Saturday 3 September 2011

Malicious Malaysiakini ?

IT is public knowledge now that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has taken a few days off from his busy schedule a day after Hari Raya Aidil Fitri on the 30th of August 2011. 

Since this year's Merdeka Day celebrations would be held together with Malaysia Day on the 16th of September the Prime Minister, I was told, decided to take a quick couple of days break to further nurse his knee at a renowned Sports Therapy hospital in Australia.

"Since its the festive week the PM wanted to take the opportunity to start an intensive knee rehabilitation programme at the specialist centre in Perth. Its a daily programme which is closely monitored by specialist who are among the best in the field of sports injury" one of the PM's officers explained.

So, the Prime Minister is on leave in Perth for a couple of days to further treat his injured left knee which had been operated on at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital in early August.

But Malaysiakini being Malaysiakini has started spinning this simple "PM being on leave" matter. 

Those behind Malaysiakini are so desperate that they have stretched the tale so thin till the RM200million price tag pasted on an aircraft during the reign of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was also included.

It just shows how desperate some quarters are to nail the Prime Minister and the BN government of the day.

I thought Opposition leaders have been globe trotting at the expense of some state governments which they have been entrusted with, including a particular pervert's multiple trips to Turkey and 'service stops' in Jakarta (read Sukma) and Bangkok.

 Wonder why Malaysiakini is silent about Mat Sabu's abuse of power and privileges as a board member of the Penang Water Authority?

p/s BTW the airline code for the stopovers in Jakarta and Bangkok was Mokhtar ... I was told. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Don't tell me that Rosmah didn't conveniently also arranged for private viewing of the famed Opals of Australia too?

Anonymous said...

what about Password : CIFUT
(Can I Fuck U Tonita)

izad12 said...

knowing mk political tendency,it wasn't hard to fathom why they're being malicious in their reporting.i hope to see them commit a blunder so they could be punished for their misdeeds.

Anonymous said...

Nobody reads Malaysiakini. Run by serial liars...

Anonymous said...

Cheap modus operandi

Post some contentious or lame article and wait for people to post disparaging comments.

They await for the impact of the comments to make the news. You see, even google news are providing them a link( to the world). I will not be surprised if the commentaries are the same people or staff themselves.

Anonymous said...

I hope our PM will have a very good treatment there-ApaiSwak

NajibmustGo said...

Nak basmi kemiskinan tak cukup 1 atau 2 billion.

Melayu dah fedup tenguk senarai Forbes 100 terkaya di Malaysia dipenuhi dengan Cina dan India Kristian.

Lim Goh Tong 40 billion
Ananda 40 billion
YTL 10 billion

Apa bendenya Najib.

Kenapa UMNO biarkan Cina, India dan Kristian menjadi kaya raya sampai mencapai tahap kelucahan melampau.

2 billion bahagi 10 million berapa ringgit sorang?

UMNO patut adakan undang2 had kekayaan yang boleh dipunyai oleh orang2 Cina dan India. Tak lebih dari 500 juta sorang.

Ini tidak bila nak pilihanraya baru nak basmi kemiskinan.

Kemiskinan tak boleh dibasmi. Kita nak perkongsian kekayaan minyak, oil palm, getah, frekeunsi radio, air, dan tanah Melayu bersama.

Bukan hanya kroni pemimpin Mahathri a/l Mohamed atau Dollah Badawi atau adik Najib saja rompak PNB.

Terbaru Sime Darby dirompak lagi oleh Bakkee dan Cina Singapura sampai 1 billion beli E&O.

Apahal PNB senang benar Sime Darby bagi duit pada Cina2.

Najib must go. Malay leaders must be chosen on merits not on past father connections.

Anonymous said...

Dah tanya Lawyer yusoff dr. kat australia tu pakar ke tak? die nye qualification tahun bile? ntah2 dah lapok...