Thursday 29 May 2014

Raja Nazrin is Sultan of Perak

[caption id="attachment_1072" align="aligncenter" width="400"]rajanazrin                            DAULAT TUANKU SULTAN NAZRIN SHAH[/caption]

Raja Nazrin Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Azlan Shah has just been proclaimed as the new Sultan of Perak replacing his late father.

Daulat Tuanku!

Daulat Tuanku!

Daulat Tuanku!


Al-Fatihah - HRH Sultan Azlan Shah

[caption id="attachment_1063" align="aligncenter" width="312"]                HRH Sultan Azlan Shah 1928 - 2014[/caption]


KUALA LUMPUR: THE Father of Malaysian Hockey left his mark on so many areas of the sport that it would be impossible for any other official to even come close to his work since 1966.

Sultan Azlan Shah had not only established his own invitational tournament which has been running since 1983, but was also credited with founding the Yayasan Hoki Malaysia (YHM) in 1992.

The foundation helps national players to further their studies, and provides them financial assistance, depending on the number of caps when they retire.

Back then, there was no help for players who needed money to enrol into universities, but when the father of one player approached Sultan Azlan in the 1990s, he started the ball rolling for a foundation to give players the opportunity to have a better future when they hang up their hockey sticks.

Some players became professionals, such as doctors and engineers, with the help of the YHM, which also gives out medical benefits and other forms of aid to players facing financial difficulty after they were no longer playing with the national team.

Sultan Azlan's vision to organise an international tournament in 1983 won accolades from the International Hockey Federation as the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup became the longest running private tournament in the world.

The idea for the tournament began in 1980 when Sultan Azlan looked at the Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) accounts and saw that travelling overseas to play friendlies takes a big chunk of their annual budget.

This story was told to me by the late MHF secretary S. Satgunam: "The Sultan then asked me and Tan Sri (P. Alagendra, former MHF deputy president), what if we brought six teams to Malaysia to play in a tournament instead of sending the Malaysian team to six countries to play friendly matches?

"Would it not cut travelling, accommodation and food costs by more than half?

"The meeting room fell silent, after which there was a round of applause before we started working on the idea, and the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup was born," revealed Satgunam.

In 1983, that suggestion became a reality, and Australia became the champion with Pakistan as runner-up, India in third and Malaysia in fourth place.

Back then, the teams were provided with flight tickets. Now, boarding and lodging are still free for invited sides.

There was all the glitter and fanfare at the Sultan Azlan Shah Stadium this year, with the fans turned up in full force as the Malaysian team went on a roll, but missing was Sultan Azlan, his golden coloured chair empty as he fought his private battle with illness.

It was a sad sight, as the chair was never empty when he was previously healthy. Sultan Azlan used to arrive 30 minutes before the first match, which would normally start at 5pm, and then watch the 7pm as well as 9pm matches before departing.

It was a routine in every match day of his tournament, until recently, as Malaysia won back-to-back silver medals in the last two editions. Sadly, he was not well to watch both achievements.

Sultan Azlan was ever the gentleman, as even when the press criticised him relentlessly in 2004, and called for his resignation as MHF president, he always had a smile for the writers.

After one hard-hitting article, which outlined the failure of the MHF to help its states develop grassroots hockey, the body held an emergency meeting, and among the resolutions was to sue the press.

Following a two-hour meeting, out came Sultan Azlan with a smile: "Jugjet, the council wants to sue you for the article today... but I told them to relax, as the points raised were not allegations, but the truth."

He then stepped down as MHF president and handed over the reins to his son, Raja Nazrin Shah, but kept playing an active role as the Asian Hockey Federation president as well as a board member of the International Hockey Federation till the very end.

In his last meeting with me, three Azlan Shah Cups ago, when he was still able to watch matches, the Sultan called me again to meet him outside the stadium after Malaysia played another really bad match.

Sultan Azlan rarely cracked jokes, so he caught me by surprise when he whispered into my ears: "Japan, South Korea and Malaysia went to meet God and ask him the same question. Japan asked first 'When will they win the World Cup', and God answered 'Soon' and the whole of Japan cried in happiness.

