Thursday 28 November 2013

Rompin Round 3, Gopeng next?

Rompin Umno Youth to hold 3rd fresh polls on Nov 30

ROMPIN: Rompin Umno Youth will hold a fresh election for the third time on Saturday (Nov 30) following technical problems encountered during the re-election on Nov 16.
Rompin Umno division secretary Datuk Wan Kadri Wan Mahusain said the division had received an instruction from the Umno Election Committee for the wing's election to be held for the third time. 
He said the re-election would involve all posts. - NST

Something is not right in Rompin. Rompin Umno Youth guys are heading into the 3rd round after two different polling sessions? This is certainly not a boxing match to be enjoyed in multiple rounds. 

How is it that the party election committee allows such mockery in the division?    

Has the election committee released the official detailed results of the party polls? Sudah transparent or are we supposed to enjoy the multiple rounds that are coming our way?

BTW something bigger seems to be brewing in Gopeng 

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Enjit enjit semut... siapa tidur naik gaji

Selangor Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim says the over 300% salary hike approved by the state government will not be reviewed or suspended despite overwhelming criticisms against the move.

His economic advisor who draws just RM 1 ringgit a month is obviously furious. He has demanded a review of the hike and an explanation to the people of Selangor. (Not sure if he is proposing a pay hike for the economic advisor as well)

The deputy president of Khalid Ibrahim's party has called on the sleeping beauty MB to suspend the state assembly passed pay hike coz it was never discussed in the party.

Now, who said PKR was a cacamarba party? Is this not the right time for Azmin to replace Khalid? 

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Tuesday 26 November 2013

Roads, potholes and rogues in Sarawak

The caption clearly says that 'Deputy Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak declaring the 287-mile Kuching/Sibu Road in 1966 as Tun Jugah looks on.'

That 1966-picture is about the Kuching-Sibu Road. The above road was completed a long time ago. Refer to the map below for a rough understanding of these locations in Sarawak.

Also take note how some hate-mongers have been making a fool of the people.(click on the above pic). They claim the road was never constructed and intentionally confuse and anger the people by saying that the government has cheated them. 

We know who the hate mongers are but I'm surprised that so many among us believe in such blind, black propaganda. Even an illiterate seem wiser than many learned Malaysians. When an illiterate takes an express bus from Kuching to Sibu, he/she knows that the road has been constructed a long time ago. 

Why allow blind hatred based on concocted lies fool you? 
See how such bullshit becomes apple-pie and is widely consumed by the smart ones HERE

See how Malaysiakini does it HERE

Stop being an idiot. Tolong lah! We got better things to do. 

Why don't we start looking for the 40,000 Bangladeshis who voted against Pakatan in the last election? ;-) 

p/s Remember… the road must be there for potholes to exist. 

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Monday 25 November 2013

JOURNALISM… Malaysiakini style

This is the actual news… with lesser Malaysiakini twist after their bullshit was exposed.

Below is the Malaysiakini bullshit which was EXPOSED (thus the 'corrected' version above)

The minister never mentioned 'Sabah dan Sarawak' in his reply. It was a general statement made in Dewan Rakyat, not at a warong kopi next to Anwar's boyfriend's grandmother's house. It was at the Parliament, so every word is recorded in the Hansard.

Malaysiakini, it appears, is back at its old trick of spinning news beyond recognition. Their tactic is well known among the media circle by now. Their modus operandi is simple. Intentionally cook up some bullshit that could have irreversible political damage to BN and then quickly remove/correct/apologise. Damage done and they get away with it scot-free.  

Their bullshit may have been exposed but don't be surprised that there are many who continue to believe in the original bullshit that is as far as it could be from the facts of the matter. You don't trust me? 

See how Malaysiakini screws your mind HERE. 

p/s So much for independent journalism. Frankly, I pity you Steven Gan.   

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Dari dulu sampai sekarang

Dulu Nujum Pak Belalang. Sekarang?

