Tuesday 22 February 2011

Awang Malaysia Boleh !

Malaysian cyclist Azizulhasni Awang has carved a name for himself in the international scene. Azizulhasni's fame comes not only for his prowess on track but more for his steely determination to finish his race at the Keirin - Track Racing World Cup finals in Manchester.

Azizulhasni or better known as "Awang" finished third and grabbed the bronze medal at the last-leg of the world tittle race, which made him the  Track Cycling World Cup 's new overall CHAMPION.

Just Google his name "Azizulhasni Awang and Malaysia" and you'll see this latest Malaysian Hero's feat all over the world.

Bravo Azizulhasni, you have made this nation proud. 

p/s Together with Nicol David in squash, Lee Chong Wei and gang in badminton and Harimau Malaya in football, hopefully Azizulhasni would bring greater honour for our Jalur Gemilang in the global sports arena.

Never say never!  

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