Tuesday 31 August 2010

Perjuangan Yang Belum Selesai - 1957 - 2010

Sekali Merdeka tidak bermakna kita akan merdeka buat selama-lama-nya. - Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad

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Breaking up Sime Darby

A Question of Business

IT was due to the advantages of size and economies of scale that Sime Darby and other companies in the Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB) stable notably Guthrie and Golden Hope decided to merge some three years ago to form what would be for some time the largest company by value on the local bourse.

It was knocked off that top perch as the market downgraded the share following massive losses at its energy and utility division which gobbled up all the great profits made at its other five divisions – plantations, property, motor, industrial and healthcare.

Yesterday, there seemed to be some support for the share price when its new CEO Datuk Mohd Bakke Salleh announced that the six divisions would soon be put under six different companies with their own boards and corporate structure.

The billion-ringgit question is whether this is a prelude to the effective de-merger of the entity barely three years after they came together and whether Sime Darby should undertake it. - MORE

That the failed-administration of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had basically screwed up Sime Darby, Golden Hope and Guthrie is not news nor a secret any longer.

The recent shameful developments and close to a BILLION RINGGIT losses suffered by the merged Sime Darby is indeed a black spot in Malaysia's corporate history.

The merger of the three conglomerates was indeed a bad idea from day one but since someone close to the then administration was out to make a quick buck, everything else was swept under the carpet or forcibly silenced.

You can't keep shit under wrap for long and as expected by many a critic, it finally hit the fan slightly over three years after the three iconic organisations were caged.

When the failed-administration of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi 'caged' the three biz entities, there was actually not much consideration for their future ... it was all about the Abdullah-friendly brokers making a quick buck.

Abdullah didn't stop at the blunder of nodding to the much objected merger but went a step further and ruined the merged entity by appointing none other than his 1987 Team B buddy Musa Hitam to the coveted Chairman's position.

It's now an open secret too as to how Musa had allegedly abused Sime Darby for his own personal gains and out of sheer frustrations of not being able to occupy the Prime Minister's seat.

Sime Darby, under the new leadership of Mohd Bakee, is once again abuzz with Musa's abuse of power and authority as Chairman.

The internal and external audit findings of the chairman's penchant for flying in private jets and getting Sime Darby to pay for the private jet usage of some of his foreign friends has now hit the fan, like the same old shit.

Read the previous reports on the foxy-guy Chairman HERE, HERE, HERE....

p/s Would the powers that be maintain Musa Hitam as the Chairman of Sime Darby and risk eroding every Tom, Dick and Harry's confidence in the now humiliated conglomerate?

Dear Mr.Prime Minister / Finance Minister, please LISTEN - It requires wisdom to understand wisdom: the music is nothing if the audience is deaf.

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Sunday 22 August 2010


Letterhead evidence against Liu

PETALING JAYA: Evidence is beginning to surface that Selangor executive councillor Ronnie Liu had issued a letter of support to the very same company that caused his estranged supporter Tee Boon Hock to be sacked from DAP.

Liu is alleged to have personally issued the letter supporting Perkhidmatan AA to the Klang Municipal Council’s environment department director on April 14, 2008 – barely weeks after being made an executive councillor on March 24 of the same year.

Perkhidmatan AA is a company belonging to Tee’s son.

Tee was sacked from the DAP on Aug 1 after he was found guilty of writing a similar letter using Liu’s letterhead to support the same company.

However, Tee is alleging that Liu’s letter was written four months before his (Tee’s) letter, which was dated Aug 12, 2008.

Both letters were contained in a 12-page appeal by Tee to the DAP central executive committee (CEC) against the disciplinary committee’s decision to sack him.

A copy of the appeal was made available to The Star.

In the appeal, Tee, besides making various allegations against Liu, also called for the CEC member to be sacked from the party.

“The person who should be expelled from the party should be Liu and not me,” said Tee, adding that Liu was aware of the support letters he had written, and had “wilfully accused him of acting without his knowledge and authority.”

“This evidence exonerates the fact that I deliberately approved a letter of support to Perkhidmatan AA.

“There was no intention to deceive or cheat,” he said in his appeal.

Tee is asking the CEC to withdraw all charges against him and withdraw the expulsion letter with immediate effect, without any break in his membership.

