Wednesday 28 March 2012

SAILANG scandal goes global?

Fernandes spy row: Caterham could be kicked out of F1 in new scandal

Row: Tony Fernandes' Caterham-Renault team could face a fine or expulsion
Row: Tony Fernandes' Caterham-Renault team could face a fine or expulsion
Formula One is in the grip of yet another Spygate scandal which could see QPR owner Tony Fernandes’ Caterham team hit with a huge fine or even booted out of the sport. 
Force India are furious that, in their opinion, Caterham copied intellectual property relating to the aerodynamic design of their 2010 car. 

Rival team Marussia are concerned that Caterham gained an unfair advantage when they both entered Formula One that year.

The High Court ruled last week that Aerolab — a design company used first by Force India and subsequently Caterham — must pay Force India £21,000 for misuse of confidential information as employees passed on some of their aerodynamic designs to Caterham. 

Force India and Marussia believe the ruling indicates a basic infringement of the FIA’s International Sporting Code — the same article under which McLaren were charged and found guilty in the Spygate saga of 2007.
DailyMail UK

This latest report has certainly put Malaysia on the world map again, courtesy of a billionaire tycoon who is known for his 'out-of-the-box' businesses and corporate maneuvers. 

I'm sure Wangsa Maju MP Wee Choo Keong and millions of other Malaysians would be more than interested to know more about this latest scandal, and much more about the 'out-of-the-box' businessman and his billion dollar deals in the country.

Many are particularly interested in the AIRBUS story

Khazanah's Azman Mokhtar and gang would certainly be delighted that their 'sailang' business counterpart appears to have gone international with his 'sailang' business deals.

If they want to, Khazanah could save MAS from being sailang-ed again.

MAS staff are holding on to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak promise to 'take a second look' at the MAS-AirAsia share 'suap' deal. 

We just hope that those from Khazanah don't continue to mislead the Prime Minister on the real, present and future danger of MAS being sailang-ed!!! 

 p/s Ask Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar what 'sailang' means.

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Wednesday 21 March 2012


Lim Kit Siang's son and DAP secretary general Lim Guan Eng has once again declared that the Karpal - Ramasamy spat is over. 

Guan Eng, who is also Penang Chief Minister, not only made the announcement (reportedly via his blog) but also took the opportunity to bad mouth the mainstream media again. 

Kit Siang's son is clearly showing signs of desperation... 

Karpal-Rama spat over, declares Guan Eng

Athi Shankar
 | March 21, 2012

GEORGETOWN: DAP top brass has agreed to ceasefire on the highly publicised spat between party supremo Karpal Singh and embattled deputy secretary-general P Ramasamy.
DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said that this was agreed to at a meeting among his father Lim Kit Siang, advisor and former national chairman Dr Chen Man Hin and Karpal.
“We agreed that the latest (Karpal vs Ramasamy) episode highlighted by the BN-controlled media has ended,” Lim, the Penang Chief Minister, declared in his blog posting here today. - FMT

For the record, Guan Eng's latest 'declaration' comes after repeated failed attempts to gag DAP leaders from discussing the on-going power struggle in the party. 

Guan Eng may want to spell the spat differently and blame rival political parties for his problems in Penang but in reality even party stalwart Karpal couldn't deny an ongoing power struggle in the party.

Guan Eng's latest declaration which attempts to once again blame 'BN controlled media" is nothing but simply STUPID.

Last December they blamed Indian daily Makkal Osai for reporting what has now been proven to be true. 

If TRUTH is hurting him, Guan Eng should consider toe-ing the party lines first before attempting to discipline other party members/leaders. 

Maybe its time for the secretary general to come clean and make an open statement that he is not a party to any clandestine move to sideline senior party leaders in Penang.

Guan Eng should categorically deny talks within Penang DAP that there are forces within DAP working hard to 'neutralise' popular grassroots leaders in DAP.

The talk has it that - 'any Penang DAP leader seen as a possible threat to Guan Eng's stature/position as Chief Minister must be neutralised at all cost'.

