Monday 5 September 2011

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Anonymous said...

Wow, mungkin kita boleh belajar dari anak-anak muda dalam klip video ini.

Pasquale said...

I like this youtube video and it gives me that extra push to convince me there is always hope for this country as shown by our youth!

Merdeka Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Great video!!

Anonymous said...

hunky dory very idealistic

what's wrong?? most times when you defend your own religious and racial (not racists) RIGHTS, usually their is this "cost or price" to pay.

One example when the Muslims need to call on other Muslims to pray thru the loudhailer - it becomes a price to pay for non-muslims to tolerate the "noise"

when the taoists burn incencse and papers, it becomes a price for non-taoists in tolerating the smell and litter

and why must the non-Malays speak a foreign language when the NATIONAL and patriotic language is Bahasa Malaysia/Melayu.

They can speak among themselves whatever languages they need but in public among racial diversities they MUST speak Bahasa Malaysia - otherwise how can there be bonding and rapport and nation-identity??

Anonymous said...

it is heartening to note that there are young malaysians out there who know what 1Malaysia is all about. Kudos for showing the video clip!ApaiSwk

Anonymous said...

I think umno, mca, mic, pkr, dap, pas and other politician should watch this video. It's a shame when the young generation can understand the meaning of living in peace and harmony when the so call leaders, thinkers and older generation can't. Let's leave in peace in this peaceful country.

Apanama said...

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