Wednesday 23 February 2011

Another Traitor ?

A coup in the making or could it be just another disgruntled Prime Minister-wannabe trying his luck for the last time?

Seems like a remake of the infamous ‘Sept 16’ saga, only that this time around the game appears with slight modifications. - Anwar Ibrahim doesn't appear in the picture.

The players are rather diverse in terms of ideologies, interests and political leanings BUT one thing remains the same, every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to be the Prime Minister.

Anyhow, on the surface this group of politicians seem focused towards another sinister challenge. Bluntly said, it’s a blend of treachery and dirty backdoor politics in the name of greater good and democracy for us Malaysians.

It’s the unabated lust for power.
Ok, lets get to the fact of the matter. There is talk, and its getting louder by the day, that a senior leader in BN has fallen prey into a political coup to presumably ‘deliver the final blow’ to his life-long political party.

Sucked into the ‘political supremacy’ grand plan, sources confirmed that he has started subtle moves to undermine the BN government.

“He has been actively engaging remnants of Anwar Ibrahim and others in BN with disagreements and community representatives with unresolved issues.

“The puppet-master is of course not him although he may think so. The movers are the very people who are trying to replace Anwar Ibrahim as the Opposition leader.

“Their runners, one with a comfortable GLC-paid day job, are operating from neighbouring countries,” a reliable source who claimed to have attended one of those “secret” meetings in Jakarta recently revealed.

There are many questions which need answers.

Who are these politicians trying to unseat Anwar and what are their reasons and motivation?

What is the need to rope in a BN politician (who to me is at the tail-end of his political career) to replace Anwar when the Opposition are not short of experienced leaders?

What is it that has prompted the seasoned BN politician to agree to ‘sleep with the enemy’?

Is it purely his personal lust for the Prime Minister’s seat, which some say has been his fantasy for decades?

Whoever the players are and whatever motivates them, we hope aspiring politicians and those trying to ‘make one last dash before retiring’ do not use the backdoor attempt to satisfy their lust for power.

Remember, in the olden days traitor are beheaded! 

p/s Now we have two politicians who badly want to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia … by hook or crook that is.

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Tuesday 22 February 2011

Prevent it...there is no cure!

"The organisers of the Formula One grand prix in Bahrain have announced that the season-opening race has been called off due to the civil unrest sweeping the country. The event, which was due to be held on 13 March, had been in doubt for more than a week after violent anti-government demonstrations in the country's capital, Manama.
The decision means the Australian grand prix in Melbourne on 27 March will play host to the first round of the 2011 season. The final testing session that had been scheduled for Bahrain from 3-6 March has also been cancelled.
"The Bahrain International Circuit today announced that the Kingdom of Bahrain would withdraw from hosting this year's F1 grand prix race so that the country can focus on its process of national dialogue," said a statement." - GUARDIAN 

The above could be just another news item for some, a sad story for ardent F1 fans in the region and lost of  a 'small revenue' for Bahrain. 

Calling-off or rather postponing the F1 is no big deal as far as the oil-kingdom is concerned but the adverse negative publicity and the cancellation of the 2011 F1 opening race would be perceived as 'victory' for the purveyors of street-demonstrations in Manama.

Some Apes elsewhere may want to emulate or the 'victory' in Bahrain could get into the head of some lunatics in a peaceful prosperous nation like ours.

As a matter of fact we are almost entirely different from Egypt, Libya or Bahrain in any given aspect. 

No one in a right state of mind could equate our system of governance, prosperity, economic growth, transparency, social justice and freedom to that of Libya, Bahrain or Egypt. (Malaysian students and citizens working in those nations would testify to this).

But we have a bunch of irresponsible politicians, who appear very keen to instigate Malaysians by drawing pararels with the uprisings in Egypt. These irresponsible lot are trying provoke the rakyat, in particular the younger generation, under the pretext of championing liberal democracy.

Trying to ride the Western wave of liberalism appears like a 'hip' or fashionable for this irresponsible politicians. Lately even a deputy minister seems to be singing the hip song.

There has been EARLY WARNINGs of such tendencies, insinuations and no-so-clear agendas. 

Its easy to cry for greater freedom on the streets without looking back at the road we have travelled as a nation for the last half a century.

Study the salient points here @ the UnSpinners . The message in the last two postings appears very clear. The Royal Malaysian Police must carry out their responsibility to ensure public order and security before its too late.

Of late there seems to renewed interest in large scale street protest, or rather desperate attempts by politicians to fuel anger against the Government of the day.

In recent weeks leaders and followers of the Human Rights Party have also been pushing the barriers of law and order throughout the nation.

Take action before its too late (remember Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's failure to address the Hindraf-threat).

Prevention is better than cure!  Use the Internal Security Act if necessary as the Act was enacted for the very purpose, INTERNAL SECURITY.

Its better to apply the ISA before the disaster and prevent any possible social unrest rather than invoking it out of desperation after the fire has started razing. 

We are not against greater freedom, we are against rascals disguised as freedom fighters.

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Awang Malaysia Boleh !

Malaysian cyclist Azizulhasni Awang has carved a name for himself in the international scene. Azizulhasni's fame comes not only for his prowess on track but more for his steely determination to finish his race at the Keirin - Track Racing World Cup finals in Manchester.

Azizulhasni or better known as "Awang" finished third and grabbed the bronze medal at the last-leg of the world tittle race, which made him the  Track Cycling World Cup 's new overall CHAMPION.

