Friday 30 September 2011

A blend of facts and fiction?

Below is an AFP news report filed by the wire agency's Kuala Lumpur-based reporter Romen Bose. I believe this report contains some very, very serious allegations against the Royal Malaysian Police.
Would the Royal Malaysian Police care to respond? 

By Romen Bose 
AFP Kuala Lumpur.

KUALA LUMPUR, September 30, 2011 (AFP) - When Ganasari Nokiah's husband vanished into Malaysian police custody last year, it sent her on a downward slide that left her destitute, hopeless and suicidal.
Ravichandran Vellian was detained in March 2010 on suspicion of buying stolen goods in the capital Kuala Lumpur under the Emergency Ordinance (EO), a dreaded 1969 law allowing virtually indefinite detention without trial.
Prime Minister Najib Razak surprised observers this month by vowing to ease authoritarian laws used for decades to maintain order in the multi-racial country but widely criticised for violating rights.
But families of detainees still do not know whether this will mean freedom for those now held -- many merely on suspicion of petty crimes -- and say the move does nothing to fix the damage done by the harsh detentions.
"I have gone through hell. I have begged the police on my knees to free my husband," said Ganasari, 31, who lives with her five children in a decrepit single room in one of Kuala Lumpur's poorest neighbourhoods.
Seated on a bare floor, Ganasari repeatedly broke down describing the loss of her husband and his income. She said she and her children had not eaten for two days.
She confessed her despair drove her to attempt to poison herself and the children to death. All survived.
"What do we have to live for?" she asked.
Authoritarian rule has marked Malaysia's history since its independence in 1957, enabled by tough laws allowing preventive detention to nip perceived security threats in the bud.
The Internal Security Act (ISA) was enacted in 1960 in the wake of a failed communist insurgency.
The EO was brought in after race riots in 1969 shook ties between Malays -- who make up more than half of Malaysia's 28 million people -- and the country's Chinese and Indian minorities.
Police say more than 700 people were detained under the EO this year alone. Up to 6,000 are currently held, according to the UN Human Rights Council.
Malaysian human rights group SUARAM says 30 are now held under the ISA, which is often employed against opposition politicians, activists and suspected Islamic militants.
The long-ruling Malay-dominated government now headed by Najib has said such laws ensured the stability that allowed Malaysia to prosper into a Southeast Asian economic success story.
Indeed, no major racial unrest has occurred since 1969 and neither has the Muslim-majority country seen large terrorist attacks.
But criticism has grown over detentions that are often unexplained, apparently aimed at stifling legitimate dissent, or that target small-time criminals in an abuse of the intent of such laws.
Torture and other police brutality have been well-documented.
Eager to shore up flagging public support ahead of elections he is expected to call within months, Najib said he would repeal the ISA and work toward reform of the EO.
But no timetables have been given and there are fears that many detainees could remain in custody under new security measures Najib said would replace the old.
Nazri Aziz, Najib's minister for legal affairs, indicated that was a possibility, but urged patience as the new laws are worked out.
In the meantime, families are in "limbo," said Abdul Razak, whose 29-year-old son was detained last year under the ISA for allegedly recruiting people for Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), a Southeast Asian terror group with Al-Qaeda links.
"(The laws) not only break the detainee in the detention camp, but they also break the families," said Abdul Razak, 53, who has been shown no evidence justifying the detention.
Nalini Elumalai, an activist campaigning to abolish the security laws, said the wrongful use of the EO to address petty crime is routine, although no figures are available.
Lawsuits by former detainees under both laws typically fail in the courts, she adds.
"This is the reality of a judicial system in which detainees cannot expect to get any relief from detention without trial," she said.
Ganasari admitted her husband "is no angel," citing his 1994 arrest for fencing stolen goods, but she insisted six years in jail had reformed him and he had started a scrap-metal business.
She said police had sent Ravichandran on a farcical, 18-day "roadshow" around police stations across the country, seeking anyone who would corroborate his guilt on the stolen goods allegation.
No one did, but police gave him two years' EO detention anyway. Ganasari fears that will be extended later.
Najib's announcement has sparked new calls by the political opposition and activists for the government to go further and fully repeal the EO, the Sedition Act and other controversial restrictions.
And while Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has ruled out any government apologies for past detentions, calls for such a gesture are growing.
"Removing the laws is not enough. What about the families the authorities destroyed or are destroying as a result of the arrests they made and the stigma of being labelled an ISA detainee?" said Norlaila Othman.
Her husband, former civil servant Mat Sah Mohamad Satray, was detained for seven years under the ISA for alleged JI links until his 2009 release.
Mat Sah, who declined comment due to rules barring past detainees from speaking to the media, now performs odd jobs, unable to find better work due to the ISA stigma.
An official apology and compensation for all past detainees is "the only way that those hurt by these draconian laws can forgive," Norlaila said.

