Wednesday 29 January 2014

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Halal or HARAM ?

What happened to those often loud, holier than thou DAP politicians? 

Dear Karpal Singh, Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang and all your ilk, what is your stand over this latest PKR act of orchestrating a by-election in Kajang? 

Ustaz Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi of Pas says it is HARAM. What say you?

I'm sure many Malaysians would expect the always righteous DAP chairman, Karpal Singh, to enlighten us if this latest antic of Anwar Ibrahim and gang is halal or HARAM.

Could be a different matter but I'm sure the values are the same.  Moral or totally immoral?

You think still got room for taubat kah Mr Chairman?

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Monday 27 January 2014

Oilve… oil or branch?

Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room – the real purpose of America’s resurgence of interest in the ASEAN bloc is to fortify the region as a counterweight against Beijing. 

PM Najib Razak has attached primary importance to Malaysia’s relationship with China, as he looked to Beijing to revive Malaysia's export-oriented economy after the 2008 global financial crisis. 

Sino-Malaysian exchange in areas such as finance, infrastructure development, science and technology, and education have never been higher. 

China has been Malaysia's largest trade partner, with trade figures reaching $90 billion in 2011 while Malaysia is China’s largest trading partner among ASEAN nations. 

Washington’s backing for Malaysia’s US-friendly opposition must be seen in the context of its moves to bolster its military muscle and dominance over the Asia-Pacific region in line with its ‘Pivot to Asia’ policy. 

Malaysia has sovereign rights over the Straits of Malacca, China’s most critical supply routes that transport oil and other materials vital to its continued economic development. 

Aside from its strategic location, Malaysia has a booming economy that averages around 7 percent annual growth, it is the world’s third largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG) after Qatar and Indonesia, and the country has holds over 4 billion barrels of proven oil reserves. - Russia Today  

The opinion piece by political analyst Nile Bowie was published in April, 2013. That was almost a year ago. 

Any changes to the game now since the 'proxy dictator' has failed miserably?   

Who is offering whom the olive oil… oops, I mean the olive branch ?  

… and Najib wants the cabinet to discuss the ex-convict's latest play!
"Seeing that it is our initial suggestion that has resurfaced, let me discuss this with the Cabinet. Whatever it is, we want our country to be peaceful" - Najib Razak

p/s One of my former editor, who enjoys fishing, used to say - "Jaga-jaga, dalam kain ada puaka"

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Eloquent silence?

Ex-Kita state chief lodges report against Gobind

'LEGAL NOTICE TO RoS': Failure to back up claim unbecoming of an MP, says Zamil

SUNGAI PETANI: FORMER Kedah Parti Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah Air (Kita) chairman Zamil Ibrahim yesterday lodged a   report against DAP national legal bureau chairman Gobind Singh Deo over the legal notice to the Registrar of Societies (RoS) issue.
Zamil urged the authorities to investigate Gobind's claim that the latter had submitted a legal notice to RoS last month.
He said Gobind's failure to provide evidence to support the claim, despite being pressured by many, suggested that he was not being upfront with the people.
Zamil said it was inappropriate and uncalled for, especially since Gobind was a member of parliament.
"As Puchong MP, Gobind represents the government to serve the people.
"Being a leader, he should not do anything that could tarnish the government's image," he said at the Kuala Muda district police headquarters here.
Zamil said the report should serve as a reminder to leaders from both sides of the political divide to not deceive the public for their personal or party's interest.
In George Town, non-governmental organisation Persatuan Kebajikan Insan Mulia chairman Aminah Abdullah challenged Gobind to produce the notice that he had allegedly sent to RoS.
In a statement on Jan 13, Gobind had said DAP would commence legal proceedings as a result of RoS' refusal to recognise DAP's new leadership, despite the re-election of its top office-bearers last year.
RoS had asked DAP's central executive committee (CEC) to refrain from making any decision until investigations into its polls were completed.
Gobind had argued that RoS had no legal basis to issue the order.
"This leaves DAP with no choice, but to go to court.
"DAP will seek a judicial pronouncement to this effect," he was reported to have said.
The party held a re-election in September last year after RoS demanded it, following a botched tallying process in its initial party polls in December 2012.
Gobind was quoted in a news portal as saying DAP had set a 14-day grace period for RoS to withdraw its decision to not recognise DAP's CEC that was elected in September or face the next course of action.
He said a lawyer's letter was sent to RoS on Dec 23. RoS denied receiving it.

