Monday 12 May 2014

ISA : Yes or NO

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This is it folks. Vote if you care about this beloved nation of ours. Say it out aloud... Yes or No to ISA.

Thank you.

p/s The poll is now available on the sidebar and I intend to keep it going for at least a month.


Hj Abd Halim Mohd Nor said...

With the increasing religious,racial slur lately we need ISA back. Remember operasi lalang during Tun Dr. M's time when tension was running high between Malay/Chinese relations due to Chinese vernacular school issues started by Anwar Ibrahim. Rakyat were panicky we start to store foodstuff at home fear of any eventualities. When all the culprits and the instigators from both sides were taken in by ISA the rakyat were relieved. If ISA was not used at that time the 2nd May 13 might have started. All this tension started when the DAP has become swell headed because they have tasted power and started to strategically attack all government institutions including the royalty, courts, question Malay rights and relentlessly and consistently Islamic bashing. Those DAP goons and the equivalent from both sides should be terminated in Kamunting and let them rot there for life.

cam said...

whatever it is, let somebody answer about ISA, for me ISA is good. opposition is shit. chinese DAP is racially provoking party whils PAS is religious whore and PKR - no bad words can describe. UMNO? same level as the oppostition. we need ISA.

badrol nizam said...