Saturday 16 November 2013

Apple or Orange... or both?


In a survey that asked which gadget was most desired by kids, the 12- to 17-year-old age group showed its conservatism, opting for the tried-and-true. Though it was girls who wanted iPhones far more than boys.

(Credit: CNET)
It may well be that they're fleeing Facebook for sexier climes.
But please don't think that today's American teens are talking about a revolution. Unless you have in mind a magical one.
For a survey of their deepest holiday season needs reveals a certain stasis in their hearts.
Performed on behalf of online cash-back shopping site Ebates, the survey probed deeply into the desires of 12- to 17-year-olds.
88 percent of them said they most wanted to get some sort of gadget, come family gifting time. The most desired item among them was the iPhone.
You might think that the survey somehow equated "iPhone" with "cell phone." But, no. These kids know their brands, and only 12 percent of them were most desperate for a Samsung Galaxy phone, as opposed to 32 percent for Apple's offering.
Indeed, the second most desired gadget was another Apple product: the iPad.
Should you wonder whether there might be some glimmer of light for a gadget maker not named after a fruit, there is one. - Cnet

This may be true or could be just another of those clever 'selling'. Obviously Apple stands taller nowadays. But Samsung is not very far behind either. The Koreans are giving the smart gadget market a good run. Hopefully the competition is a healthy one, even if we have to take an Orange a day to keep the doctor away.
Orange and Apple are both good, at least thats what the doctors say. 

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