Friday 16 March 2012

Transparency, Freedom of Speech and Democracy ... Anwar's style.

... and the victim is none other than RPK himself!

Anwar snubs RPK in WikiLeaks forum

Raja Petra Kamarudin has been removed from participating in a forum on global political scenario following a request made by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

The forum is scheduled to take place this Saturday in Kent, England. The discussion was originally planned to include Raja Petra, Anwar and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Anwar was supposed to participate in the forum through Skype communication. The discussion was to be videotaped for a documentary for WikiLeaks. Now the discussion would only see the participation of Anwar and Assange.

“I got a call from WikiLeaks that Anwar does not agree that I be included. So now it will only be Julian and him,” Raja Petra told FMT today.

“I agreed to Anwar being included but he did not agree for me to be there,” he said.

Raja Petra lashed out at Anwar for fearing to face him in the discussion, which would also include the political happenings in Malaysia.

“How is Anwar going to debate Najib when he is too chicken to face me? He should try me out first before taking on Najib.

“Also, it appears that Anwar does not tolerate and respect the independence of the media and dissent.

“He will only deal with people who support him and agree with him. If this is Anwar as opposition leader, I shudder to think what he would be like as PM,” said Raja Petra.

He also revealed that his portal Malaysia Today and WikiLeaks have an agreement for the former to cover all WikiLeaks’ exposé on Malaysia. The contract was just renewed a few weeks ago.

Raja Petra has been a strong Anwar ally since the early days of Reformasi. However, in recent months he has been openly critical of Anwar and his apparent lack of vision for PKR and Pakatan Rakyat.

Raja Petra has also been highlighting corruption and abuses of power in PKR., much to the chagrin of the PKR leaders.

Anwar and Assange could not be contacted for comment.

... and this is the same clown who is challenging the PRIME MINISTER of Malaysia for a debate.  

p/s Hello Mr Anwar Ibrahim, why don't you face your own ghost first.

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Anonymous said...


The ex-con cannot even hold his own with KJ, what more to say?

Er, er, er. quoting all sorts of intellectual thoughts.

Practical or not tembak saja.


bzz said...

Kalau nak lawan RPK cuak, tak payah la lawan najib. apetah lagi nak lawan tun M. Lupekan je la nuar.

The Eugenist said...

I suggest the brother should pick a fight with the Seafood cartoon character..

It won't hurt him so much should he lost to that fella..


Hesmel Faznee Faisal

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

anwar lu debat dengan budak hisap dadah saja lah.

sampai subuh dia orang boleh layan lu

din klang

Anonymous said...

One needs to cover a lie with another lie. its going to be hard for .anwar to keep track of all his lies.

RPK is known for his no holds barred reports or comments. Probably thats why Anwar is afraid for an eye to eye meet with RpK?

Or is it because of Wikileaks expose on Anwar's sexual preferences as confirmed by Lee Kuan .yew?? Aiyoyoy... howla Anwar??

At last RPK had come to his senses and realize who Anwar Ibrahim is... finally.

Come on Koleq

Anonymous said...

What do expect from a guy that even umno cannot tolerate?

Of course, the anwaristas would scream out BN supporter but bear in mind that supporting anwar is also supporting umno ideology but in a different branding.

His policies are no different from that of umno, no dissent shall be tolerated, no questions should be ask of their wrongdoing, stay or play dumb and follow blindly.

During his term in the government, he is definitely no angel but some argue he have changed.
Looking at the number of people who supported him, left or forced out by him, it is indeed very difficult to believe that each and every one of them are wrong except for him.

The is a saying that great public speaker are also great liars and most of the time shit spewed from their mouth.

And talk about flip-flop, no even pak lah is close to this guy, the former is just indecisive but can make other flip and flop with him and of course those that dont flop with him would then be flipped off.