Monday 24 October 2011

OPEN Letter for Marcus Lim

Dear Marcus Lim

I'm writing this letter as a father of a teenage son of about your age. 

I'm writing this open letter to you so that you could have some broader perspective of the issues surrounding you and your family.

I'm in no position to be certain if you are guilty or innocent of the accusations leveled against you i.e. the molest of a fellow student at the Heng Ee Chinese Secondary School in Penang. 

I would however give you the benefit of the doubt, based purely on the denial of your former school headmaster Goh Boon Poh that no such incident had taken place. 

I take it that you must be an innocent boy who is caught in a political web.


I'm sure you are old enough to understand simple logic, and differentiate facts from fiction.

My observation of this damning issue from day one clearly points that you have been purposely dragged into this by none other than your father Lim Guan Eng, followed by his father and your grandfather Lim Kit Siang.

Basically DAP and Pakatan Rakyat are using or rather abusing you for their political survival.

Why am I saying so? 

If I had been in your father's position on the first day when members of the Press asked Lim Guan Eng to respond to those 'wild allegations' against you,  I would have set the record straight. I wouldn't have kept mum. 

I would have defended my son (knowing well that he is innocent and was merely a target of my political enemies - as your father said). I would have called for an immediate investigation by lodging reports to the police and the State Education Department.

At the Press conference, I would have categorically denied that Marcus Lim is not a person of such character and I would have initiated immediate legal action against all those who were tarnishing your image and character in cyberspace. 

As a father, I wouldn't have kept mum!

But your dad, Lim Guan Eng, chose not to defend you. Don't you wonder WHY? 

Read below how your father deliberately dragged you into the mess.

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has declined to answer allegations in pro-Umno blogs that a VVIP’s son was involved in a case of outraging the modesty of his female schoolmate.
NONELim, who is DAP national secretary-general, has challenged Umno instead to publish the allegations in “their newspapers”.
“Let Umno publish the news first, then you will see what I will do,” said Lim during a press conference in Penang today.
“What happens now is they make allegations, then I reply (baling batu, sembunyi tangan). Why should I reply to them every time?” he asked.
Lim said he has better things to do then to reply to each and every allegation or speculation against him.
Earlier, when contacted, Lim’s wife, Betty Chew, also declined to comment, saying, “Please ask CM about it”.


It is none other than your dad Lim Guan Eng who seems to have exploited the situation and your innocence, for his and the DAP's political survival.

At least your mother Betty Chew could have come to your defense and explained the situation like any mother would have done, but being a politician herself your mother merely said "Please ask the CM about it".

This is your father's political statement made in Kuala Lumpur more than 24-hours later :- 

UMNO Should Act Against Those Trying To Wreck The Life Of My Young Son With Cruel And Barbaric Lies Just To Finish Me Off Politically To Prove That UMNO Is Not A 3D Party That Employs Desperate Dangerous And Dirty Tactics
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had declared during the Gerakan National Delegates Conference two days ago that BN had not given up on Penang and will go all out to recapture the state from Pakatan Rakyat. Following those Najib’s declaration of intent, we see pro-UMNO blogs and some UMNO leaders carrying out a serial campaign in the internet to systematically not only character assasinate me but also cruelly dragging in my young 16 year old son with their lies.

My wife and I are furious that pro-UMNO blogs and some UMNO leaders have made or perpetuated false allegations against my young son of criminal wrongdoing. My family and I deplore these lies and fabrications against my young son as morally despicable and barbaric. UMNO should act against those trying to wreck the life of my young son with cruel and barbaric lies just to finish me off politically to prove that UMNO is not a 3D party that employs desperate, dangerous and dirty tactics just to cling on and retain power at any cost.

My son had transferred to St Xavier Institution in Penang from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Cina Heng Yee because I had promised him that he could transfer to the school of his choice if he scored at least 6As in his PMR. When he achieved that, he was transferred at the beginning of the school term this year in January 2011. My son wanted to go to St Xavier because he did not want to have his hair crew-cut as is required for Heng Yee students but wanted to keep his hair longer. 

