Saturday 24 September 2011


YES, we understand the above PSA (Public Service Announcement) video was never banned from being broadcasted over any Media Prima, Astro or RTM run television networks. 

In the first place, the 4min plus was never meant to be for TV. Even the producer confirmed that it was purely for 'on-line, YouTube kind of consumption'.

From what we gather someone high up the hierarchy jumped out of the window from his office when he was TOLD that NTV7 aired the launch of this well-produced and exciting video during the channels news slot. And it wasn't repeated as alleged.

Almost everyone in the industry know that each and every PSA that is to be aired over TV has to be certified or 'cleared' by the Censor Board (Lembaga Penapisan Filem) and obviously this particular video doesn't have that LPF clearance. 

But you don't need a LPF clearance for a news items and for video content meant for YouTube, do you MCMC? 

Note: MCMC or SKMM jangan terima arahan sahaja, kadang-kadang cuba beri nasihat ... terutama-nya kepada yang bebal dan asyik menyusahkan rakyat dan KERAJAAN.  

p/s I hope the Prime Minister takes note of this particular incident and how this blunder unfolded and where the 'not-so-clever' email to reprimand NTV7 came from. Whose brilliant idea was it? Such knee-jerk caveman-like reactions are seriously undermining the government's transformation plans. ... and we are getting tired of such 'masters'. 

As far as I am concerned the Anwar-video was also a PSA, but what would those IN-CHARGE of MCMC possibly say when people pose valid questions like the one above - from an anonymous 'rusty oil-rig driller' on Twitter ? 

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Anonymous said...

ni mesti angkara laki mona fendi ni.

Anonymous said...

Inilah jadinya bila dinasour jadi boss... Bilalah Najib nak buat Cabinet shake up ni?

Anonymous said...

What is wrong...?

1. The short snippet by Ku Li saying negara kita ada masaalah dan semua tau apa masaalah tu.
Isn't it a too controversial and opposition friendly remark?

2. And why is Namewee keeps on appearing? It is sickening. Nowadays people can so easily get away with insulting and rude behaviour. Never recall him being ever slapped by the law or any legal action by insulting Malaysian anthem and TNB. Can even meet a minister (Nazri) after that (Note, even a DAP guy is recently suspended on his comment on our flag). In this case he is consistently rewarded.

3. Who funded the PSA snippets? Seems that quite a large budget is involved and quite an authority too as VIPs joined the scene. Once disclosed, we would be able to judge the true intention whether it is PSA or otherwise.