For a start, Guan Eng and his father should stop issuing gag orders to bar open discussions on issues pertaining the future of DAP in Penang or rather Penang in DAP. 

Recent suggestions by members of the civil society, in particular some prominent NGO leaders in Penang on the need for Penang to be led by a Penangite should be opened for debate.

DAP members and leaders should not be victimised for suggesting that Penang DAP chief Chow Kon Yeow (pic) was more than qualified to replace Guan Eng as chief minister should Pakatan Rakyat maintain control of the state.

DAP and its leaders have no choice but to embrace democracy, transparency and freedom of speech. 

Just walk the talk lah!

p/s Lim Guan Eng, if you happen to read this just remember that more and more DAP leaders and members are sending anonymous emails about your party's internal affairs to the media/bloggers because they think the party is run by a DICTATOR. Are you the dictator? 

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Tuesday 20 March 2012

Rafidah, a fine example. Who next?

Rafidah won't defend seat - Kuala Kangsar MP wants to make way for younger candidates

PETALING JAYA: OUTSPOKEN Kuala Kangsar member of parliament Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz said it was highly unlikely that she would defend her seat in the next general election.
However, the former international trade and industry minister said the final decision would rest with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
"If you ask me, no, I don't think I will (contest). I am 68 going on 69 years old. I'm retired. It is time to let the younger candidates step in."
Nevertheless, the former Wanita Umno head said yesterday that she would continue to help the government in whatever way that she could.
"I can still contribute but not through an official (government post)," said Rafidah at a talk organised by international business and technology firm Logica.
She first contested and won the Selayang parliamentary seat in the 1978 general election. In the 1982 general election, she moved to the Kuala Kangsar seat and successfully held it since then.
Earlier, in her speech on gender inclusiveness, Rafidah said a country's prime minister should be selected based on whether he could deliver his services to the people and not on the basis of gender.
To a question from the audience on whether the country was close to electing its first female prime minister, Rafidah said that she could not predict the future but hoped the people would choose wisely.
"I dislike the term 'woman prime minister' or 'female prime minister'. A prime minister should be chosen solely on whether he or she can deliver the goods.
"Of course, if a person is capable of handling the task happens to be a woman, then even better."
Rafidah said governing a country was "not a joke" and urged voters to consider the parties' track record and experience in seeing Malaysia through various crisis.
"The current government and prime minister have proven themselves from crisis to crisis, and they have learned from each one. It is not easy to lead a country. You cannot give it to anyone who just wants to be a prime minister."
Rafidah said gender inclusiveness in any society revolved around women's desire to be treated equitably with men, to have the same opportunities, and to be recognised on their merits and capabilities - NST

Nothing but utmost respect and admiration for the "Iron Lady' of Umno Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz for her magnanimity and readiness to make way for the young. 

At a time when many a politician are desperately trying to cling on to their party and government positions, Rafidah's announcement is certainly like a breath of fresh air.

The former Wanita Umno supremo and the country's longest serving International Trade and Industry Minister's (before Abdullah Badawi dropped her from the cabinet line-up in 2008) will certainly stand out as a role model for the young. 

While Rafidah's announcement is like a breath of fresh air for many, I'm sure it will also send shivers up the spine of those who are or are planning to arm-twist their respective party leadership into allocating them a constituency to contest in.

Non-performing elected representatives, those with unnecessary baggage and those clearly defined as not winnable ... take note! The Ball has started rolling. Thanks to Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz for having started it. 

Who next?

p/s The Government may want to seriously consider not putting to waste Rafidah's wealth of experience in International Trade and Industry. Rafidah is certainly an asset to Malaysia, in or out of the Government.

p/s SHALL WE START A LIST OF ALL THOSE MPs/ADUNs who could make way for 'winnable candidates'? 

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Saturday 17 March 2012

THE END of Ramasamy in DAP?

THE DAP disciplinary committee may have cleared Penang deputy chief minister II P Ramasamy of gross misconduct but that decision has certainly not let the rookie politician off the hook. 

