Tuesday 15 June 2021

#KerajaanGagal - The Illegitimate Regime in Malaysia

FAILURE of the illegitimate regime led by Tan Sri Mahiaddin Yassin is no longer a matter that required extensive debate. 

#KerajaanGagal (failed government) is an established fact now, slightly more than a year after Mahiaddin and his friends hijacked a duly elected government and turned it into a circus. 

While Malaysia and her people suffered, directly and indirectly, under the threat of this deadly Covid19 we were also forced to witnessed the many antics and shameless acts of traitors and frogs. 

The Sabah state assembly was basically forced to be dissolved after the final backdoor attempt to hijack the state government was foiled.  

Mahiaddin and Hamzah Zainuddin were hailed as heroes after the Warisan-led state government was forced to dissolve and dubiously defeated in the snap elections. 

Frankly I'm not sure if Mahiaddin is Hamzah's running dog or its the other way around. (Hamzah is the secretary general of Bersatu - a political party which Mahiaddin and his friends hijacked too). 

Some were weeping, in joy or sorrow, after the Sabah election while others were busy negotiating and trading for cushy positions, but little did we know that these bunch of self-centered urchins had facilitated another wave of the deadly Covid19 outbreak in Sabah. They also basically helped spread it to the entire country by their established double-standards and zero respect for expert advice (in this case the advice of Health experts). 

When pointed out that the Sabah election was the trigger which has now costs us thousands of lifes they blame the rakyat for not following their rocket-science SOPs which changed by the hour. 

While Mahiaddin and his friends were continuously introducing new unseen acts into their circus, including costly hybrid-frog leaps,  more Malaysians have been losing their livelihood, loved ones and their life. 

It is clear that the illegitimate regime of Mahiaddin is more interested in staying in power than to save Malaysia and her people from harms way.

This illegitimate regime's failures and abuse of power is certainly a matter of public knowledge. Enough data and evidence is available on-line. The list of failures, flip-flops and outright idiocies are aplenty. 

The ruse with which this illegitimate regime convinced the Yang DiPertuan Agong to proclaim a state of emergency in January was the height of the regime's desperation to stay in power.  

They won't stop at anything to cling on to power. Their version of a full lockdown is actually a fool's lockdown. Factories are allowed to operate and workplace clusters are mushrooming. 

The drama surrounding vaccines and our vaccination drive could by itself beat any latest drama on Netflix. The vaccine episodes keep coming when we think the season has ended.  

Thousands of Malaysians, or is it hundreds of thousands, have lost their jobs and an increasing number of MNCs and conglomerates including both local and international banks are downsizing at an unprecedented level. 

We are not recovering from anything at all. Not the pandemic, not the economy, not mental health and most importantly we are running far from the stability that we used to enjoy. 

The crooks are still having a field day. YES! They are. 

Unsurprisingly the running dogs are once again busy 'shopping for MPs' and collecting Statutory Declarations, trying to hold on to power. 

As of today more than 4,000 Malaysians (FOUR THOUSAND MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN) have died. Almost THREE HUNDRED others have committed suicide since the Covid-19 pandemic hit us. 

How much longer do you think we should wait ? 



If you are indeed a well brought up person you should know what to do next Tan Sri Mahiaddin Yassin. May Allah have mercy on you.