Thursday 30 June 2011

If not SEDITION, what is it ?

@5xmom is actually an individual running around Penang, known as Chan Lilian. She is a 40-something mother of five who :

1. is employed by the DAP-run Penang State Government,

2. is DAP Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's official video-journalist (cum cybertrooper) under the payroll of the Communications Department (reporting to Yap Yee Ling) of the Penang Chief Minister's Office.

MORE INFO .... ?

This woman video-journalist of Lim Guan Eng sent out a seditious tweet late last night calling on Christians in this country to take to the streets for "all the persecution they had done to us and our Lord'

The tweet (pic above) was clearly in support of the proposed Opposition-led Bersih demonstration on July 9 but the scary or rather CRIMINAL part of it is that DAP's operatives have started abusing the religion to gather support among the masses, and they are doing it openly.

Not that they didn't do it before (Christianity was abused beyond recognition during the Sibu by-election) but with this latest self-expose by Lim Guan Eng's close aide it just goes on to prove that the Christians in our beloved country are being instigated by Opposition politicians (and their running dogs) to go against the Malaysian Government.

With this latest SEDITIOUS tweet coming from the high-office in KOMTAR where the DAP secretary general is Chief Minister, I'm beginning to have serious concerns about the recent Negara Christian Conspiracy reported by the blogs and picked-up by Utusan Malaysia.

Mr.Lim Guan Eng, guess the onus is on you to come clean.

Are you or your party involved in any conspiracy to instigate the Christians in this country to go against the Government of Malaysia? 

If not, why are your staff singing a similar song to that the bloggers and Utusan Malaysia accused you and DAP of doing? 

There is no spin here (and don't drag Umno or BN into this), if you are man enough just answer the questions so we shall put the matter to rest. 

p/s  As a Malaysian citizen I demand that the police investigate the sender of above tweet (which I think is a clear cut case of sedition) and take the necessary actions to prevent others from following suit for their own political gains. 

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Monday 27 June 2011

What Bersih want ?

Listed below are BERSIH's demands which the group's chairperson Datuk S.Ambiga is adamant about handing over to Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong in the form of a memorandum on the 9th of July after demonstrating on the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

So, let us first discuss, debate or rationalise the following 8-point demands. I'd reserve my comments and allow APANAMA's readers to say their piece. 

Just try to be objective and keep yourself free from the Anwar Ibrahim-style of backdoor politics.

Say it out loud and clear if these demands are reasonable and apolitical or unreasonably politicised to serve the hidden agenda of a certain group of political parties. 

Once again, just try being sincere to yourself !!!!

1. Clean the electoral roll
The electoral roll is marred with irregularities such as deceased persons and multiple persons registered under a single address or non-existent addresses. The electoral roll must be revised and updated to wipe out these 'phantom voters'. The rakyat have a right to an electoral roll that is an accurate reflection of the voting population.
ln the longer term, BERSIH 2.0 also calls for the EC to implement an automated voter registration system upon eligibility to reduce irregularities.

2. Reform postal ballot
The current postal ballot system must be reformed to ensure that all citizens of Malaysia are able to exercise their right to vote. postal ballot should not only be open for all Malaysian citizens living abroad, but also for those within the country who cannot be physically present in their voting constituency on polling day. police, military and civil servants too must vote normally like other voters if not on duty on polling day.
The postal ballot system must he transparent. party agents should be allowed to monitor the entire process of postal voting.

3. Use of indelible ink
Indelible ink must be used in all elections. it is a simple, affordable and effective solution in preventing voter fraud. In 2007, the EC decided to implement the use of indelible ink, However, in the final days leading up to the 12th General Elections, the EC decided to withdraw the use of indelible ink citing legal reasons and rumours of sabotage.
BERSIH 2.O demands for indelible ink to be used for all the upcoming elections. Failure to do so will lead to the inevitable conclusion that there is an intention to allow voter fraud.

4. Minimum 21 days campaign Period
The EC should stipulate a campaign period of not less than 21 days' A tonger campaign period would allow voters more time to gather information and deliberate on their choices. lt will also allow candidates more time to disseminate information to rural areas. The first national elections in 1955 under the British Colonial Government had a campaign period of 42 days but the campaign Period for 12th GE in 2008 was a mere 8 days.

5. Free and fair access to media
It is no secret that the Malaysian mainstream media fails to practice proportionate, fair and objective reporting for political parties of all divide. BERSIH 2.0 calls on the EC to press for all media agencies, especially state-funded media agencies such as Radio and Television Malaysia (RTM) and Bernama to allocate proportionate and objective coverage for all political parties.