But why is YB Gobind silent over this valid query? A police report has been lodged. 

I don't know if it was the lawyer cum DAP MP's blatant lie. If it was indeed a lie the Bar Council wouldn't be sitting still, would they? 

Where are the lawyers? 
p/s Pls reserve eloquent silence for politicians

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Sunday 26 January 2014

Racists choked by racism?

The silence of Pakatan politicians, over the students forced to eat grass saga in a Chinese school in Sungkai, is deafening. 

Even those paranoid Chinese politicians from DAP, who think and talk as though the whole world was against them, are dead silent. No public statements. 

Can't be on early CNY holidays. Possibly choked by their very own brand of racism?

BTW, this @chookian17 on Twitter (some say his real name is Steven Lim) has been ranting aimlessly in his attempt to defend the shameful act of a Chinese primary school teacher. 

He even suggests Chinese school teachers ignore Malay students. I would say that's more than childish. It's on the verge of stupidity.     

However this particular guy appears to show full trust and confidence in the police force… the authority. 

Basically he says don't go around yelling and screaming when the police have settled the grass-cow-teacher matter. He laments that some people are trying to turn it into a racial issue. 

We shall do just as that ranting born-again Malaysian guy of Chinese origin says. Respect the law. Respect the authority. 

I'm certain he would agree that we set it as the benchmark. This must be the standard principle in all issues.  
Don't cry foul when the outcome doesn't favor you, your interest or serve your politics and racial political affiliations.  

Don't threaten street demonstrations if the sissy fellow is once again found guilty of sodomy and sent to the dogs.
Don't shed crocodile tears and blame the whole world when your politburo is deemed illegal by the authority, following complaints from your own members. 

Don't be a hypocrite. We can't have two sets of the law. 

Don't turn everything into a racial issue even though the police has cleared the issue. 

You agree?

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Answers to the BIG question

If you follow the Bible you have to accept this - Dr Zakir Naik

This renowned scholar puts it out in such simple terms that you can't help but wish our religious authorities are half as eloquent, if not learned.

Dr Zakir Naik says it very clearly. Every main religion mentions God as Allah somewhere in their holy scriptures and books. It's not exclusive to the Quran.

To a certain small group, from among the hundreds of sects of Christianity, that demands the term 'Allah' in their Malay holy book, he sets a condition. 

He says Isa the prophet (Jesus Christ) cannot be God because he cried out to Allah when put on the cross. 

"We love him, we respect him but we don't worship him"- 2:01 

Me not a religious scholar. Listen to Dr Zakir Naik and think about it.

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Saturday 25 January 2014

If Sungkai was near Stockholm and the teacher a Malay

TAPAH: A 31-year-old mother has lodged a police report against a teacher at a Chinese-type school in Sungkai near here for ill-treating her son.

Yarnis Kasuma Dewi Zainal Aripin lodged the report at the Sungkai police station on Friday afternoon.
In her report, she alleged that on Thursday a school teacher had punished her 10-year-old son and his classmate by putting bells around their necks for failing to do their homework.
She also alleged that the teacher, who teaches English language to her son, had handed her child and his classmate grass during the school's recess hour.
The teacher, she claimed had told her son that "lembu tak buat kerja rumah mesti kena makan rumput" (cow that does not do its homework has to eat grass).
Yarnis claimed that the teacher then took pictures of her son and his classmate and showed them to students in other classes.
At a press conference late this morning, Yarnis said her son is traumatic after the episode with his teacher because since the incident he had been taunted by his schoolmates who called him "lembu" (cow). - NST
The Chinese school's PTA chairman thinks its a JOKE.

