Sunday 31 October 2010


"Leaders of Malay organisations should seek out similarities, engage in discussions with prudence and wisdom, and protect and champion the plight of the Malays," the statement said.
The Malay Rulers emphasised that the integrity of the Malay race and the plight of the Malays would not be safeguarded if the leaders of Malay organisations were inclined to quarrel and chose to be at loggerheads.
"The Malay Rulers pray that beloved Malaysia always remains peaceful and its multiracial people continue to be united, prosperous and peaceful. Hopefully, Malaysia continues to receive the protection and blessings of Allah (God)," the statement said.

The above are the last few, but pertinent, paragraphs of the Statement of the 222nd Meeting of the Conference of Malay Rulers which was issued on the 30th of October, 2010. The meeting took place for two days from Oct 13, 2010 at the Istana Negara in Kuala Lumpur.

If the above statement still doesn't ring a bell in the heads of our leaders, particularly our community and political leaders, I doubt anything else would.

Having witnessed the never ending political squabbles among the Malay-majority political parties after the disastrous 2008 General Elections and the subsequent threat against everything that is Malay and Bumiputera, the Malay Rulers have spoken.

The Malay Rulers, the guardians of the Constitution and the Malays in particular, have said it out loud and clear that the integrity of the Malay race and the plight of the Malays would not be safeguarded if the Malays are not united.

What does it mean when Your Rulers order you to "seek out similarities, engage in discussions with prudence and wisdom, and protect and champion the plight of the Malays ?

The ORDER is very clear. It is not a request or a suggestion but a clear ORDER from the MALAY RULERS, demanding the Malays to unite.

Lets watch what the community and political leaders have to say.

p/s I applaud MCA-owned The Star newspapers for publishing the Bernama article about the Malay Rulers statement but WONDER WHY they decided to OMIT the last few PERTINENT paragraphs?

Space constraint is an unacceptable excuse as the online version is no different from the printed one, next excuse please!

I hope this is not another of the subtle racist acts of the racists among us who love to blame others as racists.

- Malaysian Digest carried the exact (unedited) Bernama version HERE.

p/s 2 - Please don't ask Anwar Ibrahim to comment on this important Order from our Malay Rulers because the PM-wannabe would once again confuse us.

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Wednesday 27 October 2010

Blue-eyed Boy ?

Secretary of State Clinton Should Steer Clear of Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim - by Chuck DeVore of the Big Peace.

Malaysia is on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s agenda this week as she swings through Asia. When she visits with Malaysian leaders, she might meet with Anwar Ibrahim, a supposed democracy and reform leader who, it is said, has been unfairly maligned by an overbearing government. Clinton shouldn’t, as Malaysia is no Myanmar and Ibrahim is no Aung San Suu Kyi.

Once a British colony, Malaysia has been independent since 1957. It has transformed itself from a raw materials exporter to a nation with a strong economy boasting a per capita income of $14,900, roughly quadruple that of its larger neighbors: the Philippines and Indonesia.

Malaysia’s 26 million people are 60 percent Muslim, 19 percent Buddhist, 9 percent Christian and 7 percent Hindu.

The legal system is based on English common law with Islamic law (Sharia) applying to Muslims in the matters of family law and religion.

Islam in Malaysia, as in much of the Asian Pacific region, has been less prone to violence as it came to the region more as a function of peaceful trade rather than bloody conquest. Malaysia’s economy has steadily improved, and, under Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, so too has press freedoms and application of rule of law.

It has a distance yet to travel, but a victory by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in next year’s elections would not advance the cause of democracy.

Serving as deputy to former long-time Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad, Ibrahim helped steer Malaysia through the Asian financial crisis in 1997.

But, when Ibrahim tried to leverage his success into the Prime Minister’s office, Mahathir would have none of it, striking back with charges of corruption and sodomy.

Ibrahim saw his political career sidetracked with his convictions on both charges (the sodomy charge was later reversed in 2004, but new sodomy charges were filed in 2008).

There’s no denying that Anwar Ibrahim knows how to manipulate Western press and politicians. Ibrahim has fashioned himself a sympathetic profile in the West by leveraging the sodomy charges the nominally Muslim government has twice maladroitly leveled against him while claiming to be two things he isn’t: a government reformer and a moderate Muslim.

Ibrahim’s passion for government reform was suspect from the start. While riding the crest of his popularity in 1998, his allies called for a debate on “cronyism and nepotism” which Malaysia’s former strongman Prime Minister Mahathir quickly turned on its head by producing lists of those who benefited from by receiving shares from privatized government corporations. The lists showed Ibrahim, his allies, his brothers and his father owned million of shares in newly privatized companies. Tellingly, Ibrahim’s corruption conviction was never overturned.

Selling Ibrahim as a moderate Muslim is altogether a different challenge. While Ibrahim enjoys the support of Al Gore and Paul Wolfowitz, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith calls him out as an anti-Semitic demagogue unworthy of meeting with the U.S. Secretary of State.