He also asserted that due process in the disciplinary inquiry was not followed and he was not given a fair and just hearing.

The other grounds of Tee’s appeal are that Liu was not present at the hearing and he could not cross-examine the man who made the accusation against him, two DAP leaders whom he asked to represent him at the hearing were not allowed to do so and the disciplinary committee did not issue any show-cause letter or a charge sheet in writing, spelling out clearly the charges or allegations of misconduct or indiscipline.

Tee claimed that the only notice he received was an SMS from committee chairman Tan Kok Wai on July 29 at 7.03pm, asking him to attend the hearing at 4pm two days later, thus he was not given adequate time to prepare his defence.

According to a party official, the CEC deliberated on Tee’s appeal for four hours on Aug 12 but failed to reach a decision.

The official said five members had criticised Liu but many others kept quiet as they are aware that Liu enjoyed the “protection” of party stalwarts Lim Kit Siang and his son, Guan Eng, who is the secretary-general.

When contacted, Tee declined to talk about the contents of his appeal but said he was dismayed and disappointed over the speed and manner in which the disciplinary committee made its decision in sacking him.

AND TheStar's Joceline Tan says Ronnie Liu had issued support letters to a whole range of businesses, including SLOT MACHINES OPERATORS - GAMBLING OUTLETS!

Had Taiko Ronnie Liu also issued similar support letters for the mushrooming sleazy massage parlours and brothels in Subang Jaya, Shah Alam, Klang, Puchong and Rawang?

So much for a so-called clean, transparent and trustworthy government.

p/s The only thing transparent was what the hundreds of China-dolls were wearing while climbing up the police Black Maria. Also read GAGGED by Karpal Singh.

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Wednesday 18 August 2010

Turf War in DAP.

Wednesday August 18, 2010

DAP leader Ronnie faces pressure to resign as exco member


PETALING JAYA: DAP leader Ronnie Liu is under growing pressure to resign as Selangor executive councillor after being let off with a severe reprimand over the controversial letterhead issue.

The pressure is coming from his own party leaders who are of the view that the party’s image can only be redeemed if he takes full responsibility for the questionable use of support letters in securing state contracts.

DAP life adviser and a co-founder of the party Dr Chen Man Hin said Liu, who is in charge of the state local government, study and research committee should ask his conscience and act accordingly.

“As the head of the local government (study and research) committee, he should know if there has been a wrongdoing. I leave it to his conscience to act as he sees fit,” he said adding that the issue had affected the party’s image and that the people felt there was something very wrong with the disciplinary committee’s decision. - FULL STORY

Our earlier posting pertaining the existence of a movement within DAP to SAVE DAP from the clutches of the Lim Dynasty was met with utmost skepticism.

Some even sent long winding emails accusing APANAMA of trying to sabotage the party, but slowly the SAVE DAP movement is gaining momentum.

The latest open pressure on troubled Ronnie Liu to quit as Selangor state executive councillor is the SAVE DAP campaigners first jab at the LIM DYNASTY.
None other than the DAP's co-founder Dr Chen Man Hin is leading the assault to stop the LIM DYNASTY and to SAVE DAP. Surprisingly the campaign also has the support of blogger-turned-politician Jeff Ooi ( a close aide of Lim Guan Eng).

Selangor state assembly speaker Teng Chang Kim, after twisting and turning with his OMG tweet saga, is also sticking to his call for Ronnie Liu to do the 'right thing' by quitting his government post.
Are things falling apart in DAP?

Guess the following report could shed some more light.

Wednesday August 18, 2010

No let-up in support letter row


KLANG: The Selangor DAP continues to be plagued by the letterhead controversy with some supporters of state exco member Ronnie Liu publicly calling on Speaker Teng Chang Khim to resign.

The 20-odd people, led by Seri Pinang DAP branch chairman Puah Ju Kian held a press conference yesterday and distributed a support letter signed by a former Teng aide on Aug 1, 2008.

The group called on the Speaker to quit. - FULL STORY

p/s Looks like Ronnie has unleashed his underworld as a last resort, to protect and further advance the Lim Dynasty's interests in Dap Selangor.

Let's watch this latest DAP opera.

