Monday 30 December 2013

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Saturday 28 December 2013

Archbishop Pakiam, are you a priest or politician?

Priest or politician?
"It is bad enough you tell me you are disgusted with my government – that I must accept, as prime minister – but to then lecture me on my ‘duty’, and bring in my mother into your Allah agenda, was that necessary? You have not only dishonoured her; you have just spit into my father’s grave.

Don’t they teach you manners in the Catholic schools and in the Vatican? What; have you, yourself, forgotten where you come from? Your roots, your forefathers, and those before them, the origins of our indigenous Asian customs, manners and culture, of a people who understood deference and civility? You have instead acquire the condescending manners and the belligerent attitudes of white Christians. Now, in the circumstance, what should be my attitude, my duty, towards your church that you claim to speak on its behalf?

Face it, Pakiam: you’re a white imitation; even your white frock shouts that out as if it were fact. Once you imitate the ways of the white man, once you acquire their values and morality, once you declare the church as a political animal then be prepared to be accorded the treatment politics give. That’s being fair, isn’t it? You and the social standing of your church is your own doing and the doing of your flock.

To be accorded a political treatment means you now sit at the back of the pews, so bark all you like."- ShuZheng

Blogger ShuZheng says PM should treat the kurang ajar Archbishop like nothing but another political animal subservient to his political master.

ShuZheng's suggested reply to the kurang ajar Archbishop is so EXPLOSIVE 

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Monday 23 December 2013

UKRC - Yang Berhormat or Yang Berbohong ?

Did PAS' Hulu Kelang state assemblyman Saari Sungip (seen above in white skullcap) make empty promises and/or tell blatant lies to his constituents? 

The Ulu Kelang Recreation Club (UKRC) folks are very sure he did just that, and they are not taking it sitting down. 

Some residents have sent the Pakatan Rakyat representative a clear message - See you in court YB!

Yang Berhormat or Yang Berbohong?

p/s Wonder how this video (in a CD) made its way to my letterbox…mmmm 

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Sunday 22 December 2013

Kampung boy fills CM’s shoes

Special place: Idris is sentimental about the picture of him back when he was singled out to read from his Jawi textbook by Dr Mahathir, who was then the Education Minister.

Special place: Idris is sentimental about the picture of him back when he was singled out to read from his Jawi textbook by Dr Mahathir, who was then the Education Minister.
Datuk Seri Idris Haron’s journey from poor kampung boy to the office of the Chief Minister of Malacca is a story about overcoming tragedy and hardship to move up in life.
EVERYTHING looks the same in the plush official residence of the Malacca Chief Minister, from the cluster arrangement of the seating areas to the trays of cookies and crispy snacks laid out for visitors.
Well, everything except for the chief occupant and the pictures on the walls.
Datuk Seri Idris Haron, only seven months in the top job, has settled in going by the pictures of him hanging on the walls and placed on the side tables, all beautifully framed. They depict his political journey thus far. There are pictures of him with Umno leaders and he singled out the one with his predecessor and mentor Datuk Mohd Ali Rustam.
“Datuk Ali is like a father to me. He brought me into politics,” Idris said.
There are also the usual family photos. Idris’ wife Datin Seri Fadilah Abdullah, whom he married in 1992, is an attractive lady with a lovely smile and could easily pass off as the sister of their daughter Amira, 17, and son Hakim, 20.
But the most special picture of all where Idris, 47, is concerned is a reproduced black-and-white photo of a young Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, then the Education Minister, visiting a primary school in Malacca in 1975.
The Minister’s attention was on the boy in the front row of a class where a Jawi lesson was on. Dr Mahathir had asked the boy to read from the book and when the nervous boy stumbled on a line, Dr Mahathir read it out for him.
“I know what you are thinking. Dr Mahathir reads Jawi,” said Idris.
A good piece by Joceline Tan in The Star today.

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Friday 20 December 2013

DAP above the law ?