Ramasamy's future in the party is certainly bleak now with his wings clipped and ego brought to the ground by the party leadership.

Party insiders revealed that Ramasamy, who has been trying to solidify his position as the head honcho among the Indians in Penang, has been basically ordered to toe the line or face the axe.

The matter was made clear to him when he was summoned to a recent top leadership meeting, attended by the likes of party adviser Lim Kit Siang, chairman Karpal Singh and secretary general Lim Guan Eng.

The secret meeting was held even before the disciplinary committee's decision was announced.

Sources said Ramasamy, who is also Prai assemblyman and Batu Kawan Member of Parliament, was put in his place by party veteran Karpal, who gave the rookie politician an earful and ticked him off for the mess he had created in Penang DAP. 

It was understood that both Kit Siang and his son Guan Eng dared not speak up for Ramasamy as the former professor took Karpal's shelling.

At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that all of Ramasamy
appointees in the Penang Hindu Endownment Board and the state Appeals Board would be dropped.

They include K Mangaleswari, who is said to have been suddenly elevated to all kinds of positions of power. Three others who were axed were all Ramasamy's cronies in the board.

Mangaleswari made it to the headlines recently when Ramasamy announced her name as one of those likely to be fielded in the coming general elections.

All four could expect to be nothing but just ordinary DAP members who are expected to toe the party line or face expulsion.

Their fate was sealed during a meeting which was also attended by Bagan Dalam assemblyman A Thanasekaran, Seri Delima assemblyman RSN Rayar and also Karpal's son Jagdeep Singh Deo.

All those in attendance, with the exception of Ramasamy - who could only nod in silence, made the unanimous decision to sack the four.

It was reported recently that the DAP disciplinary committee found no evidence that Ramasamy, who is also Penang DAP deputy chairman, had committed misconduct with regards to a gag order over his spat with Karpal.

DAP disciplinary committee chairman Tan Kok Wai also announced that complaints against Ramasamy for masterminding a demonstration during the party convention on Dec 11 could not be proven.

Tan, who is also Cheras MP, said the party found that Ramasamy was not behind the demonstration as alleged by the assemblymen. 

DAP veterans in Penang have voiced their suspicion that Ramasamy and his small group of supporters could have been used by one or two senior DAP leaders to attack Karpal politically.

Ramasamy's actions of passing cynical and rude remarks against Karpal were seen as a subtle attempt by his 'masters from outside Penang' to gradually push the veteran leader to the sidelines.

Being a rookie politician who may have been baited with greater power and position, Ramasamy failed to differentiate facts from least in terms of Karpal's influence and popularity in DAP.

Ramasamy, they say, is history but DAP may not be free from a bitter power struggle.

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Friday 16 March 2012

Transparency, Freedom of Speech and Democracy ... Anwar's style.

... and the victim is none other than RPK himself!

Anwar snubs RPK in WikiLeaks forum

Raja Petra Kamarudin has been removed from participating in a forum on global political scenario following a request made by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

The forum is scheduled to take place this Saturday in Kent, England. The discussion was originally planned to include Raja Petra, Anwar and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Anwar was supposed to participate in the forum through Skype communication. The discussion was to be videotaped for a documentary for WikiLeaks. Now the discussion would only see the participation of Anwar and Assange.

“I got a call from WikiLeaks that Anwar does not agree that I be included. So now it will only be Julian and him,” Raja Petra told FMT today.

“I agreed to Anwar being included but he did not agree for me to be there,” he said.

Raja Petra lashed out at Anwar for fearing to face him in the discussion, which would also include the political happenings in Malaysia.

“How is Anwar going to debate Najib when he is too chicken to face me? He should try me out first before taking on Najib.

“Also, it appears that Anwar does not tolerate and respect the independence of the media and dissent.

“He will only deal with people who support him and agree with him. If this is Anwar as opposition leader, I shudder to think what he would be like as PM,” said Raja Petra.

He also revealed that his portal Malaysia Today and WikiLeaks have an agreement for the former to cover all WikiLeaks’ exposé on Malaysia. The contract was just renewed a few weeks ago.

