Monday 31 May 2010


Quotable quotes from Gerakan Anti-Samy Vellu - GAS at the Mines Convention Centre on Sunday 30th May, 2010.

‘Datuk Seri Samy Vellu is a confused play actor who doesn’t know how to leave the stage now, someone please help him" -

“The Indian community’s problems didn’t reach the Government and the Government’s allocations for the Indians community never reached them, both stopped at Samy Vellu’ -

“Samy Vellu is the main stumbling block for the progress of the Indian community in Malaysia’ -

“Datuk Seri Samy is a liability to BN. BN’s weakness now is Samy Vellu” -

“I don’t know what my future would be like in MIC but we must save the party from Samy Vellu and his family. Indians in Malaysia could be members of any party at this point of time but the mother-party for us is still MIC.

– V.Mugilan ex-MIC Youth deputy chief and GAS organizer.

‘Samy Vellu is a thief. He has swindled Maika’s money and now he is robbing MIED. Samy Vellu is trying very hard to hijack MIED and Aimst”

“MIED was given for the Indian community by former PM Dr.Mahathir but Samy says it’s his. Samy Vellu is a thief, a greedy thief’

“Samy Vellu’s favourite quote is – Political power depends on the piles of notes (money) you have’ but now our ability to oust him depends on our unity"

– Bharath Maniam (PJ Selatan MIC chief).

“The Government has done a lot for the Indian community but our only regret is that everything was placed in the hands of one man who has now swindled the entire community.

"Prime Minister please don’t continue this because BN will lose more Indian votes if you keep this man with you” –

- Philanthropist OMS Thiagarajan.

“Samy Vellu’s announcement to quit in Sept 2011 is a well crafted ploy to fix deputy president Palanivel and install S.Subramaniam (Minister) as president and his son Vel Pari as deputy president"

“PM please don’t protect Samy any longer as BN is losing support among the Indians because of him and his son. Samy has split the Indians and caused the community’s economic downfall"

– K.P.Samy (ex-MIC CWC member)

“It would be a slap on the Indian community’s face is Samy Vellu is given any Government position or awards like Tun-ship after he is removed from MIC”

“Samy Vellu, don’t be the Mussolini of Malaysia. Leave while you could or risk being humiliated and chased out’

– former MIED CEO P. Chitrakala

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Wednesday 26 May 2010


It is not the Malays or Umno, it is not the Chinese or only the Indians but the entire country somehow agree at this point of time that Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu and/or MIC are not the legitimate sole representative of the “Malaysians of Indian origin” community in our country Malaysia.

This is an indisputable fact!

Samy Vellu might have been an effective, hardworking community leader and Federal Minister but his time has definitely come to pass.

A shrewd politician he may be but his defiance against the sentiments of the very community which he claims to represent could only spell his unceremonious exit from the game. MIC’s continued existence now relies heavily on the party’s shattered leadership.

Backstabbing is a taboo in BN but desperation seems to have broken the pledge.

Desperation is crystallized when you start shooting in the dark, and that is exactly what Samy Vellu is unleashing through none other than his son Vell Pari. Another ‘parachute MIC leader’ has also urged MIC to quit the ruling coalition of Barisan Nasional.

This is an act of survival where you find/create a scapegoat.

The Chinese political parties seem to have done it well and created a certain level of confusion within their community.

MCA insinuates that the Chinese are against the Government over some ‘intelligent’ issues while the Chinese community indicates that they are actually tired with the MCA’s soap-opera.

So, as an act of survival some anointed MCA top leaders unleash their fury against the Government, Umno and its leaders.

MCA cwc member Datuk Ti Lian ker for one has been consistent in his blog and Facebook ranting after his horse was kicked out from the track.

Ti and other similar goons not only demonize Perkasa over unfounded/hearsay allegations but are now trying very hard to drive a wedge between Umno leaders. This is another method of the easy way out. Umno is perceived to be weak and appear to be a perfect BOGEYMAN.

The time seems ripe for chairman Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to convene an emergency session of the BN supreme council and set the records straight on the future of BN.

It must be made clear to each and every one of the 14 BN component parties that the people are sick of never ending intra-party crisis and power struggles.

The earlier proposed direct-membership into Barisan Nasional should also be deliberated and its implementation expedited in the best interest and continued survival of the ruling coalition.

BN supporters leaving MIC, MCA and Gerakan is increasing by the day and if nothing is done to contain this pool of ‘hardcore supporters’ then an exodus could be in the making.

People cannot possibly remain BN-friendly if the BN doesn’t initiate fresh steps to be people-friendly.

BN has a choice.

p/s MIC too has it's choices, an option between life and death. Malaysians of Indian origin, both in and outside MIC, know the solution and the latest BOGEYMAN strategy won’t fool even a 10-year old.

There is only ONE WAY for MIC, … and Datuk Seri S.Samy. ONE have to go!

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Friday 21 May 2010

CINDY from Xinjiang, Azeeeeeeeez?

THURSDAY, MAY 20, 2010

Sime Darby's Zubir, his friend Azeez, and a woman from Xinjiang - says Rockybru.

