Tuesday 13 September 2011


"Naturally, (my husband) had no knowledge of the Sime Darby purchase at the time as this is a sale by the major shareholders and the Board was not told of the negotiations until later".

"I have also briefed YAB the Prime Minister who expressed his understanding." - Zarinah Anwar, Securities Commission chairman

NATURALLY, whether she is the chairman or chairwoman of the SC, Zarinah Anwar has to do the Prime Minister a little justice (since she has dragged the PM into her domestic problems by insinuating in her memo to SC staff that the PM "expressed his understanding") and step down. 

The ambitious Government Transformation Program would NATURALLY be a failure if tainted personalities continue to hold vital positions in the government's engine room. 

The GTP requires clean hands and those hands must be seen and perceived to be clean too since everything revolves around perception nowadays. 

I'm sure Zarinah wouldn't want to give Najib's GTP a red mark ... a negative perception among the business community and more importantly among the investors whom we have been courting at great expense. 

Being a learned person Zarinah should by now also realise what is NATURALLY good for her and her NATURALLY innocent husband Azizan.

If "good corporate governance is the key to the integrity of corporations, financial institutions and markets, and central to the health of our economy and its stability"  as Zarinah herself puts it then it would only be NATURAL for those overseeing and ensuring good corporate governance to walk the talk.

You, Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar, have failed on all counts and many of the dubious deals starting from the infamous ECM LIBRA - Avenue Capital saga to the latest Sime Darby - E&O has raised BIG QUESTIONS on your professionalism and integrity. 

It simply defies logic and common sense for you to imply that your NATURAL husband is NATURALLY innocent and doesn't know anything about those questionable deals as both of you should NATURALLY still be on the same bed.

Shouldn't you NATURALLY step down and save SC and the Government from further disrepute since the smelly stuff has hit the fan...HERE , HERE , HERE , HERE  & HERE ?

The choice is still yours, NATURALLY!

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Anonymous said...

Hai.........Melayu Melayu......Islam ke?

Anonymous said...

Securties Commission: Datuk Azizan, about your purchases in E&O...

Datuk: Yeah wifey asked me about it. Why don't you check with her.

Securities Commission: Okay...Ummm...That's all. Thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

If Zarinah has any kind of integrity left, (whatever that's left of it)she should resign from her current post.
SURELY after ECM Libra and the Sime Darby-E&O deal, resigning is the best thing she could do.
Being addicted to anything is not healthy, especially if your addiction is corruption and wealth.
Please do us the favour Zarinah, resign and maybe, just MAYBE we will have some respect left for you.

Anonymous said...


My 10 year old share on the 2nd board is stagnant.Probably Zarinah Anuar is mishandling the Securities Commission.
Good riddance to Zarinah n hubby.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Naturally...


adeeba ash burn said...

Naturally its pathetic to read that the SC has appointed two very Sr Officers to "look into the Sime-E&O deal". Going by common sense 101, these two Datuks - Freddy & Gumuri should "look" withour fear or favour & while the Datuks are looking, NATURALLY the Chairman/Tan Sri Zarinah should go on leave of absence - not only to facilitate the investigations but also to exit with "grace" (if there is any). Remember Ollie North (the fall guy for the US fiasco)- his faithful secretary did all the shredding of the documents!Naturally, there must be a shredder in the Chairman's office- by the way shredders are quite portable these days.Naturally, the staff's morale in the SC must be pretty low despite the fact the the Chairman had written a memo to the staff explaining that her hubby - Datuk Azizan had been indulging in buying & selling of shares esp E&O & enriching themselves while they (the SC staff) are slogging & getting peanuts!!!!Opps i fgot, NATURALLY, Tan Sri Zarinah had to explain the "Catch 22" i think that she thought she was in to the PM who was quite understanding about it.Now by dragging the PM who has so much on his plate is like the saying goes "finding the ez way out".Right thinking able-bodied ppl in Malaysia will start wondering what is this hoopla that the Govt is shouting about integrity, corruption, clean government, coming clean when no stern action is taken on this matter.I say well done to the journalists & responsible bloggers who are willing to call "a spade a spade" and not senduk.Its ppl like the Chairman of SC & her hubby who give the whole Msian corporate sector a bad name bcos they are abusing the power vested in them.Its for this, i feel that not two officers from SC but a RCI/Commision of Inquiry/MACC should be established to see if there was any wrong doing NATURALLY on the part of A&Z in dealing with the purchase of E&O shares however innocent both look.This will stand as a deterrent to other high ranking husband & wife team that are a plenty in Msia - both in the corporate & civil service to indulge in such "dealings" & pass the buck to the PM's office.In the meantime, the Chairman & her spouse should pack their LVMH & head not to Aspen Colorado but to a place where NATURALLY the Chairman can don her white Italian silk praying shroud & the other half - NATURALLY in his two-piece suit which can be bought from any shop in Masjid India or any other boutique - pl dont get it sponsored by Tabung Haji.And Naturally, all you have to say out loud is "labbaik allah huma labbaik".Naturally, i am wondering what exactly the PM must have told the learned Chairman or mebbe it went like this,"Rinah, lain kali jgan indulge in this type of transactions you know,the bloggers & journalists nowadays are very sensitive to this kind of sensational news".Madam Chairman, the damage has been done - its about time you pack & leave the scene & enjoy your "well-gotten" wealth. Go & watch the Rugby World Cup - its on now.

Arthur Androman said...

Since Madam Chairwoman has cleared this issue with the Prime Minister, it is clear that she has been completely innocent of the charges laid against her by bloggers. Remember she got cleared by the PM and if that is still not good enough for you, then she should perhaps seek an audience with Rosmah. That should satisfy the UMNO mob