Saturday 1 May 2010


Anonymous said...

Ha ha. RaZ got it right - Hassan Marican is the name, throwing mud is his game.

Kidafella dah mengaku dapat RM4 juta for hitting Pak Lah.

Apanama, berapa kah ganjaran yang kau dapat dari Hassan's Henchman aka Sabri, the guy this girl replaced?
Tapi you won't publish this, '
kan? Cannot reveal your backers, kan?
Untuk pengetahuan Sdr Apanama, sebenarnya, di Petronas sekarang 'ni, everyone is celebrating the end of Sabri dengan Hassan's reign of terror lah. Alhamdulilah, kami semua boleh kerja dengan baik sekarang. All except the incompetent cronies of the old regime. You go and ask corporate affair kat Petronas - how happy are they that the old Puan Sri is no longer in the building? Go and call any number randomly in Petronas - tanya get the same answer.
Kalau you tak dapat sekurang-kurangnya RM1 juta for writing all this fitnah on your blog, rugi lah you.

Saturday, May 01, 2010 1:29:00 AM

The above was a comment in my previous posting “Queen Controls Petronas’. The anonymous remark, I feel, aims to divert our attention away from the antics of the current President/CEO, his Kitchen Cabinet and the ‘mother of all blunder’ appointment of former Parti Rakyat Malaysia VICE president Queen Sheryll Stothard as Petronas’ GM of Corp Comm.

The issue highlighted in this blog has nothing to do with any regime of past Presidents/CEOs of Petronas!

We in Apanama are only concerned about Petronas and the Government in general if dubious characters like Syerill Stothard and the likes is allowed to roam freely in a vital national institution like Petronas.

Please, my brothers and sisters in Petronas, We are not interested in your office politics but are damn concerned about the continued survival of PETRONAS AS A NATIONAL INSTITUTION.

We just don’t want Petronas to be infested with TRAITORS and MOLES who would sell just about anything in the name of their IDEOLOGY.

Note: Was told that the former Parti Rakyat Malaysia VICE president was involved in preparing PETRONAS' press statement pertaining Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's Limbang fiasco this morning, and that Malaysian Insider got the first statement even before it was officially issued.

Dear Mr.President, its your choice now since the Prime Minister has asked you to 'sort it out'. You may want to end this 'Queen of (your) Heart' saga quickly or prolong it at your own peril.

The ball, as they say, is in your court Mr.President!

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Anonymous said...

I said in my previous comment "...Hopefully it's [withdrawal of Stothard's appointment] not a whitewash or deception aimed at diverting attention, while Stothard remain hidden somewhere in Petronas".

Now in this post you said: "Was told that the former Parti Rakyat Malaysia VICE president was involved in preparing PETRONAS' press statement pertaining Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's Limbang fiasco this morning". I presume "...this morning" means today, 1st May. Do you mean to say that Stothard is still in Petronas, in contrast to your post yesterday that her appointment had been aborted?

Blogger A Voice's latest post today also alluded to the same press statement and inferred that Stothard is "still legally" in Petronas. He added "Hen pecked Dato Shamsul has actually put up a smoke screen but have not sacked Sheryll".

Was I right in saying that the withdrawal of Stothard's appointment could all be a deception (smoke screen according to A Voice)?

I think you need to verify this, in the interest of protecting Petronas. If Dato Shamsul himself is putting up the smoke screen, then he doesn't deserve to be Petronas President.

Anonymous said...

Kesian, the pkr people will only work for money.

I think they envy pro-BN bloggers who do it for the love of Negara, Bangsa dan Agama.

Kesian pkr

Anonymous said...

sir, whoever wrote that piece is dead wrong.

malas nak panjangkan only concerned at the moment what will happen to CSR under shamsul?

he's not a CSR person i've been told. the recent F1, CSR programme which has been organised annually has been scrapped.

Anonymous said...

Hello... Apanama2020, dari mana dapat your facts???? Facts or fitnah??? This Sheryll person ni dah lama keluar dari PRM. Yang saya dengar dia resign kerana tak mau bergabung dengan Keadilan. Checck your dates. Bila masa dia berkawan dengan Dato Seri Amwar Ibrahim????? Muka Sheryll kat ceramah pembakang pun tak nampak.So now ask yourself siapa dalam Petronas dulu kawan baik dengan Dato Ser Anwar??? Tanya juga kawan kawan awak di NST yang suruh awak tulis benda benda tak senonoh ni. Presiden yang mana cakap besar menanti nantikan Sept.16 tapi tak jadi huh???? Presiden yang mana lawan kerajaan kemudian terpaksa keluar Petronas?? Ini semua rejim lama di Petronas yang takut benda benda yang tersembunyi dibongkarkan kerana ada kepimpinan baru membuat rombakan besar di Petronas??? Kawan kawan kamu di NST yang tak sedar diri landsung yang menyuruh kamu membuat benda benda ini.... masih tak sedar ke???