Zubir and Tun Musa Hitam received the coveted TURKEY of the Year award way back in 2008.

What interests me further following ROCKYBru's revelation is a China-doll called CINDY.

p/s don't rempit Dato'.... not good for you.

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Wednesday 19 May 2010

Chinese Supremacy ?

Wednesday May 19, 2010

Chua: Chinese have deeper concern for intellectual issues


KUALA LUMPUR: The Chinese community is more concerned about intellectual matters and not just on bread and butter issues, said MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.

The community, he said, was affected by concerns such as good governance, accessibility to education, scholarships, promotions, judiciary and crime. - TheStar (MCA mouthpiece with a new obedient COO)

MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has been shooting his sexy-mouth in the last couple of days, particularly after BN's recent defeat in Sibu.

Before the above statement, which insinuates that non-Chinese have lesser concern for intellectual issue in Malaysia, Chua had also warned that the government MUST listen to the grievances of the Chinese voters.

It is indeed a good advice to the government, but when such an advice comes from the president of the Malaysian CHINESE Association, its a little funny at the least.

Dr.Chua, please remember that it is your duty as the president MCA to ensure that the Chinese actually support your association.

Without the Chinese community's support and trust, MCA is simply irrelevant, including to the BN and the Government.
Remember that you are part of the government, a BN component president and not a MOVIE STAR! You are already quite popular for the wrong reasons, now just get your acts together and try selling your story to the CHINESE.

p/s Intellectual issues please, Dr Chua Soi Lek!

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Friday 7 May 2010


De facto Kedah Menteri Besar and Sungai Petani MP Johari Abdul confirms in this report here that puppet-Pas MB Azizan Abdul Razak is firmly under his thumb.

Internal rift in PKR is piercing the exit door wider following Johari's Machiavellian
politics and personal expediency, plus the shame of the 'famous Sept 16 lie'. Many, leaders and members, are undoubtedly returning to the point where they strayed away.

PKR surely appears to be on the death track in Kedah and risks being totally wiped out from the powerful state assembly.

Under such circumstances, the biggest loser would not be PKR or its other allies but PKR election director Yang Berhormat Johari Abdul himself.

Johari is a master strategist, with an obedient pet in Azizan.

Johari's grand plans in Kedah ( not for Kedah) would dissappear into thin air and the coveted Menteri Besar's seat would slip away to the next credible Pas leader, should the remaining THREE PKR state executive council members express their disgust and quit.

Of the 36 seats in the Kedah state assembly - Pas holds 16 seats, BN has 14, PKR has 3 seats, 2 for Independents and a single seat for DAP.

The three remaining PKR state assemblymen are Tan Chow Kang (Sidam), S Manikumar (Bukit Selambau) and Lim Soo Nee (Kulim).

Should Azizan, as per Johari's instructions, dissolve the state assembly and call for a snap election in Kedah?

I think he should, but no before considering the possibilities of another strategy.

I think the people would be happy with a much capable, stronger state government.

16 + 14 + 2 > 3 + 1

p/s Brother Joe, ask the remaining three to take the Bai'ah Oath of Loyalty in the presence of Pas' long list of Tok Guru & Lebai Pak Man Telo.
Bro, I know your three reps are not Muslims but then again you could make some justifications and approval for political survival ... won't you?
Hit the road Joe, or it's gonna hit you.

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Thursday 6 May 2010


UPDATED: 2245 hrs -

If I'm a loyal Petronas employee who have been nurtured all these years to love my organisation as a national institution with an immense responsibility to my country, pherrrr.. I will STAND UP and STAND AGAINST attempts to erode Petronas' dignity and turn into just another oil&gas company.

Don't just take it sitting down, at least THINK! and later THANK the BigDog.

How I wish ...the Prime Minister says he has "nothing to do with the internal appointments or micro-management of Petronas".

While we wait for Petronas to cleanse itself and the President's office, the folks at Tower 1 and thousands of other former and serving Petronas citizens are watching with awe.

Is this the Petronas we all know, or rather used to know? Doesn't matter if the head doesn't roll, but mistakes ought to be set right.

Petronas has a culture, a good one indeed. Don't compromise and lose your territory, as it is ours to keep and not yours to cede.

Wonder what happened to the Queen though, whom last we heard were thumping her feet while Mr.President was shivering under his elegant suit? The Kitchen Cabinet is silent too, after the last ChatterSBox <>

p/s talk to me maverick!

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Tuesday 4 May 2010

Drilling for TRUTH!

Truth please!

Parpukari started the campaign and we feel it is a sincere attempt to unmask the HinduGod-MuslimPriest's back door maneuvers during Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's regime.

The sale of our territory and the oilfields in that sold territory appears as certain as the unidentified financiers of E-Solutions and MalaysianInsider.

RPK, why don't you repent and tell us the Inside Story of Kali, Kamaludin, Khairy & his father in-law Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Is this sale of our territory the last episode of the Midnight Robbery, or are we to expect more ?


