Wednesday 31 July 2013

Will you cry again Kit Siang?

Published: Tuesday July 30, 2013 MYT 6:12:00 PM
Updated: Tuesday July 30, 2013 MYT 6:23:42 PM

DAP to hold emergency CEC meeting following ROS announcement


PETALING JAYA: DAP will hold an emergency central executive committee (CEC) meeting Wednesday night to discuss its next course of action following the Registrar of Societies' (ROS) announcement that the party will need to conduct fresh polls.

In calling for all members and supporters to remain calm, secretary-general Lim Guan Eng maintained that the party had yet to be officially informed, either verbally or in writing, of the directive to hold fresh elections.

He said when national organising secretary Anthony Loke was informed that the letter supposed to convey the ROS decision was “not ready”.

“As this is a clear act of political vengeance and an illegal abuse of power, the DAP CEC shall consider all options as provided for under the Societies Act, after receiving the written directive from ROS,” said Lim in a statement.

ROS has been investigating complaints of electoral fraud in the DAP CEC election last December.

The issue cropped up when a recalculation revealed that Lim’s political secretary Zairil Khir Johari, who had initially received 305 votes, clinched 803 votes.

On Monday night, Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was quoted as saying that DAP needs to reconvene its internal elections. Lim said he was shocked at Ahmad Zahid’s pronouncement, and that DAP was never informed of the decision. - TheStar

The video clip below is of Lim Kit Siang's drama on last April 18, two days before nominations for the 13th GE. Watch carefully how the DAP de facto leader plays victim and even shed tears to demonise the Registrar of Societies and the Government. 

Kit Siang successfully fooled DAP members and the party's predominantly Chinese supporters into believing that the Government was hell bent on preventing DAP from using the ROCKET symbol in the last GE. 

Obviously we know now that it was a big load of BULLSHIT from Kit Siang and his secretary general son Lim Guan Eng.

The 'crying before the media at a press conference' stunt was nothing but sheer, shameless propaganda. The Rocket's own report (below), in particular the heading, clearly confirms the hidden agenda.

Let’s Translate Our Anger Into Votes

19 April, 2013

In the wake of the unprecedented move by the Registrar of Societies (ROS) not to recognize the DAP’s party leadership slate, DAP parliamentary Lim Kit Siang said it is a sad and ominous day for DAP and the nation.
“April 18, 2013 had been the most heart-rending day in my life, the day when the Registrar of Societies dispatched a letter to the DAP to knock out the Rocket symbol from the 13GE, with the Nomination Day less than 48 hours away, completely without any legal basis or plausible ground,” Lim said today in an emotional press conference
- See more at:

Now the RoS, or rather the Home Minister, has stated that DAP must conduct a re-election for its Central Executive Committee. 

Will Kit Siang shed his crocodile tears again or will his son take over the lead role from his daddy? 

What could be their excuse this time around since the GE is over and even DAP members and supporters know that Kit Siang LIED when he cried the last time. DAP did contest in the last GE with their red rocket logo.

Lets watch this political 'tear-jerker' drama unfold again, later tonight. 

p/s Who is this Father Augustus Chen?  .... and Guan Eng, could you please explain what you mean by 'political vengeance and an illegal abuse of power'(in The Star report above)? It sounds like MummyFoo's ranting to me.

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Tuesday 30 July 2013

Robbery in GOVERNMENT-linked Companies?


Firstly we must congratulate our graft busters. Despite their limited manpower (lowest by any standards) the MACC guys have done/been doing a good job. 

Not many Malaysians appreciate the MACC's achievement and initiatives to drive corruption out of our life. 

They will most certainly remain a permanent target of politicians and other corrupt human beings who masquerade as businessmen and corporate tycoons. 

I'm sure the corrupt who occupy comfortable seats in our GLCs will also be aiming their guns at the MACC now. 

