Thursday 1 March 2012

Nuclear scientists say ...

There has been so many anonymous nuclear scientists and experts on rare earth who posted numerous comments on my previous posting about a rare earth magnet producing factory in Shah Alam Selangor. 

Quite a number of the comments were harsh and some said the posting was 'stupid and idiotic'. 

I doubt if any of these anonymous "nuclear scientists and experts" are genuine due to the fact that they are anonymous and have not guts to own up to what they are trying to impose on the readers.

I'm not a nuclear scientist or expert to determine if the rare earth magnet producing factory in Shah Alam is safe or not but neither are all those who have been barking at the Lynas rare earth plant in Kuantan and the Government.

Why is it that those barking out aloud against Lynas have refused to listen to the voice of reason from experts and nuclear scientists? 

Below is a brief news report and a youtube recording of what Nuclear Scientist Dr Che Rosli Che Mat had put on record about the Lynas plant in Kuantan. 

Dr Che Rosli is a Member of Parliament for the Hulu Langat constituency in Selangor. 

Dr Che Rosli is also a PAS member. (PAS is a party in the three party Opposition grouping Pakatan Rakyat)

We start of with the PAS president's quote :- 

"Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang had said while addressing delegates at the Pas Muktamar in June last year: "I like to bring your attention to the Lynas issue, which was raised by our delegates.
"The issue should be referred to our expert. We have a nuclear expert. Hulu Langat member of parliament Dr Che Rosli Che Mat holds a PhD in the nuclear field."
During an interview with a private television station recently, Che Rosli, who is a nuclear scientist said: "They are frightening the public by saying that Lynas is a nuclear plant when its function is only to process natural materials like rare earths from Mount Weld in Western Australia, which has less radiation compared with an ore mine.
"The issue was brought up by the PKR. I've kept quiet and even been given a warning by the Pas information bureau not to comment.
"I accepted it and have been silent. But this is unfair. They have been making comments in every issue of Harakah in a tone we are uncomfortable with."
When asked if Lynas is really a nuclear plant, Che Rosli said: "I am embarrassed. I am also a Pas member. So finally, I decided, as a nuclear expert, I should come forward to speak.
"Let people talk as they wish," said Che Rosli, who assured the people in Kuantan that they need not fear the presence of the plant". - click for FULL REPORT

So, why is it that Dr Che Rosli's crystal clear statement on Lynas is not accepted by Pakatan Rakyat leaders? 

Is it because he is a qualified Malay nuclear scientist from PAS or is it because he is not a qualified Chinese nuclear scientist from DAP? 

This 'anti-Lynas' drama is all about politics, is it not? 

... or is it economic sabotage?

p/s Don't la be 'stupid and idiotic'. Listen to the experts, not anonymous bullshitters!

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Asked how dangerous the residue from LAMP would be, Aziz said: "Scientifically speaking, it would have a lower radiation level than the iron oxides being transported all over the country everyday."

Aziz is Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) is not ready to issue the Temporary Operating Licence (TOL) to Lynas Corporation as the company has yet to submit an undertaking letter to take back the residue and its plan for the proposed permanent disposable facility (PDF). - AELB director-general Raja Datuk Abdul Aziz Raja Adnan

Anonymous said...

No temporary operating licence


AELB yet to receive undertaking from Lynas to take back residue
KUANTAN: THE Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) is not ready to issue the Temporary Operating Licence (TOL) to Lynas Corporation as the company has yet to submit an undertaking letter to take back the residue and its plan for the proposed permanent disposable facility (PDF).
Although Lynas had given its assurance that all the residue could be converted into saleable products, AELB director-general Raja Datuk Abdul Aziz Raja Adnan said that the authorities were not taking chances and must be prepared for the worst-case scenario at the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) in Gebeng, near here.
"There is no deadline given to the company. We can only issue the TOL and allow them to bring in the raw material (from Perth, Australia) after they have made the submission," he said on the sidelines of the Pahang Economic Convention 2012 here yesterday.
Asked how dangerous the residue from LAMP would be, Aziz said: "Scientifically speaking, it would have a lower radiation level than the iron oxides being transported all over the country everyday."
He said Malaysia had been using higher standards and stricter regulations, including compelling Lynas to label the rare earth concentrate from Perth as radioactive material although it was not categorised as such under international regulations.
The AELB had, early last month, announced its decision to award the TOL to Lynas but the issuance was subject to the company fulfilling five conditions.
One condition is for Lynas to submit to AELB details of the plans and location of a proposed PDF that would manage the residue, if any, generated by the factory.
Other conditions stipulated that Lynas must agree to provide a US$50 million (RM150 million) security deposit to the government, with AELB having the right to appoint an independent expert assessor to evaluate Lynas' compliance with the safety and good practices requirements.
The AELB has been in the spotlight since the proposal for the RM2.5 billion plant, which has been criticised by the opposition, in particular, the Kuantan member of parliament Fuziah Salleh.
Several quarters, including a team of United Nations atomic energy experts, however, had pointed out that there was no cause for concern in terms of radioactivity.

Read more: No temporary operating licence - General - New Straits Times

Anonymous said...

PAS rep: Lynas plant safe if monitored well

SHAH ALAM: The Lynas Corp rare earth plant in Gebeng, Kuantan, is safe as long as its operations are monitored properly, said PAS' Hulu Langat MP Che Rosli Che Mat.

Che Rosli, a nuclear scientist by training, said there must be constant monitoring to ensure that the plant fully complied with safety and operating procedures.

“It is safe if there is monitoring,” Che Rosli told reporters here yesterday. He also said that he stood by his views made last year in a media.

