURDER!

p/s1 YB NoRule, your twitter attacks show a certain degree of desperation. Takut apa tu?

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Thursday 18 August 2011

Jacob to REWARD CheGubard ?

BREAKING NEWS! - World renowned New York-based jeweller & watch maker Jacob & Co may soon be entering into a MULTI-MILLION RINGGIT venture in Malaysia. 

The name Jacob & Co is no longer unfamiliar in Malaysia, thanks to the recent political charade by PKR's aspiring politician Badrul Hisham @ CheGubard.

CheGubard and some of his friends had created so much publicity that Jacob & Co, whose annual global transaction run into billions of USD are considering to reward him.

Jacob & Co, it was reliable learned, have assembled a team of legal eagles to iron out the finer points of the venture.

I wish CheGubard luck as Jacob & Co is very much concerned about their image, brand perception, credibility, business reputation and most of all their integrity as a world renowned establishment.  

Slightly a month ago, on July 16 2011, the famous "RM24 million ring lie" was exposed here -  Trailing the DIAMOND RING ... IN n OUT! and, 

subsequent expose here - Che Gubard - another compulsive LIAR? - and, 

BTW, what happened to the MACC report that CheGubard lodged over the 'RM24 million ring"? 

What is the progress of the investigation? 

Was there any basis for the MACC report or was it just another of CheGubard's long list of political charades? 

MACC ought to clear the air over this serious allegation because I believe Jacob & Co's  'Multi-Million Ringgit' venture is on hold pending the outcome of the MACC probe.

Be fair to CheGubard lah ! ;-)

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Monday 15 August 2011

Got GERAKAN or not?

Gerakan president Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon is on a hot plate.

He may want to deny this but it’s an open secret that Koh Tsu Koon is under tremendous pressure to make immediate decisions for the continued survival of Gerakan, particularly in its birthplace Penang.

Don’t wish to delve into Gerakan’s history, suffice to note that post-2008 Gerakan is in dire straits. Party members, grassroots leaders and critics say Koh Tsu Koon is of no help. 

But Koh Tsu Koon thinks there is a conspiracy to oust him.

Wonder why Senator Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon, the former Penang Chief Minister who lost his seat in the last general election and practically led Gerakan onto its dead bed, is still reluctant to pass the baton.

Leave the conspiracy theories to the actor from Permatang Pauh, Tan Sri. You ought to know the sentiments on the ground, why can’t you bow out gracefully and let others continue Gerakan’s service to the people?

What is holding you back Tan Sri? People are questioning if the much talked about KPI applies to you.

BTW what are Umno, MCA, MIC, PPP and ‘friends of BN’ doing in Penang? UMNO Pulau Pinang transforming or regressing?

In 2008 they sold ‘New Hope’. Mostly empty promises, yet they sold it. Three years down the road the people stand as losers, at least give them some real hope the next time around.

Wonder who is fit to lead Penang?

p/s Post 2008 they wanted to maintain Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as Prime Minister for obvious reasons and now they are hell bent in keeping Koh Tsu Koon there, warming the state chairman’s seat, while their whisper campaign gains ground.  

It is their conspiracy la, Tan Sri.

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Saturday 13 August 2011

FREE MALAYSIA TODAY - Deplorable, provocative and simply disgusting

The above is a screenshot of the comment section of online news portal FreeMalaysiaToday. 

The article which drew such dastardly comments insulting Nabi Muhammad, Islam and the Malays was concerning a Friday protest led by Senator Ezam  Mohd Nor , Independent MP Datuk Zulkifli Noordin and a few hundred others outside the Shah Alam mosque.

The protest was basically aimed at the failure of Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim to protect the interest of Muslims and the sanctity of Islam in the wake of the illegal Damansara Utama Methodist Church fiasco.

Ezam or the other speakers at the brief protest might have made fiery speeches and warned pro-Opposition news portals Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini (as alleged) but does that warrant the Editors at Free Malaysia Today to publish such 'deplorable, provocative and simply disgusting' comments targeted at ISLAM, Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and Muslims? 

Is this not raw provocation? 

The recurrence of such blatant provocation and gross contempt for Islam and Muslims in this country lately is truly worrying.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussien has had a fair share of criticism, ridicule and outright condemnation for his perceived tendency of just reprimanding and warning those who blatantly breach the existing laws that ensure peace, security and stability in our multiracial, multi religious country.