3 in GLC subsidiary held

ALLEGED ABUSE OF POWER: Part of MACC probe into failed RM30 project

PUTRAJAYA: THE Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) yesterday arrested three high-ranking officers of a government-linked company (GLC) subsidiary  to help in an investigation into alleged  abuse of power in a failed RM30 million project.
All three are in their 50s. Two were arrested in Kuala Lumpur while the other was arrested in Johor Baru last night.
MACC investigation director Datuk Mustafar Ali confirmed the arrests of the trio, who once held the positions of director, chief operation officer and chief executive officer.
"Their arrest, all men, is to help in the investigation into the subsidiary's project. They were released on bail once statements were taken from them," he said yesterday.
All three were released on a RM500,000 bail each. - MORE in NST

Who/where next?

I think MACC should also take a look at the various 'Tabungs', either Government-linked or not. We must ensure these 'Tabungs' ($) are not siphoned out or manipulated by 'robbers' masquerading as managers and directors. 

Also... please keep a close watch on Khazanah Nasional Berhad and their band of 'investment gurus' from outer space. 

p/s Wonder if the Khazanah guys are still pursuing their Malaysia Truly Asia 'theme park' next to the National Monument in KL. Why the elegant silence?

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Monday 29 July 2013

Subversion of the subversives

Are they not subversives

How else do you term the bunch of people who do nothing but undermine the Government of the day through half truths, lies, deception and politics of hatred?

The latest revelation of the details of our Scorpene submarine deal, that reduced Suaram to a spineless political tool, is one classic example. That linking the late Altantuya to the submarine deal and then directly to the Prime Minister and his wife is more than sinister. It is, in my opinion, a clear cut act of subversion.

Not sinister, but deliberate attempts at stoking anger and hatred against the Government of the day by extensive fabrication and blatant lies. 

The facts state otherwise but the minds of the people have been poisoned for far too long. Propaganda was at its best but the messages were blatant lies. It is subversion. The damage is done.

See what Wikipedia says about SUBVERSION. 
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This article is about the political concept of subversion. For other uses, see Subversion (disambiguation).

Subversion refers to an attempt to transform the established social order and its structures of power, authority, and hierarchy. Subversion (Latin subvertere: overthrow) refers to a process by which the values and principles of a system in place, are contradicted or reversed *. More specifically, subversion can be described as an attack on the public morale and, “the will to resist intervention are the products of combined political and social or class loyalties which are usually attached to national symbols. Following penetration, and parallel with the forced disintegration of political and social institutions of the state, these loyalties may be detached and transferred to the political or ideological cause of the aggressor.” [1] Subversion is used as a tool to achieve political goals because it generally carries less risk, cost, and difficulty as opposed to open belligerency. Furthermore, it is a relatively cheap form of warfare that does not require large amounts of training.[2] A subversive is something or someone carrying the potential for some degree of subversion. In this context, a "subversive" is sometimes called a "traitor" with respect to (and usually by) the government in power. Terrorist groups generally do not employ subversion as a tool to achieve their goals. Subversion is a manpower intensive strategy and many groups lack the manpower and political and social connections to carry out subversive activities.[3] However, actions taken by terrorists may have a subversive effect on society. Subversion can imply the use of insidious, dishonest, monetary, or violent methods to bring about such change. More HERE

The Government of the day must act, decisively against such new methods employed by subversive elements in the society. This is not politics and it is not healthy.

While the ghost of Altantuya is back to haunt those liars, we may also consider a more sober perspective to the loads of propaganda that followed the late Teoh Beng Hock's death. 

Who was Teoh Beng Hock and why was he being investigated by the MACC in the first place? 
Remember how those subversives were working round the clock undermining the Government? They even paraded TBH's family and his fiancee during political ceramahs and byelection campaigns. What was the purpose, motive or intention?

Who will deny that they were fanning anger and hatred against selected institutions and the Government of the day? 

This is not politics. Its not even clean. It is subversion.

...mmm possible

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Scorpene, Altantuya and Jasbir Singh Chahl - By NST

I'm sure a lot of people are waiting for the righteous in Suaram to come clean and explain why they have not been telling the truth.  

