Wednesday 19 May 2010

Chinese Supremacy ?

Wednesday May 19, 2010

Chua: Chinese have deeper concern for intellectual issues


KUALA LUMPUR: The Chinese community is more concerned about intellectual matters and not just on bread and butter issues, said MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.

The community, he said, was affected by concerns such as good governance, accessibility to education, scholarships, promotions, judiciary and crime. - TheStar (MCA mouthpiece with a new obedient COO)

MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has been shooting his sexy-mouth in the last couple of days, particularly after BN's recent defeat in Sibu.

Before the above statement, which insinuates that non-Chinese have lesser concern for intellectual issue in Malaysia, Chua had also warned that the government MUST listen to the grievances of the Chinese voters.

It is indeed a good advice to the government, but when such an advice comes from the president of the Malaysian CHINESE Association, its a little funny at the least.

Dr.Chua, please remember that it is your duty as the president MCA to ensure that the Chinese actually support your association.

Without the Chinese community's support and trust, MCA is simply irrelevant, including to the BN and the Government.
Remember that you are part of the government, a BN component president and not a MOVIE STAR! You are already quite popular for the wrong reasons, now just get your acts together and try selling your story to the CHINESE.

p/s Intellectual issues please, Dr Chua Soi Lek!

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Anonymous said...

If we leave it to MCA and Gerakan (and their brother DAP) to gather support from the Chinese, all PM Najib has to do is abolish Bahasa Malaysia as National Language, abolish ISLAM as official religion, abolish NEP or whatever scheme to help bumis, or in short sell Malay souls to the devil and becomes new Singapore. That's is all the Chinese ever wanted.

One of the sign of Apocalypse ("Hari Kiamat") is when muslim elects leaders who are dumb and munafiq (i.e Nik Aziz) and worship them as though these leaders are ulama. History has proven that no Kafirs can defeat a muslim government unless the Kafirs are helped by these munafiqs. May Allah protect us all.

A Muslim.

Wake UP! said...

Malay supremacy does not oppress anybody. Chinese supremacy in Singapore oppresses the Malays there.

Do we want to share the same fate as the Singaporean Malays?

Malay supremacy does not oppress the minority

Anonymous said...

Porn & Horny President tak abis2 ingat semua melayu bodo...inilah akibat kaum yg tak mau campur org...syok sendiri...itu lah akibat suka porn..

Wake UP! said...

The Chinese will never treat the Malays as fair as we had treated them.

Porn star at work

Goh Wei Liang said...

He seems to be giving a lot of comments lately. I hope he is not paying lip service only and should work to win votes, not mingle among the journalists.

vinnan said...

You UMNO clowns wanted and got a porn star dog to run the MCA. You have made your choice now live with your porn dog.

1 Melayu said...


Anonymous said...

vinnan, you are thinking with the other organ. Please use your brain for once.

MCA is made up of chinese, run by the chinese for the chinese.

UMNO has not interfered YET!!

P.S. have you consulted your psychiatrist?

Anonymous said...

So the porn star is admitting that the chinese are RICH enough not to be concerned with bread and butter issues.

So the BMO campaign should start at once

BMO = Buy Malay/Muslim Only

Mahatir Bin Mahmad said...

i do not understand what life is not a fairtale means by sharing the fate of the malays in Singapore.

He is obviously not a well travelled person nor is he aware of the facts of his own statements

Malays in Singapore when Compared to other malays in this region, they enjoy the highest levels of education, wealth and influence.

Singaporean Malays played an inportant role and worked hard along side their Chinese and India counterparts in the building of Singapore. Thus today they are reaping the fruits of the labour of their forefathers.

If you ask me, i'd rather be a Malay in Singapore than in any other part of the region.

I am not going to go into huge potical debates or huge details. But common sense and pure factual observation shows that any opposing arguments is made of purely unreasonable jealousy. Of a country and race of people living there that enjoy corrupt free, clean and the richest conditions when compared to this region. The malays in Singapore also enjoy vastly superior currency and spending powers when they go shopping around the region and have big spending power.

All that being said...i enjoy life as a Malay in Singapore. The only way to ensure a better future for our children is always to work hard, save and invest wisely in our future. No amount of whining and having bitterness and resentment is going to kill off corruption or build a better future for our sons.