Tuesday, 28 April 2015

1MDB - PRIME MINISTER going on leave?

In his Comment that appeared in the NST yesterday (Monday, April 27, 2015), Tunku Abdul Aziz says quite a lot on the subject which we know is and has been very close to his heart. Tunku Aziz, as we know, is a man with strong principles in life. It is due to such principles that the once Deputy Vice Chairman of DAP quit the party in the run up to the 2013 General Elections. 
I have had the privilege of meeting up with the man himself on a few occasions, just for brief discussions. I have not an iota of doubt of his integrity and moral values. It is with such awe and respect that I'm writing to highlight certain omissions and seek opinions from the learned man who is the founding member of the Malaysian Chapter of Transparency International.  

Firstly, taking note of the above paragraph in which Tunku Abdul Aziz calls for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to lodge reports with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (of which Tunku is a board member) and the Police, I would like to inform Tunku that detailed reports to the respective agencies have been lodged. In the case of the Police, a specific report has also been lodged against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and two others from 1MDB

So far there has been two police reports, including the one with specific mention of Najib Razak, and another report to the MACC. More reports may follow suit if the agencies remain like a tiger chained to the pole.

I'm sure the learned Tunku Aziz was not suggesting that the respective authorities would commence some form of investigations ONLY if Dr Mahathir himself lodges reports to the trusted agencies. If that is how investigating agencies operate in our country, then I would suggest Dr Mahathir to seriously consider Tunku Aziz's suggestion.

Secondly, I also fully agree with Tunku Aziz that 'we should not short-circuit the systems and procedures that regulate the conduct of government business'. 

It is with this fear of the systems being short-circuited that I'm now seeking Tunku Abdul Aziz's opinion on a very basic issue of transparency, good governance and the likes of it. 

Dear Tunku Abdul Aziz, 

Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak who is 1MDB's Chairman of the Board of Advisors, Finance Minister and Prime Minister is someone who has been directly implicated in the 1MDB scandal. 

Najib is implicated not only in his positions/capacity as mentioned above but also due to his personal/family association with dubious characters linked to the 1MDB scandal. His wife is also very much in the picture.

Do you, as a learned person who is seen to be fighting corruption, upholding transparency, good governance and everything good that comes with it, share my opinion that Najib Razak should take leave from all Government positions until the Police, MACC, Auditor General and the Public Accounts Committee complete their probe into the 1MDB scandal? 

Give us a Yes or No.

Should the Prime Minister not go on leave to allow the respective agencies unlimited access, free hand and a free-from-intimidation environment to complete the probe?

p/s Najib's position as Umno president, though very much inter-related, is another matter and is being addressed despite overwhelming scare tactics and RM.

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Sunday, 26 April 2015

#UNDURLAH Najib Razak

Bicara Negarawan bersama Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad pada pagi Sabtu di Taman Melawati boleh ditakrifkan sebagai langkah yang menandakan 'beginning of the end' bagi karier Datuk Seri Najib Razak sebagai Presiden Umno dan Perdana Menteri Malaysia. 
Jika revolusi minda yang dilancarkan secara terbuka dihadapan ratusan hadirin yang bersesak-sesak di dewan yang sempit ini gagal membuka mata hati dan minda rakyat, maka ini juga akan menandakan 'beginning of the end' bagi Umno dan BN. Itulah intipati yang dibicarakan negarawan kita yang akan mencecah umur 90 tahun dalam beberapa bulan lagi. 

Ikuti ucapan Dr Mahathir serta sesi dialog (rakaman video ikhsan rakan blogger Din Turtle) dan fikirkan lah sendiri apa yang baik untuk rakyat dan negara tercinta ini.

Berikut adalah sesi soal-jawab. Soalan pertama dalam video ini adalah berkenaan GST.

Nota: Saranan agar pemimpin ditukar ganti bukan satu hasutan dan tidak ada undang-undang dalam negara kita yang menghalang rakyat daripada menyuarakan pendapat agar pemimpin yang difikirkan sudah tidak layak memegang tampuk pemerintahan diganti dengan pemimpin lain. Jangan gundah gulana. 

Ehhhhhh! Siapa yang terkinja-kinja kat negara orang ni? 

Betul ker, salah ker. Patut ker, tak patut ker. Layak ker, tak layak ker. Malu ker, tak malu ker. Anda nilai lah sendiri. 

p/s Ini salah satu daripada tabiat yang orang tua tak berapa gemar kot.