Can't help but think of the life changing experiences this Chinese school teacher from Sungkai in Perak would have to face if he had been a teacher in Sweden.  
If spanking your own kid for not praying could possibly earn you a 10 year jail term, what happens if you 'bell' your students and force them (as alleged) to eat grass in Stockholm? 
A Malaysian couple with diplomatic passports have spent more than a month in Swedish jail, after being accused of hitting their children for not performing their prayers. The parents risk ten years in jail.
The husband and wife were arrested on December 18th after police received a report that they had repeatedly hit their four children, aged nine to 14-years-old.  Malaysian newspaper The Star reported that the police report stems from an incident in which the Muslim couple struck their 12-year-old son on the hands for refusing to perform his prayers.
The boy told his teachers in Stockholm about the incident, which was then passed along to the school's counselors, who in turn notified police. It has been illegal in Sweden for parents physically punish their children since the late 1970s.
A day later, authorities arrested the parents and placed the children in foster care while their parents await trial, The Star reported.
"It's a terrible situation for the parents and the children," lawyer Timo Manninen, the public defender involved in the child custody side of the case, told The Local.  "When the parents are being held on remand, they obviously can't take care of their children."
The couple has lived in Sweden for three years. The man, Azizul Raheem Awalludin, works for Tourism Malaysia in Stockholm and has worked for his country's tourism ministry since 2000. His wife, Shalwati Nurshal, is a secondary school teacher on unpaid leave. The Swedish foreign ministry said neither Awalludin nor Nurshal are registered as diplomats, leading prosecutors to conclude that diplomatic immunity does not apply in the case.
Formal charges have yet to be filed against the couple, who are being held on remand on suspicion of gross violation of integrity (grov fridskränkning) that took place between June 2011 and December 2013. The mother's lawyer, Kristofer Stahre, told The Local both parents are being held with restrictions that keep them largely isolated from the outside world and that the preliminary investigation will likely take two or three more weeks.
"There is a lot of material to go through, but everyone is now working harder to speed thing up as they recognize the sensitivity of the case," he said.
If found guilty, the parents risk being sentenced by up to ten years in prison. - The Local from SWEDEN
Google pic- unrealted to the issue
Imagine if the situation was reversed. A Malay teacher forcing Chinese students to eat grass in a national school.  
Imagine the hue and cry such a reversed scenario would invoke. 

I could hear sound bites of the freedom fighters from DAP and their Lim dynasty.

You see the problem? A same problem invokes different sentiments and level of reaction. Different sets of rule?
This is our problem now. It is racism at its ugliest and it is fast developing into a cancer in a multi-racial Muslim majority country. 
Stop that DAP-introduced 'Chinese are victims' political propaganda and own up to the fact that you wouldn't want to live in Sweden, or Indonesia for the matter. 
As for the Sungkai school incident in Perak. Give the teacher the benefit of the doubt. Just let it go but be thrifty with your 'tidak apa' attitude. Times have changed.
p/s Make sure the PTA joker laughs at his own joke…ooops the PTA chairman.

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Friday 24 January 2014

The 'Proxy Dictator'