Russ Kühl said...

When I first read your post on Thursday, it kinda felt that the pro-Mahathir bloggers who were in favor of Hassan were taking their revenge.

My UMNO taikors asked me about Sheryl too. Told them she typical yuppie crowd - young and opinionated but she's just a working stiff like everyone else. Told them she more linked with KJ than Anwar. They say, "Hmmm, she small fry... focus on the bigger fish."

Yesterday morning's post suggest there was more to it. It was only on the plane back to KL did I read Petronas new appointment of directors. I supposed, it is all related.

I hate to see UMNO bloggers going to war on this issue when their priorities are supposed to be on Kali, NMY and their cronies.

I mean if you wanna bring Sheryl's political affiliation as an issue (and she is only a mere GM), what about Dato Anuar? PAS sympathizer or Dato Wan Zul? A staunch PKR supporter? Both of them are senior VPs and were candidates for the CEO's job.

Or is it cuz Sheryl is in PR and you guys are all in the same industry. The PR department in Petronas is over 140 strong. Beats me why, PETRONAS (or should I say, Hassan) needed so many.

So maybe your counterparts in PETRONAS are worried about their future.

But whatever the reasons, I wonder how you and Big Dog get suckered into all these.

Big Dog (I presume you reading this) mana itu sequel to NMY stories? Where to juicy tales of NMY and the mamak gang? Hmmm Hassan Merican... bukan dia mamak? (Bapak india islam dan mak china)

But hey, less not use race in a negative context. Let us be proud that Malaysia had a non-Malay CEO for PETRONAS for 15 years. That'll shut up LKS or Kapal Singh for a while.

Jangan buka pekong di dada, else shit will hit the fan and F**d, F***s, and F****l will all get f***ed nicely along the way.

Be nice y'all!

Goh Wei Liang said...

TS Hassan Marican was well respected and his work in Petronas receive praises from not just those who walk the corridors of power in Petronas but right down to the Ground floor.

Maybe the anonymous writer should "tanya sesiapa sahaja di Petronas".

The way the Tan Sri was shown the exit was bad. The appointment of a "non tailored" successor is already questionable.

Petronas is not just a national institution but a national pride. Those who work in there must share the same ideologies and be on the same page/frequency.

Otherwise, the "kapal" will karam or will be seized by the wrong people.

I look up highly to Petronas and please don't disappoint me. Apanama should continue writing as he/she please for the interests of our nation !

Anonymous said...

You sound real desperate bro RAZ. How much did the President pay you to do this bro, RM1.5 million. You're barking real loud for the pittance, compared to the RM4million Kickdefella got from Pas. Y do you sound like a runaway piglet to me?


IES Agencies said...


you really sound like a stooge dude

give it up

no one is impressed with Sheryll

it's really up to the president if he wants to do the right thing or not....

the call is his

Anonymous said...

PR department with 140 mana ada.

Kalau division tu ya kot.


Anonymous said...

Why is there a need to drag Tan Sri Hassan's name in this whole fiasco? He is just retired man. The present regime should just blame themselves for this whole mess. Your injury, to borrow Doc M's word, 'is self inflicted'. Get a grip.

Btw, petronas' press release on the Block L&M is totally unconvincing. Since this is a matter of national importance, petronas should declassify all correspondences to pak lah on this matter. What is there to hide?

Adik Bill Gates

p/s Who is this Sabri fellow? I thought he is just an office boy. Wow, even an office boy is a threat to the present regime.

Anonymous said...

No matter how many diatribes about “ketuanan Melayu” I have to listen to or how many laws & policies get twisted around to serve the so-called dominance of one race over another, or even when UMNO thugs hit me on the head while shouting “bawa pendatang ini keluar!” in 1997, I see myself as Equal. My equal status as a Malaysian is not limited to the sum total of “rights” I may or may not have compared to another race. I do not see any First Class Citizens in Malaysia, therefore, I do not consider myself a Second Class one.
And I do not have a “race” to cling to. I don’t fight for any “race” nor do I fight against any race.

And as a citizen of Malaysia, I truly believe that for the well-being & future of this nation, race must be obliterated from the way we govern ourselves, the way we talk about others, the way we fight for our rights, and how we empathise with other Malaysians. We have to be brutal about our own histories, so that we don’t repeat the mistakes of our grandparents and parents.

I don’t expect UMNO, MCA, MIC, Makkal Sakti or any of the race-based parties to start doing this. This is their DNA, and with the right evolution within Malaysia, hopefully, they will become extinct or at least endangered species. But what I do hope for is that those who condemn UMNO should rise above the racist posturing, name-calling and “us-versus-them” arguments.

That is what I would have expected in a blog with “Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia” on it.

If you feel UMNO and the BN have denied you your rights as a citizen of Malaysia, then vote them out. Your one vote is as Equal to the vote of any other Malaysian, Malay or otherwise. - Sheryll Stothard in Haris Ibrahim's blog