Wednesday 26 May 2010


It is not the Malays or Umno, it is not the Chinese or only the Indians but the entire country somehow agree at this point of time that Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu and/or MIC are not the legitimate sole representative of the “Malaysians of Indian origin” community in our country Malaysia.

This is an indisputable fact!

Samy Vellu might have been an effective, hardworking community leader and Federal Minister but his time has definitely come to pass.

A shrewd politician he may be but his defiance against the sentiments of the very community which he claims to represent could only spell his unceremonious exit from the game. MIC’s continued existence now relies heavily on the party’s shattered leadership.

Backstabbing is a taboo in BN but desperation seems to have broken the pledge.

Desperation is crystallized when you start shooting in the dark, and that is exactly what Samy Vellu is unleashing through none other than his son Vell Pari. Another ‘parachute MIC leader’ has also urged MIC to quit the ruling coalition of Barisan Nasional.

This is an act of survival where you find/create a scapegoat.

The Chinese political parties seem to have done it well and created a certain level of confusion within their community.

MCA insinuates that the Chinese are against the Government over some ‘intelligent’ issues while the Chinese community indicates that they are actually tired with the MCA’s soap-opera.

So, as an act of survival some anointed MCA top leaders unleash their fury against the Government, Umno and its leaders.

MCA cwc member Datuk Ti Lian ker for one has been consistent in his blog and Facebook ranting after his horse was kicked out from the track.

Ti and other similar goons not only demonize Perkasa over unfounded/hearsay allegations but are now trying very hard to drive a wedge between Umno leaders. This is another method of the easy way out. Umno is perceived to be weak and appear to be a perfect BOGEYMAN.

The time seems ripe for chairman Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to convene an emergency session of the BN supreme council and set the records straight on the future of BN.

It must be made clear to each and every one of the 14 BN component parties that the people are sick of never ending intra-party crisis and power struggles.

The earlier proposed direct-membership into Barisan Nasional should also be deliberated and its implementation expedited in the best interest and continued survival of the ruling coalition.

BN supporters leaving MIC, MCA and Gerakan is increasing by the day and if nothing is done to contain this pool of ‘hardcore supporters’ then an exodus could be in the making.

People cannot possibly remain BN-friendly if the BN doesn’t initiate fresh steps to be people-friendly.

BN has a choice.

p/s MIC too has it's choices, an option between life and death. Malaysians of Indian origin, both in and outside MIC, know the solution and the latest BOGEYMAN strategy won’t fool even a 10-year old.

There is only ONE WAY for MIC, … and Datuk Seri S.Samy. ONE have to go!

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Salam bro, support la kempen kita nasihat PM jangan lantik KJ jadi Menteri