Friday 20 December 2013

DAP above the law ?

Initially (before, during and immediately after the last GE) it was just Lim Guan Eng's arrogance plus his father Kit Siang's tears and threats against the Registrar of Societies. The father and son called names and ridiculed this particular Govt agency without even an iota of decency or sincerity. It was pure deception.

Kit Siang fooled the Chinese in Malaysia to an unprecedented level after his 'crocodile tears' stunt. It must have been so effective that now every Kok, DICK and Hally in DAP are jumping into the bandwagon.

They are even threatening to sue the RoS if the notice (below) is not revoked. Now, what does the notice say… in actual fact?

Why is it that the arrogant DAP leaders have made it a point to consistently go against the law and yet threaten the respective government agencies when they are caught with their pants down

Why is it so difficult for the DAP to appoint a mere 20-member CEC without any controversy and/or irregularities as reported and made public by their own members? 

DAP leaders in Kedah seem to have opened their eyes wide enough to see the hidden talents of their national leaders. 

'Demonise the RoS' campaign has no takers in Kedah coz the state leaders know Guan Eng's hidden talents by now. 

Even the long serving Kedah DAP leader would have been slaughtered (politically) had he not brought his case to the RoS for justice.

It appears that generally DAP members and supporters respect and abide by the rule of law, except for a selected few who have no choice but to blame the RoS and every other person who stands against their dynasty in the DAP. 

p/s Beats me how some learned lawyers in DAP could push themselves so low to be on the same deck with power crazy lunatics, especially in matters involving rules, regulations and the law of the land. 

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Anonymous said...

Of course, he's above the law. Didn't Guan Eng insist that ALLAH be the Father, Son and Holy Ghost in his version of malay bible? In fact, he feels he's above the One and Only Lord who gave him birth and sustains his life.