If all the Home Ministry could do is warn those who are threatening our society with such blatant disregard to the sensitivity of Islam, Malays and Muslims, how could we blame the critics?

I'm sure such a CRIME doesn't demand or require political considerations.

... and I hope those who are hellbent on testing the patience of Muslims in this Holy Month of Ramadan do not continue to play with fire, and live to regret it later. 

p/s  Those derogatory comments published in FreeMalaysiaToday, are they from our 'loving and caring' Christian brethren, or is the signature of extremist among them? 

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Friday 12 August 2011

WHO IS LYING ... the Protestant or Evangelical pastor?

The TRUTH please !

Split among Christians over moves to convert Muslims, says senior leader

By Boo Su-Lyn
August 11, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 11 — Mainstream Christian churches are distancing themselves from independent evangelical churches’ “over-enthusiastic” attempts to proselytise Muslims in Malaysia, says a senior Protestant church leader.

He told The Malaysian Insider that the mainstream churches were disappointed with some independent Christian groups for being insensitive to other religious communities when sharing their faith.

“We’ve had cases where the Hindus complain that the Christians have been too assertive,” said the church leader, adding that Muslims, Buddhists and Sikhs have made similar complaints. 

..... The senior church leader said mainstream churches were also concerned with how some independent evangelical churches proselytised Muslims openly. 

Evangelist group calls church split ‘wild allegations’
By Boo Su-Lyn
August 12, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 12 — Malaysia’s main Christian evangelist group has said it does not have to defend independent evangelical churches from “wild allegations”, denying there is a split among Christians over attempts to proselytise Muslims.

The National Evangelical Christian Fellowship’s (NECF) denial came after The Malaysian Insider reported that mainstream churches are disappointed with some independent Christian groups for being too assertive in sharing their faith with Muslims and other religious communities.

……… “You guys ought to guard your reputation. You used to have a reputation where you are truthful; now, you are as good as Utusan (Malaysia),” he said, referring to the Umno-owned Malay newspaper.
This split among Christians — people can tell this is a lie,” added the senior pastor of Full Gospel Tabernacle.

If the revelation of the Senior Protestant Church leader about complaints by the Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs over “over-enthusiastic” attempts to proselytise is true, then where is the TRUTH? 

Could those who often speak on behalf of the Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs please stand up and state your concerns or worries as they may be? 

If it is true that we have rogue "over-enthusiastic" Church groups and pastors who are clearly going against the letter and spirit of our Federal Constitution then the onus is on us to put a STOP to such provocative and irresponsible actions. 

IF such "over-enthusiastic" pastors and churches really exist and have been causing discomfort among believers and followers of other religions then we must STOP them.

Although proselytising is only forbidden on Muslims, it doesn't mean that the churches should be insensitive to the feelings of Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs when propagating Christianity among them.

... and what more if the church itself is ILLEGAL.

p/s My Sarawakian buddy (a staunch Borneo Evangelical Church or SIB follower) says these rogue "over-enthusiastic" churches and pastors are giving CHRISTIANS a BAD NAME! 

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Wednesday 10 August 2011

Malaysian in London's ANARCHY

updated : 5.15am


A video showing a distressed and bleeding teenager having his bag ransacked by a group of youths during the London riots has attracted the ire of web users who have slammed the perpetrators as ‘scum’.

While the exact location of the incident isn’t clear, one YouTube user has identified it as Barking, east London, and the victim as
Malaysian student, Asyraf Haziq.

(He’s a Malaysian student, Asyraf Haziq attacked and robbed randomly in Barking,London. He was on his way to get some food for Iftar. He is now in Royal London Hospital with broken jaw, and broken tooth. He is undergoing operation soon. UMNO London on the way to visit him now. He lost his mobile phone, wallet. He is first year student from KAPLAN College - KU London.
dear Londoners, be safe :( .. - TheDancingPapayas 

Meanwhile Londoners, the British Government and the reputable British Police Force are still searching for answers as to what went wrong in a society whose Government has been actively telling or imposing their doctrine of democracy on others all around the world.

Queries are aplenty as to why and how a 'peaceful demonstration' could have transformed into total anarchy causing irreparable damage and yet-to-be ascertained HUGE financial and other LOSSES. 