About Romen Bose
A former Indochina Bureau Chief and correspondent for Channel NewsAsia, Romen Bose has written extensively on the Second World War in Singapore and has been involved in researching Singapore and the region’s military history for close to two decades. His books include, Fortress Singapore: A Battlefield Guide and A Will for Freedom: The Indian Independence Movement in Southeast Asia. He has also worked with the United Nations and more recently, the Singapore Tourism Board. 

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Tuesday 27 September 2011

Unbecoming of a Chief Minister

Go to The Mole for more about this unbecoming behaviour of the Penang DAP chief minister Lim Guan Eng and details of his Malaysia bashing trip to Singapore. 

Interestingly the DAP secretary general's trip to the PAP-ruled island republic also included specific attempts to bad-mouth Iskandar Malaysia and instead promote Penang as a better alternative. 

Included in the itinerary, it was understood, was a private dinner with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and controversial Malaysian business broker Datuk Seri Kalimullah Hassan .... 

Oooops! It seems the Prime Minister of Singapore wasn't invited for the private dinner. 

It was a PRIVATE DINNER for Guan Eng, Kalimullah and Prime Minister Lee's wife Mdm. Ho Ching.

p/s ECM Libra promoting Penang while Guan Eng runs down Iskandar Malaysia ?  Interesting ... 

p/s If I'm not mistaken some among our Opposition politicians were bad-mouthing (its not alien for them anyhow)  our PM's wife when Singapore's Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew met her during his last visit to Malaysia. 

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Monday 26 September 2011

Repeating it?

Sime Darby's purchase of 30% stake in E&O Berhad is seen to be eerily similar to the questionable Ecm Libra - Avenue Capital merger which shocked the corporate world during Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's regime. 

It may not be pleasant to those who would want this matter to be laid to rest but the Sime Darby-E&O deal not only emanates an overpowering stench but some of the individuals seem to be the same culprits.

Fellow bloggers A Voice and BigDog in particular have written volumes concerning dubious deals. The controversial Ecm Libra - Avenue Capital deal was certainly on their screen, similar to the recent transactions involving Sime Darby/E&O and the MAS/AirAsia share swap.

On Ecm Libra, perhaps the late M.G.G. Pillai had put it best at that time in 2006 when everything was dictated at a level one floor below the Prime Minister's Office. 

THE HIDDEN STORY OF ECM Libra merging with Avenue Capital is not told. Avenue Capital used to be called Phileo Bank, which got its licence from the former deputy prime minister, Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim and was said to be his vehicle, but was taken over by the government after his fall. 
It has in its portfolio the post office, with about RM3 billion in funds. The new entity will rival Commerce International Merchant Bankers (CIMB) as Malaysia's largest investment group. 
But CIMB. built brick-by-brick and therefore solid, is run by Dato' Nazir Razak, the younger brother of the deputy prime minister. Mr Khairy is the top dog of the rival. It must be noted that CIMB wants to take over Southern Bank, while Mr Khairy wants it to be taken over by a Singapore group. 
Malaysians are told the confusing pattern of corporate deals, while the political impact of the deal is not explained. Mr Khairy is a young man in a hurry, and the corporate deals he is part of is so that he can be prime minister after his father-in-law. 
But ECM Libra merging with Avenue Capital, worth over RM280 million, would not have happened if his father-in-law had not allowed it. 
In other countries, both would have gone to jail. In Malaysia, one could follow the other as prime minister! 
 - more of the late M.G.G HERE

Well, all those could have been just scary images of the past but a news report  today about certain individuals purportedly trying to silence critics is rather disturbing.

