Friday 4 June 2010


Ketua Pemuda Umno or Secret Society 'Taiko'?

Dear Prime Minister, you seriously think the people love this guy and want him to be their leader?

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Wake UP! said...

Macam mafia Samy Vellu yang dibenci ramai.

Human rights does not exists for the Palestinian?.

Anonymous said...

Answer to the report below: KJ has got his tentacles everywhere - his men are taking charge of NSTP. Media control is crucial in ensuring the political lifespan of KJ. All the best Dr M!

'NEM, Dr M stumbling blocks to cabinet revamp' - Free Msia Today

What to do with Khairy?
Meanwhile, the Putrajaya source claimed that Najib is also in a dilemma over what to do with Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin.
"The PM ignored him once, he cannot ignore him again. But bringing him into the fold would be at the risk of seeing Mahathir's nostrils flare up," he said.
After last year's Umno elections, Najib raised eyebrows when he picked Mahathir's son Mukhriz as a deputy minister while sidelining Khairy, despite the latter having defeated Mukhriz in the contest for the Umno Youth chief post.
The fingers immediately pointed at Mahathir as it is an open secret that the former premier blames the 34-year-old Oxford graduate for dismantling his 22-year legacy within a short span of five years.
Khairy, the son-in-law of Mahathir's sucessor and Najib's predecessor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, was once touted as the most powerful man in the country.
His detractors had claimed that it was Khairy, and not his wife's father, who was running the nation, a period which saw the brakes being applied on many projects mooted by the Mahathir administration.
"Mahathir loathes Khairy more than Abdullah. He knows Abdullah could not have done those things on his own and it was Khairy and the fourth-floor boys who ran the show," said the source.
What infuriates Mahathir even more, noted the source, is that Khairy has proven himself to be a political survivor and has managed to build up on his grassroots support.
"Many thought his political career would end after his father-in-law was ousted. But he proved the critics wrong; he bounced back and managed to carve a name for himself.