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Friday, 24 April 2015

Laporan POLIS terhadap Najib Razak

Datuk Seri Khairuddin Abu Hassan, bekas Naib Ketua Bahagian Batu Kawan yang dipecat dari jawatan Umno atas alasan beliau telah muflis sejurus selepas membuat laporan POLIS dan laporan SPRM berhubung SKANDAL 1MDB tempohari, telah tampil membuat satu lagi laporan POLIS hari ini. 
Laporan terbaru ini adalah lebih khusus.
Selain memohon siasatan ke-atas Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak yang juga Menteri Kewangan merangkap Penasihat Numero Uno 1MDB, Khairuddin juga telah memohon pihak POLIS menyiasat Pengerusi Lembaga Pengarah 1MDB Tan Sri Lodin Wok Kamarudin dan President 1MDB Arul Kanda Kandasamy. 
Jangan belit-belit Datuk Seri. Mana wang berbillion ringgit milik Kerajaan Malaysia yang hilang itu?
p/s Sebelum ini, setahu saya, Khairuddin tidak pernah membuat cadangan untuk membina jambatan bengkok dan difahamkan beliau juga tidak membuat laporan-laporan ini kerana ingin anak beliau menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Terima Kasih.

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Thursday, 23 April 2015

1MDB by Dr M

UPDATED - Below is former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's partial reasoning on WHY NAJIB RAZAK CANNOT CONTINUE TO BE PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA.

Earlier today, addressing a group of investors gathered in Kuala Lumpur, Najib reportedly said that he doesn't feel lonely in telling the truth. I hope Najib gathers enough guts to now stand up and address the pertinent questions posed by Dr Mahathir on the missing BILLIONS of Ringgit of Government funds. 

Please read Dr M's list of questions again Mister Prime Minister (don't worrythe crooked bridge is certainly not in the list) before you make your next looney...I mean lonely statement. TQ


1. The management of Government finances is governed by laws, rules, regulations and practices. Companies also have similar systems but Government manages huge sums of money, basically the people’s money and it is imperative that the managers follow the laws, rules and regulations.

2. Corruption prevails in almost all Governments. But usually they involve relatively small sums. The work of auditors are supplemented by special anti-corruption authorities to ensure that as little as possible of Government money is misused, abused or basically stolen by the people authorised to manage it.

3. Governments can lose money through bad investments. We would know where the money is lost. But when huge sums of money disappear, then those entrusted with its management must answer for the disappearance. Disappearance is different from just losing. Disappearance is about money lost which cannot be traced. This can be because of corruption or theft.

4. In Malaysia the PM and DPM usually hold one extra portfolio. Usually the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Defence alternate between the two. Occasionally while waiting for suitable candidate, the Ministry of Finance is held by the PM. Dato Sri Najib however prefers to keep the Ministry of Finance under him all the time. He has appointed a second Minister of Finance. This is his prerogative of course, but he must ultimately be responsible for what happens to the country’s finances.

5. The first requisite for the management of Government money is the yearly budget. Prepared by the Ministry of Finance from feedbacks by all ministries and departments, the budget is first presented to the Cabinet. If passed it is then presented to Parliament.

6. Government is expected to spend money according to the budget. If the yearly budget cannot meet an urgent need of the Government, a supplementary budget can be presented by Cabinet to Parliament. Drafts of the budgets are prepared by officers of the Ministry. Government raises money through taxes and fees of all kinds. Government may own special businesses such as Petronas, which may contribute to the budget.

7. In Malaysia there is also off-budget-funds which may not be presented to Parliament but are still subject to scrutiny and approval of the Cabinet.

8. Cabinet papers are secret of course. But in the case of 1MDB the presentation to the Cabinet and approval by it seems to be unclear. There seems to be attempts to hide behind official secrecy.

9. What we do know is that 1MDB has as its advisor the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. It is inexcusable that the management which is appointed by the PM would reject his advice. So like the British Advisor of old, the advice of the Advisor is a directive.

10. Since then three CEOs of 1MDB have resigned without explanation. Could it be because they could not accept the advice!

11. The Government invested one million Ringgit in the 1MDB. According to known records 1MDB then borrowed from various sources 42 billion Ringgit.

12. A company with 1 million Ringgit capital with no assets cannot borrow 42,000 times its capital with no collaterals. That 1MDB is able to do so is because of Government guarantees.

13. In other words it is Government which is borrowing the money. If 1MDB loses money, the Government will bear the loss. Yet the operation of 1MDB is not overseen by Government officers responsible for the management of Government funds.