It is essential to look past the empty rhetoric of “democracy,” “human rights,” and “progress” used to justify foreign-funding and meddling to install servile autocrats like Thailand’s Thaksin, Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi, or even Malaysia’s proxy dictator-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim, and see the greater geopolitical game at play. It is also essential to expose the disingenuous organizations, institutions, and media personalities helping promote this global corporate-fascist agenda.
The New York Times also dutifully cites Ford Foundation/Soros’ Open Society-funded Human Rights Watch and Soros-funded (page 10) Amnesty International who have predictably “condemned the recent arrests, and called on the government to stop harassing those associated with [Soros-funded] Bersih.”
A pattern of foreign-funded organizations carrying out foreign-backed sedition within a target country, in turn backed by the corporate-owned media and “independent,” “international” organizations funded by the exact same money can be seen clearly in practice on Kuala Lumpur’s streets. What is also interesting is that NED-funded operations outside of Malaysia have also been directed to support Bersih.
Washington and London funded organizations like NED, IRI, NDI, Freedom House, and others are creating a global homogeneous NGO, “civil society” underlay that is centrally funded and centrally controlled. They operate in nearly every nation on Earth and they work in tandem with their regional doppelgangers toward a singular goal.
It is not that the “free and fair” elections many Bersih members are fighting for aren’t a legitimate cause. It is the fact that the leadership of Bersih are disingenuously harnessing the good intentions, energy, and resources of their naive followers to carry out foreign-funded sedition and regime change that will result in a dismal future for all Malaysians. Surely the ancestors of today’s Bersih protesters didn’t struggle and fight for Malaysian independence just so aforeign-backed stooge like Anwar Ibrahim could worm his way back into power, and with him bring back the same slouching degenerate bankers, merchants, and monied elite who had despoiled Malaysia and her riches for centuries. 
Suthep Thaugsuban (20.29): The fake government continues to falsify information and slander the peaceful protesters to mislead the diplomatic corps and foreign press. Unlike Tony Cartalucci, who maintains his professional integrity and has a profound understanding of Thailand, many foreign media outlets have either fallen prey to the sham government’s lies, or have been successfully lobbied by Thaksin’s money. Lobbyists include: Edelman PR and particularly Robert Amsterdam, Thakin’s servant/lobbyist.
Tony Cartalucci writes that the Emergency Decree is the last desperate attempt by the Thaksin regime to stay in power. Yingluck and her cronies are being slowly choked to death by our marches. [For Cartalucci's latest piece on Thailand, see:]
Remember this mother of all lies?

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Of swords and charades

Events unfolding following the resurrection of the 'Allah' controversy is disturbing. Every fair minded Muslim and Christian ought to know that the issue is more a political game than a pressing pain in the society. 

Muslims and Christians, along with fellow Malaysians from other faith and beliefs, are enjoying life in their own way. We have been living well like this for quite a long time. We have been relatively united as our similarities outweighed our differences. That is Malaysia. 

Yes, we could always harp on our differences and continue the charade of public hatred against each other, along racial lines for political agenda when necessary. When religion is hijacked by desperate/failed politicians and power crazy socialist-turned capitalists, the charade gathers more fuel and followers. 

Where would this charade end? Where is the charade taking us?

Do read Statesman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's advice on the 'Allah' controversy that was penned almost a year ago, in January 2013. 

"While we can have political differences, we should not resort to our religious differences to win elections. It is a double-edged sword and those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.- Chedet

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Monday 20 January 2014

The 'rapist' Beruang

If there is a bear near you or with you, and if the bear is not very intelligent, kick it out before it causes greater humiliation to you and your party.

Bears are dangerous but STUPID GREEDY SELF CENTERED CORRUPT and OBNOXIOUS bears are a hundred times more dangerous.

But, none of the above could beat the rapist bear. They say the rapist bear has the ear of the president.

How could you bear it Mr President?

They say its an old story. Did the beruang tell you about the rape Mr President?

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Sunday 19 January 2014

Justice for whom?

LAHAD DATU: Tian Chua "lowest form of human life", berates Tunku Aziz

KUALA LUMPUR: Several leaders and political observers have lambasted Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice-president Tian Chua who reportedly linked today's shooting incident in Lahad Datu, Sabah, with an allegation of a conspiracy hatched by the Umno government to divert attention and frighten the people.

They said Tian Chua's statement was irresponsible and extreme, considering it was about the authorities confronting an armed group from southern Philippines to safeguard the country's peace and security.
Former DAP vice-chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim described the statement as a "standard script of the DAP" which was completely insensitive to the country's security.