The New Straits Times must be commended for this exclusive piece on Jasbir Singh but where do we go from here? 

If those righteous angels in Suaram have been telling lies and defaming a whole list of individuals and organisations, in particular the Malaysian Government, what is the next course of action? 

I'm sure the righteous who make up Suaram would not want to be ABOVE THE LAW. They might demonstrate (and roll on the road if necessary) to be treated equally before the law.  

The keepers of the law should stop dragging their feet... when the righteous are ready to pay for their sins. 

The righteous of Suaram have so far maintained their elegant silence. A long overdue admission of guilt?

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Analyzing Temper ~ Mufti Ismail Menk

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Saturday 27 July 2013

PETRONAS - Kudrat membawa berkat - Hari Raya 2013

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SPAIN's deadly train CRASH!

SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, Spain — The train driver did little to hide his taste for speed. He posted a photograph of a locomotive speedometer needle stuck at 200 kilometers per hour, or about 125 miles m.p.h., on Facebook last year, boasting that the reading “has not been tampered with” and openly relishing the idea of racing past the authorities. - NYT

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Tuesday 23 July 2013

Hate mongers caught red-handed

Well, its all about the hate mongers who pretend to be journalists and writers again. Our newly minted Minister from Sabah appears to be the latest victim. 

However, Rahman Dahlan, the Kota Belud Member of Parliament and an outspoken backbencher in the previous Dewan Rakyat, is not taking it sitting down. 

His first shot appears like a bull's-eye to me. 

Statement on Bible Issue

Recently, several quarters have raised their concerns on the allegations that I support the burning of bibles. Much of these concerns were unfortunately based on unfounded allegation based on rumors and unverifiable third party accounts made worse by constant spinning of the alternative media. 

During a press conference on Thursday 18 July 2013, I was asked by a MalaysiaKini reporter whether Ibrahim Ali should also be prosecuted for his alleged call to burn Bibles.

I explained to the reporter that I was upset when I first learned of alleged call by Ibrahim Ali  to burn Bibles surfaced. I wanted an explanation of the situation from Ibrahim Ali, as many of my constituents had expressed to me of their dissatisfaction towards Ibrahim Ali for making such controversial statement.

As evident in the transcript of the press conference, I never expressed my support to any call of burning Bibles by anyone, nor did I instigate Muslims to confiscate Bibles from fellow Malaysian Christians and burn them in anger. 

Let me be very clear, I am not a religious bigot.

Those who know me personally as an individual and a politician, and know the work I've done as an MP would readily attest to that. I was brought up in an environment where my parents taught me to respect other religions and I have carried this advice dearly throughout my career as a politician. Despite the many polarising controversial issues on religious discourse, which have cropped up in the past few years, I try my best to stay true to my conviction of being fair, honest and frank. 

First, I acknowledge this is one of the most contentious issue among Muslims and Christians alike. Therefore I support the 10-point solution mooted by the Prime Minister in 2011. I have made that very clear on my campaign trail in the recently concluded 13th General Election.

Second, I never touched the controversial usage of 'Allah'  in any of my Parliamentary debates, as I knew it would  inflame further the already over-strung relationship between Muslims and Christians in the country. I would rather allow this issue be settled without political one-upmanships.

Third, I spend one third of my parliamentary annual allocation in the Christian-dominated state assembly of Kadamaian where the allocation goes into upgrading churches and funding Christian religious events.

And finally, as an MP, I have not only assisted in sending Muslim pilgrims for the hajj in Makkah but I have also supported efforts to send Christian pilgrims to Jerusalem. 

How can I be construed as a religious bigot, when 45 percent of my constituents in Kota Belud are Christians?  

My question is then, must DAP leaders take everything out of context and insinuate that I am a religious bigot when in reality nothing of that sort was actually intended in the press conference last Thursday?

Once again, let me reiterate, at no point in the press conference did I raise the issue of burning of bibles except when I was quoting Datuk Ibrahim Ali's reply to me.

To further clarify the controversy, I have attached the original unedited transcript of the press conference session below.