Royal Commission of Inquiry please.

p/s Is it TREASON?

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Monday 3 May 2010

Vote Umno and BN OUT, says PETRONAS's GM

Updated - The Queen may have unleashed her cyber-troopers but ROCKY's BRU says the President of Petronas has finally seen the light. As the Queen's cyber troopers are proposing for a witch-hunt at Tower 1, read another fresh insight into the former Parti Rakyat Malaysia VICE president's IDEOLOGY. -

"The executive (read: Dr M and gang) has been abusing the legislative and the judiciary so long that it thinks that this is a right, not a wrong. It's so bad that even Anwar, who belonged to the highest echelons of the executive, couldn't right this wrong. This means that the only alternative is to sack the present executive branch (read: BN) and elect new representatives.
3. A beginning of a new, more equitable, multiracial approach to managing this wonderful country called Malaysia. Our citizens are relatively tolerant of each other, but the BN has continued the British divide-and-rule (and outdated) system of government in keeping us apart. After putting up with this for 42 years, you must agree that the only way from here is to look at alternatives to the status quo. We have to UPGRADE.
4. A real and committed plan to alleviate poverty, esp. among the Malay rural community which has been used and abused by Umno for far too long. The Anwar issue has only been a catalyst to the expression of dissatisfaction among Malays, not the over-riding reason to voice a need for change. To claim so is disingenuous.
5. A stronger government to take Malaysia into the challenging new millennium. The BN can't do it - it's quite obvious. Even their leaders admit so, blaming external forces for their failure. Blaming is not going to solve our problems as a small trading nation in a corporate-ruled world. Having a clear and consistent policy on managing our assets will help stave off the sharks when they come to feed here. Eg., if privatisation is reversed, even the WTO will not have jurisdiction on our assets. When you put our assets in the hands of a few private corporations, you leave these assets vulnerable to takeover from within and outside the country, esp when these corporations mismanage our assets. Will BN reverse privatisation? I seriously doubt it! So who will? The opposition, of course.' or so says Queen Steryll Stothard HERE.

"If you feel UMNO and the BN have denied you your rights as a citizen of Malaysia, then vote them out. Your one vote is as Equal to the vote of any other Malaysian, Malay or otherwise. - Sheryll Stothard in Haris Ibrahim's blog

Also read another damning revelation HERE (courtesy of Parpukari)

p/s Take note Mr.President, and don't expect this to stop. The worms are wriggling to get out of the can.

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YES! We want the Government to institute a ROYAL COMMISSION OF INQUIRY to investigate the 'Sale of a Malaysian Territory', and the loss of more than RM320 BILLION!

A VOICE is loud and clear about it too. No covering up, PLEASE!

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Saturday 1 May 2010


Anonymous said...

Ha ha. RaZ got it right - Hassan Marican is the name, throwing mud is his game.

Kidafella dah mengaku dapat RM4 juta for hitting Pak Lah.

Apanama, berapa kah ganjaran yang kau dapat dari Hassan's Henchman aka Sabri, the guy this girl replaced?
Tapi you won't publish this, '
kan? Cannot reveal your backers, kan?
Untuk pengetahuan Sdr Apanama, sebenarnya, di Petronas sekarang 'ni, everyone is celebrating the end of Sabri dengan Hassan's reign of terror lah. Alhamdulilah, kami semua boleh kerja dengan baik sekarang. All except the incompetent cronies of the old regime. You go and ask corporate affair kat Petronas - how happy are they that the old Puan Sri is no longer in the building? Go and call any number randomly in Petronas - tanya get the same answer.
Kalau you tak dapat sekurang-kurangnya RM1 juta for writing all this fitnah on your blog, rugi lah you.

Saturday, May 01, 2010 1:29:00 AM

The above was a comment in my previous posting “Queen Controls Petronas’. The anonymous remark, I feel, aims to divert our attention away from the antics of the current President/CEO, his Kitchen Cabinet and the ‘mother of all blunder’ appointment of former Parti Rakyat Malaysia VICE president Queen Sheryll Stothard as Petronas’ GM of Corp Comm.

The issue highlighted in this blog has nothing to do with any regime of past Presidents/CEOs of Petronas!

We in Apanama are only concerned about Petronas and the Government in general if dubious characters like Syerill Stothard and the likes is allowed to roam freely in a vital national institution like Petronas.

Please, my brothers and sisters in Petronas, We are not interested in your office politics but are damn concerned about the continued survival of PETRONAS AS A NATIONAL INSTITUTION.

We just don’t want Petronas to be infested with TRAITORS and MOLES who would sell just about anything in the name of their IDEOLOGY.

Note: Was told that the former Parti Rakyat Malaysia VICE president was involved in preparing PETRONAS' press statement pertaining Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's Limbang fiasco this morning, and that Malaysian Insider got the first statement even before it was officially issued.

Dear Mr.President, its your choice now since the Prime Minister has asked you to 'sort it out'. You may want to end this 'Queen of (your) Heart' saga quickly or prolong it at your own peril.

The ball, as they say, is in your court Mr.President!

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