An Independent MP says HERE the Prime Minister's ambitious Transformation Plan would come to naught if nothing is done to stop the remnants of the 4th Floor.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it -GEORGE SANTAYANA

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Saturday 24 September 2011


YES, we understand the above PSA (Public Service Announcement) video was never banned from being broadcasted over any Media Prima, Astro or RTM run television networks. 

In the first place, the 4min plus was never meant to be for TV. Even the producer confirmed that it was purely for 'on-line, YouTube kind of consumption'.

From what we gather someone high up the hierarchy jumped out of the window from his office when he was TOLD that NTV7 aired the launch of this well-produced and exciting video during the channels news slot. And it wasn't repeated as alleged.

Almost everyone in the industry know that each and every PSA that is to be aired over TV has to be certified or 'cleared' by the Censor Board (Lembaga Penapisan Filem) and obviously this particular video doesn't have that LPF clearance. 

But you don't need a LPF clearance for a news items and for video content meant for YouTube, do you MCMC? 

Note: MCMC or SKMM jangan terima arahan sahaja, kadang-kadang cuba beri nasihat ... terutama-nya kepada yang bebal dan asyik menyusahkan rakyat dan KERAJAAN.  

p/s I hope the Prime Minister takes note of this particular incident and how this blunder unfolded and where the 'not-so-clever' email to reprimand NTV7 came from. Whose brilliant idea was it? Such knee-jerk caveman-like reactions are seriously undermining the government's transformation plans. ... and we are getting tired of such 'masters'. 

As far as I am concerned the Anwar-video was also a PSA, but what would those IN-CHARGE of MCMC possibly say when people pose valid questions like the one above - from an anonymous 'rusty oil-rig driller' on Twitter ? 

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Sunday 18 September 2011

Future PM ?

Bapak Anwar di-Ampang apartment by PAPAGOMO

Note: Take a closer look at the shirt Anwar Ibrahim is wearing, both in the Free Malaysia Today-picture above and the Youtube video exposed by Papagomo. 

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Tuesday 13 September 2011


"Naturally, (my husband) had no knowledge of the Sime Darby purchase at the time as this is a sale by the major shareholders and the Board was not told of the negotiations until later".

"I have also briefed YAB the Prime Minister who expressed his understanding." - Zarinah Anwar, Securities Commission chairman

NATURALLY, whether she is the chairman or chairwoman of the SC, Zarinah Anwar has to do the Prime Minister a little justice (since she has dragged the PM into her domestic problems by insinuating in her memo to SC staff that the PM "expressed his understanding") and step down. 

The ambitious Government Transformation Program would NATURALLY be a failure if tainted personalities continue to hold vital positions in the government's engine room. 

The GTP requires clean hands and those hands must be seen and perceived to be clean too since everything revolves around perception nowadays. 

I'm sure Zarinah wouldn't want to give Najib's GTP a red mark ... a negative perception among the business community and more importantly among the investors whom we have been courting at great expense. 

Being a learned person Zarinah should by now also realise what is NATURALLY good for her and her NATURALLY innocent husband Azizan.

If "good corporate governance is the key to the integrity of corporations, financial institutions and markets, and central to the health of our economy and its stability"  as Zarinah herself puts it then it would only be NATURAL for those overseeing and ensuring good corporate governance to walk the talk.

You, Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar, have failed on all counts and many of the dubious deals starting from the infamous ECM LIBRA - Avenue Capital saga to the latest Sime Darby - E&O has raised BIG QUESTIONS on your professionalism and integrity. 

It simply defies logic and common sense for you to imply that your NATURAL husband is NATURALLY innocent and doesn't know anything about those questionable deals as both of you should NATURALLY still be on the same bed.

Shouldn't you NATURALLY step down and save SC and the Government from further disrepute since the smelly stuff has hit the fan...HERE , HERE , HERE , HERE  & HERE ?

The choice is still yours, NATURALLY!

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Saturday 3 September 2011

Politics, Politicians ... and Leaders.

Firdaus Abdullah
Ur seriously STUPID! : Seriously wht was the msian umno fellas doing in mogadishu? Did dey stupidly think it was a fun trip?

