Monday 14 February 2011

FELDA - from Maybank to Bank Rakyat ?

"Felda has every right to be angry and reciprocate when a Banker shows no respect for client. More so, when those remarks are laden with political agenda." - A VOICE

"Felda's money is not safe under the safekeeping of a Bank managed by a "good boy", as one SMS reply from someone that can be considered as Zafrul's boss described him." - A VOICE

"Maybank Investment Bank must not qualify to be in the listing of any outfit of Felda." - A VOICE

"In the first place, boys should not pretend to be adults, be showered with accolades like Datokship, and socialise with adults until they are mature enough to know who is their boss, when to talk, and what to talk." - A VOICE

If the boy wish to speak as he pleases, quit his job and be a blogger." - A Voice.

The above are excerpts from blog powerhouse A VOICE which has a mind boggling expose of MAYBANK' Investment Banking CEO. 

The said CEO, who appears to be far from 'clean' based on the detailed information revealed in the blog, has certainly put his foot in his mouth. 

His uncalled for negative remarks against FELDA chairman Tan Sri Isa Samad, which some say were designed for maximum political damage, is certainly backfiring.

What else could we expect from a client when the very bank that handles billions of ringgit of their fund bad-mouths them? 

There is talk that Felda may even withdraw from Maybank and diversify its funds to a few other local banks with some ethics.

A VOICE's expose HERE!

p/s On the hindsight, maybe Maybank could take the necessary steps to rectify the situation and ... consider removing the cancer before it does more damage. 

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Anonymous said...

That's right. Maybe in another bank Isa can use fund more easily!! Maybe you can get some too!!

Anonymous said...

That young punk of a CEO also jointly owns a pub in Telawi3 Bangsar with the SIL.
Adzlin Alias (formerly Khazanah now PMO/MOF) is said to be the CEO's henchman.
CEO is not Adzlin's man but Adzlin could be on CEO's payroll. Check it out


Anonymous said...

Just forget about those political masters or dramas lets get to reality.

1. Ive been looking into palm commodity pricing/graphs it still the same in terms ups and downs since Isa become Chairman Felda and TZ made his comments. Not much change, I dont see any signal whatsoever.

2. So whats happening? The reality what happened is, TZ JUST PUT MAYBANK AT RISK OF LOOSING ONE OF THEIR BIGGEST CLIENTS WHICH IS FELDA. That just happened. And it is a rookie mistake.

3.But he is SO LUCKY, he only get like show cause letter type and his contract which ends on June 2011, shall be reviewed by the board. Thats it. And he is so LUCKY that MAYBANK and FELDA are GLCs which government/BN can pull some strings to give him second chance due to his connections within.

4. In any organizations in the world, If you put your organization that you work for at RISK of loosing one of the biggest "existing" clients with that SILLY comment IN THE OPEN, Hes chance either he will get DEMOTED or 24 Hours TERMINATION.

5. I still remember the government, BN/UMNO wanted to BE FAIR to all. Now it is the time. TZ IS NOT THE ONLY YOUNG PERSON IN MALAYSIA WHO CAN BE A CEO OF MAYBANK, theres some other. GIVE OTHERS A CHANCE. TZ have got his CHANCE, not just once, many times. CEOS made mistakes BUT NOT THIS TYPE OF ROOKIE MISTAKE.

Anonymous said...

Who is his god father ?

Anonymous said...

Al Bacino

Anonymous said...

Al Bacino