Sunday 9 October 2011

Where is the CAT?

DAP's Kota Alam Shah state assemblyman, a Hindraf activist who contested under the Rocket banner, was  suspended for SIX months in September following his suggestion (in his Facebook posting) to replace the Jalur Gemilang. 

The reason given : DAP disciplinary committee chairmanTan Kok Wai said Manoharan’s “improper comments” over the flag were unbecoming for a party standard-bearer.

“We feel this is the right punishment meted out to him,” he said after chairing a four-hour meeting at the DAP headquarters yesterday.

Manoharan has 14 days to appeal against the decision with the party’s central executive committee. 

And then came ... 

DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang's son cum Penang chief minister cum DAP secretary general Lim Guan Eng's turn. 

Lim reportedly made the following unsavory remarks against Johor while on an official trip to Singapore in his capacity as the Chief Minister of Penang.

Following a public outcry, Lim read out a conditional apology to the Sultan of Johor and the rakyat in the state for something which he can't remember at all. 

First Lim said he couldn't remember if he had made such remarks. Then he insinuated that it was an off-the-cuff  remark in a closed door or rather private function. 

... and then, Lim Guan Eng the Chief Minister of Penang who has been promoting the CAT policy (Competency, Accountability and Transparency) in the island state said :  

Lim today pointed out that to date, except for the purported audio tape broadcasted by TV3, there was no press report of what he had spoken in Singapore or Australia.
“I have instructed my lawyers to immediately file a suit in court against the BN-controlled media, beginning with Bernama,” he added.

While Lim was trying very hard to jump out of the hot pan which was almost on fire, HINDRAF came to Manoharan's defence while suggesting that Lim Kit Siang's son cannot be treated differently in the DAP. 

Hindraf didn't say it but critics were pointing not only at daddy's influence but also the different skin color.

The pan was on fire. Is DAP a racist party that practiced double-standards?

Suddenly... out of the blue ... the powerful DAP central executive committee lifts Manoharan's SIX month suspension.

A divine intervention it maybe but are we supposed to assume that since Manoharan's suspension has been lifted Lim Guan Eng should be left alone?

In his earlier remarks on Manoharan's suspension, DAP chairman Karpal Singh was very specific:

“I will speak for him to set aside the suspension. He may have committed a serious mistake. But he has been a loyal party member" 

But Karpal Singh also said that action would be taken against Lim Guan Eng if there was proof that the Penang chief minister had indeed made unsavory remarks against his own country while on an official trip in a foreign land. 

Karpal was being very specific too - 

On Lim Guan Eng’s Johor controversy, Karpal said the DAP secretary-general was not subjected to any internal disciplinary action because there had been no evidence yet to prove he had uttered such disparaging remarks.
He said Penang Chief Minister Lim had stated that he was still looking for evidence to prove that he had condemned Johor as a crime prone state.
Karpal denied the party was practising double standards in dishing out punishment on members’ misconduct.
He insisted that even top party leaders, including Lim, would be subjected to disciplinary action if he was found guilty of any wrongdoings.
Last night Lim told PAS 60th anniversary forum that he apologised to the Sultan of Johor because he did not want he or his party to be seen as against the ruler and people.
But he neither confirmed nor denied that he had condemned Johor during a private luncheon organised by the Foreign Correspondents Association of Singapore on Aug 12. - FMT

So, are you still looking for the tape recording YAB Lim Guan Eng?  Should try getting hold of your elusive CAT, don't you think so?

I'm sure the DAP's CEC will be waiting for the evidence... from you and the BIGCAT.  

Good Luck YAB Chief Minister !

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Anonymous said...

The one time DAP can show it is not a Racist, Crony and Principled based Party, they blew it when Kapitan Lim wags his tail.
Ini macam DAP will always be the opposition cakap kosong.


Anonymous said...


Dia cakap fight nepotism: TAPI anak2 dan bapak2 serta suami, bini dan anak banyak jadi boss2 di parti dema.

Dema kata kena transparent: TAPI A) tiap2 orang kuat number one di 3 party dema tak di pilih melalui undi..jadi tak boleh di undi keluar
B) Tiap tiap kali ada issue GAG order di keluarkan. No talk. No discussion. Sorok dalam gelap.
C) Orang bawah tak berani bagi critism. Kena balun nanti

Dema kata BERSIH: TAPI undi parti sendiri banyak tak betul sampai orang kuat sendiri banyak mogok keluar parti

Dema kata BN banyak corruption:
TAPI Dah nampak episod2 macam tu kat tempat dema naik kuasa


Itu semua tak penting. Ayat ayat dan slogan ideal yang dema guna semua adalah marketing gimmick je.

Pentanding baik atau tidak itu tak kisah.
Negara habis di ranap atau bankrup atau rakyat musnah tak cukup kerja bila dema naik kuasa nanti ..tak penting...sebab banyak kaum dema dah cukup kaya....banyak wang simpanan boleh tahan bertahun tahun .....ada yang boleh migrate keluar ke Australia. Yang penting kaum dema naik kuasa.
You come you see you conquer

Note inspirasi untuk DAP tapi wakeup call untuk semua: Thaksin dan Yingluck adalah bangsa China, Chinese immigrant. Kan sekarang dah jadi PM Thailand.
Obama pun adalah "pendatang" number #2 ke USA..jadi pun PM(pendatang #1 adalah Caucasian dari UK. Native USA adalah red indian).


Anonymous said...

Guan eng, guan eng, what have you gotten the party into this time. I hope you feel special....

Anonymous said...

Despite trying to project itself as a party for all, DAP is still a father and son team and no matter what, the tyrant rulers dictate every decision. That's CAT for you.


BIGCAT said...

Hey handsome boy, you miss me ka? I am still around la. Just taking a little break by the seaside.
What more evidence these people r asking for? It's all there in the audio recording. Guan Eng just stalling for time la, He will never sue TV3 or even Bernama. He is just hoping for the embarassing episode to blow over. Since he can't refute that he was caught with his pants down for lying, he said he will sue. Trust me, he wll never locate his version of the audio recordng, because it never exist. The only one there is was the one played by TV3 that day.

Anonymous said...

Stalling for time seems the tactic nowadays

Look what happpened to Jais raid over a Kristian gathering.

Over time people will forget

They have short memory.

You give them good benefits a few months ago, some over the years(two generations of parents and kids), they will easily forget the said good deeds done for them.

May we all say thank you and feel the gratitude for any good things that come by our way. This feeling of gratitude may open the door bigger for more better things to come.