Wednesday 16 February 2011

Nothing but the TRUTH!

This is a book written by former Royal Malaysian Police senior officer Dato Seri JJ Raj Jr - a true blue policeman who was involved in fighting the communist terrorists and the subversive elements that stayed on long after the communists were decimated. 

In this book 'The Struggle for Malaysian Independence', the illustrious police hero also penned the details of Ops Lalang and the threat posed by the 106 individuals detained under the Internal Security Act. 

Get hold of the book, read, try to understand the facts (they are in simple English) and STOP blaming those who saved this country from racists politicians and individuals with screwed ideologies. 

Stop blaming the Royal Malaysian Police, the Home Minister or the Prime Minister because their duty is to protect this country, not your screwed ideology!

p/s Who are the Opposition politicians who met Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad before Ops Lalang was launched by the Royal Malaysian Police and pleaded not to be arrested? 

What did they do to create chaos in the society then that they were expecting to be detained?

Dr.Mahathir has asked them to own up, anyone prepared to tell the truth ... after 24 years?  

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Wenger J Khairy said...


What a joke. honestly, lets look at the whole thing in context.
Mahathir was the sole person who decided in extending the remand period. So now he is saying he was against the arrest but for extending the remand?

Really is that what your trying to say. 1 + 2 = 4?

If Mahathir was against this, he would released these opposition guys immediately after the remand period was over. If he was for it, he would have extended the remand period.

Even if Mahathir was to come out and say he used the ISA to create stability, that itself is inconsistent. Here we have Mahathir day in and day out act as the mouthpiece for Perkasa and really trying his level best to instill the flames of racial hatred. So now he is trying to say that he is a "man of peace"?

Will Mahathir say next he did not want Tun Salleh Abbas to go? That Tun Salleh Abbas met him and cried before him? Will he say that he never meddled with the courts? That he never influenced the police or even the BPR?

Strange, what people do to wash their spots.

Mahathir realizes "the people that matter" dislike him. People remember him for being a tyrant. A person who abused his judiciary. Who crushed dissent within his party and who bullied the opposition. None of the prestigious white organizations invite him, they invite Lee Kuan Yew instead. This pisses off Mahathir. After all, although there are many local brown skinned bloggers talking Mahathir up to the moon, what Mahathir really wants is for the white man, the CNN, the BBC, the New York times - those kind of upper class human beings, to say good things about him.

And thats the truth about being a racist. In the eyes of a racist, no matter what you may claim, the white man always rule and Mahathir suffers from that.

orang kampung said...


Your comment clearly manifested your ignorance of the professional role of the Royal Malaysia Police under Tun Haniff as adviser to the Prime Minister cum Minister of Home Affairs in all matters affecting the internal security and public order of the country.

Whether or not to sign the Detention Order or whether or not to extend the Detention Order, the MoHA had also acted wisely upon the professional advice of the police.

Unless you are a privy to all the intelligence and security appraisal made available you will not appreciate the threat facing the country then.

But then, you being what you are will arrogantly refuse to accept this but instead continue to accuse TDM for all sorts of alleged wrongdoings.. I feel sorry for you.