Sunday 6 February 2011

BRAVE VOICES against unfazed DICTATORs.

Above are the Faces of the Brave Voices against Dictators and Liars.

They are or have certainly been taking a cue from the Brave Voices in Cairo. 

An increasing number of leaders and ordinary members have quit in the last ten days, since the brave voices against Hosni Mubarak grew louder in central Cairo.

The leaders and members quitting by the hour are not Egyptians from Mubarak's political party. These brave voices are from our very own disillusioned Opposition parties of PKR, DAP and PAS.

Although the Opposition have been Draconian and Dictatorial in addressing dissenting views within their party and have even sacked a Member of Parliament to serve as a warning to others, the brave voices from within are getting louder.

And the Brave Voices are certainly not confined to PKR. 

The Lim Dynasty's dictatorship is slowly but certainly taking its toll on the family-run party. Two state assemblymen had ditched DAP after 2008. The revolt didn't certainly stop there. Today DAP lost TEN grassroot leaders from Tawau Sabah.  

Dissenting grassroots DAP leaders in Penang are said to be only waiting for the right time to rise against the Lim Dynasty. 

Sources are certain of moves to replace DAP chairman Karpal Singh with a more 'obedient' chairman. 
(It was understood that Kepong MP tan Seng Giaw could be the replacement should a coup to remove Karpal takes place)

Yesterday Sabah PKR chairman Pajudin Nordin served his party and PR a tight slap when he quit and exposed Anwar's shadow-play in Sabah. Earlier on 30th Jan, 2011 another 16 Sabah PKR Branch chairmen had quit the party citing lost of confidence in the party.  

Just about a week ago another Member of the Malaysian Parliament dumped the Opposition (he was the 5th MP to quit), protesting Anwar's dictatorship and multiple lies to the voters plus discrimination against the Malaysian Indians in the party.

(There are six ex-PKR MPs who turned Independent in the Malaysian Parliament now. One sacked for dissent while 5 others quit). 

PKR and DAP appear to be grappling with some serious problems while the people's uprising in Egypt is expected to have some impact on Nik Aziz's government in Kelantan. 

Egyptians are chasing away Hosni Mubarak for his failure to improve his people's standard of living after 30 years in power. 

A big majority of Egyptians are certain Mubarak has deviated from Islam and transformed into a dictator. Unemployment and poverty are among the main sore points. 

Now, how different is Nik Aziz's 20 -year kingdom in Kelantan? 

Could we expect some Brave Voices in Kota Baru soon, demanding for a change of leadership? 

p/s God works in mysterious ways.

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Anonymous said...

Come on,
The Egypt revolution can only be compared to Malaysia's failure to overthrow its version of Hosni Mubarak in 1998. I think the Arabs have certainly showed us the way.