6. Strengthen public institutions
Public institutions must act independently and impartially in upholding the rule of law and democracy. Public institutions such as the Judiciary, Attorney-General, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC), Police and the EC must be reformed to act independently, uphold laws and protect human rights.
ln particular, the EC must perform its constitutional duty to act independently and impartially so as to enjoy public confidence. The EC cannot continue to claim that they have no power to act, as the law provides for sufficient powers to institute a credible electoral system.

7. Stop corruption
Corruption is a disease that has infected every aspect of Malaysian life. BERSIH 2.0 and the rakyat demand for an end to all forms of corruption. Current efforts to eradicate corruption are mere tokens to appease public grouses. We demand that serious action is taken against ALL allegations of corruption, including vote buying.

8. Stop dirty politics
Malaysians are tired of dirty politics that has been the main feature of the Malaysian political arena. we demand for all political parties and politicians to put an end to gutter politics. As citizens and voters, we are not interested in gutter politics; we are interested in policies that affect the nation.

p/s Please don't try to screw this up like TheStar's online poll pertaining Bersih's (still illegal) demonstration.

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Sunday 26 June 2011

BERSIHkan Pulau Pinang ?

Should the people of Penang take to the streets and demand for the resignation of DAP chief minister Lim Guan Eng for the state government's failures, abuse and tyranny as contained in the above video footage ?

The last video footage of Anwar Ibrahim's lies and false promises to the people of Kampung Buah Pala is a valid reason for the people of Penang to DEMONSTRATE AGAINST the DAP-led state government and demand for Lim Guan Eng's immediate resignation.

Why is it that no one is talking about accountability when it comes to Pakatan Rakyat and their bunch of compulsive liars? 

If our enforcement authorities allow the Opposition-organised Bersih demonstrations to proceed in Kuala Lumpur then I don't see a reason why a similar or bigger DEMONSTRATION be held all over Penang (particularly on the iconic PENANG BRIDGE).

There are more reasons for the RAKYAT to demonstrate in Penang as Pakatan Rakyat and DAP have been discriminatory and racists in administrating the state - as clearly stated in the video footage above. 

I'm sure the former resident's of the now non-existent Kg.Buah Pala would be more than willing to take to the streets together with a host of others who are fearing a similar fate in the near future.  

So, would Lim Guan Eng, Anwar Ibrahim and Mat Sabu support a series of big scale street demonstrations in Penang? 

We could call it JOM BERSIHkan PULAU PINANG can't we?

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Thursday 23 June 2011

Seditious Freedom ala' Malaysiakini

This "nasty provocation" which appeared in online news portal Malaysiakini, on the page carrying Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Jamil Khir Baharom's statement concerning apostates, was captured yesterday.

Is this responsible journalism or are we now free to do and say anything we want in this new Malaysia where freedom is fast becoming a religion? 

Why is it that Malaysiankini and the other rogue news portal Malaysian Insider get away with "murder" all the time? 

Is this the kind of freedom we want? 

I think Malaysiakini bosses Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran owe Malaysians not only an explanation but an unreserved apology for spreading seditious materials as such via their super-responsible, freedom loving and democracy advocating Malaysiakini! 

p/s Dear HOME MINISTER, this is case no 2. What happened to the first one by the way? 

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Tuesday 21 June 2011

The Star and its SCREWED poll!

The nation's LEADING English newspaper company, The Star Publications, has once again shown its true colors. Don't ask me what their colors are but going by their tendencies lately it appears far from white.  

The LEADING news organisation controlled by the Malaysian Chinese Association had run an Online poll on the proposed illegal street demonstration by an NGO calling themselves Bersih.

The questions for the "very necessary and timely' poll on Monday by the LEADING newspaper controlled by the Malaysian Chinese Association is as stated in the box above, BUT one wonders why The Star - the LEADING newspaper or rather those who run the organisation appear to be deaf and dumb ? 

I think the Star's Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai and his bosses owe the authorities an explanation because :-

1. The Royal Malaysian Police have stated in no uncertain terms that they WILL NOT issue a permit for the proposed July 9 Bersih demonstrations in downtown Kuala Lumpur due to concerns over security and public order. 

2. The Home Minister had also made similar statements and re-emphasised the fact that the proposed demonstration was illegal and urged the organisers to call off the politically-motivated demonstrations. 

3. Hundreds of police reports have been lodged against the proposed demonstration by Bersih and hundreds of NGOs opposed to Bersih have vouched take it to the streets on the same day if the Bersih demonstration was allowed by the authorities.

4. Every journalist / editor worth his salt know that Bersih is not an independent NGO but merely the tool of a desperate Opposition politician. ( Wong Chun Wai should step down if he doesn't know this fact) 

So, why then would a LEADING newspaper like The Star, which is run by experienced LEADING journalist like Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai be so irresponsible and not give a damn to the concerns of the Royal Malaysian Police and the Home Minister himself ? 