Tellingly, when Ibrahim was recently in New York, shadowing a visit there by Prime Minister Najib Razak, he met with the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT). Ibrahim was a co-founder of IIIT which listed the Malaysian politician as a trustee as recently as last year.

The problem is that IIIT is a Muslim Brotherhood front that has repeatedly been tied to terrorist network financing. In their 2001 book “Violence” IIIT called the state of Israel a “foreign usurper” that must be attacked with “fear, terror and lack of security.”

Only three years ago, Malaysian Muslim feminist Zainah Anwar called out IIIT for suppressing moderate Koranic teachings. Of direct concern to Americans should be that the Muslim Brotherhood’s new “Supreme Guide” or leader, Muhammad Badi, called for violent jihad against both the U.S. and Israel in a September 30 sermon, saying it was a commandment of Allah that cannot be disregarded.

Ibrahim met with IIIT leaders in New York only days after this sermon.

Anwar Ibrahim is simply one in a long line of Islamist leaders who know how to say one thing to a Western audience who longs to hear soothing words, while saying and acting differently when they think no one from the West is paying attention.

If Ibrahim’s People’s Justice Party (run by his wife, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail) comes to power in 2011, it will likely mark another occurrence of democracy being used to destroy democracy. Secretary of State Clinton, if she meets with Ibrahim, will act to boost his destructive charade. - BIG PEACE

p/s I'm truly glad that Western nations, in particular the United States of America and Britain, and most importantly the Western Media have finally realized who the real Anwar Ibrahim is. When Anwar was sacked from the Government and subsequently charged for SODOMY and Abuse of Power in 1998, the entire Western world rallied behind him with the misplaced notion that it was a political persecution.

Malaysia was then branded as a Pariah-state with no rule of law and that her then Prime Minister Datuk Seri (now Tun) Dr.Mahathir Mohamad was a tyrannic dictator, but finally now the truth is out and not surprisingly it is not to Anwar Ibrahim's favour.

Now Anwar is left only with his 'street demonstration organising' friends in Indonesia, and its only a matter of time before they discover the dying chameleon.

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Monday 18 October 2010

PM says 'Ooooops Rais'

Try Thinking Rais!

Our friend Datuk Seri DR Rais Yatim appears to be in trouble and may need the services of a real (I mean medical) Doctor soon. He might also need a "Political" Doctor to save his career, apart from the DUMB Spin-Doctors who have successfully dragged him into the PIT.

Rais's decision to lodge police reports against bloggers RockyBru, BigDog and TnT could just be one of his BIGGEST MISTAKES in his tenure as a Minister and politician in Malaysia.

Falling into the trap set by his very own SPIN DOCTORS and lodging police reports for the CRIME of urging him, the Ministry which he serves and the Government which the rakyat elected to be TRANSPARENT could well spell Rais's SLIDE out of the Government.

Why am I saying so?

This is not a rumour or empty coffeshop talk but news has it that even Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is PERPLEXED with Rais arrogance and 'iron fist' attitude against Independent but at times Government-friendly bloggers.

Najib, I was told, expressed his disappointment pertaining Rais' police reports during a 'discussion' earlier today.

"PM appeared disturbed when asked for his view concerning Rais' arrogance but PM insinuated that it would not be impossible to find an amicable solution. PM kata beliau 'terkilan' dengan tindakan Rais" - a 'not-so-small-bird' informed me a while ago.

So, an amicable solution might be in the works but that doesn't mean we will FORGET the police reports by the Minister of Information, Communications and Culture.

We will also NEVER FORGET some of the Minister's SPIN DOCTORs (at least one of them is a known Zaid Ibrahimm operative) who seem to be the main instigators behind this saga.

p/s Thank God we have a Prime Minister who could identify dinosaurs.

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Friday 15 October 2010


I'm drawing into attention the recent police reports lodged against bloggers Datuk Rocky, BigDog and TnT - by none other than the Minister of Information, Communication and Culture Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.

Being a veteran in Government and a know-it-all Minister well versed in all things LEGAL, Rais' action of lodging police reports appear like another of his attempts to show-off his legal prowess, although this latest attempt lacks Information, Communication and Culture.

I said "another attempt" in the above para because the know-it-all Minister was among the few 'legal experts in the the then cabinet PM Badawi" who unequivocally endorsed the Slumberjack's decision to cancel OUR decision to replace the Johor Causeway with a new bridge.

I said "another attempt" because this is the same Minister who sings different songs on different platforms.

His Freedom Under Executive Power in Malaysia: A Study of Executive Supremacy Phd thesis, when he was out in the political wilderness, would say more about the man himself, particularly his lalang-ness.

Ask him today if he fully subscribes to his King's College (London) PhD thesis and he would most probably give you a run around in overlapping legal jargon without answering the question.

The "Study of Executive Supremacy" was done when he was out of the Government and sulking, but when he stepped into the Government again as Minister in the PM's Department in charge of Legal Affairs circa 1999, everything was once again rosy.