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Saturday 23 November 2013

Lizard of Penang

Convicted illegal wildlife trader, Anson Wong aka Lizard King appears to be back in business in Penang. For the record the Government had revoked the lizard's business licenses and permits back in 2010. 

How is he then back in business?  Wong reportedly told the reporter who exposed his illicit activities in Penang to "Well, ask the Government."

Wong is right there. We should all ask the relevant Government departments and enforcement agencies, including the courts, as to how THIS is possible in Penang. 

Should we not?

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Thursday 21 November 2013

Seeds of hatred... for politics?

Its at work again. This will most probably continue till the next Sarawak state elections. In the past it was solely the contentious NCR land and personal attacks against the state leadership, in particular against BN strongman Taib Mahmud. 

Environmentalist will  the scene when they need of funds and have to create a new 'protect the rainforest or dress-up the Penan' circus' for their sympathizers in the UK or Switzerland. During winter they will be on holiday in Sarawak. Pretending as environmentalists, fooling the locals.

Politics of hatred was on the surface till the 'Allah' issue surfaced. Now it is being piled deeper into the minds of our people, particularly the young. 

It's confirmed that the DAP is drooling to use the contentious 'Allah' issue to penetrate the rural folks. (They did that and won the Sibu by-election). If you could shake up the rural folks via scare mongering and hatred then the BN would be in trouble. Its about planting the seeds of hatred deeper into the society. Faith is indeed very deep. 

And now the Chong Dynasty (DAP warlords in Sarawak) seems to be pushing the limits, intentionally opening another front. I hope the police and the Attorney General's eyes and ears are on this motion to discuss the Malaysia Agreement at the Sarawak State Assembly. 

The motion may seem harmless but what the intention is suspect? Prevention is better than cure. 

Don't allow ambitious warlords/politicians/lawyers/liars and/or traitors within to have the freedom to spread hatred based on lies and false perception.

The authorities took an easy approach before the general elections because some advisors wanted to try liberal politics. It is of not much use to unveil the Opposition's lies now when the damage has been done ( unless we learn from it). I'm sure many who supported Kit Siang after he cried would see idiots when they look into the mirror now.   

The Opposition we know are not good at telling lies. They often get caught with their pants down (40,000 Bangladeshi voters is another example). What beats me is their ability to fool so many people with such foolish stories? 

Look at those details of their bullshits. Army camps, armed forces carriers, C-130s, chartered jumbo jets and many more. Many dare not look into the mirror now but the damage has been done… and we Malaysians forget easily. Who remembers those stories about HIV injection and Arsenic poisoning? 

Jangan mudah lupa! The devil is at work again. Sarawak looks ripe for picking. 

A Malaysian-born international banker with in-depth knowledge about us, in and out, expressed his views recently. I quote the big man in a small frame here "BN will lose in the next General Election if it is business as usual. It doesn't look good".  

Some years ago the same man predicted a certain change that eventually came into being, exactly how he had said it would. I'll take the man in batik very seriously. Start NOW to prevent hatred from destroying our society and by extension this country.

If we allow hatred to rule Sarawak, we will lose even before the next general elections.

It's subtle. 

p/s The man said we must also take a serious look at the way we do things in the government and the BN.… to prevent hatred.

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The Devil's Plan

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Monday 18 November 2013

Transparency in transformasi

Datuk Seri Najib Razak has brought about changes or introduced new ways of doing things both in Umno and the Government. He calls it transformation or 'transformasi'.

The good and bad of Najib Razak's 'transformasi' could be debated but we can't deny that there has been many positive outcomes. Fresh ideas has brought about better things. KR1M is good. BR1M is good although we have to be cautious of it in the long run. Empowering the MACC is good. Pemandu and NKRA is relatively funny. Abolishing the Internal Security Act is certainly not good and not very clever either. 

In Umno, the decision to transform the party to be more democratic is damn good. The idea of allowing more than a 100,000 party members to choose their top leaders is exemplary. It is the first in this country. Najib Razak's transformasi has rejuvenated Umno but implementation needs some major tweaking. 