"Korea asked the same question, and the answer was also 'Soon', and the whole of Korea cried in joy. Then came Malaysia's turn, and when we asked God when will the Malaysian hockey team win the World Cup... God cried."

It was a joke with a reality punch line that caught me by surprise and I asked him if I could quote him in the next article, and he replied: "Not as long as I'm still around", and gave me a knowing smile.

The best Malaysia could give Sultan Azlan at his own invitational tournament was a handful of silver medals, but never a gold medal.

Nonetheless, he had certainly left Malaysia a gold mine in legacy when he first came up with the tournament.

Tributes and pictures of the learned Sultan in The New Straits Times today. 

In memory of P.Ramlee

P.Ramlee passed away today, 41 years ago at a young age of 45 years.



Thursday 22 May 2014

Who 'fixed' Dr Mahathir ?


Tun Dr Mahathir dan Pak LahDr M - Sept 10, 2006 Dr M - Sept 10, 2006

The above is a news report in 2006 when Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was humiliated (borrowing Datuk Mokhzani's words in the report) in his own Division of Kubang Pasu in Kedah.

The former president of Umno (who quit barely three years earlier in Oct 2003) was denied a seat to be a Kubang Pasu delegate to the 2006 Umno General Assembly in Kuala Lumpur.

Dr Mahathir was very critical of the then Mr Clean who was Umno president and Prime Minister and it was an open secret that 'all the president's men' were out to prevent Dr M from appearing as a delegate at the party's general assembly.

The new Kubang Pasu division chief then was someone subservient to the new president and 'all the president's men' were initially confident of the new chief preventing his former boss from appearing in PWTC as a delegate.

Talks of those white envelopes changing hands in some clubhouse is an open secret now but there seems to be a few more untold secrets about the Kubang Pasu saga.

Those hidden hands which approved, funded and eventually 'fixed' Dr Mahathir in his own division in Kedah by threatening and bribing the delegates remains unknown, or at least the secret remains well kept.

Some new evidence and testimony points that the main culprit who 'fixed' and humiliated Tun Dr Mahathir could be those who have been pretending to be close to the former Prime Minister and Umno president of 22 years.

These could be the same guys who kiss Dr Mahathir's hands at the slightest available opportunity.

Cerita ni dah lama dah. But who unleashed Johari Baharom, Osman Aroff and particularly  Saad Man to sabotage Dr Mahathir?

It could well be a classic case of gunting dalam lipatan but we could have been looking at the wrong gunting all these years. The real culprits could still be smiling, sitting in comfortable positions.

Truth, my dear friends, shall prevail.


Friday 16 May 2014

Why Ku Nan ?


The self-engineered political crisis in Terengganu has somehow been averted. All those who left Umno to be Independent state assemblymen have returned to the party's fold.

The reasons and justifications for their leaving and prompt return to Umno may sound stupid and ridiculous but we have to accept the fact that such is the level of politics in our nation now, or at least in present day Umno.

If you take PKR out of the equation, Umno could most certainly stake its claim to the 'Political Clown' trophy.  That is the exact state of affairs now.

I refrained from delving deeper into the self-engineered crisis in Terengganu in my earlier posting for wanting to seek solutions rather than pointing fingers and mud-slinging.

I thought the crisis was over but it seems that there are extraordinary moves to wash the party president's hands clean of the self-engineered crisis in Terengganu.

We can't deny that the crisis prompted many to question PM Najib Razak's way of replacing the MB. This uneasiness is an open secret and I guess this is part and puzzle of being a leader. You can't blame the rakyat, particularly the Malays, for expecting more finesse and wisdom from the great Tun Abdul Razak's son.

Many were disappointed but such disappointment could turn to anger, hatred and outright rejection if you attempt to play the blame game.

As the party president the buck stops with you. It would be unwise for you look for a scapegoat to get out of this crisis unscathed. If your smart alec advisors and spin doctors are doing this behind your back, it is nothing but another brilliant attempt to dig your own grave Mr Prime Minister Sir. They're doing it just to remain relevant. If there is no crisis they'll be irrelevant. You need to be in constant crisis for their continued existence. THINK.