14. Why has the 1MDB become controversial? What is wrong with 1MDB?

15. From the beginning it was wrong. It started off as an off-budget and it was not put before the Parliament.

16. The money was borrowed. So it is not sovereign wealth but sovereign debt.

17. The bond raised by Goldman Sachs costs more than is usual for Government borrowings. The interest rate at 5.9% was too high. Government loans usually attract about 3% or below.

18. In addition 10% commission went to Goldman Sachs which means that 1MDB gets only 90% of the money borrowed yet has to pay interest on 100%, raising the interest rate to 6.6%. Averaging at 6%, yearly interest on 42 billion Ringgit is about RM 2.5 billion. Since 2009 there has been no income from all the assets. And 1MDB had to borrow RM2 billion to pay the interest. The loan is now RM42 billion.

19. Total initial borrowings amounted to 42,000,000,000 (42 billion Ringgit). As far as can be ascertained the investments are as follows:

a. Purchase of Tanjong Energy (now known as Powertek Energy Sdn Bhd) from Ananda Krishnan for RM 8.5 billion. This is higher than market price. The licence was about to expire.

b. Purchase of Genting Sanyen Power (now known as Kuala Langat Power Plant) for RM 2.3 billion. Again high above market price. The licence was abut to expire.

c. Purchase of Jimah Energy for RM 1.2 billion.

d. Purchase of 70 acres of land in Jalan Tun Razak for RM320 million i.e: RM64.00 psf. Land last sold in the area was at RM7,000 psf.

e. Purchase of 495 acres of land in the former Sungai Besi TUDM airport (now known as Bandar Malaysia) about RM 363.5 million i.e: at RM 91.00 psf. Estimated value RM1,000 psf.

f. Purchase of 234 acres land in Air Itam in Penang RM 1.38 billion i.e: at RM135.00 psf.

20. It should be noted that TRX land is close to land recently sold at RM7000.00 psf. Assuming the market price is RM3000.00 psf the true value of this land is 6 billion Ringgit. The Government has therefore lost 5 billion plus because 1MDB paid only RM320 million.

21. With regard to the Sungai Besi Airport land, 1MDB paid 363.5 million Ringgit for 495 acres – i.e at RM91 psf. Assuming market price for this land is RM1000 psf. the Government lost approximately 20 billion Ringgit.

22. The land in Penang is of poor quality and has more than 1000 squatters. Yet 1MDB paid RM1.3 billion i.e at RM 135 psf.

23. These are all the purchases that are known. They all add up to RM14.7 billion. So there is approximately 27 billion Ringgit left.

24. More than 1billion US Dollars were said to be paid to Petro Saudi without verification as to the value of this company or its assets.

25. Where is the rest of the money?

26. A certain amount was registered in the Cayman Islands. What was the money used for? What was brought back to Malaysia. What was brought back and deposited in a Swiss bank in Singapore. Why? Where was the money brought back from? Why is this money not used to pay the RM 2 billion interest. Why did Bank Negara allow the first tranche to be repatriated to Malaysia and not the second tranche. Now the Swiss bank has told the Singapore authorities that the document did not originate from them and does not represent a true account of the assets of 1MDB. So where is the money said to be registered in the Cayman Islands and is now brought back.

27. Clearly 1MDB is not getting any return from its investments. Not only is it losing money but the Government has lost money when 1MDB paid only RM683 million for TRX and Sungai Besi. Total loss incurred by the Government is approximately 25 billion Ringgit.

28. 1MDB revalued all its assets at 52 billion Ringgit. That is because Government land was brought at far below the market price. It can only use this money to repay loans if it succeeds in selling them off as land or after development. Progress on TRX is very slow and there is no work on Sungai Besi land. No money will be generated during development; only outflows.

29. It is this disappearance of a huge amount of borrowed money by 1MDB and the inability to answer questions regarding what happened to the funds that disqualifies Najib from being Prime Minister of Malaysia.


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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Surat terbuka anak Tok Mat

Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed adalah Ahli Parlimen Pulai (Johor) selama tiga penggal, Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Kira-Kira Wang Negara, Ketua Bahagian Umno Pulai dan antara pemimpin pelapis Umno. 

Kata Nur Jazlan,

"Dua projek utama Najib yang mulanya dicanang akan membawa Malaysia kepada tahap ekonomi yang lebih baik iaitu 1MDB dan penubuhan Felda Global Venture (FGV) Bhd kini seakan menjadi api dalam sekam kepada pentadbiran beliau dan pasti akan bertukar menjadi isu politik kepada Umno.

