Tuesday 13 May 2014

Terengganu - A blessing in disguise


If the current self-engineered political crisis is to be turned into an opportunity, history could record and remember Datuk Seri Ahmad Said as the man responsible for the coming together of Pas and Umno.

I wouldn't want to delve deeper into what transpired in Terengganu following Ahmad Said's forced resignation as the Mentri Besar yesterday for it shows nothing but lack of leadership.

A worrying lack of wisdom, understanding and leadership of the Umno president, Barisan Nasional chairman and Prime Minister is now evident.

Ok, lets not go deeper into what had already happened. What could  this latest self-engineered crisis hold for the transformation of Umno as a party which is often said to be championing the cause of the Malays?

Every Tom, Dick and Harry who often talks about Malay unity and perpaduan ummah should now put their money where their mouth is and work towards the elusive Malay unity.

The crisis in Terengganu is indeed an opportunity for Pas and Umno to sit together as two most influential political entities representing the Malays. This is the much awaited golden opportunity presented under the guise of a political crisis.

You don't have to wait for Hudud to show solidarity and the expense of sidelining the non-Muslims.  If you, both Pas and Umno, are sincere about Malay/Muslim unity you guys should swallow your pride and come to the table.

I'm quite certain the table is big enough at Istana Syarqiyyah in Kuala Terengganu to host all the 32 elected Malay/Muslim state assemblyman of Terengganu.

What good are you to Agama, Bangsa dan Negara if you can't put your self-interest in the back burner?

A unity government  is very much possible, only if both Pas and Umno are sincere about Malay/Muslim unity.

This is indeed a test for those who preach about unity.

p/s A fresh state election is not only a waste of public funds but the repercussions could be damning to many... especially the clueless(now proven) leadership.  



IT.Scheiss said...

A friend told me shortly after the 13th GE that UMNO would make a deal with PAS which would let it rule three states in the north of Peninsular Malaysia, whilst UMNO rules the rest.

These developments about a year later tend to suggest that Malaysia's political landscape could be moving in that direction, albeit with some hiccups here and there.

Khulkyin said...

If unity government in Terengganu, then Abdul Wahid Endut for MB.

Mersey-Sider said...

The Islamists had caught the MERS virus and, like the Arabs that they are emulating, they'd rather tear each other to pieces than to form a unity Govt. They'd rather flirt with the infidels than give peace with their brethren a chance.

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