Tuesday 9 August 2011

When the WATER CANON came late ...

The above are pictures of our Royal Malaysian Police' Federal Reserve Unit in action during the politically motivated Bersih illegal demonstrations in Kuala Lumpur last month. 

Our men-in-blue showed up on time with their WATER CANONs to prevent those who took part in the 'peaceful ILLEGAL demonstration' from turning ugly RIOTERS. 

Below are the latest pictures from LONDON. Yes, its from downtown Tottenham where an emotionally charged demonstration (over the killing of a crime suspect) turned into an ugly RIOT which is yet to be fully contained.

Guess the widespread looting and scenes of buildings on fire, like the one below, could have been avoided had the WATER CANON been unleashed on time.  

UK police arrest over 200 as London riots continue ... 

A peaceful demonstration outside the Tottenham police station turned ugly as several hundred people threw bottles filled with gasoline at police lines and confronted officers with baseball bats and bars on Saturday night. 

Two police cars and a double-decker bus were set alight, stores were looted and several buildings along Tottenham's main street — five miles (eight kilometers) from the site of the 2012 Olympics — were reduced to smoldering shells.

"I saw cars on fire, and the neighbors came out saying there's a full blown riot," Simmons said. "We saw the bus set alight, and we saw it blow up. All our homes were full of smoke."

Read more: http://www.seattlepi.com/news/article/UK-police-arrest-over-200-as-London-riots-continue-1752205.php#ixzz1UTBuWq10

London violence extends into third day - CNN

The man's family and friends, who blamed police for the death, gathered Saturday night outside the Tottenham police station to protest.
The protest began peacefully but soon devolved into riots as demonstrators -- whose numbers included whites and blacks -- tossed petrol bombs, looted stores and burned police cars.

p/s Democracy must have its limits otherwise it could become demo-crazy ... as in Tottenham of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

p/s2 THANK YOU Polis Di-Raja Malaysia for maintaining peace and order in our Malaysia. 

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Anonymous said...

Except those were young thugs intent on looting DVDs, Play Stations.

Not people who are asking for the EC to clean up its act.

Mohd said...

To even stupid people, all indications are there that the supposedly peaceful demonstration in KL to turn ugly and get out of hand.
Congratulations to the FRU and the police for their timely actions.
Please go to the elections and fight for whatever changes you want in Malaysia.
The Pakatan Rakyat after winning the PRU13 with 2/3 majority can make all the changes that you want, not only in cleaning up the electrol rolls. You can also ask the Raja-Raja Melayu to step down and declare Malaysia as a Republic just like Singapore. Then you can bring in Chinese from overseas and make them Malaysian citizens. Then distribute these Chinese Malaysians to stay in flats or condominiums in Malay areas so as to dilute the Malay majority areas and thus ensuring election victories only to Chinese candidates.
Come on, you Chinese only can try to copycat Lee Kuan Yew from Singapore in making Singapore a Chinese Republic, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Which part of stupid are you?

Anonymous said...

Yessss. Am proud of our PDRM 's way in handling rouge rioters compared to London police handling theirs. Syabas PDRM !

Anonymous said...

how you can think like this? Definately ada masyyukkkk

Anonymous said...

that's the way bro, that's the harsh reality when rallies are staged. properties might be burnt, or worst still, precious lives lost. it could happen here if not for the quick action of the PDRM. "polis memang betul "menyediakan payung sebelum hujan".

apai sarawak

Anonymous said...

Tabik SPRING to all the men in BLUE, sungguh gagah berani ...

Terima kasih tak terhingga for keeping the majority safe and secure ...

Anonymous said...

That's the result of too much freedom. Give an inch and they want a mile.

I do not normally agree with our Police force but over the pre-emptive action on the Bersih fools, the Police get a ten out of ten.


Anonymous said...

Padan muka Britain. British spring?

arizmaya said...

To those who say Bersih 2.0 is a peaceful demonstration, let me remind you that the rule of thumb is very simple... i.e "anything that can go wrong will go wrong"

So prevention is always better than cure

Kudos to PDRM for taking the early action preventing KL becoming a war zone.

Tony Yew said...

Its simple, as long as it is illegal, things CAN GET OUT OF CONTROL very quickly.

In Bersih's case, why didn't the organisers heed the call of the authorities to gather in Stadium Shah Alam?

Simple answer: they were hell bent on creating a street ob, then when police act appropriately to contain it, they cry brutality.

Tell it to the marines!

In a mob, all it takes is a 'leader' to get it out of countrol, then no matter what happens, to undo the damage will be hell!

Look no further than the red shirts. It was supposed to be peaceful, yet grenandes and snipers appeared.

Street demos and riots ARE NOT OUR CULTURE. DOn't ape the gweilos who right now hadn't a clue to solve it.

Wanna see the similarities as to how their police are following ours in the aftermath? Go read BBC, you did think that MAK is in London!