The  Metropolitan Police appear to be facing the brunt of the free flowing criticisms. Some are saying that the police just stood-by and watched helplessly as the rioters were rampaging through the streets, looting and setting fire to anything and everything on their path. 

The police have defended their action or rather inaction. One clear point is that the police were clearly outnumbered and never anticipated such ugly behaviour from fellow Londoners. 

Whatever the argument maybe, London has been set ablaze and the people are living in fear. 

Don't you THINK, prevention is better than cure?  

I really do hope that all those goons who have been demonising the Government and the vital institutions in our country would take a leaf or two from this disaster in UK. 

Don't incite hatred with continuous recital of lies and your politics of hatred.    

Don't make it your daily ritual to pick on anything and everything that could pit one race against the other or Christians against Muslims, or Malays against the rest of Malaysians. You're playing a dangerous game. 

Don't you ever imagine that a divided Malaysia could continue to be peaceful as it has been since our birth.  


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Tuesday 9 August 2011

When the WATER CANON came late ...

The above are pictures of our Royal Malaysian Police' Federal Reserve Unit in action during the politically motivated Bersih illegal demonstrations in Kuala Lumpur last month. 

Our men-in-blue showed up on time with their WATER CANONs to prevent those who took part in the 'peaceful ILLEGAL demonstration' from turning ugly RIOTERS. 

Below are the latest pictures from LONDON. Yes, its from downtown Tottenham where an emotionally charged demonstration (over the killing of a crime suspect) turned into an ugly RIOT which is yet to be fully contained.

Guess the widespread looting and scenes of buildings on fire, like the one below, could have been avoided had the WATER CANON been unleashed on time.  

UK police arrest over 200 as London riots continue ... 

A peaceful demonstration outside the Tottenham police station turned ugly as several hundred people threw bottles filled with gasoline at police lines and confronted officers with baseball bats and bars on Saturday night. 

Two police cars and a double-decker bus were set alight, stores were looted and several buildings along Tottenham's main street — five miles (eight kilometers) from the site of the 2012 Olympics — were reduced to smoldering shells.

"I saw cars on fire, and the neighbors came out saying there's a full blown riot," Simmons said. "We saw the bus set alight, and we saw it blow up. All our homes were full of smoke."

Read more: http://www.seattlepi.com/news/article/UK-police-arrest-over-200-as-London-riots-continue-1752205.php#ixzz1UTBuWq10

London violence extends into third day - CNN

The man's family and friends, who blamed police for the death, gathered Saturday night outside the Tottenham police station to protest.
The protest began peacefully but soon devolved into riots as demonstrators -- whose numbers included whites and blacks -- tossed petrol bombs, looted stores and burned police cars.

p/s Democracy must have its limits otherwise it could become demo-crazy ... as in Tottenham of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

p/s2 THANK YOU Polis Di-Raja Malaysia for maintaining peace and order in our Malaysia. 

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Monday 8 August 2011

Now I get it ... BADAWI is MAS Advisor.

MAS is a prized loot for some who have the tendency to treat anything and everything with contempt, including the Government and the agencies that crossed their path.
...these guys have been eyeing MAS and its routes for a long time now but MAS is suddenly a 'troubled state-owned carrier' 

AirAsia poised for Malaysian Airline stake
By Kevin Brown in Singapore

Tony Fernandes, the entrepreneur behind AirAsia, the fast-growing budget carrier, is poised to take a significant minority shareholding in Malaysian Airline System, the troubled state-owned carrier, according to people close to the discussions.
Shares in both airlines were suspended from trading on Monday to allow executives to conclude talks that are understood to centre on a proposed share exchange between Khazanah Nasional, the Malaysian sovereign wealth fundthat owns 69.3 per cent of MAS, and Tune Air, part of a privately held group controlled by Mr Fernandes and a business partner, which owns 23.6 per cent of AirAsia. - FINANCIAL TIMES

The secrecy surrounding it and now the speed at which this mega deal is being pushed through invokes the suspicion of many, including Wangsa Maju Member of Parliament Wee Choo Keong...who has been keeping an eye on AirAsia and the remnants of the infamous FOURTH FLOOR. 