The president and all his men may want to take note. 

When 2,000 odd delegates chose their leaders during previous Umno elections, their votes were secret. Under the new transformed Umno election process, its more transparent. 

Those who contested for the VP, Youth, Wanita and Puteri wing posts will know exactly how many and which of the 191 divisions voted for them. It is no longer  a secret.  

But it seems that the level of transparency brought about by the president's transformasi stops there.... or someone has forced it to stop there. The complete breakdown of votes received by contestants in the recent Umno elections is a secret, or so it seems. Why is it a secret?

Some are unhappy with this lack of transparency in Najib's transformasi. 

Others claim its the case of 'rumah sudah siap pahat masih berbunyi'. Is this unhappiness about the lack of transparency in Najib's transformasi unfounded? Candidates who contested in the party poll are still being denied the official detailed results from the 191 divisions? 

I hope Umno election committee chairman Tan Sri Tajol Rosli Ghazali will re-classify the details of the party poll results. If someone had classified it as TOP SECRET, you better de-classify before it hits the fan.

If it is not a secret, make it public. You don't need the president's decree to do that. Its part and puzzle of transformasi. If it is the 'little Napoleons' who stand as the stumbling block, tell them not to give Najib's transformasi a bad name.

The party HQ could take up space in Utusan/Mingguan and make the poll results public. I'm sure Najib Razak will agree. Friends in Utusan will also be happy... most certainly. 

p/s Remember the DAP's CEC election fraud? Don't give room for something similar to happen in Umno. 

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Saturday 16 November 2013

Apple or Orange... or both?


In a survey that asked which gadget was most desired by kids, the 12- to 17-year-old age group showed its conservatism, opting for the tried-and-true. Though it was girls who wanted iPhones far more than boys.

(Credit: CNET)
It may well be that they're fleeing Facebook for sexier climes.
But please don't think that today's American teens are talking about a revolution. Unless you have in mind a magical one.
For a survey of their deepest holiday season needs reveals a certain stasis in their hearts.
Performed on behalf of online cash-back shopping site Ebates, the survey probed deeply into the desires of 12- to 17-year-olds.
88 percent of them said they most wanted to get some sort of gadget, come family gifting time. The most desired item among them was the iPhone.
You might think that the survey somehow equated "iPhone" with "cell phone." But, no. These kids know their brands, and only 12 percent of them were most desperate for a Samsung Galaxy phone, as opposed to 32 percent for Apple's offering.
Indeed, the second most desired gadget was another Apple product: the iPad.
Should you wonder whether there might be some glimmer of light for a gadget maker not named after a fruit, there is one. - Cnet

This may be true or could be just another of those clever 'selling'. Obviously Apple stands taller nowadays. But Samsung is not very far behind either. The Koreans are giving the smart gadget market a good run. Hopefully the competition is a healthy one, even if we have to take an Orange a day to keep the doctor away.
Orange and Apple are both good, at least thats what the doctors say. 

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Friday 15 November 2013

More DAP than DAP?

Not the Chinaman, its the chauvinist politicians

This opinion piece appeared a month ago at It may be bitter for some but it's a good read.

