Friday 7 May 2010


De facto Kedah Menteri Besar and Sungai Petani MP Johari Abdul confirms in this report here that puppet-Pas MB Azizan Abdul Razak is firmly under his thumb.

Internal rift in PKR is piercing the exit door wider following Johari's Machiavellian
politics and personal expediency, plus the shame of the 'famous Sept 16 lie'. Many, leaders and members, are undoubtedly returning to the point where they strayed away.

PKR surely appears to be on the death track in Kedah and risks being totally wiped out from the powerful state assembly.

Under such circumstances, the biggest loser would not be PKR or its other allies but PKR election director Yang Berhormat Johari Abdul himself.

Johari is a master strategist, with an obedient pet in Azizan.

Johari's grand plans in Kedah ( not for Kedah) would dissappear into thin air and the coveted Menteri Besar's seat would slip away to the next credible Pas leader, should the remaining THREE PKR state executive council members express their disgust and quit.

Of the 36 seats in the Kedah state assembly - Pas holds 16 seats, BN has 14, PKR has 3 seats, 2 for Independents and a single seat for DAP.

The three remaining PKR state assemblymen are Tan Chow Kang (Sidam), S Manikumar (Bukit Selambau) and Lim Soo Nee (Kulim).

Should Azizan, as per Johari's instructions, dissolve the state assembly and call for a snap election in Kedah?

I think he should, but no before considering the possibilities of another strategy.

I think the people would be happy with a much capable, stronger state government.

16 + 14 + 2 > 3 + 1

p/s Brother Joe, ask the remaining three to take the Bai'ah Oath of Loyalty in the presence of Pas' long list of Tok Guru & Lebai Pak Man Telo.
Bro, I know your three reps are not Muslims but then again you could make some justifications and approval for political survival ... won't you?
Hit the road Joe, or it's gonna hit you.

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