Che Rosli went on TV3 on Aug 24, to say that Kuantan residents need not worry about the safety of the plant and that accusations against it were “unscientific and not at all academic”.

He also criticised Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh, who opposed the construction of the plant, for “frightening the public,” and claimed that he had been given a warning by PAS' information department not to comment as the issue was brought up by PKR.

Asked if he would attend the anti-Lynas rally in Kuantan tomorrow, Che Rosli said he had personal matters to attend to.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Or you can also get more info about RareEarth here for link to NatGeo article on Rare Earth

Anonymous said...

if it is really safe why is it that lynas is not prepared to do it in australia which has vast land compared to us...

from: non expert & non bodek

Anonymous said...

Nak tahu aktiviti mineral mengandungi radioaktif semulajadi cukup banyak kat Malaysia tapi tak rasa pula nak bising, agaknya apasal?

Nak tau lebih lanjut apa dia?

Nak tau senarai kilang sangat berkait dengan rare earth di Malaysia, go and searh kat google, taip kilang amang atau klik kat bawah.

Nak tau amang tu berkait dengan rare earth, bunyi macam ini “‘Amang’ known as a tin tailing, was left abundant in ex-mining area. It is rich in heavy minerals containing rare earth elements.”
go and click link below

dan banyak lagi boleh search kat google eg.
The Content of Rare Earth Elements in Amang from Selected Mines ...
Rare Earth Minerals and Minerals for Electronic Uses: The Content of Rare Earth Elements in Amang from Selected Mines in Malaysia

Nak tau sama ada kilang Amang tu di kawal atu tidak, hang pi kat sini

Nak tau sapa taukey kilang-kilang amang, pandai2 cari sendiri.. boleh contact ROC/SSM Pendaftar Syarikat?

Nak tau tahap bahaya radioaktif antara yang ada dalam amang dan yang dalam tanah yang di bawa ke kilang Lynas, pi Tanya pakar …,
setakat yang aku tau kadar radioaktif kat dalam amang tu jauh lebih tinggi banding tanah yang proses kat Lynas?
Yang aku selalu dok Nampak banyak longgokan hitam bergunung kat tepi jalan kalau ke Utara, kadang-kadang ada Nampak juga kat Selangor.
Nampak macam tak tutup saja, open air .. jangan2 banyak rodon dok terlepas … geng-geng tu tu Nampak sihat. Tak dak pula depa dok bising?

Lagi satu yang pernah aku baca dulu-dulu kat bawah tanah di Penang, depa kata banyak tantalum, tak silap aku tantalum tu bahan radiaoktif,
dengar cerita zaman orang putih dulu, bijih timah banyak proses kat sana. Saki baki sisa-sisa yang ada radioaktif dok tanam kat sana.
Ada satu ketika dalam surat khabar kata depa dok gali cari tantalum. Rasa2 macam banyakkan kat bawah tanah di Penang tu, kalau tidak macam mana depa boleh tau nak cari. Kalau betullah, apasal depa kat sana Nampak sihat saja, nak beli rumah pun mahal.? Jangan-jangan masih ada kilang mineral lagi kat Penang? Kena cek tengok, takut fitnah, yang confirm korek cari tantalum memang ada. Cuba klik link kat sini
Tak pula depa dok tanya pencemaran air ke? udara. Rasa aku dah puluhan tahun, sihat saja, harga tanah pun mahal,
mai kita pindah ramai-ramai... buat apa dok atas bahan radioaktif semulajadi tu, bahaya beb!!!

Korban tantalum memang dijangka.

Kegiatan curi tantalum

Kegiatan curi tantalum dikesan kembali aktif.
GEORGETOWN: Kegiatan kecurian tantalum di tapak bekas kuarters lama milik Majlis Perban- daran Pulau Pinang ...

Oh ya terlupa, tantalum tu apa benda? Ada kena mengena ke dengan radioaktif – Cari sendiri kat google

Anonymous said...

Sila baca blog saya

Terima kasih.


Anonymous said...

ak kerja kat kilang rare earth magnet kat shah alam. . Ok jea. .sihat jea.

AmenoWorld said...

We are talking abt the waste and u are talking abt the lynas.. see what's the diff between these two topics dude..

AmenoWorld said...

Shah alam is not a RARE EARTH REFINERY BUT MANUFACTURING dude.. can u see what's the diff? Heh.

Anonymous said...

Even salt substitute (potassium chloride) is more radioactive than Lynas waste -

Anonymous said...

Kalau nama "Melayu" sampai bila pun kena tipu.....tak sedar diri, mudah lupa dan yang ketara sekali tak bersyukur langsung....

kc said...

say lynas were to operate in your neighbourhood - facts or no facts, would you object?

Anonymous said...

Just like you said bro, the protes against LYnas is just merely political, sabotage and racist.

Anonymous said...

Who said the TOL has not been given?
It has been given.
As for the factory being safe if it is monitored closely, let's put it this way.
Is there any thing in this country that is monitored, let alone closely monitored?
Even traffic rules are not enforced at all!!
One erstwhile PM even said that there is a lack of maintenance culture in this country!!!
So, forget about close monitoring!!!
Perhaps, the greatest reason why businesses, especially polluting ones like to be located here is that there is lack of monitoring!
And as far as we all know, those at the helm of the country is not too concerned about what's happening here as is clearly evidenced by the mess this country has turned into.
The very fact that the factory cannot be located in Aussie land speaks volumes!
The Aussies are smart, they want the benefit but not the shit!
Malaysians are stupid, they want the shit but not the benefit!!!
Just mull over that!!!!