Initially (before, during and immediately after the last GE) it was just Lim Guan Eng's arrogance plus his father Kit Siang's tears and threats against the Registrar of Societies. The father and son called names and ridiculed this particular Govt agency without even an iota of decency or sincerity. It was pure deception.

Kit Siang fooled the Chinese in Malaysia to an unprecedented level after his 'crocodile tears' stunt. It must have been so effective that now every Kok, DICK and Hally in DAP are jumping into the bandwagon.

They are even threatening to sue the RoS if the notice (below) is not revoked. Now, what does the notice say… in actual fact?

Why is it that the arrogant DAP leaders have made it a point to consistently go against the law and yet threaten the respective government agencies when they are caught with their pants down

Why is it so difficult for the DAP to appoint a mere 20-member CEC without any controversy and/or irregularities as reported and made public by their own members? 

DAP leaders in Kedah seem to have opened their eyes wide enough to see the hidden talents of their national leaders. 

'Demonise the RoS' campaign has no takers in Kedah coz the state leaders know Guan Eng's hidden talents by now. 

Even the long serving Kedah DAP leader would have been slaughtered (politically) had he not brought his case to the RoS for justice.

It appears that generally DAP members and supporters respect and abide by the rule of law, except for a selected few who have no choice but to blame the RoS and every other person who stands against their dynasty in the DAP. 

p/s Beats me how some learned lawyers in DAP could push themselves so low to be on the same deck with power crazy lunatics, especially in matters involving rules, regulations and the law of the land. 

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Thursday 12 December 2013

Malacca revokes Idris' PGB

PGB is now BGP

Kenyataan Akbar  
Pejabat Ketua Menteri Melaka
12 disember 2013

Kerajaan negeri bersetuju menganugerahkan pingat Bintang Gagah Perkasa (BGP) kepada dua jurulatih dan 11 pelatih asas komando yang terselamat ketika bot mereka karam ketika menjalani latihan mendayung di perairan selat melaka, isnin lalu.

Penganugerahkan itu akan disempurnakan oleh yang dipertua negeri, tun mohd khalil yaakob dalam suatu istiadat yang akan ditetapkan kelak.

Pingat BGP dan bukannya  Pingat Gagah Berani (PGB) yang dilaporkan sebelum ini, dianugerahkan kepada mereka sebagai menghargai semangat berpasukan dan setiakawan yang ditunjukkan oleh anggota terbabit ketika berada di laut hampir 28 jam sebelum selamat mendarat dengan bot di pantai puteri.

Pingat BGP pernah dianugerahkan kepada jurukamera bernamatv noramfaizul mohd noor yang terkorban ketika menyertai misi kemanusiaan di somalia pada 2 september 2011. Ia dianugerahkan sempena sambutan Hari Jadi ke-73  Yang Dipertua Negeri Melaka.

Kerajaan negeri menghargai semangat juang yang ditunjukkan oleh jurulatih dan pelatih komondo terbabit ketika menghadapi cabaran dan dugaan yang patut dicontohi oleh generasi muda.

Pejabat Ketua Menteri Melaka

Take a pick. Is this a case of being misquoted, misreporting, misguided or mystery?

Previous posting on Idris' PGBTrue heroes of Pingat Gagah Berani won't forgive you Idris 

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Wednesday 11 December 2013

True heroes of Pingat Gagah Berani won't forgive you Idris - UPDATED

UPDATE! 1430hrs 12/12/13

Was informed that the Malacca State Secretary's officers are currently preparing a brief statement to REVOKE Idris's statement about wanting to award the PGB.

Was told that even Malacca Governor Tun Khalil Yaakob was shocked by Idris statement. 

Who ordered the State Secretary to revoke the silly statement? Idris... oh Idris! Kenapa kau Idris?