To any party still bent on accusing me of calling  for bible burning, I will not hesitate to take legal action against them. This issue is far too serious to be treated as just another political strategy by the opposition. It is downright dangerous and explosive.


p/s The statement came with a full transcription of his actual statement that was spun beyond recognition by some 'liberal, free, independent and fair' news portal that is often cited by unassuming idiots.

The Press Conference began with my briefing on the Ops-Raya and Anti-Litter campaign by Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia and Jabatan Pengurusan Sisa Pepejal Negara, both under the purview of my ministry. After all questions posed to my ministry were answered, I opened the floor to any other questions from the press. This was when the reporter from MalaysiaKini, Ahmad Fadli KC, asked me a few questions.

The full transcript of my conversation with the MalaysiaKini reporter is presented in verbatim below:

MalaysiaKini Reporter (MK): 

Merujuk kepada pasangan blogger sex yang menghina Islam ni, ada sebahagian masyarakat mempertikai kenapa personaliti lain yang juga kelihatan seperti mempersenda agama lain dan menghina agama lain tidak diambil tindakan. So what is your take on this whole issue?

Dato' Abdul Rahman Dahlan (DARD): 

Yang statement mana yang menghina agama? Seperti mana?

MK: Saya kira sebahagian masyarakat mempertikai kenapa Datuk Ibrahim Ali...

DARD: What did he say? What did Ibrahim Ali say?

MK: Tentang sebelum ini gesaan beliau untuk membakar bible...

DARD: Are you sure? Are you sure Ibrahim Ali said that?

MK: Well... It’s reported...

DARD: It is reported... Well I was... Do you want me to say this in English? You are from where?

MK: MalaysiaKini

DARD: You want this in English or Malay?

MK: It’s up to you Dato'.

DARD: Ok... Insiden ini begini... Pada saya, sebenarnya...pasangan Alvin dan Vivian ini bukan ini saja video ataupun gambar yang offensive. Kalau kita tengok dalam Facebook dan juga channel YouTube mereka...banyak lagi perkara-perkara yang ditonjolkan oleh pasangan ini yang betul-betul melanggar tatasusila dan adat resam kebanyakan rakyat Malaysia.

This is not about your right, this is about maintaining harmoni kehidupan kita. Dan fakta bahawa mereka telah meminta maaf itu menunjukkan mereka telah mengakui mereka membuat kesilapan yang besar.

Negara kita ini, yang saya khuatirkan ialah apabila kita tidak mengambil tindakan-tindakan tertentu, ianya akan melibatkan pergeseran agama.

Dalam sejarah manusia ini, pergeseran agamalah yang paling susah (untuk) kita selesaikan apabila ianya bermula.

Amat penting untuk kita melihat ini sebagai pengajaran kepada kita. Dan (dalam kes) Alvin dan Vivian ini, konteksnya jauh lebih besar, bukan saja di sini tapi di Singapura dahulu. 

Dan kalau kita tengok channel YouTubenya, dia hanya pakai pakaian yang betul-betul menjolok mata...menggunakan perkataan-perkataan yang betul-betul terlalu lucah dan ini adalah sebahagian daripada reaksi rakyat kepada pasangan ini.

Dan saya setuju kejadian seperti ini tidak boleh diulangi dan pihak berkuasa mesti mengambil tindakan yang cepat untuk menangani isu ini.

Berkenaan dengan Ibrahim Ali, soal tentang contohnya membakar kitab...

I interviewed Ibrahim Ali. I was very upset juga sebab saya mewakili ramai pengundi yang bukan Islam di kawasan saya. Dan mereka memberitahu kepada saya kenyataan Ibrahim Ali itu tidak betul.

Tetapi apabila saya bertanya kepada Ibrahim Ali, apa yang berlaku pada waktu itu ialah ada kitab al-Quran yang mungkin tersalah cetak dan tersalah tulis diedarkan ataupun yang tidak betul ditulis dan diedarkan di sekolah-sekolah.

