Monday 30 December 2013

What do you think?
It's a simple YES or NO. Put your hand on your heart and CLICK on the PM's picture! 

If possible, state reasons for your stand in a readable and/or publishable way/language (in the comments section). 

A civil response would be much appreciated and could go a long way in building this nation.

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SWK said...

I support the PM. His leadership shows there is no difference in the treatment of all races. A true multicultural leader.

Anonymous said...

PM adalah untuk semua rakyat Malaysia. DSN tahu itu semua. Saya sanjung sikap hemahnya walaupun di kutuk oleh sesetengan pihak. Dia sebagai PM boleh membalas sesiapa yang tidak menyokongnya. Tapi dia tidak lakukannya. Rasulullah berpesan, balaslah kejahatan dengan kebaikan (selagi tidak bercanggah dengan hukum-hukum yang jelas).

Anonymous said...

The so called austerity measures announced yesterday was a clear indication of how clueless the PM can be.

What are the specific measures to achieve d savings n how much is gonna be saved?

5% savings on utulities bill even after 15% increase in tariff? How actually he is gonna achieve it compared to this year's bill which actually based on old tariff?? Who is he kidding??

And how much meetings karipaps can contribute to overall spending for example??

Anonymous said...

Looks more like Najib is holding his neck rather than putting his hands where his heart is. A picture tells more than a thousand words.

sri hartamas

Anonymous said...

He works hard and seems to be sincere
and showed sincerity.
For all the negative remark shown by distractor , he is a trustworty leader .
Keep it up DSN . The kampong folks are with you.

Keep it up DSN . The kampong folks are with you.