"By making this kind of statement, he (Tian Chua) must be regarded as the lowest form of human life. This is a careless remark which isn't what we expect from a decent human being," he said when contacted by Bernama.

Among others, the report also appeared in PKR's official news website which quoted Tian Chua as saying the intrusion in Lahad Datu was a drama of the government to frighten the people, as if the situation in Sabah was unsafe.

Two police commandos were slain while three others were injured in a firefight in Kampung Tanduo, Lahad Datu involving a group of armed intruders from southern Philippines, in which 12 intruders were killed. 

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Ahmad Maslan described Tian Chua's statement as "evil and ignorant" as Umno did not gamble with the country's security.

Malay rights group Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali tagged Tian Chua a "serial liar" who was always finding fault with Umno and the government despite the grave situation (in Lahad Datu). 

Former president of the Malaysian Ex-Army Association Datuk Muhammad Abdul Ghani said, all parties should come together and not mix politics with the security of the country. 

He stressed that appropriate action should be taken against Tian Chua and any other quarters seen as inciting the people to prevent a recurrence of such sensitive statements. BERNAMA
Umno's recent decision to withdraw the party's defamation suit against PKR vice president Tian Chua has raised not only eyebrows but numerous questions from even Umno leaders and elders. 

The allegations, as stated in the above news report published on 2nd of March 2013, were certainly serious enough to invoke the disgust of even the Director of the International Institute of Public Ethics, Tunku Aziz

Umno withdrew the defamation suit although Tian Chua refused to apologise, or so I was told. Correct me if I'm wrong. 

As it is Tian Chua is yet to be put on the stand for his previous doctored-pic defamation. A case where the offender had publicly admitted his shameless act.

Nothing happens to the 'wicked monger' ?

Did those who were shot and killed, and those who were injured and maimed in Lahad Datu, sacrifice to be insulted. It's worse when such insult goes unpunished.    
You shook hands with the evil (as stated by Dtk Ahmad Maslan - Umno's Information chief) and let it go without even an apology, at least to the family of those who died for this nation in Lahad Datu and Semporna? 


Many in Umno/BN, I believe, still appreciate good values and would go the extra mile to protect them. This is about the dignity of our security forces and the government. 
You cannot possibly surrender your dignity as bargaining chip in some murky political wheeling and dealing.

Should the Government now step forward and put a rest to this spineless new sandiwara? 

Institute a fresh suit against Tian Chua. Let him explain the whole 'sandiwara' saga.

Tian Chua, I think,  is not above the law. Correct me if I'm wrong.

p/s Wonder what the people of Sabah think about this 'lowest form of human life' now. 

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Thursday 16 January 2014

Don't Worry Be Happy

As captain and leader vested with enough powers to command, control and manage your team, you are not doing good.  I'm saying it again, you are heading to a point of no return. 

You are proving your critics right again and again, as days pass by. People are giving up hope. Your knee-jerk peace efforts (with your political opponents) are sending the wrong signals.   

LISTEN! YOU are your greatest enemy, not the Opposition and certainly not the people who tell you, the Emperor, that you are indeed naked. 

How could you continue to lead when you can't seem to be able to handle the truth? Think about it.

The antics of your running dogs barking at the messengers is bloody sickening. Personal attacks against messengers who tell you the fact of the matter is cowardice of the highest degree. 

Personal attacks against journalists/writers who relate people's concerns and grouses to the powers that be, is shameful.  

Cage your running dogs or teach them a trick or two about obedience before they turn around and bite you. 

But then again, you may continue to listen to the jokes and soothing tunes played by your court jesters, advisors and running dogs because you are the Emperor.  

The Emperor, I STILL HOPE, wakes up before its too late, puts on his clothes and cracks the whip. Start cracking the whip in your own office where the dog poop smell is overwhelming.  

What do you do when there is no hope? 
 Bobby McFerrin says - Don't worry be happy.  It will soon pass, whatever it is.

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Sunday 12 January 2014

UKRC: Another broken promise

Many among us would still remember the failed struggle to save the late Kampung Buah Pala in Penang. 