Bubbling of Chinese politics in Malaysia
Translated by DOMINIC LOH
Sin Chew Daily
Umno and MCA are representatives of Malay and Chinese politics in this country. While Umno has its share of problems, the Malay race is one that still knows how to care and help their own people. Not our Chinese leaders.
Chinese Malaysians are a clever lot, but they are only good if they go solo. When a group of Chinese people come together, factionalization and infightings are a norm.
The biggest difference between Umno and MCA is that Umno leaders know how to make some changes for the sake of the party, for example the direct party elections that allow the party to move in tandem of the times. By contrast, MCA continues to adhere stubbornly to the easily manipulated central delegate voting system it has practiced for decades because its leaders are more concerned about their own interests and powers than anything else.
The upcoming MCA elections will be one classical example of power play, especially its president Chua Soi Lek, the power play supremo who has the party well in his grips.
After the humiliating defeat in GE13, Chua should by right bear the full responsibility being the party president, but whether he would go or stay is now up to him himself to decide. He is having everything in his hands, from his control of central delegates in divisional polls to an EGM to censure his deputy Liow Tiong Lai on October 20.
Before he architectured the Oct 20 EGM, I believe Chua already had in mind of dragging Liow along with him if he were to bow out. So he designed a motion to censure Liow, making him morally unfit to run for presidency. At the same time, the president named 18 young leaders who could take over, including Wee Ka Siong, with the objective of disintegrating the Liow-Wee alliance.
If he successfully incites the supporters of Liow and Wee, even if the duo were to form a pair to run for the party's top two posts in December, Chua's men are expected to reap the benefit and take the helm.
As a matter of fact, the infightings within MCA over the years have been an epitome of the power struggle within the party, the Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek rift being a classical instance.
On August 27, 2009, under the auspices of Ong Tee Keat, Chua Soi Lek was sacked by the party's presidential council citing the immoral sex CD issue. Chua fought back and successfully passed a resolution to call for Ong's resignation on October 10 the same year. Chua's party membership and committee member status were reinstated but not his deputy presidency.
October 22, Ong, Chua and Liow announced they had achieved a "grand unity solution." In the March 28, 2010 party elections, Chua defeated Ong Tee Keat and Ong Ka Ting in a three-cornered fight, attesting to the fact that Chua was indeed the supremo in power play.
From here we can see that MCA leaders care nothing about principles. They are only concerned about their own benefits. They could set aside a resolution achieved at the October 10 EGM, and a foe could turn a close ally in a split second.
As such, we shouldn't be overly worried about the latest infightings because another peace solution could be well on the way any minute. And if the farce has gone way too far off, Umno leaders can always put their hands in it and bring the whole thing to a rest before long.
Malaysians have lost their faith in MCA for another reason: people have previously speculated that MCA would very soon make its way back to the Cabinet, and indeed one of the motions at the October 20 EGM will be to nullify the party's earlier decision of not joining the Cabinet.
What are the reasons for joining the Cabinet? If they still care about their individual interests more, in the end they will not be able to fight for a more equitable system, in which case it wouldn't matter any more whether MCA gets into the Cabinet or not as it will not help the Chinese community.
While MCA leaders enjoy creating the farce, many people have actually put it off their minds. If the party fails to renew itself, its days are numbered.
Seeing what is happening to MCA, Chinese politics in Malaysia is indeed a sad thing. Chinese politicians have the wits to only manipulate the powers in their hands, not to struggle for the well-being of the entire community.
If is a sad reality that Chinese Malaysians are being sidelined after GE13, but unfortunately Chinese parties remain untrustworthy as ever while Chinese associations are divided. There will be no way out for the Chinese community in Malaysia unless our leaders put an immediate stop to all the nonsense and work together to hammer things out and get the problems solved. - 
I have a few questions. 

Does 'Chinese parties, Chinese politicians and our leaders' - as highlighted in the article above - apply to DAP as well? 

This circus of MCA holding AGMs and EGMs to decide which Govt position/appointments they want and which they don't.... is it not a big joke? 

You think the Prime Minister, the Mentris Besar and the Chief Ministers are running sundry shops for you to prepare a shopping list of your wants? 

Is Soi Lek not the biggest burden for MCA today? How do you expect the party to renew itself when Soi Lek thinks he should win the Oscar on MCA's ticket? 

MCA must certainly renew itself but the biggest fear is that those desperate politicians with loads of personal baggage may push MCA to be more DAP than DAP to cover their weaknesses. 

That may not be the kind of renewal the Chinese community is looking forward to.

Actually the Chinese community is beginning to show signs of lethargy to DAP's politics of hatred. People are tired of DAP's blame game. Ordinary folks have had enough of we against them kind of divisive politics. Politics of race and region is another issue which the ordinary Chinese are tired of. Even the Chinese fear those born again Christians among them. 