Saya difahamkan jawapan beliau ialah cara untuk melupuskan kitab suci al-Quran yang dianggap salah tafsiran, salah huruf, salah menulis ialah dengan membakar kitab (tersebut)... Ataupun kitab injil, kitab-kitab suci ini...ada cara di dalam agama Islam untuk melupuskan kitab-kitab suci termasuk kitab Bible. Dan membakarnya itu...menjadikannya abu dan ditebarkan di air adalah sebahagian daripada cara untuk kita melupuskan kitab-kitab suci yang kita mungkin terasa tersalah taip, tersalah tulisan. Other than that, you throw it in the garbage! Which one is more humane (berperikemanusiaan)? Which one is more respectful? Itu yang Ibrahim Ali kata.

Tetapi seperti biasa, portal-portal tertentu pusing dan mengatakan itu adalah kenyataan untuk membakar kitab injil. It’s not right...

In our religion, there is a respectful way of disposing sacred books. You have a choice (either) throw it in the dustbin and it goes into the dumpsite (landfill) or you burn it, kumpulkan ashes nya, simpan dalam plastic and then we go in the middle of the sea, recite some special doa, and then you buang di dalam air. You see, it’s a big difference you know.

But of course some portal would like to turn it the other way around. Ok? Alright. Thank you.

*Press Conference ends*

 Well, is this (the repeated antics of free, fair and independent reporters) freedom of the press, press freedom, independent unbiased reporting or just plain hate mongering? 

Well done Mr Minister! Stand up and expose those dirty hate mongers with facts and figures.

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Thursday 18 July 2013

WHY Maybank is pumping up AirAsia X ?

Maybank Investment Bank Bhd (MIBB) helped prop up AirAsia X's shares by pumping in more than RM20 million to defend the shares from falling.

The long-haul low-cost carrier, which made its Bursa Malaysia debut on Wednesday, inched one sen higher from its initial public offering price (IPO) of RM1.25.

The one-sen premium saved the carrier from becoming the worst debutant IPO on the local stock exchange over the past 12 months.

The bottom position still rests with Malaysia's second special-purpose acquisition company CLIQ Energy Bhd which closed below its IPO price of 62.5 sen in April this year.

Prior to the share sale, AirAsia X had hired MIBB, a unit of the country's top bank Malayan Banking Bhd, to act as market stabiliser.

As stabilising manager, MIBB can buy as much as 118.5 million shares in AirAsia X within 30 days of trading, the aviation company had disclosed in its prospectus.

On Wednesday, MIBB bought 19.5 million AirAsia X shares at an average price of RM1.25 a share. Trading was tight, with the stock price moving between RM1.25 and RM1.28.

Traders had warned that there were waves of sellers, thereby curbing the share price rise, which they said were due to retail investors holding a large number of shares.

Pre-IPO shareholders, whose ownership cost was below RM1.25 a share, also locked in some profits, fearing the broader retail market sell-off.

AirAsia X raised RM987.7 million from the IPO, of which nearly RM240 million went into the pockets of some its key shareholders, including its founder Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.

Aero Ventures, controlled by the tycoon and his associates, saw its shareholding in the new public-listed company drop to 34.4 per cent from 52.2 per cent, as it sold some shares to investors at the pre-IPO level.

Trading on the counter yesterday was almost the same as on debut day, as dealers suspected that MIBB was continuing its mop-up operation.

AirAsia X closed two sen higher at RM1.27, giving the freshly-minted IPO stock a market capitalisation of just above RM3 billion. 
- Business Times report on 12/07/2013

SIX DAYS later we have Maybank Investment Bank Berhad and AirAsia X in the news again.

So, Maybank has 'pumped in' a total of RM28.45m to pump up AirAsia X. Why is this so? 

Is this how BIG businesses are carried out nowadays? 

The earlier BT reports said " AirAsia X raised RM987.7 million from the IPO, of which nearly RM240 million went into the pockets of some its key shareholders, including its founder Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.

