Monday 1 July 2013

Enticing the President?

 "I received a call from Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono informing me that he (Susilo) had received a call from the ‘Washington Police’ asking the president to accept Anwar’s invitation to a meeting,” Jusuf said, adding that he told Susilo not to bow to Washington’s demands and decline the invitation as Anwar is only an opposition leader and not the Prime Minister of the country. - Jusuf Kala

Well the US-messenger did meet the President of Indonesia recently but I was told that he brought along an irresistible offer from Uncle Sam.

It was not an order but an offer to entice the President.

I'm sure President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is a wise man, much wiser after Jusuf Kala's expose, to be excited with the messenger's wayang kulit.

Di Indonesia pun ada wayang kulit ya Pak Anwar

p/s I shall leave the 'offer' under wraps at the moment.

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Unknown said...

JK and Pres. WHO? Washington Police, even if its Oh-Bama, we Malaysians will decide our own future. no thank you!

Unknown said...

Both Pres. SBY and ex-V. Pres JK are no longer relevant so for the `Washington Police' to `entice the out-going Indon President'to agree to meet DSAI it sure sounded `smelly, stinky and fishy!' to say the leaset!
ALL Malaysian voted to put their leaders be it Opposition or the winning Team N&M!
WE WELCOME leaving us to our own decisions so anybody else PLEASE BUTT out!
IF the current minority (for the past 2 terms) Najib GOM wish to stay alive and relevant, try their old tricks again! See if the 51.6% will budge!
Right now its Reconciliation and Unity proposal is just lip service of the 1969 era rhetoric - NO substance, no takers!
NO one trust cheats and winning by fraud! Only UMNO Malays can be fooled!
But that is not in the least surprising..