Tuesday 26 August 2008

Abdullah Badawi = Anwar Ibrahim


This is exactly the situation for the people of Permatang Pauh.

Will Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi resign as the Prime Minister of Malaysia IF a good majority of the rakyat in Permatang Pauh REJECT his leadership and put their CROSS for a devil's advocate?

Should Abdullah continue to lead (if at all it's him) the BN if the rakyat from Penang, particularly the Malays, show once again that they are SICK of him?

The real issue on the ground is the current absence of LEADERSHIP in Umno/BN and the Government. The rakyat are going to bed worried about their future ... that's the fact.

Voters in Permatang Pauh who love the BN but hate the sight of Pak Lah and his running dogs are indeed in a Catch-22 situation. If the BN wins, Abdullah will be quick to claim credit and stay on.

Without any shame, Abdullah would admit that the win was an endorsement for his leadership. If BN loses the lame duck and his hounds would place everything on Najib's shoulders.

This is a BIG headache for pro-BN voters in Permatang Pauh who are sick of Pak Lah.

It's truly a case of being in between the DEVIL and the DEEP BLUE SEA ... and lots of spoilt votes in the bin.

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Friday 22 August 2008


Effective 23.08.2008 the pump price of petrol has been reduced.
The Ron97 pump price is now RM2.55 (down 0.15 sen from RM2.70) while Ron92 is now priced at RM2.40 (down from o.22 sen from RM2.62).
Diesel reduced by 0.8 sen to RM2.50.

Does it make any difference ? Would the prices of the host of other services and food stuff that sky-rocketed after the drastic 0.70 sen increase come down now?

In the Northern-slang, we call this 'SARRRKES'.

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Sunday 17 August 2008


The antics of a DESPERATE Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar also reiterated the promises by Pakatan Rakyat that should it form a government, the oil price would be reduced by 70 sen and the five Hindraf leaders currently detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) would be released."As a Muslim, if Pakatan Rakyat is able to form a government today, tomorrow will also see the release of all Muslim ISA detainees," he added.The Permatang Pauh by-election will see a three-cornered fight between Anwar, BN candidate Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah and Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia (AKIM) president Hanafi Mamat.” - BERNAMA report from Bukit Mertajam late on Saturday (16.08.2008)

Saudara/Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim appears to be wriggling at the corner, and with the limited political manoeuvres in his bag the former BN Government SERVANT for almost TWO DECADES is clearly a DESPERATE POLITICIAN.

How else could we describe the string of populist announcements and pledges that flows out of the master orator’s mouth, even before the Permatang Pauh by-election.

Realising that his repeated lies about forming the PKR Government before Sept.16 has been exposed and ridiculed by even his own party members, the slick- soothsayer wants to release all ISA detainees if he is elected as Permatang Pauh Member of Parliament.

Is this possible? Yes, he promised to release the FIVE Hindraf leaders and all the other Muslim ISA detainees if he’s able to form the next Government. What about the other non-Muslim ISA detainees apart from the Hindraf 5?

Is Anwar Ibrahim promising the people something which has been carefully thought about, or is he simply making a fool of himself – thinking that the people are fools?

In the first place, how could he form the Government just by emerging as the Champion in Permatang Pauh?

From the Baling days until now, Anwar Ibrahim has not changed his stripes. Nor has he stopped telling lies to the gullible people of Malaysia, especially to the Malays who seem to think that Anwar is their saviour.

Analyse his promises and THINK carefully, or he’ll sell all of us lock, stock and barrel.

As the Permatang Pauh campaign heats up, Anwar might even promise to release ALL PRISONERS IN MALAYSIAN JAILS under a blanket amnesty – provided that he is allowed to pursue his LUST and become the next Prime Minister.

Stop It Lah Saudara, Jangan Duk Tipu Diri Sendiri !

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