DAP's in-fighting is just waiting to implode into something bigger. Kit Siang & son cannot possibly continue to blame Umno and BN as their own members have grown tired of the dictatorship in DAP.

If MCA members are smart enough, they could sail this wind of change. MCA must rejuvenate, renew and re-invent the party. MCA must stand up and be the voice of reason for Malaysians. 

Most importantly, MCA must remain moderate and not try to be more chauvinist and divisive than those dictators and their ilk in the DAP.

To renew or rejuvenate, there must be change. Is Soi Lek seeking re-election as MCA president? 

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Thursday 14 November 2013


RankNameNet WorthAge

Robert Kuok

$12,500 M90

Ananda Krishnan

$11,700 M75

Lim Kok Thay & family

$6,600 M62

Teh Hong Piow

$5,600 M83

Quek Leng Chan

$4,800 M70

Lee Shin Cheng

$4,500 M74

Yeoh Tiong Lay

$2,800 M83

Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary

$2,750 M61

Tiong Hiew King

$1,800 M78

Vincent Tan

$1,300 M


Well the chart/ranking of the 10 RICHEST MAN in Malaysia (as of Feb 2013) certainly speaks volumes on a host of issues in this country.

First of all Malaysia is a fertile nation for businesses and entrepreneurs. All those in the list made their money in this country, at least their initial million or billion. 

EIGHT of the ten are Malaysians of Chinese origin. These Malaysian Chinaman should be telling DAP's Lim Guan Eng (Guan Eng is going around telling so many lies to help shore up his sliding popularity while the DAP implodes) the fact that they're actually the Super 1st class citizen in Malaysia, not 2nd or 3rd. 

How did they do it? Did they bribe the corrupt 'Bumiputera-run' administration of this nation? How did the 'extremists Bumiputera' allow these Chinaman to be so filthy rich? 

If indeed there exists extreme racism and systematic racial discrimination against the Chinese, as preached by the chauvinist among them, Robert Kuok could be a small time drug pusher in Chow Kit.

As Malaysians we may have our differences but we must also have the guts to accepts facts as they are. 

We must accept the fact that this Bumiputera-led government had managed the country well enough for its citizens, irrespective of race or religion, to prosper. 

Oh yes, the Bumiputera-led government is far from perfect. This recent culture of paying billions of ringgit for 'CONsultant's advice' on how to run the government better is not very clever.  

It is not very clever because we have been managing this country relatively well without having to fork out billions for consultants. 

We might as well channel the money to Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, she seems to be doing a better job than some ministers and their deputies put together.

Ok, back to the topic. NINE out of the TEN RICHEST MAN in Malaysia are non-Malays/Bumi but a lot of people seem to be working extra hours on Striking down a successful son-of-the-soil.

Could we expect those same hidden hands to tell Malaysians, as to how they dissected the lone Bumiputera tycoon, about those Chinese billionaires from Malaysia? 

We may want to learn a thing or two about those year-round 'ang pows' strategy of many successful Chinese businessmen. 

p/s Don't forget to fight corruption. It's the root cause of this nation's greatest problems.

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Tuesday 12 November 2013

KJ biadap?

This is like a tight slap for the first term Minister in Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's cabinet. Datuk Siti Nurhaliza's message is crystal clear. Jangan biadap. 

You biadap dengan siapa this time around KJ? 

p/s What is the difference between kurang ajar and biadap?

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Who called it a plot, whose plot?

Shafee: No plot against AG Gani Patail

Senior lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah has denied a plot was made against Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail at an alleged high-level meeting at Dr Mahathir Mohamad's residence three months ago.

Former Kuala Lumpur CID chief Mat Zain Ibrahim had made this allegationrecently in a statutory declaration (SD).

Shafee said there was no reason for that and Mahathir was never involved in any way.
“Irrespective of what is contained in the SD, there is no such thing as a plot or conspiracy against the AG.