In this modern world, it is difficult for a young kid growing up, especially so when his father is a Chief Minister targeted daily by the pro-BN

My son is very shaken up by these lies. He has also not gone back to school for two days. I feel sad and that I am not able to protect my young son from these pro-UMNO ferocious beasts.

I urge these ferocious pro-UMNO beasts not to prey on the innocence of my young children. If you want to finish me off, do your worst to me but leave my innocent children alone. UMNO politicians have children too and DAP have never gone for their children and do not intend to so.

Amongst some UMNO leaders who highligted this shameful episode in the blogs is Bukit Gelugor(Penang) UMNO Division vice-chairman Dr Novandri Hasan Basri. He was then followed by many UMNO leaders rehashing the lies. Sadly even UMNO Youth chief Khairy Jamaludin joined in these shameful lies by poking fun at my son with this tweet:-

@Khairykj Khairy Jamaluddin
@PapaGomo Mungkin dia roboh Kampung Buah Pala sebab nak ganti dengan Kampung Buah Dada.!/Khairykj/status/125841671102529536
I hope those poking fun and spreading lies at my young son can look at themselves in the mirror as a father and ask whether they want their own child to suffer the trauma of such lies. My family and I reserve the right to take any further action to protect my family. In the meantime, my wife and I will try to heal my young son and pray that he will recover from having his innocence so cruelly destroyed by these pro-UMNO beasts.-LIM GUAN ENG
Dear Marcus

I'm sure you are intelligent enough to see the actual picture now. It is your father Lim Guan Eng and grandfather Lim Kit Siang who politicized this issue and dragged you into the dungeon and wrecked your innocence.

Your father did not lodge a report or demand the police to investigate or take action but instead he said in the first paragraph of his political statement " UMNO Should Act Against Those Trying To Wreck The Life Of My Young Son With Cruel And Barbaric Lies Just To Finish Me Off Politically To Prove That UMNO Is Not A 3D Party That Employs Desperate Dangerous And Dirty Tactics"

Why drag-in Umno, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and every passing pro-government blogger when the actual issue was one where a school boy was purportedly a victim of malicious lies on cyberspace? 

If you notice carefully, the group of politicians led by the DAP secretary general are barking out aloud condemning and criticising UMNO and BN. They are not defending you!

Instead of lodging a police report against those "malicious lies" on cyberspace, your father's party leaders have lodged police reports against the Umno Youth chief. 

Can you now see the game your father is playing, with you as the pawn?

Your father Lim Guan Eng the DAP secretary general doesn't appear to be relenting in his pursuit of wanting to derive the most from your misery. 

He has now launched a scathing attack against the Deputy Prime Minister for suggesting that a police report should be lodged to clear your name.

Dear Marcus, 

I really pity you and the fact that you innocence has been wrecked by a bunch of politicians but be rest assured that your father is not a politician. A desperate politician happens to be your father.

I believe you are living among a pack of political animals that won't spare anything to satisfy their lust for power.

God bless you, Marcus. 

p/s I would like to believe that you are an innocent boy and I'm sorry if this letter offends you in any way. TQ

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Saturday 22 October 2011


Unity & Survival

Date: 22 October, 2012

Time: 2pm till 6pm and beyond.

Place: Stadium Utama, Shah Alam.

Why: For Unity and Survival 


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Thursday 13 October 2011

PM orders probe into MAS - Air Asia

The Securities Commission (SC) and Bursa Malaysia Securities will investigate the change in trend in the share prices of AirAsia Bhd and Malaysia Airlines following the suspension of trade on both the counters on August 9.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who is also Finance Minister, said the SC and Bursa Malaysia will be studying the matter.

The SC and Bursa Malaysia will also monitor closely the share price movements from time to time including any unusual activity in terms of price and trade volume, he said.

Najib said this in his written reply to a question from Wee Choo Keong (Independent-Wangsa Maju) who wanted to know if the SC and Bursa Malaysia were aware that the share price of AirAsia had been on an uptrend and that of MAS was on a downtrend before the suspension of share trade on August 9.

