Wednesday 23 February 2011

Another Traitor ?

A coup in the making or could it be just another disgruntled Prime Minister-wannabe trying his luck for the last time?

Seems like a remake of the infamous ‘Sept 16’ saga, only that this time around the game appears with slight modifications. - Anwar Ibrahim doesn't appear in the picture.

The players are rather diverse in terms of ideologies, interests and political leanings BUT one thing remains the same, every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to be the Prime Minister.

Anyhow, on the surface this group of politicians seem focused towards another sinister challenge. Bluntly said, it’s a blend of treachery and dirty backdoor politics in the name of greater good and democracy for us Malaysians.

It’s the unabated lust for power.
Ok, lets get to the fact of the matter. There is talk, and its getting louder by the day, that a senior leader in BN has fallen prey into a political coup to presumably ‘deliver the final blow’ to his life-long political party.

Sucked into the ‘political supremacy’ grand plan, sources confirmed that he has started subtle moves to undermine the BN government.

“He has been actively engaging remnants of Anwar Ibrahim and others in BN with disagreements and community representatives with unresolved issues.

“The puppet-master is of course not him although he may think so. The movers are the very people who are trying to replace Anwar Ibrahim as the Opposition leader.

“Their runners, one with a comfortable GLC-paid day job, are operating from neighbouring countries,” a reliable source who claimed to have attended one of those “secret” meetings in Jakarta recently revealed.

There are many questions which need answers.

Who are these politicians trying to unseat Anwar and what are their reasons and motivation?

What is the need to rope in a BN politician (who to me is at the tail-end of his political career) to replace Anwar when the Opposition are not short of experienced leaders?

What is it that has prompted the seasoned BN politician to agree to ‘sleep with the enemy’?

Is it purely his personal lust for the Prime Minister’s seat, which some say has been his fantasy for decades?

Whoever the players are and whatever motivates them, we hope aspiring politicians and those trying to ‘make one last dash before retiring’ do not use the backdoor attempt to satisfy their lust for power.

Remember, in the olden days traitor are beheaded! 

p/s Now we have two politicians who badly want to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia … by hook or crook that is.

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Anonymous said...

When avenues to air grievances are curtailed, when democracy rules change (remember many of the iron curtain countries have 'democracy' in their official name), how else would one expect to avert power abuse for greater good? if these 'traitors' (as you chose to call them), play by the same rule and standards the leaders create, I am thankful that we still do not have to resort to revolutions.

All is fair mate, in love, war, and BN-brand politics.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess. T***** R.............?


Anonymous said...

wooii anon February 23, 2011 11:14:00 PM

every tom dick or harry have grievances lah bahlol

what matters most is whether these grievances are VALID or are they just cooked up excuses for the GREEDY, the BULLIES or just the TROUBLE MAKERS

think before you start PROVING your substandard perceptions

all is not fair in life especially ala Parti Kian Runtuh

Rasputin Beliong said...

Thieves don't wait for an invite an invite when they see the door ajar.

Anonymous said...

read your comments which i take to be most complimentary. Since it is intended as private communication between you and I, I have chosen not to share them with others in this blog. I am glad that you are one of the defenders of Mahathirism. Regards, Din Merican MALAYSIA DJ BLOGGER.

ilham - February 24, 2011 at 10:05 pm


Din, when you blog it’s no longer private and it’s not a compliment from me either but a penghinaan and an attack to your personal character and intergrity by me.

I suggest you share my nasty comments about you with the other’s.

I’m ready to be attack by all the fool’s and idiot’s including you.

Din, i’m not a defender of Mahathirism, but i’m a defender of truth.

I dare you Din Merican.


Anonymous said...

pengkhianat ada dimana2 tuan. rasanya dalam kabinet pun ada satu dua manusia yang tidak akan teragak-agak untuk menikam PM dari belakang. mereka mereka ini adalah golongan yang masih bersimpati dan masih menjalin hubungan dengan pihak disebelah sana.
saya tidak akan terkejut jika mereka mereka ini berpaling tadah atau membocorkan rahsia kerajjan, kepincangan dan perkara perkara yang boleh melelmah atau mengaibkan kerajaan, perdana menteri dan umno.
mereka mereka ini sanggup melakukan apa saja demi wang ringgit dan pangkat.
berwaspadalah. jangan dah terhantuk dan jatuh baru nak menyesal.
bertindak sebelum kita dikuasai dalam senyap.


Anonymous said...

KING KOIL says -
So far as Home Minister is sleeping on the job more traitors would emerge to sabotage this nation of ours.
The planned 2nd Hindraf illegal rally on Sunday would be a telling barometer.
Watch the Home Minister.

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