"There is no reason to do that, either on the issue of the black-eye incident or the issue of the Pulau Batu Puteh case," the senior lawyer said.
Furthermore, the senior lawyer said there was no purpose to discuss the Pulau Batu Puteh matter with Mat Zain, as he was only a former police officer and not an international lawyer.- from TUNKU

The plot thicken, does it not? The 'hidden hands' would definetly want that perception. They badly need Tun Dr Mahathir's name to fuel their plot. To give legitimacy to a plot. Call it a conspiracy if you want.

Even if the said '3 days after Raya' gathering at Dr Mahathir's residence did take place, someone must have arranged it (taking advantage of the festive celebrations where you can't possibly chase your guest away). 

Shafee confirmed that he was at Dr Mahathir's residence on Aug 10. But he declined to reveal who else was there or how all of them ended up as the elder statesman's guests.  

I was told there are a few shady characters in the plot, some who have been trying hard to clean their dirty hands and ill gotten gains. Some could have done it to satisfy their own ego. But who are they?

Why such renewed attacks?

Could somebody please tell us. Is/Was he a good cop or bad cop?

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Sunday 10 November 2013

Ambank KILLER nabbed in JB

Woke up to another good news delivered by the Inspector General of Police himself. The ruthless security guard who shot dead a female bank officer in cold blood and escaped with about RM450,000 from an Ambank branch in USJ Subang has been detained. 
It is good that this cold blooded murderer has been caught alive as we, as much as the authorities, are eager to know how he managed to fool so many people before committing the heinous crime on Oct 23.  

I'm sure the Home Ministry will be as eager, if not more, to get to the root cause of a 'security agency' scandal that is slowly unfolding after the Ambank murder/robbery. 

We hear so many stories of how security licenses are used/abused by those who once helped us uphold the law. No one knows how many criminals are masquerading as security guards (some armed) as there seems to be a big hole in the system. 

A thorough review of the hundreds of security licenses would not be too much to ask for from the Home Ministry, I guess.

There are 751 security firms licensed to operate in the country employing some 226,000 guards but what is shocking is a revelation by the Security Services
Association of Malaysia (SSAM) that at least 30,000 of the guards are illegals!
The question that begs asking is: "Does the country have too many such firms for the authorities, in this case, the handful of staff in the particular section of the Home
Ministry to cope with policing them?"
And why are armed illegal immigrants manning sensitive places like banks? - Azman Ujang

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Saturday 9 November 2013

British boy Freedie saved by PDRM

Freedie is safe!

The Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar sent out the above tweet a short while ago. The 20-month old British boy who was reported to have been abducted from his house in Jalan Terasek Bangsar has been saved. Alhamdulillah!

Freedie Joseph was allegedly abducted by persons known to his family. 

Published: Friday November 8, 2013 MYT 10:43:00 PM
Updated: Saturday November 9, 2013 MYT 12:17:22 AM

Expat mum: My son was kidnapped in Bangsar

PETALING JAYA: A 20-month-old baby boy of an expatriate mother has been kidnapped after a man stormed into her house in Bangsar here and took him away.

Language teacher Sarah Joseph, 38, was alone with the baby, having dinner on the porch at about 6.20pm Friday when the man came into the double-storey link house in Jalan Terasek and grabbed the baby, named Freddie, from his chair.

The man ran out of the house and drove off in a white Toyota Camry.
“We hope as many people as possible can help us look out for the man. He could not have gotten far in this traffic,” a friend of the family told reporters soon after the incident.
Kuala Lumpur CID chief Datuk Ku Chin Wah said police have classified the case as kidnapping until further investigations showed otherwise. Police believed the people who took the baby away knew the family. - The Star

Can't wait for Opposition MP N.Surendran, who happens to be the abducted boy's neighbor, to congratulate the IGP and his men. 

... or would Surendran do his usual stunt and appear as counsel for the kidnappers? 

Anyhow, despite all those shortcomings, it must be re-emphasized that our Royal Malaysian Police force is one of the best in the world. 

Well done Tan Sri IGP.

p/s A press conference pertaining this latest development in Freedie Joseph's abduction is expected at 3pm today.

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