Kampung Buah Pala or better known as High Chaparral was a traditional Indian village in Penang that was slaughtered by politicians, from both sides of the divide until the more than 100-year old village was flattened. Finally it was the DAP-led state government that shooed both human and cattle away despite those rosy promises by none other than Pakatan Rakyat supremo Anwar Ibrahim himself. 

So, based on such unscrupulous, untrustworthy, sly politicians' actions in the past, the latest battle between Ulu Kelang Recreation Club and the Pakatan ruined Selangor state government is of no surprise. It has become all too convenient for some shameless politicians/elected representatives to NOT keep their promises. They also see it fit to tell lies.

But the very upset members of UKRC and their strong supporters from beyond Ulu Kelang are not going to throw in the towel and allow such shameless politicians to trample over them or their field. 

UKRC is standing up to hold up their rights and they are standing against the mighty Selangor state government's arm, the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council or MPAJ.   

The legal battle begins tomorrow - 
Date: Monday 13 Jan 2014 
Time: 830 am 
Place: Court No 6 High Court Jalan Duta
Be there if you have the time, plus the guts. Save UKRC field!

Let's teach dirty politicians a lesson!

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Friday 10 January 2014

Kedah DAP - 1

This is Kedah DAP chairman Lee Guan Aik. 

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Tun M is still our advisor, says PETRONAS

Decision on matters relating to the appointment or resignation of PETRONAS’ Advisor is the prerogative of the Office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia and beyond the purview of PETRONAS.

PETRONAS categorically denies the claim that it took actions to vacate Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s office following the announcement of his intention to relinquish his position. 

As far as PETRONAS is concerned, Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun Dr Mahathir is still PETRONAS’ Advisor and maintains his office at the PETRONAS Twin Towers. PETRONAS holds the utmost respect and esteem for Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for his contributions not only to PETRONAS but to the nation.

PETRONAS unequivocally condemns the malicious statements of MTEM who blatantly fabricated this claim for their questionable purposes.
Above is the official response from the efficient people who speak for Petronas. The clarifications came following Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu's allegations that Petronas had humiliated Tun M by clearing his office barely 24hours after his intended resignation.

It has been proven now the allegations were nothing but a pack of lies.
"CEO Nizam Mahshar, said a reliable source in Petronas had told him that Petronas cleared Mahathir’s office within 24 hours after he sent in his resignation letter to PM Najib Tun Razak.

“Petronas humiliated Tun by clearing out his office in KLCC and sealing it up barely 24 hours after his resignation.

“Is this how a national oil company treat a man who was instrumental in turning Petronas into a Fortune 500 company? asked Nizam at a press conference today."
 - FMT

MTEM is suspect from day one. Their 'struggle for the Malay biz' appears nothing but a self serving agenda. This latest attempt to, again, manipulate Tun M with such childish ludicrous lie is shameful. 

If MTEM is indeed led by sane people, it must now offer a public apology to Tun Dr Mahathir, Petronas and its chief Samsul Azhar Abbas. 

MTEM is Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu or should it aptly be re-named as Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Masing-masing? 

p/s Cukup-cukup la duk pakai nama Tun M 

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Wednesday 8 January 2014

Najib worse than Pak Lah ?

Somehow missed Dr M.Bakri Musa's latest blog posting which was published quite a number of weeks ago, on the 1st of Dec, 2013. It was published a day before the last Umno GE. 

Reading the good old surgeon's jottings, it dawned upon me that we, as a nation, may be repeating a very recent dark history. 

The Government /leadership of the day appears to be worse than the leadership or the lack of it during the dark ages of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. 

We are certainly not doing any better than Pak Lah, but is Najib worse than the Prime Minister who allowed his family and friends to run the government like their own little kingdom? 

Even Barisan Nasional elected representatives and some members from the present Malaysian Cabinet think that we are going down the hill. 

The PM, they say, has lost control. I'm not sure if this is true but recent developments are very disturbing. We appear rudderless.