Who is pocketing what and why is MayBank involved in this deal, it appears dubious to me, in the first place. 

yaa..that's Zafrul

It may just be a coincidence but the current CEO of Maybank Investment Bank Berhad is Tengku Zafrul Aziz. Do you know that he used to be (not sure if he still is) the great Tony Fernandes' business partner?
A. Tune Money

B. Avenue Capital 

C. ECM Libra 

What they did to MAS and the soothing tunes they were singing, even to the Prime Minister, before the MAS-AirAsia share SUAP went bust is a fine yet glaring example of what some morons who come wrapped in designer suits are capable of. 

Excuse me, are we taking Maybank for a ride now?

Why is there a need for Maybank to pump in million of ringgit to pump up AirAsia X when the BT report said (6days ago) that the key shareholder have already filled their pockets from the listing. 

I thought The Star's B.K.Sidhu had predicted that AirAsia X IPO would be oversubscribed by 3 or 4 times. Apa sudah jadi?

Is this not market manipulation or attempts to hoodwink investors into believing blatant fabrication and lies?

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Wednesday 17 July 2013

PERSPECTIVE: Representatives and their duty

By James Campbell 

ONE of the interesting issues that on occasion has cause to crop up in parliamentary democracies is the problem of the obligations elected representatives owe to constituents.

The matter of representation in democracies is not as straightforward as you may think.

Critics of representative democracy such as Jean Jacques Rousseau argued that the general could not be represented.

The general will "is either itself or something else; no middle ground is possible (see Jean Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1978, page 198)".

In a similar vein, American political philosopher Benjamin Barber argues that the current form of representation operating in democracies "alienates political will at the cost of genuine self-government (see Benjamin Barber, 1984. Strong Democracy, Berkeley, University of California Press, 1984, page 145. See also Michael L. Mezey, Representative Democracy: Legislators And Their Constituents, Rowman and Littlefield, Lanham, 2008, page 2)".

Critics of representative democracy often espouse forms of direct democracy where the mediating role of a representative is lessened and the voice or "will" of the people who actively participate in self-government manifests directly in the making of decisions.

In modern-day nation states, this type of direct democracy is usually considered too difficult, time-consuming and tiring to achieve.

So we elect representatives to express our interests. What duty do our representatives have to their electors?

One of the most eloquent speeches on this problem was made by the famous conservative politician and thinker, Edmund Burke.

He argues that elected representatives must not simply represent the wishes of their electorate but, at times, must also exercise their own judgement and wisdom even if this contradicts the wishes of those who elected them at the time.

To understand his view, we ought to read closely the following which is part of his famous Speech To The Electors Of Bristol, 1774.

Burke declares: "Certainly, Gentlemen, it ought to be the happiness and glory of a Representative, to live in the strictest union, the closest correspondence, and the most unreserved communication with his constituents.

"Their wishes ought to have great weight with him; their opinion high respect; their business unremitted attention. It is his duty to sacrifice his repose, his pleasures, his satisfactions, to theirs; and, above all, ever, and in all cases, to prefer their interest to his own.

"But, his unbiased opinion, his mature judgement, his enlightened conscience, he ought not to sacrifice to you; to any man, or to any set of men living. These he does not derive from your pleasure; no, nor from the Law and the Constitution.

"They are a trust from Providence, for the abuse of which he is deeply answerable. Your Representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgement; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it to your opinion (see Edmund Burke, Speech To The Electors Of Bristol, Nov 3, 1774, in Select Works Of Edmund Burke. A New Imprint Of The Payne Edition. Foreword and Biographical Note by Francis Canavan (Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 1999) Vol. 4. )."

The key to his opinion is twofold. On the one hand, representation involves sacrifice and duty.

A good representative must not be simply self-interested or pursue his personal gain.

To represent constituents is a privilege and an honour that entail sacrifice and service.

On the other hand, a representative does not merely mimic what he thinks is the prevailing prejudice or fancy of his constituents.

A good representative uses his wisdom and sometimes in doing this may best serve you not by simply following current caprice.

