Thursday 23 June 2011

Seditious Freedom ala' Malaysiakini

This "nasty provocation" which appeared in online news portal Malaysiakini, on the page carrying Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Jamil Khir Baharom's statement concerning apostates, was captured yesterday.

Is this responsible journalism or are we now free to do and say anything we want in this new Malaysia where freedom is fast becoming a religion? 

Why is it that Malaysiankini and the other rogue news portal Malaysian Insider get away with "murder" all the time? 

Is this the kind of freedom we want? 

I think Malaysiakini bosses Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran owe Malaysians not only an explanation but an unreserved apology for spreading seditious materials as such via their super-responsible, freedom loving and democracy advocating Malaysiakini! 

p/s Dear HOME MINISTER, this is case no 2. What happened to the first one by the way? 

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HantuRaya said...

Hishamuddin tidoq lena. Najib buat apa lagi? Tukar dia pi Kementerian Pertanian. Sana-sini orang bercakap berkenaan soal rasisme. Apa Hishamuddin buat? Zaman King Ghaz dulu, Zaman Tun M dulu, siap laa, tidor dalam lokap laa. Lim Kit Siang, Ambiga ke, jadi penghuni Sg Buloh laa.

Anonymous said...

If newspapers are accountable for what is written by their reporters and also the letters to editor written by their readers, what makes internet news portals like this invincible? I think its ridiculous that they should get away with such slander on public domain. Truly we are losing all sense of respect towards one another that we had as Malaysians before, not to mention our own self-respect.

Anonymous said...

You sound really stupid if ignore comical Ali....then again you do come across as one

YangBetul said...

Tidak boleh disalahkan menteri, sebab zaman Tan Sri Hamid pun KDN pun serupa. Kerana Menteri pun mendapat kertas maklumat dari pegawai yang ditugaskan. Jadi, saya rasa pegawai (penolong pengarah) yang ditugaskan menjaga itu tidak bekerja dengan tepat dan cekap. Semua pihak harus melihat procdure ini.