Prime Minister Najib Tun Abdul Razak better take heed of what is happening on the ground. It's my fear that if you fail to digest the sentiments/thoughts/feelings of strong/loyal Government/BN supporters on the ground, you will go down like how Pak lah did. 

I'm just being frank. Get out of that denial mode. Sack those officers and advisors who tell you everything is ok.

Pak Lah went down because he did exactly the things you are believed to be doing at the moment. You appear to be ignorant of the feelings on the ground. You listen only to those apple-polishers and rascals with ulterior motives who hang around you all the time. (remember the powerful 4th Floor Boys who brought Pak Lah down to his knees?)

You, DS Najib, are over reliant on CONsultants who are fooling you and the government of our hard earned money. Senior civil servants are very unhappy with you for allowing 'outsiders' and consultants to treat them like a bunch of useless/corrupt/lazy/stupid Melayus. 

A lot of people are angry with your wife. 

I really don't want to blame your wife for anything because you are the elected leader, NOT your wife. If you really have no control over your wife (as the talk of the town goes), it is again your problem because you are supposed to be our leader, NOT your wife. You are accountable to us the rakyat, NOT your wife. 

I feel it is not fair for us to criticize the PM's wife. 

What we could see and comment is about you and your leadership DS. About how you act and perform as the President of Umno, Chairman of Barisan Nasional and Prime Minister of Malaysia. 

You don't seem to understand the fact that 'text book economy' does not have the necessary mechanism to win over the hearts and minds of the people. 

The rookie cookies in Pemandu and those ETP fellows who recently sacked you during lunch break don't understand the hardship of the people. They think giving away the RM500 BR1M is a brilliant idea. You should seriously reconsider this handout.

Obviously people will be happy if you give them RM500, but what happens when it has been spent? Who are the real recipients of this RM500? Why are you wasting our money?

This country is not an Ah Beng & Sons Pvt Ltd company where the only consideration would be profit and loss. 

Remember that the great President Suharto was forced down by the Reformasi movement after he was forced to remove the government subsidy for fuel.  

DS, it cannot be denied that you are a nice, humble, hip and very hardworking PM but it will be of no use if you focus your time and energy doing the wrong things, while those around you are busy with their very own private missions.  

Well, I'm just trying to draw your attention here so that you don't go down the road that Pak Lah took, tumbled and rolled down till he was replaced by a new Prime Minister. 

We are running out of time DS. The next general election is just down the corridor. The Sarawak state election is also drawing closer.

The people have given you a mandate, albeit a weaker mandate than your predecessor. The party election is also over. You are certainly on a much stronger footing now after winning the Umno presidency uncontested. 

We were given hope (or we build it up on our own) that you will certainly be a better leader than your predecessor. We were made to believe that after the party elections you'll be free to form your new team to serve us better and march towards the next election with greater confidence. 

Malaysians are eagerly waiting for a cabinet reshuffle DS. We need men and women of character, capability and common sense to steer this nation forward.

I'm sure you know why you need to reshuffle the cabinet. I'll refrain from calling names here but some of your cabinet members have become laughing stocks. Quite a number of the better cabinet members are finding it hard to hold their heads up in public because of the clowns among them. Even civil servants prefer not to be in the company of certain 'super intelligent' ministers. 

DS, if it is business as usual and you allow the consultants to continue with out-of-the-drain ideas and knee-jerk announcements like your 11-point austerity measures, the Barisan Nasional cannot possibly win the next elections. 

The subsidy rationalisation might be a move in the right direction but the implementation is so idiotic, to say the least. You don't put the cart before the horse.

The feelings on the ground is such that an increasing number of relevant people think you are almost reaching a point of no return and there could be moves to replace you, as to how Pak Lah was asked to leave when he failed.  

Some pundits feel the threat, to your position, comes from the over ambitious ones within your party. I wouldn't say its sabotage but guess you should be wary of this possibility.

