Saturday 6 July 2013

WHO wants Preventive Law now?

UPDATED 1920hrs 06/07/2013 - A good move by the IGP.  

 …a Tan Sri who is famous for his public opinions stood up and made his point, succinctly.

“Maybe the government moved in a haste, in the hope of getting more votes, repealing some preventive laws before the elections,” the Tan Sri, a retired senior civil servant opined. 

A few other concerned residents spoke their hearts out. The main concern was crime as the meet was with our OCPD. 

With some interjection and reminder from the president on the need to uphold Human Rights, the meeting was certainly an eye-opener.

There is certainly a glaring gap. Development has grown it wider. The real social network is ruptured at every turn. Activists have had their say and way, politicians have had their too. When the dust settle, the public are paying for it... or so it seems.  

The police must do some serious public engagement, possibly starting with the numerous RAs, in a more constructive manner. RAs too must be proactive and stop taking the easy way out by blaming others, the police in particular.

It is not about allocations or grants. Its not about funding. It’s about how, as one resident put it, we (the residents and the police) could work together. Guess both sides should start talking in a more informal way on how best to join forces. Police force and Public force sounds good. 

The OCPD (steady bro) even suggested a joint WhatsApp grouping (via our mobile phones) for a start. It’s brilliant. 

The root cause is lack of engagement. One former policeman uncle, who said he retired in 1985, stood up and brought back memories of the Salleh system introduced by former IGP  Tun Salleh Ismail in 1967. 


In September 1967, the Police Planning and Research Branch has developed and compiled a new concept called Salleh System, which as taken in conjunction with the name of the IGP Tun Salleh Ismail. To test the effectiveness of this system, it has tried to be implemented in Petaling Jaya in February, 1968. This experiment appears to effectively and successfully reduce crime rate in Petaling Jaya. Instructions issued on 7 June 1968 by Police Force Order so that the system is implemented in all Contingents. - Sistem Salleh 

Later, or was it earlier, someone mentioned about enacting 'suitable laws to strenghten the hands of the police', another person said we have gone 'overboard in protecting the rights of the criminals'

When the OCPD explained in detail as to how repeat criminal offenders and crime syndicates are able to move with certain impunity, jaws dropped. I'm sure now they understand the rules and limitations of the police force.

The law, some said after listening to the OCPD, is not being fair to the victims... the innocent public. Criminals seem to enjoy greater human rights than the ordinary folks. The police are trying to protect us with their hands tied behind their backs. 

We certainly do need some form of a preventive law to stop this rotten state of affairs. We cannot be pandering to the wants of a small group of activists, who may even want to walk naked on our streets to uphold absolute human rights.  

The public must speak up, and those who are supposed to listen better do that!

IGP: Police supports calls to introduce new preventive laws similar to Emergency Ordinance

p/s Who is the brave new Member of Parliament who is preparing to bring this 'need for a preventive law' up at the Dewan Rakyat next week? Good luck YB.

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Anonymous said...

Check out

Triad Against EO said...

Remember the chinese triad and drug cartels are all very rich and sophisticated now.
They can afford to buy lawyers and human rights groups to buy their freedom.
Very few people are concern by EO but Najib was hammered by the triad lobbyist as if it is a major issue.
See how effective it is.
Najib should follow one guideline.
UMNO members dont ask for it to be remove. The malays have no complain. So now you know who ask for it to be removed. The criminals themselves!