Sunday 21 February 2010

Star's MARAUDING Editor

Read the MORONIC VERSES of TheStar's Marauding Editor.

This fellow P.Gunasegaram has been a pain for decades.

A known Kalimullah running-dog that runs in the business circle, the dog was in several biz publications before it ran into Sime Darby after the no-so-smart merger between Sime Darby, Golden Hope and Guthrie.

In no time the running-dog was exhausted and was kicked out from Sime Darby, and it was once again on the streets scavenging the biz bins of the day.

However, in no time at all The Star newspaper found this greying dog and God-knows-Why, gave the dog the MARAUDING Editors position.

This dog is now MARAUDING and I guess it would fall deep into its very own shit soon.

TheStar too could have a fair share of this running-dog's shit!

p/s Its a dog because it doesn't understand the Malaysian society and the position of Islam in this country. If you are a moron, just remain so. Don't persuade/poison the minds of other Malaysians.

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Tuesday 9 February 2010


To date THREE Royal Malaysian Customs officers entrusted to protect the interests of this nation have been charged in court for practically SELLING Malaysia to Singapore.

YES, I’m talking about the traitors who have been charged by the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission for facilitating the illicit smuggling of our sand into an island state in the south.

When Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad first HIGHLIGHTED this crime against the state, following a Minister’s open statement that 500 truck-loads of sand were making their way into the island republic, no less than the Royal Malaysian Customs Department’s deputy director-general for enforcement Mohamed Khalid Yusof issued a denial.

Khalid said it HERE that the actual figure could be less than a mere 10 lorry-loads per day.

The MACC had obviously been following those traitors under Khalid and subsequently some Customs Department officers were detained in relation to this heinous crime.

Some have been charged, HERE and HERE, together with two other traitors from the Land and Mines Department.

But the question still lingers in my mind. Are we still SELLING/SMUGGLING sand to Singapore?

Obviously officers like Khalid are a disgrace to this country and should be sacked for trying to cover-up such heinous crimes.

Also read the latest report HERE about lorries laden with Sand & Stones being abandoned somewhere near the Causeway.

p/s Could more than 500 lorry loads of sand be making their way into Singapore since there are traitors among us? God Bless Malaysia!

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