DS, we fought the last election tooth and nail not to be stuck again in such a dilemma. BN members, supporters, their friends and parents  toiled day and night to assure this country a BN government and you, the great Tun Abdul Razak's son, as the Prime Minister.  

PLEASE come to your senses fast Datuk Seri Najib Razak. Time is running out. 

Please don't let us down! 

Below is a small part from Dr Bakri Musa's hard-hitting concerns. You may want to read it and take note. 

Najib’s Ultimate Pak Lah Moment

Back to Najib’s other Pak Lah moments, the supposedly pious and humble Pak Lah squandered millions of taxpayers’ funds to renovate Sri Perdana before he deemed it livable. This from a man who only a decade earlier did not even own a house! Najib however, bested Pak Lah on this front. Najib burned over two million ringgit a year just on electricity. When citizens complained, he haughtily defended his wasteful ways by suggesting that his official guests should not have to dine by candle light! He must have the whole United Nations delegates as his guests, and every day too!
More likely Najib must have really turned down the thermostat and then had the fireplace roaring to simulate the English ambience of his student days so he could cuddle up to Rosmah.
Najib should remember the advice he received from his prime minister father when he (Najib) and his brothers were clamoring for a swimming pool at the old Sri Perdana. “What will people say,” Najib quoted his old man as saying in turning down their request.
Then there is the ultra-luxury, custom-fitted Airbus jet. Even Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Cameron do not have one. Pak Lah was severely criticized for his excessive use of that expensive toy. At least his wife (the first or second) did not get to use it in her personal capacity. Today we have Mrs. Najib (the second) jaunting off in it, oblivious of the cost to taxpayers. I do not know which is more reprehensible; Najib requesting the approval from his cabinet for his wife’s use of the jet or the cabinet approving it. This at a time when he warned the country is on the brink of bankruptcy!
Abdullah Badawi burdened Malaysia for over five years; the nation is still paying for his many follies and general incompetence. Many claim that Najib is worse than Pak Lah; that is being petty. When you(r) score is already a miserable F, it does not really matter whether it is also F-minus. - Dr Bakri Musa 
… I still believe DS Najib Razak is a better leader/Prime Minister than his predecessor. TQ

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Tuesday 7 January 2014

The porn-STAR

"Tan later described his own heterosexual admiration of a Nigerian inmate's "healthily large" private parts, which was "the most beautiful flaccid penis" that he had ever laid eyes on."

As for Lee, who served one week in the Kajang Women's Prison, Tan described her as "super horny" when they reunited after being released on bail of RM30,000 each.
He also found himself excited at the prospect of her cellmates who experienced similar sexual frustration from lack of male contact: "For days, I had fantasies of being sent to a women's prison to service the girls and ensure that they were sexually satisfied. It's just a dream at the moment, but it would make a damn good porn script for sure."
The Star's online exclusive - 

Alvivi's Alvin Tan bares all

What? Not porn? Ok ok, The softporn-STAR! 

Well this appears like another attempt to push the limits while testing the guts, gumption and certainly the intelligence of our Government. 

If you continue to be a wimp, more such wimps (like the one above and those who promote it, including the super-smart journos in The Star) will surface thinking they possess a 'Nigerian weapon'.

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Monday 6 January 2014

BREAKING NEWS! Najib Razak sacked?

I heard those guys in Pemandu are quite powerful that they overrule even our top most civil servants in the Economic Planning Unit and the Implementation Coordination Unit of the Prime Minister's Department, but I never knew that they are so powerful to even SACK the Prime Minister.

Would those foreigners depicted in LAT's masterpiece (published in the New Straits Times today) make a U-turn now since PEMANDU has taken over the wheels from Datuk Seri Najib Razak? 
Watch the blame game unfold… and nothing would happen to anyone because someone said 'Najib doesn't believe in sacking his staff. Probably that is why there are loads of rubbish in the PMO.

Dear Datuk Seri, please take the necessary action now before your own officers, advisors, and apple polishers sack you for real. 

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