 Latheefa Koya · 
member of Keadilan's Central Leadership Council & Lawyersforliberty & MBPJ city councillor

Some pea-brained champions of liberty are busy issuing foot-in-the-mouth statements following the death of Bernama TV cameraman Noramfaizul Mohd Nor in Somalia. 

These pea-brained beings who also happen to be Opposition politicians are basically working overtime to politicise Noramfaizul's death just because he was part of a humanitarian aid mission led by Putera 1Malaysia Club. 

While these pea-brained beings are busy bitching, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has cut short his knee treatment at a sports therapy specialist centre in Perth. 

A senior official from the Prime Minister's Office confirmed that Najib would be returning home tonight from Australia.  

Both Najib and his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin are expected to be at the Royal Malaysian Airforce base in Subang early tomorrow (Sunday) to receive the remains of Noramfizul and members of the Putera 1Malaysia Club aid mission to Somalia.

All the relevant authorities, responsible NGOs and able minded human beings are doing their part to ease the pain of Noramfizul's parents, siblings, wife and children.

The RMAF C-130 carrying the aid mission members, who were in Somalia distributing 250tonnes of food and medicine, are expected to touch down at the Subang base at approximately 8am. (4th of September, 2011)

*** Noramfizul, 40, is expected to be laid to rest at the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Muslim cemetery in Serdang after the Zohor prayers.

TV3 reported earlier that Statesman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had telephoned Noramfizul's father to convey his condolences. 

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Malicious Malaysiakini ?

IT is public knowledge now that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has taken a few days off from his busy schedule a day after Hari Raya Aidil Fitri on the 30th of August 2011. 

Since this year's Merdeka Day celebrations would be held together with Malaysia Day on the 16th of September the Prime Minister, I was told, decided to take a quick couple of days break to further nurse his knee at a renowned Sports Therapy hospital in Australia.

"Since its the festive week the PM wanted to take the opportunity to start an intensive knee rehabilitation programme at the specialist centre in Perth. Its a daily programme which is closely monitored by specialist who are among the best in the field of sports injury" one of the PM's officers explained.

So, the Prime Minister is on leave in Perth for a couple of days to further treat his injured left knee which had been operated on at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital in early August.

But Malaysiakini being Malaysiakini has started spinning this simple "PM being on leave" matter. 

Those behind Malaysiakini are so desperate that they have stretched the tale so thin till the RM200million price tag pasted on an aircraft during the reign of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was also included.

It just shows how desperate some quarters are to nail the Prime Minister and the BN government of the day.

I thought Opposition leaders have been globe trotting at the expense of some state governments which they have been entrusted with, including a particular pervert's multiple trips to Turkey and 'service stops' in Jakarta (read Sukma) and Bangkok.

 Wonder why Malaysiakini is silent about Mat Sabu's abuse of power and privileges as a board member of the Penang Water Authority?

p/s BTW the airline code for the stopovers in Jakarta and Bangkok was Mokhtar ... I was told. :-)

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Friday 2 September 2011


Breaking News - Al Fatihah Wartawan Bernama Meninggal Dunia


Breaking News - wartawan Bernama dan TV3 ditembak sebentar tadi waktu Mogadishu jam 5.30 petang lebih kurang.

Seorang mangsa tembakan wartawan bernama Norafaizul Bin Mohd Nor yang merupakan ketua Media dalam misi ke Somalia ini Meninggal dunia akibat terkena tembakan di dada.

Mengikut laporan tembakan dilepaskan oleh tentera African Union ketika mangsa berada didalam kenderaan ketika hendak masuk kedalam perkarangan Hotel.

Seorang lagi mangsa aji seregar terkena tembakan ditangan dan kini dilaporkan Stabil.

Gomo masih menunggu laporan lanjut dari Dato Azeez yang berada dilokasi kejadian.

Al Fatihah......... 

- reports from PAPAGOMO who is in Mogadishu

 Money Power Woman 

 Money Power Woman 

 Money Power Woman 

 Money Power Woman 

 Money Power Woman 

 Money Power Woman 

 Money Power Woman 

 Money Power Woman 

 Money Power Woman 


TV3 cameraman who also sustained gunshot wounds is reported to be in a stable condition!

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