Raja Petra has been a strong Anwar ally since the early days of Reformasi. However, in recent months he has been openly critical of Anwar and his apparent lack of vision for PKR and Pakatan Rakyat.

Raja Petra has also been highlighting corruption and abuses of power in PKR., much to the chagrin of the PKR leaders.

Anwar and Assange could not be contacted for comment.

... and this is the same clown who is challenging the PRIME MINISTER of Malaysia for a debate.  

p/s Hello Mr Anwar Ibrahim, why don't you face your own ghost first.

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Saturday 10 March 2012

Popularity UP, what next?

It would not be wise to ask the Prime Minister when he would be calling for the next general election (coz no PM in the right frame of mind is gonna reveal that secret to you). 

Judging by the rate at which PM Najib Razak and his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin have been  crisscrossing the country, the g/election could have been held last week and both of them would have been re-elected in Pekan and Pagoh respectively.

But what about their team, the mighty Barisan Nasional? Are the coalition members ready to face the rakyat in the 13th general elections or are they still engrossed in their very own internal power struggles and backstabbing? How is Umno? What about the 13 other BN components, are they ready?

These are the many questions facing the ruling coalition.

As of today, everybody seem happy the PM's popularity is looking up. There are a few more 'unfinished jobs' which when settled could push the PM's marks even higher. 

Topping the list of the PM's 'unfinished job' is certainly the need to retire Shahrizat Jalil. The NFC saga or 'cerita lembu' has engulfed the entire nation. 

All eyes are on the PM..or rather have been on the PM for a couple of months now.

People are looking at the PM for answers as Shahrizat has been repeatedly saying "I leave it to the PM'. 

Since she has been 'leaving it to you", why don't you 'leave her', Prime Minister?

Well, the PM's ratings are 'jumping ahead' as a Reuters reports below suggest but there is a need to manage the jump so as not to stumble upon another cow. 

Another cow, Mr Prime Minister, would spell disaster!

Support for Malaysia's Najib jumps ahead of election

By Stuart Grudgings

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Malaysians' approval of Prime Minister Najib Razak jumped in recent months, an opinion poll released on Friday showed, putting him on a firm footing ahead of national elections that are expected to be called within months.

Support for Najib rose to 69 percent in February from 59 percent last August, according to the poll conducted by the Merdeka Center, the country's most respected polling firm.

The firm attributed the higher rating to an improving economy, the disbursement of social funds to lower-income households, and security reforms announced by Najib in the wake of street protests in Kuala Lumpur last year.

The government has handed out cash payments of 500 ringgit to households earning 3,000 ringgit or less per month and increased pay and pensions for the 1.4-million strong civil service, a key vote base for the ruling National Front coalition.

"In our view, the rise in public satisfaction may be due to widespread awareness of the prime minister's people-friendly initiatives and proposals to improve Malaysia's democratic credentials," the Merdeka Center said in a statement.

Najib, who has reached out to Malaysia's middle class as a reformer, is trying to gain his first electoral mandate and reverse a shockingly bad performance by the ruling coalition in 2008 that saw the three-party opposition make historic gains.

Najib, who took over as prime minister in 2009, can wait until April next year to call the election but most analysts expect him to call it earlier, before the feel-good factor from the recent handouts fades.

The 58-year-old has toured the country in recent weeks to drum up support for his long-ruling United Malays National Organization and his government is expected to introduce a national minimum wage in the coming weeks -- another potential boost to poorer families.

The Merdeka Center poll found that support for Najib was highest among poorer Malaysians, reaching 78 percent among households earning less than 1,500 ringgit a month. The survey was carried out between February 10 and 23 among 1,022 registered voters. - Reuters

NEXT: Sacrifice the cow and act against all those who have been behaving like cows. You, Mr Prime Minister, would come out of the next GE... shining. 

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Friday 9 March 2012

LIAR! PKR strategic director caught telling lies, again.

“PKR’s strategic director Rafizi Ramli should apologise for his allegations, which are false, defamatory and a deliberate smear on the Prime Minister’s reputation.