KHAZANAH Stop “ANAKTIRIKAN” MAS! How about LSG Sky Chef Brahim?
August 8, 2011 by weechookeong

The Star reported today that “that Khazanah, which owns a 69% stake in MAS, is said to have concluded negotiations with AirAsia chief executive officer Tan Sri Tony Fernandes to come up with a deal to save the national carrier”.  ”Fernandes is to get 20% equity in MAS under the deal that is to be signed this week, with some sources saying it has already received the Government’s approval and could be inked today.”

In my immediate respond to the above, may I pose three innocent questions to Tan Sri Datuk Azman Hj Mokhtar: 
Why these so-called negotiations of the share swap were done with such secrecy? 
Why was there a need for such a rush for this so-called share swap to be signed by this week? 
Is MAS really in dire strait of collapsing or other airline? 

It must be noted that the primary objectives of Khazanah Nasional Bhd (Khazanah) are:
       To hold and manage the investments entrusted to it by the Government of Malaysia; and
       To undertake new investments where there are strategic opportunities, in new sectors and in new markets
Why is Khazanah, which is headed by Tan Sri Datuk Azman Hj Mokhtar, was not interested to look into why MAS was left in such a state and AirAsia “is flying so high” (from what I can see from all the moves)?
Since Khazanah is entrusted by the Government to “hold and manage the investment”, why is Khazanah not interested to look into how and why the growth of MAS was stifled directly or indirectly by the unseen hands! 

If you have the time, also read about the Rural Air Services in Sarawak & Sabah and how the Government-subsidised RAS was snatched from MAS at a time when the national carrier was finalising its Business Turnaround Plan then (Idris Jala should know better). 

The issue of the RAS' Twin-Otter planes being cannibalised for parts before the whole RAS forcefully dumped on MAS' lap within a year after snatching it away (with the full backing of the powerful Fourth Floor outfit under the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi regime) is another matter altogether.   

And then during the tail-end of the failed Abdullah Ahmad Badawi regime, AirAsia was involved in a LABU-LABI deal.


The Government has REJECTED both Sime Darby andAirAsia's proposal to build 'Tony's airport in Labu' after a 60-min meeting this afternoon. - 

Badawi was still the lame Prime Minister then but Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak put his foot down after widespread opposition to the dubious project which was also seen as a 'golden handshake' for some of the Fourth Floor boys.

Now, let me end this with little but scary facts. 

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the man who failed this nation and her people miserably, is the current ADVISOR of MAS. 

I understand, Badawi's brother is also milking MAS. 

The infamous Fourth Floor boys are very much in the game (only that the HinduGod-MuslimPriest is preying well below the radar)
So, who have been advising whom now? 

Badawi-MAS  or  AirAsia > x4thfloor > Badawi > MAS ?

Is this the same circus, the ones which were all too common during Badawi's disastrous reign?

Whether MAS is a "troubled state-owned carrier' or AirAsia  is a carrier that is waiting for its empty "PR Bubble to Burst" - lets hope the Government and by extension the rakyat are not shortchanged ... again! 

p/s We did save IJN via the SAVE IJN campaign in the past, is MAS in need of something similar?  

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Sunday 7 August 2011

DELAYED... or perceived?


Malaysia's Anwar loses bid to remove judge

June 6, 2011, 2:38pm
KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) – Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim failed in his third bid Monday to remove the trial judge in his drawn-out sodomy case.
The 63-year-old is on trial over allegations that he sodomised a 25-year-old former aide at an upmarket apartment in June 2008. He says the accusations are politically motivated.
"This is a very fundamental issue, an issue of justice... Where is the test of bias?" Anwar told reporters outside the High Court courtroom after his legal team unsuccessfully argued Judge Zabidin Mohamed Diah was biased.
"We have not been able to even interview the list of witnesses offered to us, and you expect us to go in the dock and defend ourselves? Defend from what when a decision has been made?" said an agitated Anwar.
In seeking the judge's removal, Anwar's counsel Karpal Singh told the court that Zabidin had effectively convicted Anwar before the opposition leader had given his defence.
Last month, the judge ruled that Anwar had a case to answer after finding the prosecution's main witness -- the accuser -- "credible". That decision amounted to a prejudgement, Anwar's defence team say.
Karpal said the prosecution was also delaying the trial by allowing Anwar's lawyers to interview only five of the 25 witnesses it had promised, including Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife.
They met Mohamad Saiful Bukhari, the man allegedly sodomised by father-of-six Anwar, after the purported incident.
Throwing out the latest bid to have him removed, Zabidin told a packed courtroom: "I find the application by the defence to be without any merit and therefore I hereby reject the application."
Government prosecutor Mohamad Yusof Zainal Abiden argued that there had been "no prejudgement and there is no bias" because the judge had done his job in evaluating the evidence and concluded the evidence was strong enough to establish a case against Anwar.
Anwar's lawyers said they will appeal the ruling and the trial will resume on July 13.