I don't know  if the PM is aware of this but there has been deliberate attempt to put the blame (of the Terengganu crisis) on Umno secretary general Tengku Adnan and the long-tainted executive secretary Abdul Raof.  (Personally I think the likes of Raof should have been removed a long time ago but thats a different matter altogether)

The New Straits Times and Utusan Malaysia carried reports quoting an obscure Umno deputy division chief's call for Ku Nan to reconsider his position as the secretary general due to his presumed failure in handling the transition in Terengganu well.

There has also been SMS and Whatsapp messages promoting the idea that Ku Nan must be sacked for the Terengganu crisis. Former Malacca Chief Minister  DS Ali Rustam was also identified as the likely replacement.

Those in the know know pretty well what transpired in the days, if not hours before DS Ahmad Said's resignation as the Mentri Besar.

Let's us not open the pandora's box.

Stop such unwarranted attacks against those who genuinely tried to keep the situation under control. The situation got out of control due to ill-evaluated advice and the utter lack of wisdom and finesse, and it was not the secretary general's fault.

Was it the secretary general who was handling the matter, up until the eleventh hour before dumping the hot potato on someone else' lap?

I hope someone would instead start saying something about the rumoured 2,000 hectares somewhere deep in Terengganu.

I'm just asking, not looking for a scapegoat.

Selamat menjamu selera dimajlis kesyukuran perkahwinan yang akan dihadiri kelak.

Tuesday 13 May 2014

Terengganu - A blessing in disguise


If the current self-engineered political crisis is to be turned into an opportunity, history could record and remember Datuk Seri Ahmad Said as the man responsible for the coming together of Pas and Umno.

I wouldn't want to delve deeper into what transpired in Terengganu following Ahmad Said's forced resignation as the Mentri Besar yesterday for it shows nothing but lack of leadership.

A worrying lack of wisdom, understanding and leadership of the Umno president, Barisan Nasional chairman and Prime Minister is now evident.

Ok, lets not go deeper into what had already happened. What could  this latest self-engineered crisis hold for the transformation of Umno as a party which is often said to be championing the cause of the Malays?

Every Tom, Dick and Harry who often talks about Malay unity and perpaduan ummah should now put their money where their mouth is and work towards the elusive Malay unity.

The crisis in Terengganu is indeed an opportunity for Pas and Umno to sit together as two most influential political entities representing the Malays. This is the much awaited golden opportunity presented under the guise of a political crisis.

You don't have to wait for Hudud to show solidarity and the expense of sidelining the non-Muslims.  If you, both Pas and Umno, are sincere about Malay/Muslim unity you guys should swallow your pride and come to the table.

I'm quite certain the table is big enough at Istana Syarqiyyah in Kuala Terengganu to host all the 32 elected Malay/Muslim state assemblyman of Terengganu.

What good are you to Agama, Bangsa dan Negara if you can't put your self-interest in the back burner?

A unity government  is very much possible, only if both Pas and Umno are sincere about Malay/Muslim unity.

This is indeed a test for those who preach about unity.

p/s A fresh state election is not only a waste of public funds but the repercussions could be damning to many... especially the clueless(now proven) leadership.  


Monday 12 May 2014

ISA : Yes or NO

TC32809901-11 copy

This is it folks. Vote if you care about this beloved nation of ours. Say it out aloud... Yes or No to ISA.

Thank you.

p/s The poll is now available on the sidebar and I intend to keep it going for at least a month.

Sunday 11 May 2014

A referendum on ISA please

ISA copy

I beg to differ with the Prime Minister's simplistic views on the Internal Security Act and the role of the preventive measure in ensuring the peace and harmony of our beloved Malaysia for more than five decades.

By saying 'not all want to return to the era of the ISA' and 'opinions be stifled or live in state of fear' the PM himself is making it appear as though we were living under a communist-like regime before he took office in 2009. That can't be true.

Let's just talk about the ISA and not the era of the ISA because I believe the abuse and misuse of the ACT is not the fault of the act. You can't blame the ISA if Syed Hamid decides to detain a journalist under the act 'for her own safety'.

Well we could argue, on the pros and cons of the ISA and the (yet to be repealed) Patriot Act of the United States of America, but that would not give us a solution... unless we really want to hear what Malaysians in general think. This is about the safety and security of the rakyat and the country, is it not?