Wee also sought an explanation on why the share price of AirAsia started to rise from July 20, 2011 on an unprecedented trend till the date of the share suspension with its share closing at RM3.95 sen while MAS closed its share at RM1.60 sen.
This trend however reversed later with the share price of AirAsia going down and the share price of MAS going up, Wee said.--Bernama / BT

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Christian extremists and Cina Bukit

Kristian yang menyertai DUMC, gereja Methodist di Damansara Utama (sebuah kawasan perumahan kelas menengah atas) adalah dari golongan orang berada. Mereka jenis Cina Bangsar, bukan Cina bukit.

Cina bukit jarang yang ada evangelis Kristian. Cina bukit tidak buat kacau atau cari gaduh dengan orang Melayu.
Perkara ‘sifat’ dan ‘sikap’ berbeza
Lewat ini, ketegangan hubungan kaum sering dipersalahkan atas sifat keCinaan. Ini satu pendekatan serong kerana yang menimbulkan sengketa ialah sikap langsidan bukannya sifat keCinaan.

... Sudah terdedah kita kepada sikap Bishop Paul Tan Chee Ing dan lain-lain pemimpin dari aliran evangelis Kristian yang ada nama dan kedudukan.
Yang perlu kita ingat ialah Bishop Paul amat tipis ‘sifat’ keCinaannya, itupun kalau ada sekelumit.
Dia tidak pernah bertutur dengan pemberita dalam bahasa Cina. Setiap wawancaranya dengan media adalah dijalankan dalam bahasa Inggeris (yang penguasaannya begitu ‘England’ dan power sekali). ...
... Bukan dia seorang sahaja evangelis Kristian yang meragam. Hannah Yeoh evangelis. Meroyan sakan. Begitu juga Teo Nie Ching. Evangelis. Chan Lilian, petugas di pejabat media Lim Guan Eng, yang dituduh men’tweet‘ kata-kata menghasut, kemudian menarik balik. Evangelis pasif-agresif.
Helen Ang seems very angry that some extremists are giving the Chinese a very bad name.
She says .. 

Tolong jangan salahkan Cina bukit!

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Sunday 9 October 2011

Where is the CAT?

DAP's Kota Alam Shah state assemblyman, a Hindraf activist who contested under the Rocket banner, was  suspended for SIX months in September following his suggestion (in his Facebook posting) to replace the Jalur Gemilang. 

The reason given : DAP disciplinary committee chairmanTan Kok Wai said Manoharan’s “improper comments” over the flag were unbecoming for a party standard-bearer.

“We feel this is the right punishment meted out to him,” he said after chairing a four-hour meeting at the DAP headquarters yesterday.

Manoharan has 14 days to appeal against the decision with the party’s central executive committee. 

And then came ... 

DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang's son cum Penang chief minister cum DAP secretary general Lim Guan Eng's turn. 

Lim reportedly made the following unsavory remarks against Johor while on an official trip to Singapore in his capacity as the Chief Minister of Penang.

Following a public outcry, Lim read out a conditional apology to the Sultan of Johor and the rakyat in the state for something which he can't remember at all. 

First Lim said he couldn't remember if he had made such remarks. Then he insinuated that it was an off-the-cuff  remark in a closed door or rather private function. 

... and then, Lim Guan Eng the Chief Minister of Penang who has been promoting the CAT policy (Competency, Accountability and Transparency) in the island state said :  

Lim today pointed out that to date, except for the purported audio tape broadcasted by TV3, there was no press report of what he had spoken in Singapore or Australia.
“I have instructed my lawyers to immediately file a suit in court against the BN-controlled media, beginning with Bernama,” he added.

While Lim was trying very hard to jump out of the hot pan which was almost on fire, HINDRAF came to Manoharan's defence while suggesting that Lim Kit Siang's son cannot be treated differently in the DAP. 

Hindraf didn't say it but critics were pointing not only at daddy's influence but also the different skin color.

The pan was on fire. Is DAP a racist party that practiced double-standards?