And then ... 

Karpal ticks off those calling for speedy sodomy trial
Saturday, August 06 @ 08:01:30 CDT
Sodomy II's lead counsel slams attempts by GAPS and others to pressure the courts to expedite Anwar’s trial to 'seek justice' for Saiful.
Pressuring the court to rush Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy trial amounts to contempt of court as it interferes with the administration of justice, said Karpal Singh.

The lead counsel in the ongoing Sodomy II trial was referring to attempts by pressure groups such as Gerakan Anti-Penyelewengan Selangor (GAPS) to speed up the trial.

“Anwar Ibrahim's trial should be allowed to proceed without any interference from any quarter,” said Karpal (
right) in a statement today.

“Neither Suhakam nor GAPs or for that matter anyone else should make any public statements with regard to the course the trial has taken or should take."
Karpal explained that pressuring the judge to speed up the trial "would amount to contempt of court because such action would interfere with in the administration of justice".
“Anwar as every right to exhaust the legal remedies open to him under the law to prove his innocence,” he said.
Star today reported GAPs urging the courts to expedite the trial, following complainant Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan's father Azlan Mohd's decision to seek Suhakam's intervention on Wednesday.

“Suhakam is the best platform to advise the chief justice to expedite the case. There should not be any more delays,” 
Star quoted GAPS chairperson Hamidzun Khairuddin saying.

He also reportedly said this ...  in a statement that is.

Anwar’s right
In his  statement issued today, Karpal warned that neither GAPS nor Suhakam, or anyone else for that matter should make public statements pertaining to course of the trial.
Saiful’s father Azlan Mohd has sought Suhakam’s help last Wednesday to determine what could cause the case to be delayed further.
On May 16, the High Court ordered PKR supremo Anwar to enter his defence. The defence case is set from next Monday until Aug 26.
Karpal explained that Anwar’s applications to trial judge and appeals to the Court of Appeal and Federal Court on issues of law were in the exercise of that right.
Indeed he said as a result of the appeals, the law has been developed with setting forth important precedents.
He said the trial judge should be left without any interference to decide upon defence applications in the course of a trial.
Hence, he said Anwar’s trial should be allowed to proceed without any interference from any quarter.
“Anwar has every right to exhaust all legal remedies open to him under the law to prove his innocence,” said the Bukit Gelugor parliamentarian.

Not so many moons ago, he said ... mmmmmm watch the YouTube recording below lah! 

and below is what HE has been saying since many moons ago ... 

If found guilty of sodomising a former aide, Anwar could be jailed for 20 years, in effect ending his political career.
The 62-year-old Anwar has repeatedly denounced the trial, saying the charges had been trumped up by political opponents looking to end his challenge to the government.
PM blamed
Speaking to reporters outside the court on Tuesday, Anwar blamed "the machinations of the dirty, corrupt few" and accused Najib Abdul Razak, the prime minister, and the premier's wife Rosmah Mansor, of being responsible for the trial.
Anwar said that both Najib and his wife had met his accuser and had interfered with the legal process.
"They were personally involved in this conspiracy and frame-up. We have evidence that Saiful Bukhari was in the house with Rosmah and met Najib a few days before he lodged the police report," Anwar said, referring to his 25-year-old accuser.
He added that his defence team planned to call the prime minister and his wife as witnesses.
Najib, who was deputy prime minister at the time, has acknowledged Saiful visited him but says it was in connection with a university scholarship.
The government has denied any interference and has promised that Anwar will receive a fair trial.

 THIS is among the stronger sentiments engulfing a vast section of Malaysians. While some may want to engage in endless double-talk many want nothing but the truth. (I'm sure the Bar Council would agree with me here)

DID Anwar Ibrahim  sodomise Saiful, his former aide cum tea-boy ? 

Only the Court of Law could give us an answer, so let the trial resume without any DELAYS ... real or perceived as YB Karpal says.

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