Since the PM believes that the majority of Malaysians are against the ISA, I would humbly suggest for the Government itself to carry out a comprehensive referendum on this matter. A national referendum on ISA.

Let the people speak up. Do they want the ISA or not.

The days the Government knew it all is over, has it not?


Keep it simple. Yes or a big NO to ISA.


Guess who?


Q. How is life after retirement from politics?

No, I haven’t retired from politics. I just retired from my political posts. How can you retire from politics? Politics is in my blood. I’m still interested in what’s going on in life, in politics, economics. One cannot be not interested in all these things. Your life depends on all these things.

Q. What do you think of the government implementing the Goods and Services Tax (GST)?

It has been debated for years as long as I can remember but unfortunately, we do not seem to be telling the stories appropriately. We want to use the kind of information dissemination as we would use for branding something. We use huge billboards. I see one in my area here that says GST is not charged for education. What for? That billboard is a few hundred thousand dollars. Nobody’s worried about education. There isn’t direct communication with the Rakyat. 

Q. Do you support the GST?

Yes, I do because the government has assured there will be all those relevant exemptions and it is more efficient. In other words, the principle of having it should not be debated. It’s how you explain it and finally come up with it. Don’t talk about how we will continue to study exemptions. People will become nervous. So why not once and for all get feedback from industries and whatever, on what needs to be exempted? Come out straightaway and the rakyat will be happy. I always mention that if we have something good, let the whole world know about it.

Q. What is your view on Hudud?

I don’t even read about this debate anymore because it’s of no relevance anymore.To me, (there are) better things to look at. The way it’s being debated, why should I even bother to read about it? Why waste my time and clutter my mind?

Q. Do you plan your own schedule?

Of course. My secretary never organises my schedule. Once many years ago, she agreed for me to go to a dinner when I’d already made up my mind to play golf that Wednesday evening. I told her that she could go for it. She was stunned. So from that moment onwards, she has never done it again. 

Q. Do you think Malaysians need more outspoken people, like someone who calls a spade a spade?

No, we need people to say what should be said. You can brand it anything you like, do not hide behind the facade, do not twist and turn words and issues so it doesn’t come out right. Do not have spindoctors to craft messages that mean nothing, but sounds right. Don’t do that. We should have people, ordinary people, leaders at any level just say what is right and people must accept it. Don’t play politics all the time.

Q. It is known that most politicians now have PR and image consultants to look ‘cool’ to the people.

I think it is the culture now, people want to look good, look cool, whatever instead of being good, being cool. There is a big difference between looking something and being something. Looking fierce and being fierce are two different things. Looking sweet and being sweet are two different things. Looking smart and being smart are totally different things.

You can make an idiot look smart but you cannot make the idiot smart. So why don’t we just be smart? The smartness will shine without being groomed to look smart. That’s how I look at it. I’m not talking about politicians but everybody. Just be yourself.


What is said above, and more, are just simple messages and way of life that has somehow been eluding many a leader nowadays. Such simple practices and line of thought have become tougher than rocket science for many.

The part about consultants and spin-doctors hits the nail right on the spot.

You may not like the messenger but please take time to read and understand the message. For me it is very valuable and I'm sure it would be worthy for the younger generation and those aspiring leaders to digest the message. Be yourself, don't fake it. Don't try to be something you are not.

Be yourself. Speak like you used to and not adopt a sudden urge to stress and press at the end of every sentence. I must make it known that such 'stressing' comes off more as the sound of someone suffering from constipation than a leader aiming to drive home a pertinent point to his people.

I must thank journalists Rahmah Ghazali and Rashvinjeet Bedi for the right questions to the tough nut leader.

The full interview - HERE.

p/s You made my Sunday. TQ


Kudos to MCA, welcome to realpolitik

sun copy

MCA certainly did make the right decision in not contesting for the Bukit Gelugor parliamentary seat in Penang which fell vacant following the late YB Karpal Singh's sudden demise.

The decision is not only logical and a reflection of common sense but also what many an MCA or BN member/supporter had been waiting for. Welcome to realpolitik. 

[caption id="attachment_1000" align="alignnone" width="940"]Pragmatic new MCA president and his team Pragmatic new MCA president and his team[/caption]

I congratulate the new MCA president for guiding the once Chinese torch-bearer party in the right direction with this mature decision. Such maturity could mark the beginning of MCA's revival.