It seems to me that in contemporary debates about the issue of representatives jumping from one party to another or simply ignoring the interests of their constituents, there are some who seem to want to take the second part of Burke's formulation without attending to the first.

Once elected, they simply think their office is their property which they can dispose in any fashion they please.

But representative office is not a property to advance personal gain.

The key to Burke's argument regarding the right of an elected representative to exercise their judgement -- and if necessary, advocate in ways that may be contrary to current fad or fancy -- lies in the fundamental idea that representation is also a duty, involving sacrifice of self-interest. Burke makes clear the significance of this obligation when he declares: "From the first hour I was encouraged to court your favour to this happy day of obtaining it, I have never promised you anything, but humble and persevering endeavours to do my duty.

"The weight of that duty, I confess, makes me tremble... (see Edmund Burke, Speech To The Electors Of Bristol, Nov 3, 1774)."
This abnegation of self-interest which forms the basis of an elected representative's privilege is the foundation upon which our faith in our representatives is built.

We trust our representatives to exercise their reason because we respect their commitment to their civic duty and the sacrifice of self-interest this entails.

To forget the first portion of Burke's formulation and only accept the second is to diminish the very foundation of trust and respect for our elected representatives which modern democracies so desperately need. - END

The above article appeared in The New Straits Times' Learning Curve on last June 30th. It could have missed many but maybe our elected representatives should read and try to understand the crux of the matter, in James Campbell's perspective. 

The last few paragraphs of the perspective might shed additional light for those elected representatives who seek guidance. 

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Tuesday 16 July 2013

Monkey business in CEC?

A conspiracy within DAP to de-register the socialist party which was formed by Bungsar (now Bangsar) MP Devan Nair in 1966?
Found this interesting booklet ' The Equity Report (CEC Election Fraud)' in a well wrapped package outside my gate this morning. 

The booklet, compiled by one Father Augustus Chen, attempts to tell all about the now disputed Dec 2012 CEC election, held during DAP's 16th national congress in Penang.

Father Augustus Chen's booklet is packed with so many facts and figures and I'm sure the DAP leadership, particularly the party secretary general Lim Guan Eng, may want to set the record straight.
BTW... who is this Father Augustus Chen and why has he decided to spill the bin now?

Maybe Guan Eng or his father Lim Kit Siang could spare us some answers.  

p/s Coming up - A full review of the 'tell all' booklet.

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Saturday 6 July 2013

WHO wants Preventive Law now?

UPDATED 1920hrs 06/07/2013 - A good move by the IGP.  

 …a Tan Sri who is famous for his public opinions stood up and made his point, succinctly.

“Maybe the government moved in a haste, in the hope of getting more votes, repealing some preventive laws before the elections,” the Tan Sri, a retired senior civil servant opined. 

A few other concerned residents spoke their hearts out. The main concern was crime as the meet was with our OCPD. 

With some interjection and reminder from the president on the need to uphold Human Rights, the meeting was certainly an eye-opener.

There is certainly a glaring gap. Development has grown it wider. The real social network is ruptured at every turn. Activists have had their say and way, politicians have had their too. When the dust settle, the public are paying for it... or so it seems.  

The police must do some serious public engagement, possibly starting with the numerous RAs, in a more constructive manner. RAs too must be proactive and stop taking the easy way out by blaming others, the police in particular.

It is not about allocations or grants. Its not about funding. It’s about how, as one resident put it, we (the residents and the police) could work together. Guess both sides should start talking in a more informal way on how best to join forces. Police force and Public force sounds good. 

The OCPD (steady bro) even suggested a joint WhatsApp grouping (via our mobile phones) for a start. It’s brilliant. 

The root cause is lack of engagement. One former policeman uncle, who said he retired in 1985, stood up and brought back memories of the Salleh system introduced by former IGP  Tun Salleh Ismail in 1967. 


