Monday 31 May 2010


Quotable quotes from Gerakan Anti-Samy Vellu - GAS at the Mines Convention Centre on Sunday 30th May, 2010.

‘Datuk Seri Samy Vellu is a confused play actor who doesn’t know how to leave the stage now, someone please help him" -

“The Indian community’s problems didn’t reach the Government and the Government’s allocations for the Indians community never reached them, both stopped at Samy Vellu’ -

“Samy Vellu is the main stumbling block for the progress of the Indian community in Malaysia’ -

“Datuk Seri Samy is a liability to BN. BN’s weakness now is Samy Vellu” -

“I don’t know what my future would be like in MIC but we must save the party from Samy Vellu and his family. Indians in Malaysia could be members of any party at this point of time but the mother-party for us is still MIC.

– V.Mugilan ex-MIC Youth deputy chief and GAS organizer.

‘Samy Vellu is a thief. He has swindled Maika’s money and now he is robbing MIED. Samy Vellu is trying very hard to hijack MIED and Aimst”

“MIED was given for the Indian community by former PM Dr.Mahathir but Samy says it’s his. Samy Vellu is a thief, a greedy thief’

“Samy Vellu’s favourite quote is – Political power depends on the piles of notes (money) you have’ but now our ability to oust him depends on our unity"

– Bharath Maniam (PJ Selatan MIC chief).

“The Government has done a lot for the Indian community but our only regret is that everything was placed in the hands of one man who has now swindled the entire community.

"Prime Minister please don’t continue this because BN will lose more Indian votes if you keep this man with you” –

- Philanthropist OMS Thiagarajan.

“Samy Vellu’s announcement to quit in Sept 2011 is a well crafted ploy to fix deputy president Palanivel and install S.Subramaniam (Minister) as president and his son Vel Pari as deputy president"

“PM please don’t protect Samy any longer as BN is losing support among the Indians because of him and his son. Samy has split the Indians and caused the community’s economic downfall"

– K.P.Samy (ex-MIC CWC member)

“It would be a slap on the Indian community’s face is Samy Vellu is given any Government position or awards like Tun-ship after he is removed from MIC”

“Samy Vellu, don’t be the Mussolini of Malaysia. Leave while you could or risk being humiliated and chased out’

– former MIED CEO P. Chitrakala

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Anonymous said...

aik? tajuk mcm frust je?
tak dpt tender dari MIC ke?

Apanama said...

anon 6:17

aik? kau pergi dapatkan kontrak cuci president MIC brader. He's is so full of shit. Kau ini bodoh tak terbatas ker apa?

TheObserver said...

Hahahaha...apanama aku sokong ko bro!! anon 6:17 memang kebodohannya tak terbatas..tu pasal nama sendiri pun tak pandai nak tulis..makhluk bacul yang suka buat provokasi katakan...hhahahahaha