With MCA's decision we can be rest assured that no other BN component member would venture into the Bukit Gelugor duel. This is why/how the BN is different from the Opposition pact Pakatan Rakyat.

Only in Pakatan Rakyat you could see members of the pact contesting against each other for a single seat, as we witnessed in the last General Elections.

DAP has since named Karpal's son Ramkarpal as the candidate for Bukit Gelugor. Would it be smooth sailing for the lawyer-son of the illustrious Tiger of Jelutong? Its a safe seat but Ramkarpal should watch out for blades from the back... from within DAP and from the unhappy lot from the unholy pact.

I wouldn't waste time campaigning if I'm in Ramkarpal's position. Just start serving and leave the rest to the voters.

p/s Once again, I wish to thank MCA president Datuk Seri Liow and BN chairman Datuk Seri Najib Razak for listening to the voices from the floor. Thank You.


Saturday 10 May 2014

Selamatkan Malaysia - DAP supports PAS' Islamic State

... and PAS supports DAP's secular Malaysian Malaysia.


Save Malaysia from such self-centered manipulations camouflaged as politics. This is as dirty as dirty gets in the Pas-DAP political relationship focused solely on deposing the ruling Government and not to serve the rakyat. Actually its at the expense of the rakyat.

How could you expect them to serve you when the above agreement clearly confirms that one party is heading north while the other is heading south. One calls for the formation of an Islamic State while the other stands firm with the secular state policy... and they call this a consensus with just a mere 5% difference.


BTW, the above part of the Pas-DAP 'agreement' (if it is indeed genuine) proves that Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang (pic) was telling the TRUTH when he said that the DAP had agreed to the formation of an Islamic state and the implementation of Hudud in Pas administered states. That is how any sane person would interpret the pre 13th GE 'agreement'.

How would you interpret it?

I reiterate, if indeed the above 'agreement' is genuine, DAP dear leader Lim Guan Eng must step forward and clarify this proof of hypocrisy, deceit and lies aimed at hoodwinking the rakyat into voting Pakatan Rakyat in the last GE.

... or is it perfectly alright since they are the Opposition?

Selamatkan Malaysia!


Thursday 8 May 2014

Surat untuk Perdana Menteri


7hb Mei 2014

YAB Dato' Sri,

Saya mewakili orang Melayu yang telah mengundi UMNO ingin melahirkan rasa terkilan dan dukacita terhadap perkembangan yang berlaku di Tanah Air kami.

2. Kami faham betapa getirnya cabaran yang terpaksa diharungi oleh YAB untuk mengekalkan kestabilan dan keharmonian negara berbilang bangsa ini. Kami juga akur bahawa perlu ada "give and take" dan toleransi sesama kaum.

3. Pada tanggal 5 Mei yang lalu,genaplah setahun usia kerajaan BN diberi mandat sekali lagi untuk terus kekal memerintah. Buat pengetahuan YAB, sukacita diperingatkan bahawa mandat memerintah kali ini diberikan kepada BN oleh majoritinya orang Melayu.

4. Di sini juga ingin disuarakan bahawa orang Melayu yang mengundi UMNO tempoh hari, kebanyakannya bukanlah ahli UMNO. Saya juga tidak terkecuali, saya bukan ahli UMNO, tetapi mengundi BN.

5. Mutakhir ini, kami, orang Melayu berasa gusar ke manakah bahtera UMNO, satu-satunya kapal Melayu akan dikemudi? Kami begitu runsing kerana secara amnya, hak-hak Melayu sudah tidak lagi menjadi keutamaan UMNO mengikut kaca mata kami.

6. Orang-orang di sekeliling YAB sudah tentu sekali memberikan laporan 'khidmat cemerlang', dan kononnya YAB Dato' Sri sangat disayangi rakyat (mungkin mereka memberi contoh: betapa ramainya yang memakai baju "I Love PM" ). Tetapi hakikat yang sebenarnya tidaklah begitu memberangsangkan.