In September 1967, the Police Planning and Research Branch has developed and compiled a new concept called Salleh System, which as taken in conjunction with the name of the IGP Tun Salleh Ismail. To test the effectiveness of this system, it has tried to be implemented in Petaling Jaya in February, 1968. This experiment appears to effectively and successfully reduce crime rate in Petaling Jaya. Instructions issued on 7 June 1968 by Police Force Order so that the system is implemented in all Contingents. - Sistem Salleh 

Later, or was it earlier, someone mentioned about enacting 'suitable laws to strenghten the hands of the police', another person said we have gone 'overboard in protecting the rights of the criminals'

When the OCPD explained in detail as to how repeat criminal offenders and crime syndicates are able to move with certain impunity, jaws dropped. I'm sure now they understand the rules and limitations of the police force.

The law, some said after listening to the OCPD, is not being fair to the victims... the innocent public. Criminals seem to enjoy greater human rights than the ordinary folks. The police are trying to protect us with their hands tied behind their backs. 

We certainly do need some form of a preventive law to stop this rotten state of affairs. We cannot be pandering to the wants of a small group of activists, who may even want to walk naked on our streets to uphold absolute human rights.  

The public must speak up, and those who are supposed to listen better do that!

IGP: Police supports calls to introduce new preventive laws similar to Emergency Ordinance

p/s Who is the brave new Member of Parliament who is preparing to bring this 'need for a preventive law' up at the Dewan Rakyat next week? Good luck YB.

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Tuesday 2 July 2013

Commission of Inquiry on Lahad Datu... in the Philippines?

Former Indonesian vice-president Jusuf Kala has said it loud and clear. 

Regarding the Lahad Datu intrusion, Jusuf said he believes former Philippines president Joseph Estrada, who is also an ally of Anwar, is involved.

He also said that a large Philippines-based company was providing Malaysia's opposition pact with monetary assistance.

“I know for a fact that there has been intervention by a particular group of people and Anwar’s friend Joseph Estrada is one of them and a Philippines company has also been providing them (Pakatan) with financial help over the Lahad Datu intrusion,” he said.

They have only one agenda, to weaken the Malaysian government, the trespassers want to portray a weak Malaysian government which has failed to handle the intrusion”  he added. - The Mole

The Philippines Government may want to get to the root of this latest information from Indonesia's ex-vice president. I don't think Jusuf Kala was joking. 

The Sulu intrusion where Malaysian security forces personnel were killed/murdered is no joke either. 

Both Kuala Lumpur and Manila must recognise the fact that the intrusion could have easily turned into a war had it not for the close relationship and understanding between the two nations.

Maybe the time is now ripe for both the Governments of Philippines and Malaysia to conduct joint investigations into what actually happened. Expose the culprits.

Manila could take the lead (as their nationals with alleged funding from a Philippines company) had actually waged war against Malaysia (against the Yang DiPertuan Agong as per their criminal charge sheet reads).

This is a very serious matter and Jusuf Kala's latest 'information' appears to be leading us to a bunch of traitors from both sides of the border.

I'm sure Kuala Lumpur will render her full cooperation should Manila initiate a Commission of Inquiry. 

If the suspects are hiding in Malaysia (even if they are our MPs), we must surrender them to the Philippines.

Let truth prevail.

p/s The Foreign Ministers may want to get the ball rolling.

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Monday 1 July 2013

Enticing the President?

 "I received a call from Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono informing me that he (Susilo) had received a call from the ‘Washington Police’ asking the president to accept Anwar’s invitation to a meeting,” Jusuf said, adding that he told Susilo not to bow to Washington’s demands and decline the invitation as Anwar is only an opposition leader and not the Prime Minister of the country. - Jusuf Kala

Well the US-messenger did meet the President of Indonesia recently but I was told that he brought along an irresistible offer from Uncle Sam.

It was not an order but an offer to entice the President.

I'm sure President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is a wise man, much wiser after Jusuf Kala's expose, to be excited with the messenger's wayang kulit.

Di Indonesia pun ada wayang kulit ya Pak Anwar

p/s I shall leave the 'offer' under wraps at the moment.

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