Ramai pihak sudah mula mempertikaikan kewibawaan dua projek ini terutama sekali 1MDB dan jika selama ini, pucuk pimpinan kerajaan dan parti menyatakan serangan itu bermotif politik daripada pembangkang tetapi kini ia datang daripada Tun Dr Mahathir sendiri selain Tun Daim Zainuddin.

Kedua-dua tokoh ini walaupun sudah bersara daripada kerajaan dan politik hampir 15 tahun lalu, tetapi masih berpengaruh besar memandangkan mereka mempunyai rekod sejarah yang dibanggakan rakyat Malaysia sehingga kini.

Di sinilah letaknya perbezaan utama Mahathir dan Najib sebagai Presiden Umno dan Perdana Menteri kerana pada zaman Najib, beliau tidak mempunyai barisan menteri Kabinet yang berpengaruh terhadap rakyat.

Najib dikelilingi penasihat ‘pandai memandai’ yang sebenarnya lebih banyak mementingkan perut masing-masing untuk mendapatkan projek daripada bermatian mempertahankan beliau dengan apa cara sekalipun daripada serangan-serangan ini.

Lebih menyeksakan Najib lagi, pemimpin yang lantang bersuara mempertahankan beliau tidak mempunyai kredibiliti dan pengalaman sehingga segala hujah mudah dipatahkan bukan sahaja di kalangan pemimpin pembangkang malahan di kalangan rakyat biasa sahaja.

Sama ada Najib masih boleh bertahan sehingga tempoh akhir Parlimen pada 2018 dengan segala serangan ini atau tidak, wallahhuallam…tetapi yang pasti lakon layar Umno ini bukan sesuatu yang memelikkan atau mustahil kerana tiada perkara yang pelik atau mustahil dalam parti ini."

Baca sepenuhnya luahan hati pemimpin pelapis ini di Accountant Speaks 

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Malaysia masyhur di mata dunia

Baru menerima gambar serta petikan artikel majalah Tempo dari rakan wartawan di Jakarta. 

Yang diterima ialah petikan dari Edisi Khas Majalah Tempo yang diterbitkan menjelang Ulangtahun ke-60 Persidangan Asia-Afrika yang akan diadakan diBandung minggu ini.

Jika apa yang dikepilkan ini benar diterbitkan dalam EDISI KHAS Majalah Tempo, nyata agenda transformasi yang dilaungkan Perdana Menteri kita telah berjaya. 

Malaysia kini masyhur di-mata dunia. 

Jangan tanya kenapa dan mengapa kita masyhur, tetapi kita nyata mashyur. 

Penduduk Indonesia berjumlah lebih kurang 300 juta orang. Jika hanya 10% yang tahu membaca pun, angkanya agak besar. Jangan risau, kita masyhur. 

Minggu ini pula ramai pemimpin dunia yang sedang berkumpul di-Bandung menghadiri Ulangtahun ke-60 Persidangan Asia-Afrika. Kita pasti lebih masyhur.

Katanya Edisi Khas ini akan tiba di-Malaysia dalam masa sehari dua ini. Jika ada percubaan untuk menghalang kemasukan atau gam majalah ini, kita akan bertambah masyhur. 

Kalau saman majalah Tempo dari Indonesia ini, maka akan bertambah-tambahlah kemasyhuran kita. 

Terima kasih Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. 

p/s Buatlah apa saja yang difikirkan betul. Tiada siapa yang mampu menghalang mereka yang begitu masyhur dimerata dunia.  

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Monday, 20 April 2015

DYMM Sultan of Johor said it last month

Above is documentary proof of what Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sultan Ibrahim of Johor said in an exclusive pre-Coronation interview with the New Straits Times on March 22, 2015. That was about a month ago.

Please re-read DYMM Sultan Johor's own words HERE about the Johor Causeway, the bridge and quotes like 'even if we need to remove part of the causeway'. 

My advice to all those mainstream media editors and politicians who are overzealously in high gear to apple-polish their master, Don't cross the line! 

Please do continue to support a failed leader at your own peril but don't drag the palace into politics. 

Don't try to use or abuse the Royal Institution for your narrow self-serving politics. 

Don't twist, turn and completely disfigure what our Malay Rulers say with the best interest of this nation and her people at heart. 

If you happen to be a politician/ top editor who don't understand the English language, please get someone to translate the interview above and read it again for proper context.

p/s When you try to drag a Malay Ruler to appear on prime-time TV news to talk politics, please do remember that there are EIGHT other Malay Rulers in this beloved nation of ours. 


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