Suddenly... out of the blue ... the powerful DAP central executive committee lifts Manoharan's SIX month suspension.

A divine intervention it maybe but are we supposed to assume that since Manoharan's suspension has been lifted Lim Guan Eng should be left alone?

In his earlier remarks on Manoharan's suspension, DAP chairman Karpal Singh was very specific:

“I will speak for him to set aside the suspension. He may have committed a serious mistake. But he has been a loyal party member" 

But Karpal Singh also said that action would be taken against Lim Guan Eng if there was proof that the Penang chief minister had indeed made unsavory remarks against his own country while on an official trip in a foreign land. 

Karpal was being very specific too - 

On Lim Guan Eng’s Johor controversy, Karpal said the DAP secretary-general was not subjected to any internal disciplinary action because there had been no evidence yet to prove he had uttered such disparaging remarks.
He said Penang Chief Minister Lim had stated that he was still looking for evidence to prove that he had condemned Johor as a crime prone state.
Karpal denied the party was practising double standards in dishing out punishment on members’ misconduct.
He insisted that even top party leaders, including Lim, would be subjected to disciplinary action if he was found guilty of any wrongdoings.
Last night Lim told PAS 60th anniversary forum that he apologised to the Sultan of Johor because he did not want he or his party to be seen as against the ruler and people.
But he neither confirmed nor denied that he had condemned Johor during a private luncheon organised by the Foreign Correspondents Association of Singapore on Aug 12. - FMT

So, are you still looking for the tape recording YAB Lim Guan Eng?  Should try getting hold of your elusive CAT, don't you think so?

I'm sure the DAP's CEC will be waiting for the evidence... from you and the BIGCAT.  

Good Luck YAB Chief Minister !

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Monday 3 October 2011

What actually happened in Singapore?

DPM says don't jump the gun 

Muhyiddin said: "As a Barisan Nasional representative, I often meet PAP representatives to discuss various issues.

"But I do not know if Lim had met the ministers in his capacity as chief minister. Other BN chief ministers also meet PAP leaders in that capacity. They could have met to discuss about business. Let's not jump the gun."

while ...

Azman, Kalimullah deny allegations

KUALA LUMPUR: A member of Malaysia Airlines board of directors, Datuk Mohamad Azman Yahya, has denied having knowledge of a dinner reportedly attended by DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, businessman Datuk Seri Kalimullah Hassan and several senior leaders of Singapore's People's Action Party (PAP).

Responding to a report in the New Sunday Times, Azman said in an email sent to the NST: "I wish to categorically state that I was not aware of, let alone attended, the alleged dinner for senior politicians of Singapore PAP and (Penang chief minister) Lim Guan Eng.

"Furthermore, I have no knowledge of any meetings arranged between PAP and DAP.

"I hope Perkasa is satisfied with my explanation. I only wish that Perkasa had checked the facts with me before issuing the statement."

The NST had quoted Perkasa information chief Ruslan Kasim as saying that a dinner was arranged for three Malaysian personalities, including a chief minister, and Singapore's top politicians in August. 

Ruslan urged the three to clear the air over the matter in the interests of the country.
Yesterday, Ruslan said he had been misquoted in the news report.

"What I've said in my statement issued on Saturday was that Azman should answer allegations that he has information on a secret meeting between Lim and PAP's top leaders during a dinner on Aug 12 in Singapore that was also attended by Kalimullah." 

He asked what were the topics discussed as the people had the right to know whether it involved Malaysian national security.
"I also asked if Azman was aware of the allegation that Kalimullah had reportedly arranged meetings between top leaders of DAP and PAP." 

Meanwhile, Kalimullah said he "categorically denied the entire allegation by Perkasa" and demanded his statement of denial be published in the NSTP group of newspapers today.

"I am currently overseas and have just been made aware that the New Sunday Times in its edition today published the article. The allegations in the article are completely false."

He also said claims that he had arranged the dinner for the meeting were not true.  - NST

BUT, the itinenary below says ...

Will Lim Guan Eng please explain what he said in Singapore?

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