Not sure if this newly minted magnanimous Chief Minister of Malacca did the necessary before making the announcement to award the prestigious medal of bravery to the 11 commando trainees and their trainers. (Idris is magnanimous coz he recently said something like 'I forgive the Chinese for not supporting BN)

Certainly this is not a clever decision. It is a populist decision that would have damaging repercussions. Idris appears like nothing but a desperate politician. I'm sure the real recipients of the prestigious PGB  would be shell shocked with yet another act of stupidity from the government.

CM Idris, please don't forget all those commando trainees who have lost their lives while undergoing training in Terendak since the camp was commissioned there a few decades ago. Going by your standards they surely deserve a PGB…don't they? 

When will such stupidity come to an end?  We had dummies with Pingat Kedaulatan Negara a few months ago. 

What next?

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Tuesday 10 December 2013

With love for Nelson Mandela

Click on Madiba's picture for a live feed brought by the South African Broadcasting Corporation - SABC

It is learned that our Statesman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad will also be in Johannesburg to pay his last respect to South Africa's Statesman the late Nelson Mandela. The two Statesmen were good… personal friends.

p/s Also, while we are at it, please do read Apartheid Malaysia 

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Thursday 5 December 2013

Oh! Nurul Izzah Binti Anwar Ibrahim...

… she draws up a wish list for Umno.

As reported in the Opposition mouthpiece Malaysiakini, a portal that is seeking millions of public funds for their posh new building somewhere in PJ, Nurul seems to be more attracted to Umno than PKR.
Nurul' wish list - by Opposition mouthpiece Malaysiakini

PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar has listed several pertinent issues which should be raised during the Umno general assembly to prove it is not only concerned with the centralisation of economic spoils and keeping selected individuals in power.Topping the Lembah Pantai MP’s list was former Kuala Lumpur CID chief Mat Zain Ibrahim’s statutory declaration, which contained allegations of wrongdoing by Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail (right) with regard to the Batu Puteh dispute.ghani patail gani 060409
Calling on BN to give this matter serious attention, she said: “The issue concerns the (alleged) violation of our nation’s sovereignty by one of our citizens.”

Following this, the PKR leader said Umno must also raise the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), which can lead to economic colonisation.

“In view of this, I recommend that Umno raise the issue of forming a Parliament Select Committee regarding the TPPA and also debate the demand that Parliament be given the power to ratify the agreement before it is inked,” she added.

Number three on Nurul’s list are the Sulu incursion in Sabah as well as the murder and abduction of Taiwanese tourists in that state.

Apart from this, she also wanted the Umno assembly to focus on the issuing of identity cards to foreigners as well as the allegations that countries like the US and Singapore are conducting espionage activities on Malaysia.

“These issues must not only be debated, but Umno must vehemently condemn them,” she said.

Its quite an irony for the Opposition leader's daughter to publicly voice her wish list for Umno. Could it be hidden love and affection for the party that made her family rich and famous? 

It seems Nurul has resigned to the fact that only Umno, the party in which her father was a powerful politician over a decade ago, could make her wishes come true.   

Nurul must have been reminded that it was Umno that once nurtured her street demonstration savvy father Anwar Ibrahim and turned him into a sane politician until power, greed and flamboyance got the better of him. 

I suspect mummy cum PKR president Datin Seri Wan Azizah must have reminded Nurul that  it was actually Umno that fed her family and sent her and her siblings to top grade learning institutions. 

So, I hope Umno would view Nurul's wish list in a positive light and email her a membership form. Who knows she could be one of the speakers in the next Umno General Assembly.

I'm sure many could understand why Nurul did not draw up a wish list for PKR. 

Nurul's father too had a pretty long WISH LIST… his own wish list while Tun Ghaffar was still deputy president of Umno.  

YOU forgot what Anwar did to the late Tun Ghaffar?

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Monday 2 December 2013

The Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln

“I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.” - Abraham Lincoln 

p/s Sometimes we need a dose of such great quotes to keep us sane   

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