Tuesday 30 July 2013

Robbery in GOVERNMENT-linked Companies?


Firstly we must congratulate our graft busters. Despite their limited manpower (lowest by any standards) the MACC guys have done/been doing a good job. 

Not many Malaysians appreciate the MACC's achievement and initiatives to drive corruption out of our life. 

They will most certainly remain a permanent target of politicians and other corrupt human beings who masquerade as businessmen and corporate tycoons. 

I'm sure the corrupt who occupy comfortable seats in our GLCs will also be aiming their guns at the MACC now. 

3 in GLC subsidiary held

ALLEGED ABUSE OF POWER: Part of MACC probe into failed RM30 project

PUTRAJAYA: THE Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) yesterday arrested three high-ranking officers of a government-linked company (GLC) subsidiary  to help in an investigation into alleged  abuse of power in a failed RM30 million project.
All three are in their 50s. Two were arrested in Kuala Lumpur while the other was arrested in Johor Baru last night.
MACC investigation director Datuk Mustafar Ali confirmed the arrests of the trio, who once held the positions of director, chief operation officer and chief executive officer.
"Their arrest, all men, is to help in the investigation into the subsidiary's project. They were released on bail once statements were taken from them," he said yesterday.
All three were released on a RM500,000 bail each. - MORE in NST

Who/where next?

I think MACC should also take a look at the various 'Tabungs', either Government-linked or not. We must ensure these 'Tabungs' ($) are not siphoned out or manipulated by 'robbers' masquerading as managers and directors. 

Also... please keep a close watch on Khazanah Nasional Berhad and their band of 'investment gurus' from outer space. 

p/s Wonder if the Khazanah guys are still pursuing their Malaysia Truly Asia 'theme park' next to the National Monument in KL. Why the elegant silence?

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Anonymous said...

MACC chief commissioner Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed had said that investigations into the case covered all aspects.
He did not deny that this case was among a string of cases that had attracted attention.
The failed project is among cases involving top figures and civil servants investigated by MACC lately.
This case is the another big case for MACC, following the former Sime Darby CEO and two former Koperasi Permodalan Felda Quality (KPFQ) officials who were charged with 134 counts of cheating Malayan Banking of more than RM67 million.
Last December, former KPFQ director Datuk Tan Han Kook, 58, and former COO Ching Siew Cheong, 50, pleaded not guilty to falsifying documents to apply for 'banker acceptance' involving RM67,435,143 to three companies: Asia Food Link Sdn Bhd, Violet Bonanza Sdn Bhd and Stanson Marketing Sdn Bhd.

Read more: 3 in GLC subsidiary held - Latest - New Straits Times http://www.nst.com.my/latest/3-in-glc-subsidiary-held-1.329350#ixzz2aVdSV7Ir


Anonymous said...

Yes, MACC should start to zoom into Tabung Haji. It is not a secret that Mr CEO and the new Chairman are both lanun. but the problem is MACC Chief and Tabung Haji's CEO always change "note" in Putrajaya.

Anonymous said...

he should also go to MARA and its subsidiary

Anonymous said...

Why MACC so COWARD, already charge in court, cannot reveal name? If so COWARD, how to fight corruption? Today, almost every government agencies is corrupt from CEO to the low level officers each have their own corrupt gang sama2 makan rasuah. If MACC really act, every week there will be tangkapan and dakwaan. Also MACC is so USELESS till most cases those involve all lepas so can jadi saksi. As the sime darby case where the lawyers got RM200K syok2 then lepas, till today also still can practice law.