Just Google his name "Azizulhasni Awang and Malaysia" and you'll see this latest Malaysian Hero's feat all over the world.

Bravo Azizulhasni, you have made this nation proud. 

p/s Together with Nicol David in squash, Lee Chong Wei and gang in badminton and Harimau Malaya in football, hopefully Azizulhasni would bring greater honour for our Jalur Gemilang in the global sports arena.

Never say never!  

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Wednesday 16 February 2011

Nothing but the TRUTH!

This is a book written by former Royal Malaysian Police senior officer Dato Seri JJ Raj Jr - a true blue policeman who was involved in fighting the communist terrorists and the subversive elements that stayed on long after the communists were decimated. 

In this book 'The Struggle for Malaysian Independence', the illustrious police hero also penned the details of Ops Lalang and the threat posed by the 106 individuals detained under the Internal Security Act. 

Get hold of the book, read, try to understand the facts (they are in simple English) and STOP blaming those who saved this country from racists politicians and individuals with screwed ideologies. 

Stop blaming the Royal Malaysian Police, the Home Minister or the Prime Minister because their duty is to protect this country, not your screwed ideology!

p/s Who are the Opposition politicians who met Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad before Ops Lalang was launched by the Royal Malaysian Police and pleaded not to be arrested? 

What did they do to create chaos in the society then that they were expecting to be detained?

Dr.Mahathir has asked them to own up, anyone prepared to tell the truth ... after 24 years?  

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Monday 14 February 2011

FELDA - from Maybank to Bank Rakyat ?

"Felda has every right to be angry and reciprocate when a Banker shows no respect for client. More so, when those remarks are laden with political agenda." - A VOICE

"Felda's money is not safe under the safekeeping of a Bank managed by a "good boy", as one SMS reply from someone that can be considered as Zafrul's boss described him." - A VOICE

"Maybank Investment Bank must not qualify to be in the listing of any outfit of Felda." - A VOICE

"In the first place, boys should not pretend to be adults, be showered with accolades like Datokship, and socialise with adults until they are mature enough to know who is their boss, when to talk, and what to talk." - A VOICE

If the boy wish to speak as he pleases, quit his job and be a blogger." - A Voice.

The above are excerpts from blog powerhouse A VOICE which has a mind boggling expose of MAYBANK' Investment Banking CEO. 

The said CEO, who appears to be far from 'clean' based on the detailed information revealed in the blog, has certainly put his foot in his mouth. 

His uncalled for negative remarks against FELDA chairman Tan Sri Isa Samad, which some say were designed for maximum political damage, is certainly backfiring.

What else could we expect from a client when the very bank that handles billions of ringgit of their fund bad-mouths them? 

There is talk that Felda may even withdraw from Maybank and diversify its funds to a few other local banks with some ethics.

A VOICE's expose HERE!

p/s On the hindsight, maybe Maybank could take the necessary steps to rectify the situation and ... consider removing the cancer before it does more damage. 

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Sunday 6 February 2011

BRAVE VOICES against unfazed DICTATORs.

Above are the Faces of the Brave Voices against Dictators and Liars.

They are or have certainly been taking a cue from the Brave Voices in Cairo. 

An increasing number of leaders and ordinary members have quit in the last ten days, since the brave voices against Hosni Mubarak grew louder in central Cairo.

The leaders and members quitting by the hour are not Egyptians from Mubarak's political party. These brave voices are from our very own disillusioned Opposition parties of PKR, DAP and PAS.

Although the Opposition have been Draconian and Dictatorial in addressing dissenting views within their party and have even sacked a Member of Parliament to serve as a warning to others, the brave voices from within are getting louder.

And the Brave Voices are certainly not confined to PKR. 

The Lim Dynasty's dictatorship is slowly but certainly taking its toll on the family-run party. Two state assemblymen had ditched DAP after 2008. The revolt didn't certainly stop there. Today DAP lost TEN grassroot leaders from Tawau Sabah.  

Dissenting grassroots DAP leaders in Penang are said to be only waiting for the right time to rise against the Lim Dynasty. 

Sources are certain of moves to replace DAP chairman Karpal Singh with a more 'obedient' chairman. 
(It was understood that Kepong MP tan Seng Giaw could be the replacement should a coup to remove Karpal takes place)

Yesterday Sabah PKR chairman Pajudin Nordin served his party and PR a tight slap when he quit and exposed Anwar's shadow-play in Sabah. Earlier on 30th Jan, 2011 another 16 Sabah PKR Branch chairmen had quit the party citing lost of confidence in the party.  

Just about a week ago another Member of the Malaysian Parliament dumped the Opposition (he was the 5th MP to quit), protesting Anwar's dictatorship and multiple lies to the voters plus discrimination against the Malaysian Indians in the party.

(There are six ex-PKR MPs who turned Independent in the Malaysian Parliament now. One sacked for dissent while 5 others quit). 

PKR and DAP appear to be grappling with some serious problems while the people's uprising in Egypt is expected to have some impact on Nik Aziz's government in Kelantan. 

Egyptians are chasing away Hosni Mubarak for his failure to improve his people's standard of living after 30 years in power. 

A big majority of Egyptians are certain Mubarak has deviated from Islam and transformed into a dictator. Unemployment and poverty are among the main sore points. 

Now, how different is Nik Aziz's 20 -year kingdom in Kelantan? 

Could we expect some Brave Voices in Kota Baru soon, demanding for a change of leadership? 

p/s God works in mysterious ways.

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