7. YAB lulusan pengajian luar negara, kami yakin Dato' Sri tergolong dalam golongan cerdik pandai dan mampu gunakan mata hati bagi menapis antara "pujian yang melalai dan merosakkan" dengan "kritikan yang membina dan ikhlas"

8. Sebgai golongan cerdik pandai, tentu sekali YAB dapat menilai betapa cepatnya jatuh pemimpin yang dipandang lemah dan tidak mampu menegakkan pendirian di hadapan rakyat.

9. Akhir-akhir ini, kami dapati begitu banyak isu sensitif melibatkan agama kami (Islam) dan bangsa kami (Melayu) acap kali dihina dan dimalukan oleh kaum lain. Contohnya, isu mengajak makan babi di bulan puasa. Ia isu yang sangat sensitif. Di manakah suara UMNO, dan apakah pula pendirian kabinet berkenaan isu tersebut?

10. Kami berikan mandat kepada BN atas dasar kepercayaan. Tidak berapa lama dahulu, ada Menteri kabinet yang mengisytiharkan adanya dalang tragedi Lahad Datu di kalangan pembangkang. Kami percayakan beliau. Sehingga kini, tiada pula tangkapan dalang tersebut dari kalangan pembangkang.

11. Pembangkang sewenang-wenangnya menghinjak maruah UMNO dengan propaganda dan fitnah mereka. Adakah YAB akan hanya berdiam diri seribu bahasa dan mengharapkan mereka akan berhenti menghina UMNO?

12. Jika YAB pilih untuk berdiam diri, itu hak Dato' Sri. Tetapi bagi kami orang Melayu, kami masih ada maruah, dan tidak sanggup dibangsatkan oleh anak-cucu kami

13. Marilah kita mengambil pengajaran daripada robohnya Kota Melaka pada tahun 1511. Untuk bina empayar , masa berpuluh tahun diambil. Untuk ianya musah, hanya sekelip mata.

14. YAB Dato' Sri mewarisi kerajaan yang baik. Bapa-bapa pengasas negara kita tentu sekali berasa bangga dan senang hati sekiranya Dato' Sri dapat meneruskan kesinambungan perjuangan survival bangsa Melayu

15. Kami, orang Melayu juga berharap agar slogan "Hidup Melayu" tidak hanya meniti di bibir hanya ketika mengemis sokongan Melayu semasa pilihanraya atau pemilihan UMNO sahaja. Ini negara Malaysia, hak Melayu mesti dipertahankan

16. Identiti bangsa MESTI diabadikan di dalam dokumen-dokumen rasmi kerajaan bagi memudahkan hak keistimewaan Melayu dan bumiputera diberikan kepada yang berhak

17. Untuk makluman YAB Dato' Sri, kepercayaan rata-rata rakyat, khususnya orang Melayu terhadap Dato' Sri kian pudar kerana kami dapati UMNO sudah bukan lagi parti Melayu, tetapi hanya lebih kepada ingin mengekalkan kuasa pemerintahan. Pandangan ikhlas kami, kedudukan UMNO umpama telur dihujung tanduk

18. Kami faham, YAB Dato' Sri mungkin menghadapi tekanan dari segala sudut oleh puak chauvinis dan extremis. Dari sudut yang lain, kami mahukan YAB Dato' Sri faham bahawa orang Melayu juga jika dihimpit dan ditindas sehingga ke satu sudut, akan turut bangkit memberikan tekanan kepada YAB. Maka, adalah lebih bijak seandainya Dato' Seri dapat melayan tuntutan majoriti daripada menimbulkan rasa kesangsian di kalangan rakyat majoriti Melayu

19. Pemberian BR1M walaupun adalah langkah yang patut dipuji, tetapi pada pandangan kami bukanlah tindakan yang baik. Agak ironi apabila kerajaan mengumumkan langkah penjimatan terhadap pelbagai agensi kerajaan, tetapi pada masa yang sama membelanjakan berbilion ringgit untuk duit 'one-off' setahun sekali. Bukankah lebih baik sekiranya duit sebanyak itu dilaburkan untuk prasarana dan infrastruktur kritikal seperti pendidikan dan kesihatan? Pemberian BR1M adalah umpama candu. Sekali dapat, selamanya rakyat akan ketagih, dan masalah bakal timbul sekiranya kerajaan sudah tidak lagi mampu menanggung kos BR1M yang kian meningkat saban tahun.