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Wednesday 11 August 2010


This fella set up a company called Cyber Village Holdings around 2001 and listed it in his motherland Singapore's SESDAQ. Obviously he was also the CEO of the dubious set-up.

Less than 12 months after the grand listing in Singapore, the now-evaporated company was saddled with more than RM5million debts.

Along came a double-headed snake from the Goh Tong clan who 'rescued' the untrustworthy CEO who was at the verge of committing suicide from a high-rise hotel along Orchard Road.

After being rescued, the now-evaporated Cyber Village crawled around the alleys in the tiny island state until sometime in 2007 when the current 'economic advisor' performed a magic to hoodwink you and me.

In 2007 the current 'economic advisor' quit his CEO's post after reportedly disposing all his shares in Cyber Village (or GE Koyo Ltd) and joined the People's Action Party in Singapore.

He was soon seconded to PAP's Malaysian subsidiary DAP, months before the 2008 General Elections.

While that part of the economic advisor's journey was almost public knowledge, some latest information suggests that the economic advisor might have HOODWINKED a whole lot of people and authority as CYBER Village or GE Koyo Ltd (after a cunning name change) was subsequently taken over by Brightsphere Sdn. Bhd.

Brightsphere is a RM2 company and the company secretary is none other than the economic advisor's WIFE Ms.YT Fong.

Ms.YT Fong and Brightsphere also share the same office in Bandar Utama, Selangor at this very point of time.

Ms Fong, could you please tell us who your husband/business partner is? We are very curious to know his side of the story.

The guy from Lim Goh Tong's mansion has been singing around about his deals with your husband la Ms. Fong, you know anything about this?

I know your husband or the PAP's subsidiary party in Malaysia could not be funded by Genting Berhad, but then again what's the link la Ms.Fong?

Maybe we should ask Selangor DAP strongman Teng Chang Kim or Kota Melaka's Sim Tong Him.

These guys are trying to SAVE DAP.

p/s Tony P, keep riding the moral high horse. Your fellow DAP leaders and members with pride and dignity are following you very closely.

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Saturday 7 August 2010



Saturday August 7, 2010

Another twitter row in Selangor DAP


KLANG: A fresh Twitter controversy has erupted in Selangor DAP with its committee member Teng Chang Khim ridiculing the proposed appointment of a councillor to the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ).

Teng, who is also Selangor Spea ker, tweeted on Thursday: ‘yes, we are so stupid and unethical that the party appointed a once-disbarred lawyer as a local councillor’.

The tweet was apparently aimed at state party deputy chairman Tony Pua who had criticised the issuance of support letters in an online news portal, calling the practice ‘unethical and stupid’.

Pua’s statement had hit a raw nerve with Teng who, several days ago, had announced that he too had issued support letters to businesses to get contracts from the Klang Municipal Council (MPK).

According to a DAP source, Teng was apparently referring to a veteran lawyer who was almost appointed as an MBPJ councillor recently on Pua’s recommendations.

The source added that the man was disbarred for seven years about three decades ago and his proposed appointment had drawn criticism from several party leaders.

Teng was one of those who had demanded that the veteran lawyer not be appointed as councillor.

The source, who is also a Selangor DAP committee member, said the drama last week could be attributed to leaders trying to jostle for posts in the party polls scheduled for the end of the year.

He claimed there was growing fear among the DAP leaders that Teng, who was not favoured by many, would move up the party ladder.

“Some of us believe he has been summoned before the party’s disciplinary committee on Aug 12 so that he can be suspended until after the polls are over,” said the DAP insider.

He said Teng was a direct threat to Pua, whose popularity with the party’s grassroots was on the decline.

Selangor DAP vice-chairman Charles Santiago dismissed suggestions of a rift between Teng and Pua.

“Everyone has different positions and different views on issues.

“Just because we do not agree with each other over certain things doesn’t mean we are at loggerheads,” said Santiago.

Pua declined to comment while Teng, as well as Selangor DAP chairman Ean Yong Hian Wah, were not available for comment.

The above news report is just another confirmation of the on-going 'slash and burn' politics of DAP, spearheaded none other than DAP Dictator Lim Kit Siang and his son Lim Guan Eng.