After all the necessary damage was done via the SCREWED poll, the LEADING newspaper removed the online poll and issued a 'statement' late this evening.

Published: Tuesday June 21, 2011 MYT 7:39:00 PM
Updated: Tuesday June 21, 2011 MYT 7:57:43 PM

Manipulation suspected in Bersih poll

The poll asked respondents for their opinion: should it be cancelled, or should it be allowed to go on.
In less than a day, it drew more than a million responses which caused the team to suspect that the results were being manipulated. The Star Online polls attract an average of only about 50,000 responses over several days.
Furthermore, the total number of unique visitors to The Star Online is about 400,000 per day, lending further credence to our suspicion that there was manipulation afoot.
This could be done in several ways, for example through scripted routines or "bots" that come in to a site to perform the same task over multiple repetitions. Indeed, an initial examination of our site logs showed about one million submissions to the poll page from just one IP address.
Therefore, acting upon the belief that the poll results were tainted, we made the decision to take it offline just before noon Tuesday.
We regret that our effort to give the public a voice has been tainted by this act. - TheStar

So, is the nation's LEADING English newspaper and its LEADING chief trying to LEAD its readers in a new direction ? 

p/s I just hope this time around the Home Minister doesn't stop with just another WARNING!

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Thursday 16 June 2011

NO bersih ... its DIRTY POLITICS.

Its purely politics and its bloody dirty! 

There is valid suspicion that the planned street demonstrations on July 9 2011 spearheaded by former Bar Council president S. Ambiga and Pas' newly minted deputy President Mat Sabu is purely a political movement out to destabilise the Government and taint Malaysia's image in the international scene. 

In a nutshell these group of desperate politicians and a few know-it-all politician wannabes appear to be bent on demonising the BN-led Government of the day, knowing well that they got off with such dirty politics in Dec 2007.

Many things have changed since 2007. Not only have we replaced the world famous sleeping Prime Minister, we have also proved to the world that Malaysians are a practical lot who recognised sincerity and hard work. 

Its a fact that all public polls and surveys carried out by various parties, both local and international, in the last two years point that Malaysians in general are supportive of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's nation-building initiatives. 

These polls and survey readings doesn't mean that the rakyat are running back into the ruling coalition's arms after the 2008 General Elections, but they are also not in favour of some ex-convict to be their next Prime Minister.

 In other words, the average able-minded Malaysian wants Najib Razak to continue with his hard work and clean up BN for the better. 

Malaysians don't seem to be in favour of an ex-convict and his band of fickle-minded Hududs and Reds flag bearers to overthrow the Government of the day. 

Malaysians just long for a pro-active, sensible and responsible Opposition in this beloved country....the likes of Lee Lam Thye and P.Patoo, and those before them.

Coming back to the illegal street demonstrations called Bersih, I think Malaysians are not as politically naive as they were in 2007, when the Government of the day then was rudderless with a sleeping Prime Minister and his bunch of 4th floor clowns.

In the current national political scenario, the rakyat could sense the desperation among those who want to topple the BN-led Government through whatever means possible. 

How dirty could our electoral process be when the ex-convict-led Opposition have seized control of FOUR STATES and had won in so many parliamentary seats that the ruling party was denied its two-thirds majority for the first time since 1957? 

If our electoral process is so dirty and corrupt, did all the Opposition lawmakers win through dirty politics and corruption then? 

Rather than trying to hoodwink the public through DIRTY nauseating politics and fanning hatred, I suggest all Opposition elected representatives, both at state and federal level, to resign en block and make way for a fresh, fair and transparent elections.

Lets see our Opposition members walk the talk. Quit if are so adamant that our electoral system is dirty, corrupt and not transparent at all.

p/s  ... if you can't just shut the F%@*-up and stop ruining this country.

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Thursday 9 June 2011

BAR in the DOCK !

Once again the Bar Council has come under the spot light for the wrong reasons. 

The often vociferous and righteous body which represents (or is supposed to represent) lawyers in Malaysia is being chided for being irresponsible and untrustworthy.

Deliberating the maxim - “An independent Bar is a hallmark of a free and democratic society”  - an Independent member of parliament have basically turned the tables and put the Bar Council in the dock.

In his latest blog posting Bayan Baru MP Zahrain Hashim has drawn the people's attention to our Bar Council's lack of professionalism and impartiality in handling or championing issues and matters of public interest in Malaysia.

Zahrain says the Bar Council has been hijacked by politicians masquerading as lawyers. 

Where are the lawyers then?

Read the full blast HERE. 

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