Monday 22 July 2013

Advice from Mufti Menk

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Anonymous said...

Here is my comment on this video:

Your friend, Syed Akbar Ali, so much hate everything that this man has ... his beard, his constant reminding about Allah, his apparel, his reading of hadiths (Qur'an only, understand), his lineage (arab) that I can bet a panamera porsche that he ever put a video like this in his website.

Or, if he does, would refer to it amicably.

I hope he reads this. Or if he doesn't, make it a point to inform him of what some readers feel about him. More succinctly, mention this comment here of mine in his website, and let him rant and rave about either me or the syeikh in this video.

Me thinks Syed Akbar Ali. doesn't pray. Cos see, he fails to find anywhere in the Quran HOW prayers should be made. And remember, no hadiths.

Your friend, Syed Akbar Ali, is one lost soul.