And today, amidst his police reports against bloggers who are said to have tarnished his image or assassinated his character, is Rais Yatim the Minister acting on behalf of the Government and her people whom he represents or is it yet another of his personal vendetta.

Dear Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, if your actions are to be deemed as a professional move of a Minister in charge of Information, Communication and the Culture of this beloved nation of our, WHY are you then GUTLESS against clear cut cases which goes again everything that we Malaysians stand for?

Why are YOU the Minister and the agencies which run after Rocky, BigDog and TnT now, have not been doing your bloody job when racists like Namewee and others make disparaging, lewd statements?

Dear Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, you are not fit to be a Minister because you have failed to act or react against racists and other damaging elements who are clearly against everything that we stand for as a multiracial nation.

You, Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, are not fit to be a Minister in charge of Information, Communication and Culture because you have failed in all the three sectors which you're supposed to be heading.

It seems that you would only react and force the agencies under your ministry to go after those who have said something against YOU & Your Family.

What have you done or rather failed to do Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim?

Why should the Prime Minister maintain you in his cabinet when you are actually a Minister in charge of your own Personal Affairs?

Also read - Seasoned journalist and political analyst Shamsul Akmar's advice below.

Jernihkan kekeruhan dengan blogger

KEPUTUSAN Datuk Seri Utama Rais Yatim membuat laporan kepada polis dan juga Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM) supaya tindakan diambil ke atas blogger ternama Ahiruddin Atan atau lebih dikenali sebagai Rocky's Bru, memperlihatkan kegusaran Rais.

Bukan sahaja Rocky menjadi sasaran kegusaran Rais, seorang lagi blogger Zakhir Mohamad serta pengendali blog Taikor and Taikun tidak terkecuali.

Kemarahan Rais timbul daripada laporan mereka yang menyatakan terdapat cakap-cakap yang anaknya mendapat kontrak satu projek yang dikendalikan oleh kementeriannya.

Memang Rais berhak merasa kecil hati jika laporan itu tidak benar. Ini berkaitan dengan kredibilitinya.

Tetapi cara mana marah itu mahu disalurkan juga tidak kurang pentingnya kerana Rais seorang Menteri dari UMNO dan jurublog-jurublog yang menyakitkan hatinya terdiri daripada mereka yang bersimpati dengan UMNO dan kepimpinan Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Adalah menyedihkan bagi seorang menteri yang memegang portfolio penerangan terpaksa menggunakan saluran undang-undang untuk menebus kredibilitinya, sedangkan dia diharapkan berkemampuan menangani seribu satu kecaman dan kritikan melalui saluran penerangan.

Tindakan Rais menggunakan saluran undang-undang dalam menangani kritikan atau kecaman, menimbulkan persoalan.

Yang lebih membingungkan ialah ketangkasan SKMM untuk bertindak ke atas jurublog-jurublog ini yang "kesalahan" mereka hanyalah berkongsi dengan umum tentang apa yang sedang diperkatakan mengenai anak Rais.

Apa yang ditulis oleh jurublog-jurublog itu amat mudah untuk disanggah oleh Rais sendiri. Beliau hanya perlu memperlihatkan dokumen kontrak yang dipertikaikan dan jika anaknya tidak terbabit, Rais akan keluar dengan berbau harum.

Adakah SKMM hanya akan bertindak dengan tangkas terhadap jurublog-jurublog yang selama ini mempertahankan kepentingan Melayu?

Tetapi apabila berhadapan dengan anasir-anasir perkauman seperti Namewee, Kathy Lim serta pemimpin-pemimpin pertubuhan haram Hindraf yang secara terbuka memaki hamun Melayu dan menghina Islam, SKMM tidak mampu bertindak pantas dan tegas?


p/s Don't try to bribe bloggers with your 1Malaysia laptops, it shall backfire!

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Wednesday 6 October 2010


Published: Wednesday October 6, 2010 MYT 5:00:00 PM

Group ambushes press conference by former Anwar aide


KLANG: A group of men stormed a press conference by a former special assistant of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at a restaurant here Wednesday, to prevent him from making allegations against the PKR adviser.

Rahimi Othman had earlier informed the media that he would be making some revelations about Anwar at the press conference here.

However, Rahimi and a lawyer were not allowed to speak when a group of PKR members barged into the venue around 4pm.

The group, led by K. Suresh Kumar, who is Anwar's special assistant in charge of Indian affairs, demanded that Rahimi leave the place immediately and told him not to discredit Anwar. - The Star.

WHAT WAS IT that Rahimi Othman wanted to tell you and me but ANWAR IBRAHIM's aide K.Suresh Kumar forcefully prevented him from doing so?

Like Suresh Kumar, Rahimi is also one of the many former aides or special officers or personal assistants of Anwar Ibrahim.

Rumours were abound for the last few days that Rahimi, who some say is very close to ZAIID, was about to expose another case of Anwar's now famous act of 'back-stabbing'.

I just wonder ... why was it necessary to stop Rahimi from speaking out?

Watch it all HERE!

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