Kit Siang is the only DAP Supremo the country has known, although he often accuses others of nepotism and cronyism.

Lim Kit Siang and his son Lim Guan Eng are indeed the ICON of NEPOTISM in Malaysia, together with Karpal Singh & Sons.

Okay now, why am I talking about the Dictators & Sons in DAP while the above news report is about a spat between Selangor Dap strongman Teng Chang Kim and DAP's bankrupt economic advisor Tony Pua ?

The actual scenario in DAP Selangor is actually more than what the eyes could see or the ears could decipher, its actually part of the Dictators & Sons foray into Selangor.

Sources close to Teng and in the know of the Lim Dynasty's grand plan to take control of DAP Selangor are openly accusing Kit Siang and his son Guan Eng (who was recently slapped by a 60 year old man) of meddling in Selangor.

As Teng is more popular and well received by both DAP members and supporters in Selangor, it is said that a grand plan had been hatched in the CM's boardroom in Penang.

Details of the plan remains sketchy but the ultimate aim is for the Lim Dynasty to take control of DAP Selangor.

Teng, having been branded or classified as the greatest threat to the Lim Dynasty's ambitions, is first on the chopping block and the chopping has to be done before the end of the year - when DAP's party polls would be held.

Both Tony Pua and Ronnie Liu have been roped in by the Dynasty to embark on a well crafted political and character assassination spree against Teng and all those associated with the Selangor grassroot leader from Klang.

The twitter-saga is just the tip of the iceberg which appeared on the radar after Teng lost his cool over the backstabbing initiated by Ronnie Liu and Tony Pua - with the blessing of the Dynasty.

Would Teng be slaughtered and sacrificed as in the other DAP leaders in the past? Let's watch the developments closely as a group of veteran DAP politicians are moving around the country trying to promote a campaign to SAVE DAP!


Good Luck.

p/s I totally support and agree that the Save Dap initiative from 'hardcore veterans' of Dap Johor and Penang. Yang lain-lain jangan tidur la!

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Thursday 5 August 2010


Khazanah running Amok!!!

By Syed Akbar Ali

Folks I am afraid I have very sad and grave news.

When Slumberjack left office, they forgot to call the pest control people, the janitors and the building maintenance people to fumigate the place, to remove the brown rings around the toilet bowl and spray the roach repellants. Some serious pathogenic vermin is still infesting the PM’s office. Slumberjack’s malaise is now infecting the present occupants. The lights may be on but no one seems to be in.

Syed is rightly fuming mad over Khazanah Singapura ... oops Khazanah Nasional Malaysia's LOST OF CONFIDENCE in our local Islamic Capital Market HERE.

Syed's worries over Slumberjack's pests and virus sticking on within the current team in Putrajaya is indeed very clear and present.

Not only is the Government reluctant in investigating the 'Five Year Looting' by Slumberjack and his bunch of inner-circle (led by his SIL, son and Kalimullah), the present administration is also seen to be giving KHAZANAH a free-hand to continue with similar (if not worse) business/financial ventures.

Datuk Seri Najib, you Sir, could start by listing down the number of Khazanah's failed business/financial ventures or losses or 'fire-sales' during the reign of Slumberjack. Do a thorough investigations into all those dubious transactions/deals (including that involving the merger of ECM Libra and Avenue Capital).

Nail those THIEVES and put a stop to Mr. Mokh's free-wheeling with the people's money. Also take this opportunity to clean Khazanah Nasional Malaysia of bigger 'players' like Datuk Azlan H. He is actively skimming and hatching conspiracies against Proton and its management so that he could lead the 'Next Change' entity.

Those who matter in Khazanah and in MoF know exactly what Azlan Hashim did to Proton during Slumberjack's reign.

Datuk Seri Najib, its an open secret now that Proton would today be a foreign-owned Malaysian National entity if not for the vehement objection from you, the then Deputy Prime Minister, and Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz.

Don't forget those shameless, spineless maneuvers easily bcoz the culprits are still there, all around you and some even closer than before.

Good Luck Mr.Prime Minister.

p/s Sukuk is on sale in Singapore now and by 2020 ( thats a mere 10 years from now) Singapore would be the Islamic Financial Centre in Asia.

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