20. YAB Dato' Sri, kami berharap agar Dato' Sri dapat mengambil pandangan daripada bekas PM, Tun Dr Mahathir tentang bagaimanakah resipi mengemudi negara berbilang kaum dengan tegas. Di bawah pemerintahan Tun Mahathir, tiada puak chauvinis yang berani mendongak langit menuntut itu atau ini. Malah, mereka memberikan kerjasama yang baik bagi bersama-sama membangunkan negara.

21. Saya berharap agar Dato' Sri dapat meneliti kesemua isi kandungan surat terbuka ini dan menilai dengan sejujur-jujurnya dengan mata hati Dato' Sri dan tidak hanya mengharapkan 'makmal-makmal' dan PEMANDU untuk menjalankan tugas berfikir.

Akhir kata, saya mendoakan agar Dato' Sri sekeluarga dicucuri rahmat dan semoga Dato' Sri terbuka hati untuk menerima kritik dan saran oleh orang Melayu pula.

Yang ikhlas,
Seorang Melayu pengundi UMNO

p/s Penulis surat ini belum dikenalpasti namun kandungannya telah mula tersebar luas di alam maya.

Sebarkan jika anda rasa ianya berasas.

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Royalty for Sarawak and Sabah... Just Do It.

Royalty copy

KUCHING: The Sarawak Legislative Assembly has unanimously voted in favour of a resolution to request the Federal Government for an increase in the oil royalty from 5% to 20%. - TheStar


This latest move from Sarawak could be long overdue for some but we ought to be happy that it is finally, officially on the table. This is something the people of Sarawak deserve as equal partners in the Federation called Malaysia.

The question of increasing petroleum royalty for Sarawak and Sabah could be sensitive to some but the real issue has always been about the method/means of allocation.

Both Sarawak and Sabah have certainly been allocated funds worth many times more than the 5% royalty amount, but this latest push for up to 20% royalty is certainly not baseless. Its a matter which should have been inked a long-time ago, at least that is what the agreement of 1963 spelled out about the 'review'.

Well, I fully support this request from Sarawak and would propose that the Federal Government extend a similar quantum to Sabah, even in the absence of any outwardly pressure from Chief Minister Musa Aman's leadership.

It would certainly be better to take care and render the necessary respect and appreciation for our fellow citizens who haven proven their loyalty to this nation beyond any doubt. On top of it all, the people of Sarawak and Sabah have shown their 'counterparts' in the Peninsula what gratitude is all about.

They know how to thank you without crying out aloud or holding 'I love PM' banners at gatherings.

On the contrary, PKR-led Selangor continues to blame the Federal Govt despite billions of RM in allocations/projects (including Langat 2). I don't have to tell you what kind of negative vibe runs in the mind of the guy who dictates everything in Penang.

Some among those who were bigger beneficiaries during the pre and post-election rounds have proven to be not trustworthy. They take the money and spit venom on a daily basis.

So, 20% royalty for Sarawak and Sabah is not a bad idea at all. After all they deserve it. Its their right.

Dear Prime Minister, it's certainly time for you to show your gratitude to the loyal people of Sarawak and Sabah.

Just do it.

Monday 5 May 2014

EARLY WARNING... from a Prince and a former PM


1. It is timely for Raja Nazrin (on April 18) to remind everyone, citizens, political leaders and rulers that ours is a parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarchy. No one, but no one should for any reason think that absolute power rests with them, and that parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy can be ignored.

2. We see in other countries citizens trying to deny democratic majority rule by staging massive and continuous street demonstrations so as to overthrow a Government elected by the majority. We also see how often the generals seize power when civilian rule appears to be weak or overthrown by street demos or violence.

3. We also see the elected politicians abusing the powers conferred on them. And rulers too have been known to seize power and carry out unconstitutional rule even in democracies.

4. When the constitution is ignored and power is seized by anyone, sooner or later, the people will show resentment. This may lead to violence. Once violence is resorted to, it will not stop. And we have seen how demos and violence can overthrow Government whether elected or otherwise. Once such an overthrow is shown to be possible, resort to it will be made even for flimsy reasons. There will be no stability and anarchy may be the result. We are seeing this happen before our very eyes right now.

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