No public funds were used to meet the costs of his daughter’s engagement reception, which was paid for personally by the Prime Minister and his family.”

Datuk Tengku Sariffuddin bin Tengku Ahmad
(Press Secretary to the Prime Minister of Malaysia)

The above brief statement from the Prime Minister's Office was issued late this evening following a defamatory article which appeared in an Opposition-mouthpiece online news portal. 

'PM's Dept paid for daughter's engagement do'
Aidila Razak
4:19PM Mar 9, 2012      
PKR today revealed evidence which it said show that the government had foot the bill for the engagement reception for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's daughter.
Citing a banquet event order from Shangri La Hotel, which catered the Seri Perdana event, PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli said he said RM409,767 was billed to the Prime Minister’s Department.
"This is not a small matter. It may be just RM409,767, but it signifies the lax attitude of the government, starting from the PM to his cabinet ministers who use taxpayers' money for the personal luxuries," he said.

 Rafizi is the person with ex-convict Anwar Ibrahim in both the pictures. He is a well known Anwar  lackey, whom some say was the 'honorary tea-boy' until another good looking boy came by. Rafizi is widely expected to take over the PKR deputy presidency from Anwar's 'ex' Azmin Ali.

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Thursday 1 March 2012

Nuclear scientists say ...

There has been so many anonymous nuclear scientists and experts on rare earth who posted numerous comments on my previous posting about a rare earth magnet producing factory in Shah Alam Selangor. 

Quite a number of the comments were harsh and some said the posting was 'stupid and idiotic'. 

I doubt if any of these anonymous "nuclear scientists and experts" are genuine due to the fact that they are anonymous and have not guts to own up to what they are trying to impose on the readers.

I'm not a nuclear scientist or expert to determine if the rare earth magnet producing factory in Shah Alam is safe or not but neither are all those who have been barking at the Lynas rare earth plant in Kuantan and the Government.

Why is it that those barking out aloud against Lynas have refused to listen to the voice of reason from experts and nuclear scientists? 

Below is a brief news report and a youtube recording of what Nuclear Scientist Dr Che Rosli Che Mat had put on record about the Lynas plant in Kuantan. 

Dr Che Rosli is a Member of Parliament for the Hulu Langat constituency in Selangor. 

Dr Che Rosli is also a PAS member. (PAS is a party in the three party Opposition grouping Pakatan Rakyat)

We start of with the PAS president's quote :- 

"Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang had said while addressing delegates at the Pas Muktamar in June last year: "I like to bring your attention to the Lynas issue, which was raised by our delegates.
"The issue should be referred to our expert. We have a nuclear expert. Hulu Langat member of parliament Dr Che Rosli Che Mat holds a PhD in the nuclear field."
During an interview with a private television station recently, Che Rosli, who is a nuclear scientist said: "They are frightening the public by saying that Lynas is a nuclear plant when its function is only to process natural materials like rare earths from Mount Weld in Western Australia, which has less radiation compared with an ore mine.
"The issue was brought up by the PKR. I've kept quiet and even been given a warning by the Pas information bureau not to comment.
"I accepted it and have been silent. But this is unfair. They have been making comments in every issue of Harakah in a tone we are uncomfortable with."
When asked if Lynas is really a nuclear plant, Che Rosli said: "I am embarrassed. I am also a Pas member. So finally, I decided, as a nuclear expert, I should come forward to speak.
"Let people talk as they wish," said Che Rosli, who assured the people in Kuantan that they need not fear the presence of the plant". - click for FULL REPORT

So, why is it that Dr Che Rosli's crystal clear statement on Lynas is not accepted by Pakatan Rakyat leaders? 

Is it because he is a qualified Malay nuclear scientist from PAS or is it because he is not a qualified Chinese nuclear scientist from DAP? 

This 'anti-Lynas' drama is all about politics, is it not? 

... or is it economic sabotage?

p/s Don't la be 'stupid and idiotic'. Listen to the experts, not anonymous bullshitters!

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